Tim ferriss the 4-hour body review


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Tim ferriss the 4-hour body review

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Tim ferriss the 4-hour body review

  1. 1. Tim Ferriss - The 4-Hour Body ReviewBy Patrik RichardsonHi guys, as promised Im posting my personal experiences with the book.First of all the book consists of 571 pages and has 11 chapters. I willdiscuss them one by one later in this post. Now you might think wow thatis a lot of pages.. but the truth is that the book is not complicated, it issimple and straight to the point. Ive read the book in a little less then aweek. Every chapter has different examples so you will probablyexperience relevant actions or situations in your life which makes it sopowerful.Now lets see what is in this book, shall we?Firstly, an introduction: Fundamentals - First And Foremost which basically explains that thingscan be achieved successfully without big efforts. He describes that with the term MinimumEffective Dose.The first chapter is about taking action and preparation: Ground Zero - Getting Started andSwaraj. What he explains in here are the different methods for estimating the amount of bodyfat. These methods are for both males and females, but he discusses each individual separate.He also talks about the weight glide pad. This consists of a target line that decreases from tobottom and has two important lines below and above his target line: his minimum allowableweight and his maximum-allowable weight for each day. The great thing about this is that youdo have a little of spare so you can lose weight without stress to stay on the target line.The second one is about Subtracting Fat. The chapter is divided into two main parts: basics andadvanced. As a starter he compares Dietary Fats and Oils, this should not be skipped as it isessential information! Without action your fat will stay, so therefore in the next pages heexplains several effective methods like air squats, wall presses, etc. He also talks about theglucose trend of your body with the use of two different days and the results (of course).Testosterone and Nandrolone hormons are handled at the end of this chapter. This might be abit difficult for some readers but it is explained well.Adding muscle is the thirth chapter of this book. As the title is pretty obvious he will discussgaining weight here by explaining a lot of excercises and especially why they work. He evenconcluded sample workouts calendars to make it easier for you. He also offers strategies onhow to gain weight fast with exercises like the GOMAD and Occams Protocoli. Some of you willmaybe do an extra to gain weight. Basically what I want to say is using pre- and post-exercicesupplements, Timothy explains this aswell.
  2. 2. Improving sex, one of my favorite chapters in this book, is the fourth.The 15-Minute Female Orgasm is the main subject where he talks about. I guess, if you are awoman, you want to know this, isnt? Now this chapter isnt only about the woman, it is alsoabout the man: Tripling Testosterone and Doubling Sperm Count is all you need.After sex, youre tired.. so lets go sleep, shall we? Perfecting sleep is the fifth chapter in thisbook and describes several methods on how to fall asleep fast some methods I reveal:take a cold bath an hour before you go to bed, FOCUS that you want to sleep and try to sleep inthe half-military crawl position. Seems simple isnt? Maybe, but dont worry if you dont find itsimple. What differs from this book and many, many other books is that he explains how to doit, not what to do, therefore I succeeded in some methods which I tried before, but neverworked. How to Sleep Less and Feel Great is another part of this subject. This should be readcarefully.Since we are practicing already, (if not you should start!) it is possible to get injured. Reversinginjuries gives an answer on what to do if you got injured. Im not going to tell you much aboutthis chapter as I was a bit unfamiliar with this subject. Although this doesnt mean you shouldskip it! It is mainly about how Timothy Ferris himself cured his permanent injuries by receiving a$10000 worth cocktail of products (which are ethical!) and about the non expensive stages:movement, manipulation, medication and surgery.I bet the next chapter will be about something you already have done a lot, indeed, running. Inthis chapter he explains how to run faster and further. Of course this cant be done in oneweek, but you wont have to worry about it, or even making a scheme. He has included twophases to get from 5K to 50K in 12 weeks solely by running slightly different than you do now.Chapter eight is about Getting Stronger. It consists of using timed exercises like bench press. Aimportant point he writes about is stretching of your limbs. This seems to be an forgottenmethod although it increases your strength dramatically. The chapters are getting smaller butcontain rich information.From swimming to swinging is the ninth chapter. He starts by informing you on how he learnedto swim effortlessly in 10 Days. After his little life experience he tells you the different swimstyles and again how to do them. For some styles youll need to be able to hold your breath,which is described in a sub chapter which is titled How to Hold Your Breath Longer ThanHoudini.We almost arrived and the last chapter but before we do, he tells you about the long term goalsyou should have. On longer and better life explains you how to increase your lifetime simplyand effective.The last chapter is a general conclusion and final thoughts where he uses the term The TrojanHorse. As he says:
  3. 3. "This book is a Trojan horse full of unexpected transfers.Its intended to make you a better all-around human. Its also intended to make you a rolemodel for those around you."The last pages of the book contain extras and bonus material which are really handy!Okay so I hope you got a basic idea about the subjects handled in the book. In my opinion thisone of the better books Ive read in a few months, and as its number one on Amazon, I thinkothers share my opinion too.Im Patrik Richardson, 38 years old and happily married with my wife Marian. Im a full-timelibrarian and as you might think I see enough books in my job that I dont read any book aftermy daily job.. The truth is that I usually read a book every evening. Most of the books that Iread are educational ones, but I enjoy Romans too.