BBC WorldWide IT Strategy


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BBC WorldWide IT Strategy

  1. 1. BBC Worldwide- IT Strategy Prachi Mule Gourav Nagar Vishal Pareek Sarith Somasundaran
  2. 2. Presentation Agenda 1. Introduction -Gourav Nagar 2. Business Strategy 3. IT Objective and Initiative -Gourav Nagar -Prachi Mule 4. Recommendations 5. Organization Structure Sarith Somasundaran Sarith Somasundaran
  4. 4. BBC & BBC Worldwide About BBC: • • • • A semi-autonomous British public service broadcasting corporation Operates under a License and Agreement from the Home Secretary. It's world's oldest national broadcasting organization. Headquartered in London and has major production centers in Birmingham, Cardiff and Glasgow. About BBC Worldwide: • • Wholly owned subsidiary of the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC). BBC Worldwide exists to maximize profits on behalf of British Broadcast Corporation and support the BBC service mission.
  6. 6. Business Strategy Facilitate revenue generation for BBC by focusing on international growth, investment in digital progression, content innovation and building relationships with customers worldwide whilst upholding and improving the BBC brand. The strategy had three elements to it: • Increase the penetration of international markets by strategically diving them into groups of achievable goals. • Grow the online presence and make BBC digitally sound. • Accelerate the growth of faster-growing divisions by selective acquisitions.
  8. 8. IT Objectives & Initiatives 1. 2. 3. Growing the online business Strengthen BBC’s presence in the U.S. Improve BBC & BBC WW brand value and global presence
  9. 9. Growing the online business IT activities Revamp the website for BBC ( Launch BBC iPlayer Increase the number of passion sites (Top Gear, Radio Times, Good Food) Distribution deals with sites that BBC did not control Costs Mixed funding model to deliver quality for license fee payers’ investment Information systems cost Data Analysis cost Proportional international spend with BBC Joint venture costs Life Cycle/ Stages Make the website more user friendly Earn revenue through advertisement, video on demand and subscription Increase the overall appeal of the website through content management Launch the service for screening shows 7 days after they were aired Allow storing of programs for up to 30 days on the computers Increase cross-platform viewing Increase level of interaction on existing sites Increase the number of passion sites Compete against the local players to appeal to audiences Partner with other sites to distribute content Priorities Earn revenue through online marketing Create a brand value internationally Increase the local as well as international viewers Risks Maintain the integrity of the website while making it appealing to the international audiences Manage advertisers Data privacy and intellectual property protection Increased level of expectation from the new sites Accountability problems
  10. 10. Strengthen BBC’s presence in the U.S. IT activities Introduce new products, video on demand and highdefinition broadcasting in television Launch free, adfunded video clip service, subscription service online. Increase podcasting opportunities for radio market capturing Partner for syndicating content from its audiovisual product online Costs Information systems cost Cost of data analysis experts Infrastructure costs Life Cycle/ Stages Plan for increasing presence in the television industry, online and on radio. Take initiatives like collaborating with various industry giants to leverage their stronghold on the market. Launch lucrative products rather than creating new digital channels. Leverage the crossplatform usage by creating mobile presence. Priorities Become top media distributor in the U.S. Capture the market in the television industry and then on the internet. Risks High Investment Dissipation into separate entity Accountability problems Strong local competitors
  11. 11. Improve BBC & BBC WW brand value and global presence IT activities Conduct customer research and gain insight on user perception of BBC brand Leverage owned websites and media partner services to increase user awareness of BBC brand Use software to separate content in domestic and global Use Information Systems to facilitate and monitor progress in the different global regions Costs Purchase / renting cost for software, domains and infrastructure Joint venture and partnership costs Information systems cost Data Analysis cost Life Cycle/ Stages Conduct thorough customer research Analyze the results of the research Determine the type of content to be provided to users in specific regions Determine appropriate third party partners in specific regions Plan and implement measures to increase user awareness Use Information Systems and software to monitor progress in each region Priorities Understand the interest and needs of customers Gain credit for BBC services and contents Create and maintain good relationship with partner firms Risks High Investment Improper partner selection Accountability issues Incorrect data analysis Problems in relationship with partners
  13. 13. Recommendations Introduction of Data Mining and Clickstream Analysis • Data warehousing and data mining • Customer patterns • Market segments Future Technology Enablement • 2006 - Mobile TV • Research and Development team • Cutting edge technologies • Edge over competitors
  14. 14. Recommendations Use of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems • Integrate data and processes • Monitor global progress • Management efficiency Improve local IT infrastructure • Handle heavy loads of request • Organize media content • Grow online presence
  15. 15. Organization Structure
  16. 16. CONCLUSION
  17. 17. Thank you Please feel free to ask questions.