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  1. 1. For more details visit:http://www.ashwagandha.tkFor more details visit: Presentations in ian 2009http://www.ashwagandha.tkSymposium – I - Molecular Mechanisms of Brain DamageS I-1 Ppar, Possible Drug Targets For Neuroprotection – An Intricate Interplay Of Partners Aleshin S, Sergeeva M and Reiser GS I-2 Investigation Of The Multiple Mechanisms Of Cord Blood Cell Therapy In Stroke Pennypacker KR and Willing AES I-3 Steroid And Peptide Hormone Interactions: Stroke Therapy For Aging Selvamani and Sohrabji FS I-4 Current Trends In Neural Progenitor Cell Transplantation: A Restorative Approach In Neurodegenerative Diseases Agrawal AK and Seth KS I-5 Control Of Neuronal Damage By Epigenetic Interactions Pandi G, Dharap A and Vemuganti RSymposium – II - Co-morbidity of Drugs of Abuse and HIV Infection in CNS: The Basic and Clinical PictureS II-1 Cocaine Abuse And Hiv-1 Infection: Role Of Pdgf/Pdgf-Receptor Axis In Disruption Of Blood Brain Barrier Buch S and Yao HS II-2 Synergistic Potentiation Of Neuropathogenesis By Morphine And Tat In A Pneumococcal Pneumoniae Model Roy S, Krishnan A, Wang J, Charboneau R and Barke RAS II-3 Effects Of Hiv-1 Viral Proteins On Cytokine Production During Development In The Hiv-1 Transgenic Rat Chang SLS II-4 Hiv-1 Transactivating Protein Tat And Drugs Of Abuse Augment Injury To Human Cns Cells Malick S, Garg P, Khalique H and Seth PS II-5 Recreational Use Of Marijuana Is Associated With Decreased Sod In Csf Of Hiv-Seropositive Women Wojna V, Fernanadez M, Mayo R, Toro D, Melendez L and Nath ASymposium – III - Chemical And Neuronal Sensitivity: Multiple Targets And Risk DimensionsS III-1 Mechanism Of Neurobehavioral Toxicity Of Lambda-Cyhalothrin In Developing Rats Khanna VK, Ansari RW, Seth K, Pant AB and Agrawal AKS III-2 Deltamethrin Induced Developmental Neurotoxicity Leads To Motor Deficits Patro N, Shrivastava M and Patro IKS III-3 A Study On Okadaic Acid Induced Neurotoxicity In Rats Nath C, Kamat PK, Tota SK and Shukla RS III-4 Adolescent Drinking: What Does It Do To The Brain Sircar RS III-5 Dopamine Induced Damage To Pc 12 Cells And Isolated Rat Brain Mitochondria : Implications In The Pathogenesis Of Parkinson’s Disease Jana S, Roy T, Sinha M, Chanda D and Chakrabarti S
  2. 2. S III-6 Calcitonin Gene-Related Peptide (Cgrp) Expression Increases In The Dorsal Horn Of The Spinal Cord After Plantar Incision In Rats Ray S B, Rai H I S and Kumar RSymposium – IV - Recent Advances In Management Of Acute StrokeS IV-1 The Challenge Of Stroke: Are We Ready To Face It Das SKS IV-2 Emerging Targets For Novel Therapeutic Strategies In Ischemic Stroke Raghubir RS IV-3 Recent Advances In Management Of Acute Ischemic Stroke Srivastava Padma MVS IV-4 Neuroprotection In Stroke Shukla RS IV-5 Primary Prevention Of Stroke Kaul SSymposium – V - Recent Advances in Pathophysiology and Treatment of Major Mental DisordersS V-1 Neurobiological Basis Of Nicotine Addiction: An Update Jain R and Chatterjee BS V-2 Role Of Phosphodiasterase 4 (Pde4) Variants In Depression Dwivedi YS V-3 Fetal Origin Of Schizophrenia: Altered Micronutrients (Folic Acid, Vitamin B12) And Omega 3 Fatty Acids In The Etiopatholgy Of Schizophrenia Mahadik S, Joshi S and Kale AS V-4 Gsk-3β And Β-Catenin In Suicide And Mood Disorders: A Postmortem