Vocabulary 1


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The file was prepared for the students taking part in eTwinning project The Gardens Of Maths ( Anna Vasa School, Poland)

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Vocabulary 1

  1. 1. VOCABULARY VOCABULARYPOLYGON : A closed plane figure made by line segments.POLYGONSIIDES : A line segment forming part of a plane figure.S DESTRIIANGLE : A polygon that has 3 sides.TR ANGLE SCALENE TRIIANGLE SCALENE TR ANGLE IISOSCELES SOSCELES EQUIILATERAL EQU LATERAL no sides equal, no TRIIANGLE two sides TR ANGLE TRIIANGLE all sides TR ANGLE angles equal equal, two angles equal, all angles equal equal baseRIIGHT:: A triangle that measures exactly 90º.R GHT hypotenuse legsQUADRIILATERAL : A polygon that has 4 sides.QUADR LATERALSQUARE : A polygon that has four equal sides and four right angles.SQUARE str. 1
  2. 2. RECTANGLE : A quadrilateral that has four sides and four right angles.RECTANGLEPARALLELOGRAM : a quadrilateral that has two pairs of parallel sides.PARALLELOGRAMRHOMBUS:: A parallelogram with all four sides equal in length.RHOMBUSTRAPEZOIID : A quadrilateral with one pair of parallel sides and one pair of sides thatTRAPEZO Dare not parallel.IISOSCELES TRAPEZOIID : A trapezoid with two congruent legs SOSCELES TRAPEZO DKIITE : A quadrilateral with two pair of adjacent congruent sidesK TEPENTAGON:: A polygon with five sidesPENTAGON str. 2
  3. 3. HEXAGON : A polygon that has 6 sides.HEXAGONOCTAGON : A polygon that has eight sides.OCTAGONANGLES : Two rays with a common endpoint.ANGLESOBTUSE : An angle with a measure of greater than 90º and less than 180º.OBTUSEACUTE : An angle with a measure less than 90º.ACUTEDIIAGONAL - a line segment connecting two non-adjacent vertices of a polygonD AGONAL str. 3
  4. 4. PERPENDIICULAR BIISECTOR OF A LIINE SEGMENT : is a line thatPERPEND CULAR B SECTOR OF A L NE SEGMENT (1) intersects a given segment at a 90° angle, and (2) passes through the given segment’s midpoint.SYMMETRIIC : a figure is symmetric if it can be folded into twoSYMMETR Ccongruent halves that fit on top of each otherSYMMETRY : A line that divides a figure into two congruentSYMMETRYhalves that are mirror images of each other.LIINE OF SYMMETRY : a line that divides a plane figure into twoL NE OF SYMMETRYparts that are mirror images of each otherROTATIION SYMMETRY : if you can turn a figure around a point so it coincides with itsROTAT ON SYMMETRYoriginal position two or more times during a complete turnORDER OF ROTATIION SYMMETRY : the number of times a figure coincides with itsORDER OF ROTAT ON SYMMETRYoriginal position during the complete turnTURN (ROTATIION)): moves a figure about a pointTURN (ROTAT ONFLIIP : a transformation in which a plane figure is flipped orFL Preflected across a line, creating a mirror image of the originalfigure str. 4