Fast Passport Service


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The Fast Passport Service guide provides tips and advice to help U.S. citizens get a new passport as fast as the same day.

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Fast Passport Service

  1. 1. How Fast Can You Get a Passport? Find Out How Long It Takes to Get U.S. Passports
  2. 2. U.S. Passport Service Guide Links When an applicant New Passport asks the question, "How fast can you get Passport Renewal a passport," I normally Child’s Passport answer with another Fast Passports question: “How fast do you need to obtain Passport FAQ your passport?” There Travel Visas are several factors that must to be taken Fired Travel Agent into consideration Gets Revenge when calculating how fast a passport application form can be processed. The fast that a passport application can be processed is the same day. The State Department’s regional passport agencies provide Download Your same day passport services for American citizens who need Copy Today! to get their travel documents quickly, whether the request is for a new passport, renewal, name change or added visa pages. The problem is that the U.S. Department of State requests that applicants schedule an appointment in order to be attended at the regional passport agency. This is a problem because it is often difficult to get through to the automated scheduling service due to the number of incoming calls. This can also be a problem if there is no date available for an appointment until after your departure date. If scheduling an appointment at a regional agency and waiting the appointment date is not fast enough to get your passport processed before your departure date, you have a another option available to you. How Fast Can You Get a Passport @
  3. 3. U.S. Passport Service Guide You can apply through a professional expediting service and authorize the expediter to represent you before the regional agency. Expediters charge a fee for this service over and above the fees you will pay to the U.S. government. The amount depends on how fast you want to have your passport application processed. Of course, same day processing costs the most. While all these fees can get quite expensive, it may be necessary if you run the risk of having your trip cancelled. If you need your passport fast but not necessarily the same day, you can choose rush or express service. Just be careful not to underestimate the time needed to process your application. If possible, choose a time frame that will get your passport delivered to you with a few days to spare. Get U.S. Passports in 24 hrs. – Apply Now >> Have questions about applying for passports? Submit Question >> Want to really save on travel? Download Travel Savings Guide >> How Fast Can You Get a Passport @