Brain Study Pandey GNSV-5 Molecular Mechanisms In The Etiology And Treatment Of Mood Disorders Oquendo MAS V-6 Amelioration Of Depression-Induced Cognitive Deficits Rao BSS, Bhagya V, Mahati K, Srikumar BN and Raju TRSymposium – VI - Brain Aging:Molecular Causes and ControlSVI-1 Estrogen Mediated Neuroprotection In Aging Rat Brain Mehra R,S VI-2 Molecular Insights Into The Ashwagandha Based Therapies- A Focus On Cancer And Neurodifferentiation Kaul SC, Widodo N, Shah N and Wadhwa RS VI-3 Alcoholic And Water Extracts Of Ashwagandha Leaves Induce Differentiation Of Brain Cancer Cells Kaur G, Shah N, Kataria H, Wadhwa R and Kaul SS VI-4 Stress Protein Mortalin- A Dual Regulator Of Age Diseases, Cancers And Neurodegeneration Wadhwa R and Kaul SS VI-5 Brain Aging – Role Of Estrogen Thakur MK, Ghosh S and Paramanik VS VI-6 Mechanism Of Aluminum Induced Accelerated Aging Of The Rat Brain; Therapeutic Efficacy Of Bacopa Monniera Hasan M, Tripathi S and Mahdi AA
  3. 3. Symposium – VII - Neurodegeration and RegenerationS VII-1 A Novel Role For Cdk5 In Pain Signaling Pareek TPS VII-2 Glia –Neuron Communication In P25/Cdk5 Induced Neuroinflammation Kesavapny SS VII-3 How to make a photoreceptor? From gene regulation to treatment paradigms for retinal degenerative diseases Swaroop AS VII-4 Regulation Of Neurofilament Phosphorylation: Declining Phosphatases Underlie Aging- Related Hyperphosphorylation Of Neurofilaments Veeranna, Pant HC and Nixon RAS VII-5 Pro-Survival And Pro-Apoptotic Activity Of Neuron-Specific Protein Kinase Cdk5 Hisanaga SS VII-6 Activation Of Hippocampal Neurogenesis Restores Stress-Induced Cognitive Deficits And Depression Rao BSS, Veena J, Srikumar BN and Raju TRS VII-7 Dissecting The Role Of Cyclin Dependent Kinases In Neuronal Apoptosis Sharma P, Komavelli N, Singh N, Tyagi RK and Sharma MSymposium – VIII - Enteric Neurobiology of Intestinal in ActivityS VIII-1 Enteric Neurobiology: The Basics And What Happens During Intestinal Inactivity" Plasticity Of Defecation Reflex Pathway Takaki M, Matsuyoshi H, Kuniyasu H, Katsui R and Kawahara IS VIII-2 Contractility Of Longitudinal Muscle In Gastro-Esophageal Motility Pal AS VIII-3 Interstitial Cells Of Cajal (Icc): Interplayers Between Gastrointestinal Nerves And Smooth Muscle Cells Faussone-Pellegrini MSS VIII-4 The Gut Nerve Terminal Chaudhary APresentation - MEMORIAL ORATION - Speaker: Dr H C PantA Study Of Regulation And Deregulation Of Neuronal Intermediate Filament (Nanofilament) ProteinPhosphorylation : Physiology And PathologyPant H C,Presentation - NEURO SCIENCE EDUCATION - Speaker: Patro I / Arunan M.C.Neuroscience Education In India: Prospects And PromisesPatro INeed To Popularize Neuroscience: Serious Neuroscience Research In India Calls For Bringing Neuroscience ToThe Main-Stream Of The University SystemArunan M.C. & Hebbar S.DM KAR / TULSABAI SOMANI AWARD SESSION - Award SessionAS – 1 Study Of Functional Genetic Polymorphisms In Association With Intellectual Disability Bhowmik AD, Sadhukhan D, Chatterjee A, Sinha S and Mukhopadhyay KAS – 2 Molecular Pathogenesis Of Neuronal Cytoskeleton Disintegrity In Parkinson’s Disease: Role Of Mapt And Gsk3β Das G, Ray K and Ray JAS – 3 Behavioral And Morphological Alterations In An Animal Model Of Endogenous Depression Mahati K, Sneha A, Bhagya V, Raju T R and BSS Rao
