Crafting and Delivering Effective Business Pitch to Investors


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Delivered in a special class for Faculty of Economics Management Study Program at Binus University.

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Crafting and Delivering Effective Business Pitch to Investors

  1. 1. Image courtesy of Business InsiderImage:
  2. 2. INTRODUCTION Image:
  3. 3.  16 years experience with exposure in advisory, consulting, audit, training, education and writing  Advisor at four market research companies  Advisory Board at Binus Industrial & Information Business Club (BIIBC)  Reviewer Panel at three international journals  Microsoft Faculty Fellow  Master Program’s Guest Lecturer at University of Texas at Brownsville, Universitas Indonesia, Institut Pertanian Bogor, Trisakti and SGU 3@goudotmobi
  4. 4. Lads and Gents, if you are GOING to GET ONE TAKE AWAY here this EVENING
  5. 5. Do ANSWER these TWO main QUESTIONS “What PROBLEM are you trying to SOLVE?” AND “What SOLUTION are you OFFERING?” You must ALWAYS be ABLE to TELL this in TWO or THREE short SENTENCES. at ALL TIMES. To ANYONE. 5@goudotmobi
  6. 6. So what problem are you trying to solve and what solution are you offering? #RaisingYourHandPlease
  7. 7. • Actually people DO NOT BUY your PRODUCT or SERVICE • They BUY what it SOLVES: value, benefit, outcome • They will use it for their activities, how it makes them feel or become, or perceived by the public • So SELL the value, benefits, outcome to them not the features, please 7@goudotmobi
  8. 8. What are THEY and how you BENEFIT from?
  9. 9. 9 Image: @goudotmobi
  10. 10. • Wrapping up your business vision in one short sentence is perfect • Be brief, clear and concise • Use easy and well-known words • Avoid jargons. Obviously. • Such a good way for users, media, employees, partners, vendors, suppliers and investors to spread the word about your venture 10@goudotmobi
  11. 11. • As known as “We are the X for Y” pitch • Dubbed as “The-140-characters-or-less- pitch, or “Twitter Pitch” • Side note: It’s NOT your COMPANY’s TAGLINE (YouTube’s tagline is “Broadcast Yourself,” while their pitch is “Flickr for Video”) 11@goudotmobi
  12. 12. 12 Image: @goudotmobi
  13. 13.  It’s a 30 second talk you can present to a captive audience  Try it in the elevator or a party while mingled with investors  Major activities Traction – Product – Team and Social Proof  A short e-mail that someone or a middleman can forward to key figure(s) with an endorsement or a recommendation 13@goudotmobi
  14. 14. • It sells investors on reading your deck • An intro captures an investor’s attention, a great elevator pitch gets a meeting • Many investors will ignore your deck and ONLY take a meeting if the intro and elevator pitch are good 14@goudotmobi
  15. 15. • What you send investors and what you present in that meeting • NO! It’s not your Business Plan • Don’t ever think of sending your business plan. YET. 15Image: @goudotmobi
  16. 16. It constitutes of: 1. Cover 2. Mission 3. Summary 4. Team 5. Problem 6. Solution 7. Technology 8. Marketing 9. Sales 10. Competition 11. Milestones 12. Conclusion 13. Financing 16 Image: @goudotmobi
  17. 17. Image: @goudotmobi 18
  18. 18. • Feet solidly planted on the ground • Hands to the side, never crossed • Don’t swerve, stay put • Be assertive, not defensive • Step forwards • Look people in the eyes, stay focused • Select a few people left, right and center to focus on, distributing the eye-time 19@goudotmobi
  19. 19. • Don’t be apologetic. Please. • Be very positive and enthusiastic • Be concrete, clear, short and to the point • Over-state; Never ever understate • Leave self-deprecation and irony out • Use adjectives and superlatives from time to time 20@goudotmobi
  20. 20. • Practice the pitch until nailing the timing • Finish slightly before time limit – leaving more spaces for questions • Don’t rush through it • Ensure to dwell on important points • Think dramatic pauses 21@goudotmobi
  21. 21. • Answer with whatever answer you are able to respond • Paraphrase the question back to the judges to buy time and to reaffirm you have understood it • Lean forward into it, no defensive gestures, keep the eye contact, keep your presence alive 22@goudotmobi
  22. 22. • Keep it short and straight to the point • Answer like a six year old will understand, and in one single sentence at best if possible • Might want to practice all nasty questions. They probably will ask. 23@goudotmobi
  23. 23. • Acknowledging the audience, owning the presence • In the end, keep in control and actively give the word to the jury for questions • No other than Practice Practice Practice • Until to the point where you can really do it in your sleep. Ha. 24@goudotmobi
  24. 24. 25@goudotmobi
  25. 25. 26@goudotmobi
  26. 26. 27 Image: parade.condenast.comImage: @goudotmobi