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The Online Meeting Checklist


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If you want your meetings to go well and accomplish something, you need to plan the meeting objectives in advance. That is why sales expert, Jill Konrath, put together the online meeting checklist. If you’ve scheduled an online video meeting, use this checklist to ensure it goes smoothly and accomplishes your objectives.

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The Online Meeting Checklist

  1. 1. O nline Meeting Checklist If you’ve scheduled an online video meeting, use this checklist to ensure it goes smoothly and accomplishes your objectives. “Get Ready” continued...Set the stage____ De-clutter your work area. ____ Move the meeting viewer window to the top of the screen under webcam to ensure eye contact.____ Turn up the lights; avoid windows behind you. ____ Press “Record” when meeting starts.____ Wear professional attire, not bold colors or prints.____ Adjust camera so it’s at eye level.____ Test equipment (camera, microphone, slides, etc.) Lead the meeting to ensure it works. ____ Look into camera, smile and welcome attendees as they log on.____ Practice ahead of time to ensure technology competence. ____ Begin with introductions and a little chitchat.____ Get feedback on your image, body language and ____ Review meeting purpose and time frames. nervous habits. ____ Present vital, must-know information. ____ Ask questions to gain insights and perspectives.Prepare the plan ____ Engage everyone in conversation, keeping it on ____ Identify a clear objective for the meeting. track.____ Check out unknown attendees on LinkedIn. ____ Suggest or solicit ideas for logical next steps.____ Develop an agenda for the virtual meeting.____ Create short slide deck, if necessary. Follow up____ Write down questions to engage attendees. ____ Send email confirming key points, decisions made and “to dos.”____ Share meeting plan and necessary pre-work with meeting attendees. ____ Forward the recorded session to attendees and those who missed the meeting. ____ Review recording to look for ways to improve Get ready your presentation skills.____ Log on 5 minutes prior to meeting time.____ Use a headset to eliminate background noise.____ Shut down email, text messaging and other Sponsored by distractions.____ Put a “do not interrupt” sign on door.____ Position yourself in center of screen about 3 feet from the computer.____ Turn on webcam. To learn more about GoToMeeting or start a free 30-day trial, visit gotomeeting.com © Jill Konrath, author of SNAP Selling and Selling to Big Companies. www.jillkonrath.com