  4. 4. AS – 4 Three-Dimensional Reconstruction Of The Cochlear Nuclear Complex In Humans. Sharma S and Roy TSAS – 5 Role Of Gre/Cre Like Element, Ap2 And Gc Box Cis-Elements In Age Related Regulation Of Glutamine Synthetase Gene In The Brain Of Mice Modi PK, Dwivedi VN and Kanungo and MSAS – 6 Chronic reboxetine treatment restores hippocampal long-term potentiation, monoamine levels and spatial memory in depressed rats bhagya V, Srikumar B N, Raju T R and Rao BssAS – 7 Sp3 degradation mediates nr1 subunit upregulation in hypobaric hypoxia: clue for oxidative stress induced excitotoxicity in hippocampal neurons. Hota S, Barhwal K and Singh SB.AS – 8 Molecular Characterisation Of Different Grades Of Glioma, An Enigmatic Tumor In South Indian Population Mahalakshmi P and Vanisree AJAS – 9 Co-Chaperone Chip Stabilizes Aggregate Prone Malin, An Ubiquitin Ligase Mutated In Lafora Disease Rao NRS, Sharma J, Maity R and Jana NRAS – 10 Dendritic Arborization Of Different Neuronal Classes In Vocal Control Nuclei Of Anterior Medial Telencephalon In Budgerigars (Melopsittacus Undulates) Shrivastava S and Srivastava SAS – 11 Bone Marrow Stromal Cells Up Regulates Expression Of Histone cetyltransferase To Attenuate Oxidative Stress In Neuro 2a Cells Vijaya Prakash KM, Tamilselvi P, Sridhar R, Skylab And Sankar V Invited TalkIT – 1 Brain And Cognition At Low Oxygen Singh SBIT – 2 Role Of Dopaminergic Genes In Alcohol Dependence: First Study From India Vaswani M, Prasad P and Ambekar AIT – 3 Age Induced In Changes In Neural Regulation Of Biological Clock : Changes In Serotonin Metabolomics Rhythmicity Jagota AIT – 4 Role Of Naturally Occurring Osmolytes In Protein Folding And Stability Rajkumar Oral SessionOS – I-1 Early Postnatal Exposure To Sodium Arsenite Alters Calcium Binding Protein (Ca Bp) Expression In Purkinje Cells Of Rat Cerebellum Dhar P, Dixit S, Kaushal P and Mehra RDOS – I-2 Fluoride Induced Alterations In The Neurotransmitter Pathways Basha P M and Madhusudhan NOS – I-3 Minocycline Modulates Japanese Encephalitis Virus Entry In The Central Nervous System Dutta K, Kumawat KL, Mishra MK and Basu AOS – I-4 Interactive Effects Of Cold Stress And Acute Chlorpyrifos Toxicity Aging Animals: A Neurotoxic Assessment Poojary A and Basha PM
  5. 5. OS – I-5 Nanocurcumin Protects Mouse Brain From Neurotoxicity And Oxidative Stress Caused By 1- Methyl-4-Phenyl-1,2,3,6-Tetrahydropyridine Induced Parkinsonism In Male Albino Mice Sabesan M and S.ArulkumarOS – I-6 Multigenerational Exposure To Fluoride And Its First Impact On Neuronal Oxidative Stress Markers Rai P, Begum S and Basha P MOS – I-7 Neuroprotective Efficacy Of Phytophenolic Extracts On Fluoride Induced Neurotoxocity In Aging Brain Of Rattus Norvegicus Ahmed F and Basha P MOS – II-8 Differential Parp Cleavage: An Indication Of Heterogeneous Forms Of Cell Death And Involvement Of Multiple Proteases In The Infarct Of Focal Cerebral Ischemia In Rat Chaitanya GV and Babu P POS – II-9 Heterogeneity Of Primary Sensory Neurons In Some Mammalian Species Khan A A, Naushad A. Dilkash NA and Faruqi NAOS – II-10 Differential Mrna Expression Studies Of Rat Brain At Early And Long Time Points Following 0.25 X Ld50 Sarin Exposure Garg I, Bharadwaj S, Waghmare C K, Musalgawkar N and Bhattacharya B KOS – II-11 Molecular Network Of Phosphatidylinositol 