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  1. 1. Poland
  2. 2. Neighbors Polnad has seven neighbors: -Germany -Czech Republic -Slovakia -Ukraine -Belarus -Lithuania -Russia
  3. 3. Poland is a country in a central Europe. The border countries of Poland are: In the East Ukraine, Lithuania and Belarus;In the West Germany in the South: Slovakia and Czech Republick In the North Kallingrad Oblast.
  4. 4. The map of Poland
  5. 5. This is Poland flag and Emblem Polish hymn:
  6. 6. Warsaw
  7. 7. Warsaw is the capital of Poland. In Warsaw it’s worth to see: The Presidential Palace for football fans - The National Stadium And Warsaw Siren
  8. 8. Warsaw is inhabited by more than 1 708 000 people. It is the largest city in Poland. It has been the capital since 1952.
  10. 10. Poland took part in both World Wars
  11. 11. Poland today
  13. 13. It is one of the oldest Polish cities, with many valuable architectural objects. In Kraków you can see legendary Wawel Dragon. It can breathe real fire.
  15. 15. In Cracow there is a unique painting by Leonardo da Vinci's Lady with an Ermine
  16. 16. SALT MINE in WIELICZKA near Cracow
  17. 17. WROCŁAW
  18. 18. The upside down house in SZYMBARK
  19. 19. A Bronze Age fort/settlement in BISKUPIN
  20. 20. ‚Tatra Mountains’ are the highest range of mountains in Poland. Its highest peak is Rysy (2499 meters above the sea).
  21. 21. Mazury - the land of lakes. There are 2 700 lakes. There are also many trails for hiking and cycling.
  22. 22. In Poland you can see the mountains in the South and the sea in the North.
  23. 23. The longest pier on the Baltic Sea is located in Sopot. It is about half kilometer long. It is one of the biggest attractions of the city.
  24. 24. We live in Elblag. It’s a beautiful city.
  25. 25. This is Elbląg coat of arms
  26. 26. Our school
  27. 27. TO SUMMARIZE
  28. 28. POLAND
  29. 29. POLISH FLAG
  30. 30. Information about Poland • Poland is a country of the Baltic, located in the central part of Europe. Polish territory extends from 54 ° N to 49 ° N and 14 ° E to 24 ° E. Warsaw is Polish capital. Population of a country is more than 38 million. Poland has an area of 312 685 km2, which consists of 304 510 km2 land area including island waterways and 8 173 km2 of marine internal waters. The total length of the Polish border is 3 582 km of which falls to the sea 528km. The length of the border with Germany is 467km. Southern limit - 658km from the Czech Republic and Slovakia with 444km. Polish boundary is fixed with four countries: Ukraine 428km, 605km Belarus,
  31. 31. This is capital of Poland: WARSZAWA
  32. 32. THE END