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Quarterly State of Distraction - 2016 Q4

The current state of distracted driving as analyzed by TrueMotion.

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Quarterly State of Distraction - 2016 Q4

  1. 1. DECEMBER 2016 The State of Distraction # OF TRIPS 1,397,769 # OF DRIVERS 18,201 TOTAL # OF MILES DRIVEN 22,349,370 TRIPS TO THE MOON AND BACK 16 TRIPS FROM NEW YORK TO SAN FRANCISCO 1,502 LOOPS AROUND THE INDIANAPOLIS MOTOR SPEEDWAY 1,545,400 PERCENT OF DRIVING TIME THAT PEOPLE ARE DISTRACTED 19% # OF HOURS OF DISTRACTION Assuming you’re driving at an average speed of 50mph, that’s equivalent to 77,270 # OF HOURS WITH PHONE IN HAND 61,689 TOTAL # OF HOURS ON THE ROAD 408,329 DISTRACTED DRIVING ANALYZED HOW MUCH TIME ARE PEOPLE SPENDING DISTRACTED? BEHAVIOR CHANGES GET THE APP TODAY. DRIVER BETTER TOMORROW. After having the TrueMotion app for at least 60 days, the average driver is distracted only 6% of the time. Just downloading the app decreases your distracted driving by 50%! FREE DOWNLOAD Which means that TrueMotion Family app users are almost 4 times as safe as the typical driver! © TrueMotion 2016. All Rights Reserved The following analysis is based on 18,201 drivers across TrueMotion apps.