3-Kinase/Akt Signaling On Co-Transplantation Of Olfactory Ensheathing Cells And Neural Stem Cells In 6-Ohda Lesioned Rat Model Of Parkinson’s Disease Seth K, Shukla A, Ansari RW, Chaturvedi RK and Agrawal AKOS – II-12 Naringenin Influences Cox-2 Regulation By Altering The Expressions Pi3k/Akt In Glioma Induced Rat Brain Vanisree AJ and Sabarinathan DOS – II-13 Neurobiology Of West Nile Virus-Induced Neurological Sequelae In Hamsters Siddharthan V, Morrey JD, Wang H, Motter NE, Hall JO, Skinner RD and Sejvar JJOS – II-14 Temporal And Spatial Variation In Kanic Acid Induced Adult Neurogenesis In Rat Hippocampus Bhatnagar M, Sharma D and Jain AOS – II-15 Protective Effect Of Epigallocatechin Gallate In Murine Water Immersion Stress Model Of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Arora V, Sachdeva AK, Kuhad A, Tiwari V and Chopra KOS – II-16 Adverse Drug Reactions In A Neurological Department: Comparison Between Intensified Surveillance And Assisted Approach Shukla A and Rahman SZOS – III-17 Effect of premenstrual stress on autonomic function and auditory, visual reaction time. Rode MV, P.Jadhao, M.Phatak, P,Kamble and P.TaydeOS – III-18 Epileptic Patients – Dental Concerns And Management Gupta B and Reddy Y GOS – III-19 A comparative study of two treatment activities on upper limb functional motor coordination in adults with cerebellar ataxia. Roy BOS – III-20 Induction Of Long-Term Depression And Its Impact To Occlude Further Depression In Ca1 Hippocampal Neurons Parvez S, Ramachandran B and Frey JU
  6. 6. OS – III-21 A Comparative Study Of Autonomic Functions In Young Adults With And Without Family History Of Hypertension Ajmera S, Gupta RC,Late Jain M, Mathur K, Dube A, Shukla J,Gupta J and Kumar UOS – III-22 Tocotrienol Attenuates Oxidative–Nitrosative Stress And Inflammatory Cascade In Experimental Model Of Diabetic Neuropathy Tiwari V, Kuhad A and Chopra KOS – III-23 Astroglial And Microglial Alterations In Infections Of Central Nervous System With Special Reference To Tubercular Meningitis With And Without Hiv Infection Tripathi S, Patro P, Mahadevan A, Patro I and Shankar SKOS – III-24 A Study Of Chronic Exposure To Magnetic Field On Pain Status Of Fibromyalgia Patients Ansari AH, Jain S, Sood S, Gupta R, Gupta N and Mathur ROS – IV-25 Cholinergic Mechanisms Controlling Inflammation In Brain And Their Therapeutic Implications In Relation To Neurodegenerative Diseases Shukla ROS – IV-26 Fragile-X- Mental Retardation (Fmr-1) Gene And Its Implications In Brain Aging Prasad SOS – IV-27 Oxidative Stress In Aging Human Retina: Differential Expression Of Biomarkers Nag TC and Wadhwa SOS – IV-28 Oxidative Stress In Rat Brain: A Physiological Journey From Adolescence To Senescence Devi A S and Manjula K ROS – IV-29 Prevalence Of Apo E Ε4 Allele And Plasma Cholesterol Levels In Patients With Dementia Sreeram K, Kumar BG R and Rani POS – IV-30 Sesamol Ameliorates Intracerebroventricular Streptozotocin-Induced Cognitive Impairment In Rats: A Behavioral And Biochemical Study Misra S, Kuhad A, Tiwari V, Arora V, & Chopra KOS – IV-31 Kainic Acid Induced Neurotoxicity As An Animal Model Of Cognitive Dysfunction Pahwa D, Prakash A and Kumar AOS – V-32 Role Of Cytotoxic T Lymphocytes In The Pathophysiology Of Stroke Chaitanya GV and Babu PPOS – V-33 Detection Of Anti-Oxidant Marker In