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How we do lean startup in service development

  1. How do we use Lean Startup in service development @ Tampere Goes Agile 2013 - Marko Taipale
  2. 3 levels of knowing
  3. Build-Measure-Learn
  4. 2 things that we develop Business & Customers Product / Service
  5. “Real life” Concept Business model Validation Lessons Learned Hypotheses Experiments Out-Of-TheBuilding
  6. All starts from concept(s) Concept
  7. Then the business model Business model
  8. Lean Canvas
  9. Business model Business Hypotheses Business Experiments 3 levels
  10. Customer Development
  11. My way Customer - Problem fit: Who is my customer, what is the problem? Problem - Solution fit: Will my solution fix the problem? Solution - Market fit: Is there a market for my solution? Scale: How do I scale?
  12. Experiments Forming an experiment
  13. Given-When-Then
  14. Example Given Gosei has visibility in internet When I google “Gosei” Then is #1 in the search results
  15. Example Given Gosei has visibility in internet Assumption When I google “Gosei” Experiment Then is #1 in the search results Validation
  16. Out-Of-TheBuilding Out of the building
  17. We do this everyday
  18. Validation board Validation Lessons Learned
  19. Model Customers CP fit Reality PS fit PM fit Hypos Assumptions Our understanding Riskiest ! assumption Success criteria Experiment Out of the building Results Validated Learnings
  20. Validity / Reliability
  21. Concept Business model Hypotheses Experiments Out-Of-TheBuilding Validation Hypotheses Experiments Lessons Learned
  22. Summary • Customer-Problem fit before Solution-X fit • Iterate both in business and solution level • There is a difference in deliberate experimentation and “trying out stuff”
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