Stop, Collaborate, and Listen [Infographic]


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Trying to connect with remote teammates,deal with email hassles, or manage document versions can make for long days and missed deadlines. Learn how the right collaboration tools can generate a boost in productivity equal to gaining an extra day every week.

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Stop, Collaborate, and Listen [Infographic]

  1. 1. STOP. (y collaborate remote teammates, deal with email hassles, or manage document versions can make for long days Trying to connect with and missed deadlines, but research suggests that the right collaboration tools can generate A Boost in productivity equal to gaining an extra day every week. } listen. ) If that sounds too good to be true, consider the time and headaches you could save just by replacing email attachments and in-person meetings with online file-sharing and video conferencing. I DID NOT KNOW THAT When your team is distributed across off ices or the globe, it’s hard to distribute project files or schedule meetings, and face-time is costly and rare. You need a better way to pool your talent. trapped in A fishbowl VS. release the collaboration kraken! atlantic ocean pacific ocean Free the talent in your organization by providing access to files and web conferences on any device, from your desk, home, or customer’s offi ce; work on files with remote colleagues in real time; reduce time and money spent on travel. The American Institute of Certified Tax Coaches used GoToMeeting to save $100,000 in annual travel costs. “We have easily 30% cut more than 30% of surveyed North American Information Workers use web conferencing. off our training time using GoToMeeting.” 12% use it every day. -- Jan Levine, Technology Consultant, Kaulkin Information Systems F W Th M T It can be difficult to keep projects moving forward when you’re dealing with countless messages, multiple email addresses, late replies, unsecured networks, and vulnerable attachments. Re: URGENT! The EMAil Juggler VS. The Smooth Collaborator 6 missed calls Share files in a single collaboration space; access files and attend online meetings on any device; and relax with the security of granular user permissions and end-to-end encryption. 26% 36% Typical percentage of enterprise security budgets dedicated to of security breaches are due to data and content security by employees inadvertent misuse of data 25% of the global information workforce uses file sync and share services, up from 5% in 2010. Challenges with version control, delayed responses, and blind follow-ups can keep you up at night and leave projects scattered. ? The Version Herder VS. The Collaboration whisperer 4 4 4 4 v. 11 4 v. 2 v. 12 4 v. 4 3 v. 8 4 WO O F! 4 Easily monitor communication in a central space for managing files and versions, and set download alerts to know when files have been accessed so that you can provide timely, tranquil follow-up. 4 66% File download of information workers store and access files on a USB drive or CD File download 2 Download Alerts! “ShareFile helps to streamline the work we do, which, in turn, saves time, energy, and frustration. It allows us to share files, photos, videos, and more seamlessly with both internal and external partners.” — Kyle Moss, Qualcomm Wireless Reach v. 1 v. 2 v. 3 v. 4 v. 5 That important document is finally done and the client is waiting, but now the email attachment is too big to send, or the client can’t download it. The attachment Fighter VS. The Collaboration CHAMP Download Successful! Deliver knock-out collaboration by using online file sharing to distribute presentations, recordings, proposals, and other large files. Then follow up via an HD video conference to foster familiarity via face-to-face connections. DIN G ! DIN G ! 57% of “standout organizations” Upload Successful! are more likely to provide employees with collaboration tools. 2x GoToMeeting users report doubling the number of presentations they can deliver per day. All that juggling, herding, and fighting may generate a lot of heat, but are you just relaying messages and exchanging documents, instead of building relationships and growing your business? The PRESSURE Cooker VS. A Collaborative FEAST Combine GoToMeeting HD video conferencing with ShareFile to make stronger connections, complete projects faster, and accelerate business growth. 20 25 % % to potential increase in productivity from collaboration tools such as real-time video conferencing and online file sharing. 4 $900 BILLION $1.3 TRILLION w Annual Business value Potential created through the use of social technologies in four studied industries. “GoToMeeting has immensely helped catapult our business growth. We are expanding into Canada and have plans to target Australia. We definitely need remote collaboration for that! GoToMeeting is a huge game changer.” — Dan Beres, Executive Vice President, MyCustomerData When you’re ready to give your team the tools it needs to streamline communication and get more done faster, consider GoToMeeting and ShareFile by Citrix. With GoToMeeting and ShareFile, teams can share, access, and track business files easily on any device and work face to face with anyone, anywhere. Learn more at brought to you by y work better. live better. SOURCES: [Citrix] [Citrix] [Forrester Research] “The Forrester Wave™: Webconferencing, Q3 2013”; Forrester Research, Inc., September 13, 2013 [Forrester Research] “Understand The State Of Data Security And Privacy: 2013 To 2014”; Forrester Research, Inc., January 7, 2013 [Forrester Research] “What File Sync and Share Customers Have Learned”; Forrester Research, Inc., July 24, 2013 [Citrix] [IBM] IBM Institute for Business Value; Working Beyond Borders; [Citrix] [Harvard Business Review]