Normal Subjects And Patients With Neurodegenerative Disorders Using In Vivo Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy Mandal PKOS – V-34 Comparative Study Of The Pituitary Gland Of Class Mammalia And Class Pisces Rokade P B and B. W. GawaliOS – V-35 Casein Kinase 2 Inhibition Induces Socs-1 Expression And Sensitizes Glioblastoma Cells To Tumor Necrosis Factor (Tnfα) Induced Apoptosis Dixit D, Sharma V, Sen EOS – V-36 Protein Misfolding In Lafora Disease Rao NRSOS – V-37 Songs Induced Mood Recognition System Using Eeg Signals Janvale GB, Gawali BW, Deore RS, Deshmukh SN, Marwale AV , Mehrotra SCOS – V-38 Segmentation Of Brain Images Using Mri For Surface Determination In Surgical Planning
  7. 7. Banerjee S and Bhattacharya MOS – V-39 Neuroprotective Effect Of Growth Factor On Acute Phase Changes Induced By Partial Global Cerebral Ischemia In Mice: A Preliminary Experimental Study Prakash A, Medhi B, Chakrabarti A and Chopra KOS – V-40 Effect Of Magnetic Nanoparticle Implantation And Magnetic Field Exposure On Sensorimotor Recovery After Spinal Cord Transection In Rats Pal A, Mathur R and Jain SOS – VI-41 Therapeutic Effects Of Reserpine In Different Neurodegenerative Disease Models In Caenorhabditis Elegans Subramaniam JROS - VI-42 Biochemical Estimation Of Bilirubin After The Exposure Of Different Wavelength Of Light In Female Neonate Rat – Rattus – Rattus Bhatnagar S and Sharma MOS – VI-43 Dephosphorylation Of Specific Sites In The Kis Domain Leads To Ubiquitin-Mediated Degradation Of Tyrosine Phosphatase Step Mukherjee S, Poddar R, Deb I and Paul SOS – VI-44 Banaba (Lagerstroemia Speciosa) Leaf Extract: An Antioxidant Nutraceutical For Diabetic Alternation In Brain Mani S S and Basha PMOS – VI-45 Efficacy Of Curcumin Loaded Solid Lipid Nanoparticles As A Novel Therapeutics In The Treatment Of Cerebral Ischemic Stroke: A Behavioral & Biochemical Study Muppu SK, Prakash A, Kakkar V, Arora V, Tiwari V, Kuhad A, Kaur I P & Chopra KOS – VI-46 Effect Of Sesamol On Unpredictable Chronic Stress-Induced Depression-Like Behavior In Mice Garg B, Arora V, Tiwari V, Kuhad A and Chopra KOS – VI-47 Effect Of Caffeic Acid In A Mouse Model Of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Aditi, Kumar P and Kumar AOS VI-48 Antinociceptive Effect Of Cox And Lox Inhibitors Against Sciatic Nerve Ligation Induced Behavioral And Biochemical Alterations: Modulation With Minocycline Meena S, Kalonia H and Kumar A Poster SessionOS – VI -49 Rapidly Adapting Receptor (Rar) Activity To Histamine (H) After Sensitization With Ovalbumin Yasir A, Bhagat R, Vashist A, Chhabra SK and Ravi KPS – I-1 Minocycline Attenuates Poly I:C Induced Neuroinflammation And Motor Deficit In A Rat Model Of Viral Encephalitis Amit, Patro N and Patro I KPS – I-2 Influence Of Maternal Exposure To Deltamethrin During Gestation On Postnatal Cerebellar Development And Motor Functions Patro N, Kumar K and Patro I KPS – I-3 Altered Corticosterone Homeostasis In Hippocampus Leads To Memory Impairment In Hypobaric Hypoxia Baitharu I,PS -I-4 Effect Of Blue, Green And Red Light Treatment On Hematology In Rathus – Rathus Bhatnagar S, Sharma M, Shah B and Prakash O
