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Multichoice Digital


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Multichoice Digital

  1. 1. Mobile MarketingMobile Apps Social MediaDevelopment MarketingViral Marketing Website Development Email Marketing SEO
  2. 2. Mobile Apps DevelopmentMobile AppsDevelopment Our apps including all functionality which helping your existing and new customer stay in touch with your сompany: one touch call and email, search your inventory, request quote, receive advertisement messages, connect to your social media channels and also have unique experience of mobile apps with special features such as QR reader, trip recorder, parking assistance, roadside assistance, build in camera, stop watch and many others which we are updating during your app ownership.
  3. 3. Mobile MarketingMobile Marketing You want more customers, and you want to know how to reach them. Most consumers carry mobile devices to communicate and to get information. Therefore, the answer to getting more customers is to reach them through their mobile gadgets. Your marketing plan must include a mobile component because if it doesnt then your company will be missing out on a large consumer base that can be the difference between your business sinking or swimming. Multichoice Digital has mobile marketing solutions that will help get you in front of the people that matter – your customers.
  4. 4. Social Media Marketing Social Media Marketing Most of your clients will likely have some sort of social networking profile, such as a Facebook or Twitter account. People now look to these online communities as a place to stay in touch with friends and family as well as network with others who have similar interests. Companies have noticed this trend and have now joined the wave by creating profiles for their products and services. The profiles allow customers to interact with businesses while also getting more acquainted with what they offer. Multichoice Digital can assist you in developing a presence on the social scene.StrategyPlatforms (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Youtube, Google +, Foursquare, Flickr)Viral VideoRSS (Rich Site Summary)BlogsVideoE-commerce through Facebook Fan pageCustom build micro sites inside Facebook Fan page (content, photo-video galleries, Youtube chanell feed,products show, email sign-up forms, contact forms, driving direction and map, sweepstakes and contests Social media is a quintessential element of any successful advertising campaign. Multichoice Digital Social Media enhancement packages will allow your group to take advantage of a wide array of social media outlets. Reach prospective clients en masse via our custom Facebook pages, complete with e-commerce app integration; and allow us to help your pages gain significantly more “likes.” Experience the robust power of content supported search engine optimization. Branch out into the ever-growing world of YouTube with your own brand channel. By taking advantage of the latest social media outlets, your group will see increases in both ROI and revenue.
  5. 5. Social Media Marketing
  6. 6. Social Media Marketing
  7. 7. Social Media Marketing
  8. 8. Social Media Marketing
  9. 9. Website Development Website Development Websites are everywhere. Your business may already have one. Is it getting you the results that you want? Some customers take their business from one company to another based on their impression of their website. No one likes to visit a web page that is hard to decipher or has not been updated in the past year or two. Do not let this happen to you! Multichoice Digital can create a great website for your company that will show customers that you mean business!In addition to creating your website, we can also give you the option to maintain it on yourown or let us do the work for you while you prosper. · Web Design · E-commerce solutions · Content Management Systems · Landing Pages
  10. 10. WebsiteDevelopment
  11. 11. WebsiteDevelopment
  12. 12. WebsiteDevelopment
  13. 13. SEOSEO To be competitive in todays market, you have to keep up with the pace of technology. This means not only building a website and paying the hosting fees each month, but also maintaining and marketing your virtual home. Multichoice Digital knows how important this, and since you probably do not have the time to send your link to every person using the internet, we integrate Search Engine Optimization into the websites we design. This technology allows you to stay at the top of search engine results while other companies wonder why no one can find their websites!
  14. 14. Email MarketingEmail Marketing Email Marketing is a Necessity If you want to reach your customers, at some point you must get your advertising into their inbox. People like email, and if your email marketing is effective then they will like getting messages from you! Multichoice Digital knows the importance of marketing your business through email and we can show you how this will be an effective way to reach current and new customers. How do I get my customers email addresses? Thats where Multichoice Digital comes in. We have experience in getting great results for our clients through e-mail marketing and we have special techniques that we use to acquire a list of potential customers that want to get emails from companies like yours. These people have signed up to receive emails from companies offering your product or service so you will be welcomed into their email boxes. When the client can just open up their email and simply click on your link, it can turn into a quick transaction for your business because it is easy for everyone.
  15. 15. Viral MarketingViral Marketing Viral Video - Infect the World! It is amazing how some people can post a video and instantly become famous. There are some celebrities that can attribute their fame and fortune to videos that they created showing their talents. Other people have gained popularity in the same manner through YouTube and other websites that allow users to share videos. Businesses have noticed that this is a great way to get their name out there. Multichoice Digital can show you how to jump on the wave. Blogs - The New Way of Reaching Customers As technology has progressed, companies are always looking for new ways to interact with customers. Today, businesses are realizing the importance of making it possible for customers to interact with them as well. There is a great way to do this and it involves the use of blogs. You have heard of blogs but you may not know much about them or what they can do for you. Multichoice Digital actually provides this service for customers and will explain to you why your business should be part of one of the most important trends in online marketing.
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  17. 17. Viral Marketing