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Dalnegorsk 01


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Dalnegorsk 01

  1. 1. Created by Simpo PDF Creator Pro (unregistered version) UFOs – Unidentified Flying Objects Ufology – is a neologism coined to describe the collective efforts of those who study reports and associated evidence of unidentified flying objects (UFOs). Ufologist – A ufo investigator is called a ufologist Ufo Sightings- Some eye witnesses to the UFOs Roswell Incident- called the Roswell UFO crash 1947 UFO Conspiracy – Worldwide UFO cover Ups and related theories Alien- An extra-terrestrial being is called an alien
  2. 2. archived as read more of UFOs at because important web-sites are frequently "here today but gone tomorrow", the following was archived from on November 5, 2003 . This is NOT an attempt to divert readers from the aforementioned web-site. Indeed, the reader should only read this back-up copy if it cannot be found at the original authors site. UFOs Over Russia This UFO incident took place on January 29, 1986, at 7:55pm. Some have called it the SovietUnions Roswell Incident. Dalnegorsk is a small mining town in the Russian Far East. A reddish sphere flew into the townfrom a Southeastern direction, crossed the town, and crashed at Izvestkovaya Mountain (also known as"Hill 611"). The object flew noiselessly and parallel to the ground. It was some 10 feet in diameter,quite round with no projections or cavities, and its colour similar to that of burning stainless steel. Aneyewitness -- V. Kandakov -- said that it slowly ascended and descended, and its glow would heat upevery time it rose up. On its approach to Hill 611, the object "jerked" and fell down like a rock. Aweak, muted thump was heard and it burned intensively at the cliffs edge for an hour. A geological expedition to the site in 1988 confirmed the objects movements through a series ofchemical and physical tests of the rocks collected from the site. The crash was investigated by ValeriDvuzhilni, Head of the Far Eastern Committee for Anomalous Phenomena. Anatoly Listratovresearched it as did several other investigators. Heavy snow was characteristic of the weather at the time. But the site of the crash -- located on arocky ledge -- was devoid of snow. All around the site, remnants of silica rocks were found splintered(due to exposure to high temperatures) and "smoky" looking. Many pieces and a nearby rock containedparticles of silvery metal -- some "sprayed" and others in the form of solidified balls. At the edge of thesite, a tree-stump was found. I t was burned out and emitted a chemical smell. The objects collected at the site were later dubbed as "tiny nets", "mesh", "little balls", "lead balls",and "glass pieces" (i.e., that is what each resembled). Closer examination revealed that they had very unusual properties. One of the "tiny nets" containedtorn and very thin (17 micrometers) threads. Each of the threads consisted of even thinner fibres tied upin plaits. Intertwined with the fibres were very thin gold wires. Soviet scientists -- at such facilities as the Omsk branch of the Academy of Sciences -- studied allthe collected pieces. Suffice it to say that the technology to produce such materials was not yet availableon Earth. To give an idea of the complexity of the composition of the pieces, let us look at the "ironballs". Each of them had its own chemical composition -- iron -- and a large add mixture of aluminum,manganese, nickel, chromium, tungsten, and cobalt. Such differences indicate that the object was notjust a piece of lead and iron, but some heterogeneous construction made from heterogeneous alloys withdefinite significance. When melted in a vacuum, some pieces would spread over a base while at another 1
  3. 3. base, they would form into balls. What these structures are and what their composition is, neither thephysicists nor metallurgists can say. The "tiny nets" have confused many researchers. It is impossible to understand their structure andthe nature of their formation. It resembles glass carbon. But conditions leading to such formations areunknown. A common fire could definitely not produce it. The most mysterious aspect of the itemscollected was the disappearance (after vacuum melting) of gold, silver, and nickel, and the appearance ofmolybdenum which was not in the chamber to begin with. [transmutation??] The crash site itself was like an anomalous zone. It was "active" for 3 years after the crash. Insectsavoid the