  8. 8. PS -I-5 Etiology Of Guinea Worm Patients Bhatnagar S, Bhatnagar N L and Late Bhatnagar B LPS – I-6 Role Of Wnt Signalling In Regeneration, Wound Healing And Neoplasia In The Earthworm Eudrilus Eugeniae Torsekar V, Kundnani A, Lajmi A, Ramya R, Ganeshan M and Arunan MC.PS – I-7 Nimodipine In The Treatment Of Depression Kumar R, Kalsotra A, Palit G, Nath C and Dhawan B NPS – I-8 Transformation Of Mitochondria During Aluminum Induced Apoptosis In Hippocampus Of Young And Old Rats Tripathi S, Mahdi A A, Hasan M, Mitra K, Bajpai B NPS -I-9 Neuroprotective Effect Of A Tlr4 Antagonist In In Vitro Model Of Cerebral- Ischemia/Reperfusion Injury Dave B N, Kale R D and l SrihasamPS -I-10 Study on synaptosomal-associated protein-25 gene polymorphisms in indo-caucasoid attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (adhd) probands. Sarkar K, Bhaduri N, Ghosh P, Sinha S, Chattopadhyay A and Mukhopadhyay KPS – I-11 Remodeling Of Third-Order Retinal Neurons Following Photoreceptor Degeneration Nagar S, Sethuramanujam S, Jain V, Cherukuri P and Dhingra NKPS – I-12 The Control Of Eye-Hand Coordination In A Redirect Task Gopal A, Viswanathan P and Murthy APS -I-13 Effect of radio-frequency electromagnetic radiations (rf-emr) on passive avoidance behavior and hippocampal morphology in wistar rats. Narayanan S N, Kumar R S, Potu B K, Nayak S, Bhat P G and Mailankot MPS -I-14 Morphological And Morphometric Features Of Rat Hippocampus (Dentate Gyrus) Following Exposure To Arsenic During Rapid Brain Growth Period (Rbgp) Kaler S, Dhar P and Mehra R D.PS -I-15 Hierarchical Organization Differences During The Performance Of Visuo-Motor Sequential Skills Singh J P, Miyapuram K P, Ahmed3, Bapi R S and Pammi V S CPS – I-16 Title Of Presentation: High Altitude Exposure (Hae), Calcitonin Gene Related Peptide (Cgrp) And Rapidly Adapting Receptor (Rar) Activity Bhagat R, Yasir A, Vashisht A, Singh S B, Kulshershta R and Ravi KPS – I-17 Lipid Rafts Play A Critical Role In Japanese Encephalitis Virus Entry Into Neural Stem Cells Chakraborty S, Das S and Basu APS – I-18 Dictyostelium discoideum as a model system to understand the mode of action of valproate. Kootar S, Chavan A and Ramachandran HPS- I-19 In Vivo Noninvasive Characterization Of Brain Tumour Tissue Using Higher (Fourth) Order Diffusion Tensor Imaging Paul S and Roy P KPS – I-20 A Computational Approach For Optimizing Therapeutic Neurogenesis And Synaptogenesis In Stroke Kapoor S, Rallabandi VPS and Roy PPS – I-21 Differential Expression And Activity Of Nadph Oxidase Following Cerebral Ischemia Reperfusion Injury Singh N, Desai A and Raghubir R
  9. 9. PS -I-22 Plant Derived Compound K080 Protects From Cerebral Ischemia/Reperfusion Injury Influencing The Endoplasmic Reticulum Pathway Dohare P, Tripathi A K, Srivastava V K, Gupta P, Tiwari S, Gara R K, Rastogi N, Trivedi R, Yadav D K, Maurya R1, Bandopadhyay S and Mishra D PPS -I-23 Autophagy: A Possible Mechanism Of Cell Death In Glioma Cells On Curcumin Treatment Kumar A V, N Iyer A and Khan YPS – I-24 Protective Effect Of Curcumin By Modulation Of Brain Insulin Receptors In Streptozotocin- Induced Memory Impairment Shukla R, Mishra B, Agrawal R, Tyagi E and Nath CPS -I-25 Distribution Of Brain Insulin Receptors In Rats Agrawal R, Tyagi E, Nath C and Shukla RPS -I-26 Neuropharmacological Evaluation Of Okadaic Acid (Icv) Induced Memory Impairment In Rats: A Suitable Experimental Model To Test Anti-Dementia Activity Kamat PK, Tota SK, Saxena G, Shukla R