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Presentation by Dr John Gøtze.
Feel free to download, 70MB PDF.

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  1. 1. ATAQATIGIISITSINEQ! Making coherency ! ! John Gøtze, PhD! CEO, EA Fellows ! !Photos by Carsten Egevang
  2. 2. Greenland: World’s largest island! Source: NASA
  3. 3. Greenland! •  56.000 inhabitants! •  Vision: Sustainability and independency! •  Greenlandic and Danish are official languages! •  Lack of hands, competencies, fish and oil! •  Sponsor dependency (EUR 450 mio)! •  Possible oil and rare earth material reserves! ! ! ! !2009 Government reform! •  Home rule introduced! •  From 18 to 4 municipalities!
  4. 4. Greenland tomorrow?! Tourism? Oil? Minerals? Fish? Chinese?!
  5. 5. Greenlandic Government IT today! •  Habit of suboptimization! •  Vendor-driven solutions! •  Need for management information across units! •  Increasing citizen demand for better services ! •  Economic slowdown and budget cutbacks! •  Low maturity! •  Little standarization! •  Low return on investments!
  6. 6. Greenland’s ICT Strategy 2011-2015! Attavigissaarneq – Good Connections ! Information and Communication Technology helps binding the country together and is the basis for a globalised society that creates growth and welfare for all.! Tekst skrives ind i sidehoved/sidefod 05/11/12 6
  7. 7. Greenland’s ICT Strategy 2011-2015"Common public principles will form the basis for coherence,common framework and simplification of processes andadministrative technology. Concrete projects must provide tightcoupling between business and supporting technology. Projectsmust set standards where it makes sense. There must be focus onservices and added value to citizens and businesses. Experiencesharing and collaboration across government must ensure that thewheel is not reinvented "!
  8. 8. Enabling infrastructure!Greenland Connect is a submarine cable system across the Atlantic Ocean.The cable provides commercial transmission services between London, UK andHalifax, Nova Scotia via Iceland, Greenland and Newfoundland. !
  9. 9. The Citizen Portal! Tekst skrives ind i sidehoved/sidefod 05/11/12 9
  10. 10. Environmental drivers!
  11. 11. Arctic Architecture ISO 42010 Architecture - fundamental concepts or properties of a system in its environment embodied in its elements, relationships, and in the principles of its design and evolution
  12. 12. Flying in Enterprise Architecture
  13. 13. First wave: John’s students!
  14. 14. Second wave: Architecture Awareness v  Top-leader seminar v  Minister of Finance + department heads v  Guest: Lars Frelle-Petersen v  Principles v  Ilulissat seminar v  Business managers in municipality v  Focus on architecture in projects v  ERP-Project v  OIOEA Checklist workshop, Niels Terkelsen v  Project Model with EA
  15. 15. Third wave: Competency initiatives! •  2 x EA foundation courses 2011/2012! •  Established AEA chapter* in May 2012! •  The national association of the municipalities! •  The government! •  The energy supplier! •  The telecom company! •  Local consultants! •  Carnegie Mellon University EA certification in Nuuk in autumn 2012! •  Greenland is today the country with the highest percentage of EAs per capita in the world.*:!
  16. 16. Enterprise Architecture in Greenlandic: ! Ataqatigiisitsineq !Ataqatigiisitsineq: 
 AqqutigissaarneqMaking coherency! Creating good ways!
  17. 17. GrEAnland!•  Getting an overview of applications and services!•  Senior/political management engagement!•  Top level principles !•  EA is now part of the governmental Business Case Standard for ICT projects!•  Writing “Greenpaper” -> “Whitepaper”!•  Baseline studies on maturity -> future studies!•  Discussing governance-models!•  Communication strategy and stakeholder analysis!
  18. 18. 2012 Focus: OIOEA steps 1-4! •  Commitment from senior management! •  Establish organization and governance! •  Define EA-proces and EA-approach! •  AS-IS of core business processes!Photo: Michael Haferkamp
  19. 19. GrEAnland •  Certified in EA3 Cube •  Adopting the US Federal Government’s Common Approach to EA •  Segment architecture •  Roadmapping
  20. 20. Governance 2025-plan 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Government Portfolio ICT- ICT-portfolio mgt. management strategy IT-dep EA-steering Com. Public EA (è EA-council?) program IT-dep è ? Electronic Journal of ERP 1, 2, 3 … Patients EPJ-steering com. ERP-steering com. XXX Ministry of Health ERP-dept è XXX operating unit
  21. 21. ERP – a strategic programme•  Plan for 2025•  90% organization – 10% IT•  Political project – power between government and municipalities•  Burning platform: Old ERPs – not supported•  Real burning platform: •  Lack of financial control, Lack of BI •  Status quo is not an option•  App. 1500 users•  Foundation for digitizing society (i.e. hunting licenses…) Tekst skrives ind i sidehoved/sidefod 05/11/12 21
  22. 22. EA’n’ERP •  ERP is Proof-of-Concept for EA •  ERP-project will do proof-of-concept on: •  Methods •  Tools •  Create some principles •  Define some standards •  Deliver list of some applications and some services •  ERP pays for EA (for the time being) •  The enterprise architect is also a PM in ERP-project •  ”ERP will break ice – but not icebergs”
  23. 23. The ERP programme •  Status: Beginning of scoping-process •  Health authorities, logistics, storage •  Municipalities – how many and how much? •  Finance, budget, financial “nomenclaturen” •  HR/Salery •  BI •  Standard systems or development?
  24. 24. 3 principles - #1 and #2From silo-thinking to coherency§  ”You don’t need to do everything on your own”§  ”Shared solutions whereever it makes sense”Comply or Explain§  ”You follow shared standards or provide a good reason for following your own path”§  ”If you say A, you also have to say B”
  25. 25. 3 principles - #3Government is a house with many doors§  Foundation = Shared standards§  Walls = Shared use of data§  Roof = Rules, patterns, guidelines§  Doors and = Systems/Websites/portals windows
  26. 26. Many questions•  Does ERP have a bulit-in-EA?•  Is it relevant to think of EA while scoping an ERP?•  What comes first: EA or ERP?•  Is ERP the central core of mature EAs?•  How does ERPs contribute to the EA?•  How do EA contribute to ERP?•  How does EA contribute to validity of data?•  How to KISS? And does KISSes do the job?
  27. 27. Architecture artifacts SWOT, Balanced Strategi- Score Card PEST analyser Forretning modeller Strategy maps Forretnings- Business Organi- Service- modeller Process gram matrix Modelling Notation Use Cases Data, Information &(BPMN) OIO-EA Logik Unified Modeling Systemer & Language Applikationer FORM IT SOA Netværk & Netværks FORM Infrastruktur diagrammer
  28. 28. Repository?Considering establishing a national EA repositoryStudy trips to users of EA tools, e.g., Statens AdministrationProof-of-Concept project with IT-University students:•  Purpose and usage•  Stakeholder requirements•  Implementation issues
  29. 29. Application Catalog
  30. 30. Chris Potts inspiration Potts in Copenhagen!Using the Smarties Matrix Driving Business Innovation & Performance With Enterprise ArchitectureUsing “Double E, Double A” How to be a Highly-Influential Enterprise Architect(Establish-Explore-Activate-Apply) CopenhagenNow reading: 24-25 January 2013DefrICtion: Unleashing Your See eafellows.comEnterprise to Create Value from Change
  31. 31. Drivers
  32. 32. 3 Concluding Thoughts Roadmapping
  33. 33. Drifting
  34. 34. Eco-system
  35. 35. Qujanaq !Thank you! John Gøtze