Princess by jean sasson


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Princess by jean sasson

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Princess by jean sasson

  1. 1. "Princess" by Jean P Sasson - Startling Revelations From Behind the Veil By Ruchi ChandraUnbelievable yet so believable, painful yet unfortunately so true! Story asnarrated by a Saudi Princess which is revealing, scandalous and gruesomeat moments, yet so true. It is hard to imagine the plight of these womenwho are being ill-treated and abused by the men in their life.Story is narrated by a Princess of Al Saud clan and to ensure safety of herfamily and children she has assumed her name to be "Sultana". She isborn in the royal family and is the youngest of eleven children of whomten are daughters and one son. As is the custom in Saudi Arabia, womenare considered a doom and men are the ones who rule upon them.Sultana is the youngest of all siblings and has a rebellion streak in her.She envies all the love and affection showered on her brother while she is waiting to get even aglance from her own father, let alone a loving word or a pat on the back.She is really lucky as she gets an opportunity to study and learn about the world, she is veryyoung when she witnesses the first shocks of her life, her elder sister, Sara, who is sixteen yearsold and most beautiful among all the sisters gets married to a sixty-two year old businessman.The husband ill-treats Sara so much that in her desperation to get rid of her troubles, sheattempts suicide but is saved. Thats when Sultanas mother for the first time in her life putsdown her feet stating that Sara should get a divorce and she manages to get that.Sultanas life is changed very soon as a proposal for her on marriage comes in and she is a luckygirl for her husband is only twenty-eight years old, of modern thinking and she is going to be hisfirst wife. She falls madly in love with her husband Kareem and they both make a beautifulworld full of happiness and love for themselves. Sultana is blessed with a son and twodaughters.The narration is very simplistic and beautiful. As you read the story, you can visualize the detailsand the grandeur these royal people live their life in. But at the same time you dread as everynew incident is narrated about how cruel can men get; how trust, faith and bonds are brokenevery other day. It is a male dominated society but to an extent that females are sometimes noteven considered human is so painful to visualize.All an all a very well written book for the sheer, matter of fact manner, simplistic view and forbringing out the character of Sultana so well that after you finish the book you are left with afeeling that you can surely recognize her in a mob if you happen to see her.