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A brief introduction to searchlogic

Published in: Technology
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  2. 2. ActiveRecord extension that allows you to search using a hash.
  3. 3. Provides an object based interface to constructing hash values.
  4. 4. Pagination, sorting, helpers.
  5. 5. Ben Johnson aka binarylogic
  6. 6. Isolation Encapsulation Integration
  7. 7. View helpers let you modify 4 aspects of your results: 1. Order by single column or array of columns: order_by 2. Descend or ascend yr data: order_as 3. Change how many items are on a page: per_page 4. Paginate through the reults: page
  8. 8. Actions come in three different types: link, links, & select order_by_link(:first_name) order_by_link([:first_name, :last_name]) order_by_link({:orders => :total}) order_by_link([{:orders => :total}, :first_name]) Note: Automatically alternates between asc/desc. page_link(10) page_select
  9. 9. Documentation Tutorial pagination-ordering-and-searching-with-searchlogic Live example of the tutorial (with source)