Osama bin laden and america


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Osama bin laden and america

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Osama bin laden and america

  1. 1. Osama Bin Laden and AmericaBy Tauqeer Ul HassanIt is difficult to say it with surety that why Osama Bin Laden extremely dislike Americans.US Presence in the Middle EastPresence of the US military in the Arabian Peninsula is known to be the most importantcondition related to his hatred against Americans. Especially he became furious at the timewhen United States of America send its army in the sacred land for Muslims, Saudi Arabia. Hispoint of view is that presence of American in the holy land is a thing that is against the religionand unacceptable.The Saudi Royal family allowed Americans to land out in Saudi Arabia which was a great shockfor Mr. Laden. Osama bin laden express his disappointment and anger towards this decision ofthe Saudi Royal family to permitted Americans to land in the country. After that he becomemore against America and shows his aggression towards Saudi command as well.Pro-Israeli Policy of the U.S.One more cause of the extreme dislike of the Osama Bin Laden to wardsthe United States is its pristine support of the unfair Israeli stance overthe Arab region. A lot of Arabs agree with Osama on this point that theUnited States is an unfair peace negotiator.All the people who favor him believe that the United States approves allthe military usurpations of Israel whether they are according to theinternational law or not. According to Osama, American existence inGulf was like bee in his bonnet; above all that Israeli occupations andthe American favor of the Jews in the state have further worsened the circumstances.Because the US is CapitalistThere are some other views. One of the basic reasons of the hatred of bin laden is United Statesposition as industrialist. Osama and his followers point of view is that America wanted tooccupy the oil wealth of the Arabian countries in a very systematic and organized way.Another complaint they had is that the United States uses his armed forces and economicpower without regarding about United Nations resolutions. The United States utilize his powersto influence leaders of the third world to serve its politics and have influence on the countriesto maintain his status as super power.
  2. 2. ImperialismOsama bin laden and his followers charged another thing on United Status that the UnitedStates is using his power in the countries where it has military occupation formerly and thegovernments of these countries are alike puppets for it.They also blame that the United States unseat the government who turn against it and denyaccepting his order.There may be others factors about it that why Bin Laden do not like America or hate it. It can bestate that until unless these factors are present the issue of terrorism and insurgency is difficultto resolve. It is also seem that it is difficult to bring any improvement in the politicalcircumstances in the Middle East without resolving such issues.