The cobra curiosity frederick forsyth


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The cobra curiosity frederick forsyth

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The cobra curiosity frederick forsyth

  1. 1. The Cobra Curiosity - Being FrederickForsyth By Prasoon KumarIt was 35 years ago that the first novel by Frederick Forsyth was written, after he left a career injournalism to pursue his dream of becoming a writer. The thrillers being churned out at that timehad a different structure, and Frederick Forsyth defied all conventions. Before you read one wordof his book, you knew the end of the plot (we are talking about The Day of the Jackal). Still, thebook kept you interested throughout the narration. As it turned out, The Day of the Jackal turnedout to be an instant hit, and the best countdown suspense thus far. Frederick Forsyth could nowwrite secure in the knowledge that all his forthcoming novels would have a ready audience.Books around Current EventsThe next books were derived directly from the headlines which were allabout terrorism, secret agents, espionage, intrigue, and of course - currentevents. The villains have come from all over the world, be it the UkrainianNational or Serb Killers or headline grabbers or even head of state.Frederick Forsyth is renowned all over for conducting meticulous researchabout technology, organization, geography and guns.Engaging CharactersApart from The Cobra, Frederic Forsyth has created engaging characters earlier also. Forexample, in The Afghan, he came up with Mike Marin, who could infiltrate Islamic terror celldue to his looks and education. Frederick Forsyth himself is different sort of a man who couldnot don many looks. His own voice is such when he begins to speak, most other voices fallsilent, eager to hear him.Terror Groups Are Getting TogetherHe has an implicit belief that terror groups across the world are getting together to radicalize theyoung men and are making them hand over their lives to the cause that suits these terror groups.The success of terror groups stems from the fact they offer some much needed spiritual home,feeling of fraternity to these young minds who are looking for oneReal Life Events Are Always PresentFrederick Forsyth always hints about his characters interacting with real life events. Forexample, in The Cobra, there is a hint that the protagonist interacts with the president Obama(though he doesnt name him). Since The Cobra is set in 2011, the US president has to beObama. Although Frederick Forsyth, hasnt been known for his political correctness, he doesntbelieve Islam teaches explicit violence against people following other religions. At the sametime, one has to note there are passages in Islam which can appear to be negative if thesepassages are used out of context of the passages they appear in.