place. The zone adversely affects humans, too, with people experiencing sensor failure andloss of coordination. The zone also affects mechanical and electronic equipment. On February 8, 1986 at 8:30pm -- a little over a week after the crash at Hill 611 -- 2 moreyellowish spheres flew in from the North. They circled the site 4 times, then turned back to the Northand flew away. Then on November 28, 1987 at 11:24pm, 32 flying objects appeared from nowhere.There were hundreds of witnesses -- both military and civilian. The objects flew over differentsettlements, and no less than 13 of them flew to Dalnegorsk and the site. 3 of the UFOs hovered overthe settlement, and 5 of them illuminated the nearby mountain. There were no rocket launches taking place at any of the Soviet cosmodromes either on January 29,1986 or November 28, 1987. Dr Dvuzhilnis conclusion is that it was a malfunctioning alien spaceprobe that crashed into ill 611. Another hypothesis has it that the object managed to ascend and escape(almost whole) in a Northeasterly direction and probably crashed in the dense taiga. There areconflicting opinions. V. Psalomschikov -- an expert on aircraft crashes -- stated that the object wasmanufactured in the former USSR, that the technology to produce it dates back to the 1970s, and that hehas similar ultra-thin filaments in his possession. However, a Soviet probe would self-destructimmediately whereas the object reportedly did try to ascend.Russian UFOlogist Gennady Belimov presented information in 1993 that a Soviet military probe hadcrashed at Hill 611. His proof was based on similar crashes of highly-classified Soviet probes. And heconcludes that the one that crashed in the Far East was misinterpreted by ufologists to be a UFO. As forthe metal collected at the site, it was -- according to Belimov -- extracted from the Kholodnenskydeposit in the Northern Baikal region. Would the military later stage "UFO" flights to confuse and mislead ufologists and Westernintelligence services? The objects observed on November 28, 1987 consisted of different shapes: cigar-like, cylindrical, spherical. Their flight was noiseless, smooth, and at various altitudes. Actually, notone of the witnesses (including the police) mistook them for UFOs. The impression was that they hadobserved some aircraft or falling meteorites. While in flight, the objects affected powerlines throughout the area. Lieutenant Zhivayev of theInterior Ministry troops described the object he observed as a flame with a lusterless sphere in the frontand a reddish ball in the rear. And workers from the Bor Quarry-Bistryancev, Anokhin, and Grigoriyev-reported a giant cylindrical object at an altitude of 1000-feet. Its forepart was illuminated like meltingmetal. It is worth noting that the area of the crash is not that far away from the Tunguska Phenomenonsite. Something else -- unknown in the West -- took place in the region that could shed some light onboth incidents. 2
  4. 4. Alexander Rempel published his report in Priroda newspaper (Vladivostok) in July 1991. A fieryobject was observed at night over the city of Khabarvosk on August 24, 1978. It was about 5 feet indiameter. At one point in its flight, it emitted a wheezing or hissing sound like a jet engine does. Thearea around it became as bright as daylight. The object descended slowly and lit up. The soil -- albeitfull of water -- burned up. Coal-like pieces were found in the area with holes and glass-like structures.For 10 years thereafter, the soil remained unchanged and nothing would grow at the site of theexplosion. The eyewitnesses reported that a dark object flew away just before the explosion. It was notfound. 10 years later, Rempel and his colleagues received numerous reports about an anomalous zone nearKhabarovsk. The few explorers who have returned from the area have confirmed that the object fellthere or that fantastic things have been observed. Yet at the time, Rempel could not confirm theirreports. The military had sealed the area off. But his group was able to research the area of the allegedDalnegorsk objects fall after it flew off Hill 611. They discovered unusual animal mutilations, butsomething -- or someone -- stopped any further expeditions.note: because important web-sites are frequently "here today but gone tomorrow", the following wasarchived from on November 5,2003 . This is NOT an attempt to divert readers from the aforementioned website. Indeed, the readershould only read this back-up copy if it cannot be found