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Right Sourcing Utrecht


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My short presentation for the book launch in Utrecht, delivered over skype on a bad connection :-(

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Right Sourcing Utrecht

  1. 1. “If you want to build a ship, don’t drum upthe men to gather wood, divide the workand give orders. Instead, teach them toyearn for the vast and endless sea.”Antoine de Saint-Exupery‘The Wisdom of the Sands’ (or somewhere)
  2. 2. Print-On-DemandSelf-Publishing
  3. 3. The book: Practically• To order several copies at a 30% discountprice, send mail to• Payment must be made via John• E-book version coming soon (already outthere a few places)• Free e-version (Creative Commons) of contentcoming in Sept-Oct.
  4. 4. My own chapter• With Mette Axél• Enterprise Architecture and sourcing• Working with boundaries is a challenge• Sourcing must be architected, a collaborativeprocess• New kinds of architects emerge
  5. 5.