BRIEF7 Reasons to Turn OnYour WebcamThe benefits of connecting face to facewith anyone,
BRIEF      GoToMeeting                                You can start a face-to-face conversation from your computer or tabl...
BRIEF       GoToMeeting                                       them into your space and demonstrating your dedication to   ...
BRIEF              GoToMeetingResources for achieving business collaboration
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7 Reasons to Turn On Your Webcam in Web Conferences


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Turning on your webcam in a web conference is the different between communicating and communicating well. Face-to-face communication is more efficient and productive, which means you can get more done when you communicate with your team face to face. Read on to see the value of turning on your webcam in online meetings.

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7 Reasons to Turn On Your Webcam in Web Conferences

  1. 1. BRIEF7 Reasons to Turn OnYour WebcamThe benefits of connecting face to facewith anyone,
  2. 2. BRIEF GoToMeeting You can start a face-to-face conversation from your computer or tablet with a single click or tap. You can easily and quickly communicate with dispersed teams and international partners, clients and prospects from wherever you happen to be — the office, your home or anywhere in-between. The technology is here. But are you using it? If not, why? Phone and email have proved incapable substitutions for face-to-face meetings, because too much of communication is lost when you can’t see or hear each other. However, video conferencing has made face-to-face communication available and convenient in a way that it has never“Video conferencing using been before, and people using video conferencing in their day-to-dayGoToMeeting with HDFaces communications experience superior conversations compared to people whoadds an important dimension are using only the audio and screen-sharing functions of online our meetings that aphone conversation alone This brief is for people who have not yet tapped into the power of videocan’t provide.” conferencing. These 7 points outline how business communications improve when video is integrated into online meetings.Tyler WestSenior Manager of InformationTechnology Services Turn on your webcam…Best Friends Animal Society 1. For clearer communications. Research numbers vary on how much of communication is non-verbal, but no one doubts that facial expressions, gestures, body language, eye contact and other non-verbal cues play a significant role when offering and understanding a message. So why communicate without these clarifying indicators if you don’t have to? Face-to-face communication leaves less room for misunderstanding, so turn on your webcam for clearer communications. 2. To get more done. Tony Schwartz, the author of Be Excellent at Anything, reports that multitasking keeps us from being productive. Not only does switching between tasks increase the amount of time we’ll spend on each task, but it also means we’re only partially engaged in everything we’re doing. By turning on your webcam, you’re forced to engage in web conferences in a new way, because in a video meeting it’s easy to tell who’s multitasking and therefore not fully engaged. Being on camera encourages you to focus on looking at your colleagues and demonstrating that you’re alert, which means you’re not reading emails or building presentations while also trying to listen and participate. Turning on your webcam ensures increased productivity. 3. To build trust faster. In business — particularly in sales — building trust and rapport with customers, prospects, partners and colleagues is integral. People prefer to do business with those they trust, and one of the best ways to foster trust is through familiarity. When you turn on your webcam in online meetings, you allow your attendees to put a face to a name. You are virtually inviting 2
  3. 3. BRIEF GoToMeeting them into your space and demonstrating your dedication to them during your meeting. Trust and rapport go a long way in sales and business, so turn on your webcam to build trust faster. 4. To personalize your communications. Just as we love to hear the sound of our own name, we feel comfort in communicating with people we can see. Aside from being able to put a face to a name, face-to-face online meetings allow us to demonstrate that we are listening and paying attention and, at the same time, show us that the“Even though web conferencing people we are speaking to are also paying attention. Throughenables you to talk and screen nods, smiles, eye contact and other facial expressions, weshare easily and conveniently can demonstrate and see understanding, confusion or otherwith colleagues and patients, emotions that act as cues to keep going or slow downwe’re human beings — during our communication process. These indicators areand having a face-to-face vitally important in all business discussions, but especiallyconnection is key. When in sales conversations, manager-employee meetings andvideo is incorporated to web partnership communications. So turn on your webcam forconferencing in the right way, personalized we’ve experienced with 5. Because, when you do, your attendees will, too.Citrix GoToMeeting, it presents Turning on your webcam first is a good idea for a few reasons,a great case for its benefits in including that when you do, you’ll likely see a trail of followersonline collaboration.” right behind you. No one likes to be the first one — think of theDr. Andrew Barbash, M.D empty dance floor, the dinner buffet line and so on. But face-Founder to-face communication is too valuable to skip over for the sakeNowDox of no one wanting to step up to the plate. Straighten your shirt and glasses, press the button and wave. 6. To collaborate internationally. Video conferencing allows you to expand your face-to-face communications globally without traveling, making it a cost-effective way to reach new markets. And for companies with offices scattered around the world, video conferencing allows face-to-face communications between colleagues who otherwise may never have the opportunity to meet in person. Some video conferencing solutions even offer integrated audio options with local and international toll-free calling. Sales people looking to impress prospects might consider offering toll-free conference numbers to connect to the meeting. Whether you dial in or connect through VoIP, turn on your webcam to meet face to face on an international scale without ever having to board a plane, train or automobile. 7. Because it’s free, easy and valuable. Turning a web conference into a video conference doesn’t cost you a thing, but it adds unparalleled value to your communications. Nothing beats a face-to-face conversation, and when cost isn’t a factor, there’s no reason not to take advantage. So turn on your webcam for personal and effective communication that’s free. 3
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