and Nath CPS -I-27 Antiepileptic response of exogenous dehydroepiendrosterone (dhea) in rat brain. Mishra M, Singh R and Sharma D.PS – I-28 Anxiolytic Activity Of Standardized Extract Of Fumaria Indica Singh G K and Kumar VPS -I-29 Phyllanthus amarus , a potential drug against psychotic disturbance? A promising preliminary report Nathiya V C and Vanisree A JPS -I-30 Effect of withania somnifera on levels of nitric oxide synthase and acetylcholine esterase in mice brain. Suhalka P, Sukhwal P, Jain A, Sharma D and Bhatnagar MPS – I – 31 Regeneration Of Rapid Escape Response In Lesioned Earthworms Lajmi A, Ramya R, Ganeshan M, Torsekar V and Arunan M CPS – I - 32 Developing Learning And Memory Paradigms In Simple Model Systems Ganeshan M, Lajmi A, Ramya R, Torsekar V and Arunan MC.PS – I - 33 Mosquito oviposition: sensing and behavior. Mayekar H V, Gangavane S, Gole S, Gawand S and Subramaniam H.PS – I – 34 Primary culture of regenerating tissue of zebrafish caudal fin and its cellular composition. Kulkarni AB, Tiwari R and Rajadhyaksha MSPS – I – 35 Hyperglycemia affects viability of c6 glioma cells. Kolhatkar M A and Rajadhyaksha M SPS – I – 36 Effect Of Lithium On The Developing Neuroepithelium In Shell Less Chick Embryo Cultures Pinheiro B, Srinivasan J and Ramachandran HPS – I – 37 Characterization Of Mouse Embryonic Stem Cells-Derived Neurons: Effects Of Transplantation In A Rotenone Model Of Parkinson’s Disease In Rats Tripathy D and Mohanakumar KPPS – I - 38 Role Of Vaccine In Post Herpetic Neuralgia Kanodia S and Balothia V
  10. 10. PS – I – 39 Prior Probability Affects Regret And Rejoice Functions Differently: A Behavioural Investigation Kumar N, Bandyopadhyay D and Srinivasan NPS – I – 40 Morphological Maturation Of The Developing Human Sigmoid Myenteric Plexus Singh S, Shariff A and Roy T SPS – I – 41 Increase In Neural Excitability With Orthogonal Adaptation Bajaj K,PS – I – 42 Effect Of Immobilization Stress On The Neurobehavioral Toxicity Of Monocrotophos In Rats Shukla RK, Yadav RS, Sankhwar ML, Ansari RW and Khanna VKPS – I – 43 Basal Ganglia And The Control Of Sequential Eye Movements Bhutani N, and Murthy APS – I – 44 Effect Of Early Sun And Moon Light With Pranayam On Schizophrenic Patients Bhatnagar SPS – I – 45 Development Of The Perinatal And Postnatal Human Auditory Cortex Pundir AS, Radotra BS, Kumar P, Dikshit PC, Lyengar SPS – I – 46 Effectiveness Of Mystacial Vibrissae In Tactile-Cue Based Learning Ranganath A, Hemanth M, Chandrasekar N and Prem N.PS – I – 47 Morphometric Analysis Of Neurons In Myenteric Plexus Of Rat Colon After Chronic Passive Avoidance Stress Jana R, Shariff A, Das T K and Srinivas MPS -I – 48 Alterations in neurotransmitter systems lead to working memory loss in hypobaric hypoxia exposed rats. Solanki P,Prasad DN,Muthuraju S, Malhotra AS, Sharma AK and Ilavazhagan G.PS -I – 49 Low, But Not High Doses Of Vitamin D3 Protects Against Mpp+ Induced Oxidative Stress And Dopaminergic Neurodegeneration In Rats Appukuttan TA, Navneet AK, Banerjee R and Mohanakumar KPPS – I – 50 Estrogen facilitates synaptogenesis and neurotransmission in rat neocortex, allocortex and transition zone subiculum Through p-creb and erk1 pathways Kataria S, Varshney MK, Kumar P, Dhar P and Mehra RPS – I - 51 Effect Of Acute Deep Brain Stimulation Of The Subthalamic