2 re think shared_online_experience - final 1-16-13


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  • 2 re think shared_online_experience - final 1-16-13

    1. 1. ReTHINKShared Online Experience
    2. 2. Vision•Intentional shared online learning experience•Admitted Freshmen and TransferUndergraduate and all International students•Complete prior to orientation•Meet benchmarks for Council for theAdvancement of Standards (CAS)
    3. 3. Current New Student OrientationLearning Outcomes:•Satisfied with decision to attend PSU•Know how to access an academic adviser toplan for future terms•Understand how to register for courses•Able to identify resources on campus to seeksupport•Understand graduation requirements
    4. 4. Rationale•Limited time at in-person orientation•People and money•Large transfer population with complex lives•International and Non Resident Freshmenanxious to start•Online options provide a robust resource toolthat will persist•Like MOOCs, creating a tool for students tolearn at their own pace
    5. 5. Process Map
    6. 6. Target Populations•Domestic First Year Students•Domestic Transfer Students•International First Year, Transfer and GraduateStudents
    7. 7. Shared Content•PSU History*•University Learning Outcomes•Alcohol and Substance Abuse Education•Sexual Assault Awareness Education•Academic Expectations/Dishonesty/Plagiarism•Campus Safety Programs & Services*•Information Technology Resources•Library Resources•Paying for PSU*•Degree Requirements*•Student Health & Counseling*•Preparing for Orientation: Advising
    8. 8. Shared Content (Continued)•ID Card Services*•Transportation & Parking*•Time Management/Study Skills•Campus Employment•Campus Involvement•University Housing*•Academic Support•Intentional Advising•Campus Recreation•Athletics
    9. 9. First Year Students: Who are they? Fall 2010 Fall 2011 Fall 2012New to PSU first-yearstudents 1383 1336 1418Percent of total new 37% 34% 31%studentsPercent from Non-Res 22.8% 24.6% 24.8%Percent from Oregon 77.2% 75.4% 75.2%Average GPA 3.3 3.4 3.4 Average age of first-year students: 19 Percent enrolled Full-Time: 90.3% Percent enrolled Part-Time: 9.7%Source: OIRP Fact Book (4th week)
    10. 10. First Year Students: Why do theyneed help?•Transitions and responsibility•Definition of a successful student•When and where to ask for help•Understanding university structure•Where to look for info/events
    11. 11. First Year Students: Why do theyneed options?• Fall-to-fall retention rates• Graduation rates• More technologically savvy than others• Accustomed to accessing info rather than retaining it
    12. 12. Transfer Students: Who are they? Fall 2010 Fall 2011New to PSU undergraduate transferstudents (excluding Post-Bac and 2,496 2,597Non-AdmitsPercent of total new students 63% 66%Percent from an Oregon CC 61% 62%Percent from OUS 9% 9%Percent from out of state 26% 25% Average age of transfer students: 26 Percent enrolled Full-Time: 70% Percent enrolled Part-Time: 30%
    13. 13. Transfer Students: Why do theyneed options?2010 NSSE data:•Direct-entry seniors spent more hours workingon campus, whereas transfer students spentmore hours working off-campus.•Direct-entry seniors reported more hours spentin co-curricular activities than transfer seniors.•Transfer seniors spent more time caring fordependents than direct-entry seniors.
    14. 14. Transfer Students: What wouldhelp?A Shared Online Experience could:•Provide information on a variety of topics•Deliver information at a time students canaccess it•Allow students to access informationrepeatedly and at later times•Address different learning style
    15. 15. International Students: Who arethey?Fall 2012 = 2105 students (10%+ from 2011)Undergraduates = 1399 (67%)Graduates = 697 (33%)Studying English (IELP and ESL) = 554 (26%)Saudi Arabia = 474China = 354India = 187Japan = 155Vietnam = 111South Korea = 103
    16. 16. International Students: Why dothey need help?•New education system•Large number of tasks to complete pre-arrival•Culture shock•Challenges with language and new academicand administrative systems•Ongoing support required (post mentorprogram)
    17. 17. International Students: What is thesolution?•Shared online experience (for undergraduatenon IELP/ESL students)•Webpage/site with dynamic, informationalvideo clips, and resources: *Pre-arrival information *International Student Mentor Program *Arrival information *Connecting with the international community *Immigration regulations
    18. 18. In Conclusion…• Committed to improving the student experience by improving transition to PSU• Recruitment and retention tool• Collaborative effort between many offices• Utilizing existing and new technologies
    19. 19. Sample videohttp://video.realviewtv.com/education/plu/?channel=1•Professional appearance•Dynamic•Shows how students utilize resources•Accessible – not YouTube