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  1. 1. Venu KalidossR.C.M.gosush@gmail.comSummaryGoal: To establish myself as a professional in the building industry, contribute to the company in particular andsociety at large. To be identified as a professional with a difference in every aspect of work and creativity.SpecialtiesRevit Architecture,generating site plans, working drawings, initial renderings, final floor plans. Coordinated theproject by managing teams of civil, structural, mechanical, landscape, acoustical and general contractor anddocumentation required for the design submittalExperienceFlooring Sales Associate at The Home Depot CanadaDecember 2012 - Present (1 month) Provide fast, friendly service by actively seeking out customers to assess their needs and provide assistance. Have an emphasis on department and product knowledge, provide information on product features and are familiar with related items in order to sell an entire project. Know how to find, inquire, respect, solve and thank every customer in the department and know how to provide basic service in adjacent departments. Focus on customer service, finding, and solving customer needs.Condominium Manager, RCM. at Del Property Management Inc.April 2010 - Present (2 years 9 months) Managing Corporation assets and staff, Project Management, Contract administration, Payroll, collections, accounts payable, preparing status certificates, facilities management, risk assessment, regulations and legislation compliance, planning and executing meetings with the Board and its representatives, acting liaison between the two Corporations, DEL Management and the staff; addressing resident concerns and well being creating a safe and secure place to live and work.Architectural Technologist at AerotekJanuary 2010 - August 2010 (8 months) Architectural Design ConsultantArchitectural Technologist at architects Tillmann Ruth RobinsonFebruary 2010 - March 2010 (2 months) Contributed to meeting submission requirements by working on the construction documents.Customer Service / Barista at Starbucks Coffee CompanyNovember 2008 - October 2009 (1 year) Page1
  2. 2. Developed enthusiastically satisfied customers, Provided quality beverages consistently for all customers. Maintained quality in store ambiance and operations. Demonstrated clear communication using Star Skills with all customer and partner interactions. Received and organized merchandize shipments. Contributed to store profitability.Project Assistant at RIM ArchitectsJanuary 2008 - July 2008 (7 months) Exposure in civic, hospital, commercial and military design criterion. Generating site plans, working drawings, initial renderings, final floor plans. Coordinated projects by managing teams of civil, structural, mechanical, landscape, acoustical and general contractor and documentation required for the design submittal 4 recommendations available upon requestLab Technician at Palm Beach Community CollegeAugust 2003 - August 2004 (1 year 1 month) Assisting students with computer relations and academiaLanguagesEnglishHindiTeluguOrganizationsAccredited Condominium Managers of OntarioMemberJune 2012 to PresentNational Assosiation of Condominium ManagersMemberJuly 2012 to PresentCanada Green Building CouncilMemberJanuary 2009 to PresentUnited States Green Building CouncilMemberJune 2008 to PresentHabitat for HumanityMemberSeptember 2002 to Present Page2
  3. 3. Architcture for Humanity - TorontoMemberMay 2009 to PresentSkills & ExpertiseProperty Management (Intermediate, 3 years experience)Condominium ManagementRCM (Beginner, 1 year experience)Leadership (Intermediate, 3 years experience)Customer ServiceCommunication SkillsCondominium Act of 1998AutoCADReserve Fund StudyRevitConstruction Project ManagementOffice AdministrationSales OperationsCoursesIndependent CourseworkFinance ACMOAdministration ACMOCondominium Law ACMOPhysical Building ACMOEducationSeneca College of Applied Arts and TechnologyAdv. Dip., Civil Engineering, 2009 - 2010New School of Architecture and DesignB.A, Architecture, 2004 - 2007Activities and Societies: NewSchool Arts Foundation, American Institute of Architects San Diego ChapterPalm Beach Community CollegeA.A., Architecture, 2002 - 2004Activities and Societies: American Institute of Architecture Students, Habitat for Humanity, Student Learning Page3
  4. 4. CenterSt. Augustine Community CollegeO Levels, English, Mathematics, Physics, 2001 - 2002St. Anthonys High SchoolHigh School Diploma, Genral Education Courses, 1997 - 1998 1 recommendation available upon requestHonors and AwardsRegistered Condominium Manager,Association of Condominium Managers of Ontario, 2012Most Sustainable and Best Overall Project: Design VillageCalifornia Polytechnic University, San Luis Obispo, 2006Excellence and Commitment AwardsPalm Beach Community College, West Palm Beach, 2004InterestsCutting Edge Technologies, Networking, Professional training, Traveling, Working out, Vegetarianism Page4
  5. 5. Venu KalidossR.C.M.gosush@gmail.com5 people have recommended Venu "Venu is sincerely committed to helping to change the built environment in truly sustainable ways. His passion and committment to detail are evident and valued highly." — Bill Waring, Sustainability Programs Coordinator, RIM Architects, managed Venu indirectly at RIM Architects "Venu is detail oriented while maintaining a competent grasp of big-picture ideas." — chase kersten, Project Coordinator, RIM architects, worked directly with Venu at RIM Architects "Sushanths work ethic and dedication while at RIM was second to none. Having him work on the team for our West Hawaii Civic Center project, I have seen first hand the hard work and dedication that he puts into a project." — Jonathan Imai, AIGA, Design | Business Development, RIM Architects, managed Venu indirectly at RIM Architects "Although Sushanths employment at RIM was all too short at no fault of his own, he made quite the impression while he was here. Even before relocating to Hawaii our efforts in recruiting Sushanth were justified by his eagerness to work remotely on a Poject we had him slated for. Once he was here, his enthusiasm was infectious and his skills assisting our head designer became quickly evident and appreciated. Sushanths efforts onthe West Hawaii Civic Center proposal, a three month long process, provided meaningful impact in our presentation. For this project I did not supervise Sushanth, as I my efforts were in sustainability of the design, but I found he was eager to participate in all aspects of the proposal, but particularly in the sustainbility efforts." — Ron Compton R.A., LEED-AP, Project Architect / Sustainability Projects Coordinator, RIM Architects, managed Venu indirectly at RIM Architects "Venu is a warm person and incomparably human person. His unassuming nature and compassion flows in every action. He is childlike. He makes an all out effort to be cheerful no matter what circumstance be. He is patient and tolerant, far more than his age group people. Can accept people as they are. Simplicity is very natural to him. His most charming leadership quality is to motivate the weakest in the group. I stays with the weakest in any group. I am sure the rare qualities in him will bear fruits , which he deserves. My best wishes vimala" Page5
  6. 6. — Vimala R, ASst Director, Bharatiya Jain Sangthatan, advised Venu at St. Anthonys High SchoolContact Venu on LinkedIn Page6