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  1. 1. Session 1 RoutinesActivity 1. Match the words and Pictures. Listen andCheck adjectives personality. +1. 2. 3. 4. 5.6. 7. 8. 9.10. 11. 12. 13. Boring Unkind Hard-working Shy Noisy Confident Generous Lazy Talkative Polite Active Tidy StubbornActivity 2. Listen, read and act out the dialogue.+ + + 17’
  2. 2. 10’Pam: Do you come to the swimming club every evening, Adam?Adam: No, I don’t. I usually come here two or three times aweek.Pam: What about the weekend? Do you come to the swimmingclub then?Adam: I often come then, but I sometimes visit my grandmotherat the weekend. She lives in another town.Pam: What about the swimming club trips? Do you usually go?Adam: Yes, I do! I always go. I never miss those trips.Pam: Why not?Adam: Because they are fantastic! What about the swimmingActivity 3. Look and learn. .Present Simple and club trips?adverbs of frecuency. + 10’The simple present tense is also used to show how often something happenswith adverbs of frequency - always, usually, often, sometimes, occasionally,seldom, rarely, never, etc.... And when discussing daily, weekly, monthly etc.routines. GRAMMAR The position of these adverbs is: Before the main verb Adverb of frequency VerbI always get up at 6.45.Peter can usually play football on Sundays.Mandy has sometimes got lots of homework. After a form of to be am, are, is (was, were)
  3. 3. Verb Adverb of frequency Susan is never late.The adverbs often, usually, sometimes and occasionally can go at the beginningof a sentence.Sometimes I go swimming. Sometimes, these adverbs are put at the end of the sentence . We read books occasionallyActivity 4. Practice your grammar in pairs. + 5’ Question Answer (Always, Usually, Sometimes, Never …) How often do you read books? How often do you brush your teeth? How often do you take a shower? How often do you wash your face? …Session 2 My Passport!Activity 1 Is he a sporty friend? Listen and do the 15’quiz. + Have you got a sporty friend?ff 1) Does your friend usually 2) Can your friend run very practice sport? fast for ten minutes? a) Yes, my friend does. a) Yes, my friend can. b) No, my friend doesn’t. b) No, my friend can’t. 3) Could your friend swim when 4) Is your friend a member of any he/she was five years old? sport center? a) Yes, my friend could. a) Yes, my friend is. b) No, my friend couldn’t. b) No, my friend isn’t. Now check your scores
  4. 4. 5) Was your friend good at sports Score 1 point for each time the answer is yes. 4-5 when he/she was six years old? points: Your friend is super sporty. 2-3: Your friend a) Yes, my friend was. is sporty. Playing with him/her is fun. 1 point: Your b) No, my friend wasn’t. friend is not interested in sport at all.Activity 2 Social Identities. Read the text. Matchthe heading to each paragraph. 20’Have you got curly hair or straight hair? Are your eyes green or brown’ wecan’t choose these thing. We inherit them from our parents andgrandparents. But we can choose the clothes we wear. Clothes say a lotabout our personality.    Have you got a lot of brothers and sisters or are you an only child? Your family and the people around you help create your identity. Is your family sporty or do they love going shopping? These habits are part of your personality.    Did you know that there are almost 7 thousand living languages in the world today? The language we speak is an important part of our identity.Countries also have their own festivals, special food and traditional songs and dances.   Our society is made of millions of people who look different. Think webehave in different ways. If we want to live together, we need to respectthese differences.a)Your appearance b) Your family c) Living together d) Your languageActivity 4 Complete your passport. + 5’
  5. 5. If you want to leave your country, you need to show a passport or anational identity card.Your photo is in your passport or on your identity card. You can’t wearsunglasses or smile in this photoUNITED KINGDOM OF GREAT BRITAIN AND NORTHERN IRELAND PASSPORT Surname: Given Names: Nationality: Date of Birth: Place of Birth:<PANTHER<<PINK<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
  6. 6. Session 3 Let’s go swimming!Activity 1 Read ‘ Swimming Lessons’ Answer the 15’questions. + Swimming Lessons Westpool Sports Center First Name: Patricia Surname: Smith Sex: Male: Female: x Date of birth: 21/09/1999 Age: 10-14, 6-9, over 18 Address: 23, Sandy Road, Westpool Post C ode: Wp1 7UA Telephone numbers: 736254 Email: pasmith Days when available for lessons. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday 1) Was Patricia born in September? 2) 2) Is Patricia older than 14? 3) Does Patricia live in Westpool? 4) Can Patricia have swimming lessons on Thursday? 5) Is Patricia good at swimming?
  7. 7. Activity 3. Guess the missing words. Check youranswers. Sing. + + 17’My friend is very ……..She always knows what to doShe helps her mum with the thingsWhen she comes back from ……..I’m …… have a friendShe is so ……. and ……..We are …….. togetherWe always have a good timeShe cares for things in classShe is often very ……..She always participatesFor me, she is the best oneWe do our homework together,Have a delicious mealAnd play with my computer.We will be friends …….. always, forever, always, forever, happy, active, happy, active, kind, friendly, tidy, kind, friendly, tidy, school school
  8. 8. Session 4 Speaking English!Activity 1. English around the world. Read and 30’listen to the text. + English, is the most spoken language around the world. Is the international mean of communication. It can help us to communicate and make friends. The Internet is mainly based on English words, about the 80 per cent of the electronic information is communicated in English. We can also listen to many English songs or American music, at the same time we can access to a lot of English material such as movies or books. My name is Hita. I’m from India. In my country there are more than 100 languages, so people use English to communicate. I usually read books in English. I love learning languages.
  9. 9. We are from Wales and we speak Bonjour! My name is Pierre. I’m Welsh at school. We also from Canada. Most people here communicate in English at home, speak English. I sometimes speak French when meeting with my watching films or when we go to the cinema…Welsh is a very old language friends, at school and at home. I but we love it because it is beautiful! like listening to groups that sing in English and I read in English as well when using the Internet.Activity 2. Discuss the topic. + + 12’ Did you know Have you got that English is Can you any friend who used by speaks English? find any millions of English people Word at around the home? world?
  10. 10. Session 5. ICT Room. + + + + 48’
  11. 11. s_of_ frequency.htm %202008/Olympic%20Games%20quiz.doc Session 6: Final task:42’ All about my friend! + + + + PREPARATION  Decide which friend you want to talk about.  Design a mural describing your friend.  Think about what you want to say and make notes. This is my friend, Lucas.
  12. 12. PRESENTATION Show the mural to your class. Talk about your friend.EXTENSION Listen to your friends’ questions. Answer their questions. Answer their questions. He is always He very well loves dressed!! dancin g when we go to … He is usually happy but he doesn’t He loves I’m really like… practising so happy sports! to have such a good friend! When sharing your news with a partner or the class you need to remember… Look at the person / people you are speaking to Speak with a loud, clear voice so everyone can hear.