4 Quick Ways to Become More Referable


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Bill Cates is the sales referral coach, and in this tip sheet, he offers 4 quick ways you start on the path toward getting more sales referrals. Preparation, understanding your clients goals and using online meetings to make efficient use of your time are all keys to becoming more referable.

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4 Quick Ways to Become More Referable

  1. 1. 4 Quick Waysto Become More Referable Sponsored byBy Bill Cates, CSP, CPAETo get referrals, you have to be referable. You have to become super trustworthy through the great value youdeliver and the solid business relationships you establish. Here are 4 things you can do to increase yourreferability — often generating referrals without even asking for them:TIP #1 – Know your clients’ goals. TIP #4 –As you work with your clients, strive to get the “big Send a summary email.picture.” What are their goals related to your product/ Shortly after your meeting,service and what are their goals beyond that? What send an email to all attendeesare their goals for their company and/or division? summarizing the decisionsAnd what are their personal goals — within their that were made, the actioncompany and beyond? Doing this allows you to serve items that were assigned andthem in ways that go beyond your core product or the planned next steps. Thisservice. You can give them referrals to other shows you’ve listened well,resources. You build a business friendship that allows for misinterpretationsturbo-charges your ability to get referrals. to be caught before it’s too late and shows dedication andTIP #2 – Prepare a complete meeting agenda. organization. All of this leadsAlways run your meetings from an agenda. You’ll to more trust, which leads todemonstrate competence, attention to detail and run more referrals.more effective and efficient meetings. When planningthe agenda for your client meeting, get their agenda Conclusionitems prior to the meeting. First, this will make sure Becoming referable is aboutyou have time to review what they perceive as most proving your know-how topressing and prevent “blowing out” the agenda by your clients and customers.having them introduce an unexpected topic at the By offering to connect with them in meaningful waysmeeting. Put your agenda in writing with a copy for — preferably in a face-to-face online environment —all parties. and by listening closely and prioritizing their goals first, you can get on your way to becoming moreTIP #3 – Take advantage of online meetings. referable.Taking meetings online has a variety of benefits,including saving time and money on travel costs andbeing able to easily do business across long distances.And since most trusted web conferencing solutionsoffer a recording feature, you can even eliminate theneed to take notes during the meeting and insteadfocus entirely on your client. Even better, when bothyou and your prospect or client turn on yourwebcams, you have a virtual meeting environmentthat is just as personal and effective as an in-personmeeting.www.GetMoreReferralsNow.com Copyright 2013 by Bill Cates and Referral Coach International