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Living in the Light of the Future: Universal Restoration and Practical Theology—Robin Parry

Robin's 4th talk at Gospel Conversations Hope and Hell conference.

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Living in the Light of the Future: Universal Restoration and Practical Theology—Robin Parry

  1. 1. 4. Living in the Light of the Future Universal Restoration and Practical Theology GOSPEL CONVERSATIONS (July 2019)
  2. 2. FacingEvil  UR does not ‘solve’ the problem of evil, but it allows us to live with hope in the face of evil  Rejection of UR amplifies the problem of evil  UR motivates the fight against evil because it says that resisting evil is never futile
  3. 3. FacingDeath  UR and ministry with the grieving (hope for the hope- less)  UR and ministry with the dying
  4. 4. FacingtheLost 1  UR sees every person as (a) created by God for theosis (b) unwaveringly loved by God (c) a sinner in need of salvation (d) someone for whom Christ died and rose again (e) someone whom God has saved/is saving/will save through Christ  This affects how we see and engage people: nobody is rejected by God (though our Adamic selves are rejected by God)
  5. 5. FacingtheLost 2  Does UR undermine evangelism?  Is believing that God will save all people through the gospel a reason not to proclaim the gospel?  UR as a motivator of evangelism  UR avoids the paralysis of making the salvation of the lost our responsibility
  6. 6. FacingGod  UR relieves us of the suspicion of darkness in God  UR brings assurance before God: perfect love casts out fear  UR motivates the pursuit of holiness  UR gives us hope for transformation in spite of the gap between where we are and were we should be  UR inspires love for God and worship of God