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Places Worth Sightseeing In Our Region


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Places Worth Sightseeing In Our Region

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Places Worth Sightseeing In Our Region

  1. 1. Places worth sightseeing in our region Sylwia Romak Class 1Ga
  2. 2. The village of Szafarnia picturesquely seated in the Drwęca vallery, was a holiday destination of a Polish composer Frederic Chopin, who stayed there twice (in 1824 and 1825) in the 19th- century Dziewanowski palace. The wealth of traditions and customs of a typical Polish village together with the beauty of the countryside inspiered the famous author of mazurkas and other pieces of music.
  3. 3. The village of Płonne, frequently mentioned in Maria Dąbrowska’s diaries, was the place where she wrote her most celebrated novel titled „Noce i dnie” (Days and Night). Here tourists can appreciate a park formely belonging to the manor, a Gothic church and the statue of Colanel Jan Dziewanowski, the famous commander in the battle at Samosierra and the village’s most prominet citizen.
  4. 4. Situated in the vincinity the village of Obory is another perfect spot that tourists can stop at. For over 400 years now a magnificent church and a monastery of Shoed Carmelites has been towering over the picturesque neighbourhood.
  5. 5. Owing to the breathtaking scenery the region received the nicknames of the Calvary of Obory or the Switzerland of Dobrzyń. Moreover, masses of visitors are magnetized by the statue of Our Sorrowful Lady, whose healing powers gained widespread popularity.
  6. 6. The church has several spectacular altrs. In the central niche of the main altar in the presbytery tourists may admire the statue of the miraculous Pieta of Obory. A Baroque monastery adjoining the church as well as the cemetery surrounded by the 18thcentury eall is yet another attraction .
  7. 7. Tourist will not want to miss Kowalewo Pomorskie, another interesting town of the district. Here they will be introduced to well- preserved parts of the city walls with a corner tower from the turn of the Teutonic castle erected in the town in 1231. A Gothic pillar of the old watchtower is what remained of the ancient Teutonic stronghold at the bottom of the castle hill.
  8. 8. Another magnificent building in a 14th-century church of St Nicholas with a one-room layout and flat vault. Its Baroque interior was mainly inherited from the old Dominican church in Torun.
  9. 9. Numerous buildings of great historical value include churches, palaces and manors with parks, particularly Gothic churches in Radomin, Ostrowite,Wrocki, Ciechocin, and Chełmonie as well as Baroque churches in Działyń and Dulsk, and park and palace complex in Sokołowo, Piątkowo, Szafarnia and Zbójno.
  10. 10. St Małgorzata Gothic Church in Ciechocin St. Marcin Baroque church in Dulsk
  11. 11. St. Marcin Baroque church in Radomin
  12. 12. Nature values also contribute greatly to the attractiveness of the region. Among the multitudes of lakes the best managed are Okonin and Grodno lakes which in summer time attract crowds of tourists craving for a peaceful rest at the lakeside. The Lakes make a real paradise for fishing fans while amateurs of mushroom picking and hunting may pursue their passions in the woods of the district which cover the area of about 11000ha.
  13. 13. Grodno lake
  14. 14. Okonin lake
  15. 15. There are over 50 monuments of nature registered in the district. The most attractive is the nature reserve of 9 larches on Larch Hill in Płonne.
  16. 16. The nature reserve Larch Hill in Płonne
  17. 17. Another interesting tourist spot is the valley of the Drwęca River. On the slopes of the valley there is a nature reserve Bobrowisko where numerous species of rare animals and plants can be found.
  18. 18. The Drwęca has been used as a canoenig route for many years with national and international canoenig races organising here regulary.