Nucleus On P300 Potentials In Parkinson’s Disease Naskar S, Sood SK and Goyal VPS – I – 52 Depolarization Induced Acetylation Of Histone H2b In The Hippocampus Maharana C, Sharma KP, and Sharma SkPS – I – 53 Optimization Of Multiplex Relative Quantitative Reverse Transcriptase-Polymerase Chain Reaction (Mrq Rt-Pcr) For Co-Detection And Co-Quantification Of Multiple Transcripts In Mice Brain Gupta RK, Modi PK and Kanungo MSPS – I – 54 Substrate Binding Affinity Studies For The Calcium Dependent Protein Phosphatase From Bovine Brain Extract Devaraju K S, Gopi A, Mohan Kumar B S and Suresh Babu S VPS -I – 55 A Study To Correlate Rotenone Induced Biochemical And Histological Changes In Brain Areas With Motor Coordination In Rats
  11. 11. Swarnkar S, Singh S and Nath CPS – I – 56 Umbilical Cord Derived Pluripotent Cells Express Neurotrophic Factors And Can Be Differentiated Into Neurons By Primary Astrocytes Conditioned Medium Mishra H K and Subramaniam J RPS – I – 57 Suppressors Of Cytokine Signaling Molecules In Neural Stem Cell Differentiation Gupta S, Mishra K and Ghosal KPS – I – 58 Novel Role Of Socs3 Molecules In Survival And Differentiation Of Neural Cells Mishra K, Gupta S and Ghosal KPS – I – 59 Association Study of folate metabolic genes with genotoxicity in idiopathic mr. Shaw J, Dutta S, Chatterjee A, Sinha S, and Mukhopadhyay K.PS – I – 60 Alpha Lipoic Acid Protects Primary Hippocampal And Cortical Cell Cultures During Ypoxia/Reoxygenation Injury Jain V, Barhwal K, Baitharu I, Hota SK, Prasad D, Singh SB and Ilavazhagan GPS – II – 61 Mortalin And Neuro-Degeneration- In Vitro And In Vivo Evidence Syuichi T, Kimura K, Saxena N, Deocaris C, Kaul S and Wadhwa RPS – II – 62 Expression Of Melanopsin By Brn3-Positive Retinal Ganglion Cells In Mouse Jain V and Dhingra NKPS – II – 63 Hypobaric Hypoxia Induced Neurodegeneration & Memory Impairment: Possible Therapeutic Strategies Barhwal K, Hota S, Jain V, Baitharu I, Prasad D and Singh S B.PS – II – 64 Activity-Dependent Regulation Of Alpha Tubulin Acetylation Pandey K, Maharana C, Sharma KP and Sharma SKPS – II – 65 The Effect Of Ascorbic Acid On Hippocampal Antioxidant Enzymes And Lipid Peroxidation In Rats Exposed To Chronic Restraint Stress Kumar RS, Narayanan S N and Nayak SPS – II – 66 Proteomic Profiling Of Potential Candidate Biomarkers In Stroke Using Orbitrap Velos Mass Spectrometer: A Pilot Study Sharma R, Nagaraja D, Chaerkady R, Pandey A and Christopher RPS – II – 67 The Ubiquitin Ligase E6-Ap Promotes Proteasomal Degradation Of Α-Synclein Mulherkar SA, Sharma J and Jana NRPS – II – 68 Lafora Disease Associated Ubiquitin Ligase, Malin Interacts With And Promotes Proteasome- Mediated Degradation Of Neuronatin Sharma J P and Jana N RPS – II – 69 Angelman Syndrome Candidate Protein-E6ap, Is A Coactivator Of Glucocorticoid Hormone Receptor Godavarthi S, Dey PN and Jana NRPS – II – 70 Role Of Poly(Adp-Ribose) Polymerases (Parp-1 & 2) In The Pathogenesis Of Experimental Allergic Encephalomyelitis, An Animal Model Of Multiple Sclerosis Kamboj A, Dolhun B A, Lemaistre J, Murcia G DE and Anderson CPS – II – 71 Mortalin Translocates From Mitochondria To Nucleus And Promotes Human Tumorigenesis: Significance In Brain Metastasis Yaguchi T, Ryu J, Yun A, Yun C, Wadhwa R, and Kaul SC
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