at the original authors site. UFO Crash at Dalnegorsk In RussiaFrom: (Stig Agermose)Date: Wed, 14 Jan 1998 03:42:42 +0100Fwd Date: Wed, 14 Jan 1998 05:33:51 -0500Subject: UFO Crash at Dalnegorsk In RussiaDate: Tue, 13 Jan 1998 19:22:50 -0700From: Jilain <>To: ufolist@riskers.orgSubject: UFO Crash at Height 611DAILY NEWS, Anchorage, AK - July 5, 1990 CR: J. & L. Nicholson SPACESHIPS PAYING REGULAR VISITS, UFO SPECIALISTS CLAIMEDITORS NOTE; Articles from the Northern News Services are taken from newspapers from nations around the north, translated and distributed by the Novosti Press Agency in Moscow. The Daily News publishes them to give readers a view of issues peculiar to northern areas and as a view of how the news is reported in other nations. By YEVGENI BUGAYENKO Northern News Service The mysteries are many. Trustworthiness and objectivity of observations cannot be always verified.In most cases, television and photo cameras fail when it comes to filming UFOs. But there areirrefutable proofs which only make scientists shrug. The breathtaking one is the Dalnegorsk 3
  5. 5. phenomenon. On the fringes of Dalnegorsk (a city in the Far East) 4 years ago, a spaceship had anaccident on Height 611. According to witnesses, it happened at 5:55 pm. The low-flying reddish sphere was moving noiselessly towards Height 611. Reaching it, the spherewent down, then up-and-again down, eventually catching fire. Aflame, it made 6 attempts to take off.One hour later, it slowly rose and flew away. Expeditions from the Far Eastern Scientific Center andother notable institutions inspected the site. Opinions differ. Enthusiast Valeri Dvuzhilni -- who was a teacher when the accident happened andnow heads the Anomalous Phenomena Commission Far Eastern group of the Academy of SciencesSiberian branch -- gives the following facts. Instruments registered 6 anomalous points on the site.Strange Iron and Lead drops and welded -- not charred -- pieces of wood were found. Atop the hill,extraordinary finds were discovered. Firstly, the "grid" which no one can explain what it is. Scientistsfrom the Institute of Chemistry say, "We dont know how this substance was formed. Nothing like itexists." Another mystery is the quartz-sheathed Gold thread 17 microns (3 times less than human hair)in diameter. 3 days after the accidents, scientists rose to the hill where they lost coordination and fell down. Theyall registered unexplainable changes in the blood and high blood pressure. Explanations of thesemysteries also are many. Dvuzhilni cites dozens of other anomalous phenomena which occurred abovethe Far Eastern taiga. For example, on the night of Nov. 28-29, 1987, 33 UFOs were seen. 13 UFOspassed above Dalnegorsk. 5 of them hovered and searched the earth with their beams, while the other 4flew above Height 611 between 10:00 pm and 2:00 am. Too fantastic? But then again, time will tell.[EXERPT. Entire article can be viewed at IRC undernet channel #blackvaultnote: because important web-sites are frequently "here today but gone tomorrow", the following wasarchived from on November 5,2003 . This is NOT an attempt to divert readers from the aforementioned web-site. Indeed, thereader should only read this back-up copy if it cannot be found at the original authors site. The Dalnegorsk UpdateFrom: Paul Stonehill <>Date: Sun, 07 Jan 2001 18:40:38 -0800Fwd Date: Mon, 08 Jan 2001 03:18:51 -0500Subject: The Dalnegorsk UpdateGreetings. The RUFORS researchers discussed this article and Mr. Gershtein sent it to me. Russian newspaper Komsomolskaya Pravda in its December 1, 2000 issue published an articleabout the Dalnegorsk case (NLO sviliv Primorje gnezdo). Most interesting to me was their mention that 4
  6. 6. in the early 1990s, Russian generals from the anti-aircraft forces became concerned about the UFOactivity in the area and contacted local UFO researchers. An exchange of information ensued. It is newsworthy when a major Russian newspaper mentions such fact (the author actually quotedValery Dvuzhilni, the chief investigator of the Height 611 UFO crash). When I wrote my book, I didnot have this information. If anyone is interested in getting a copy of the article, I will send it; there is much more interestinginformation. Mind you: it is in Russian. I will not do the actual translation for some time yet. Paul Stonehillnote: because important web-sites are frequently "here today but gone tomorrow", the following wasarchived from on November 5, 2003 . This is NOT an attemptto divert readers from the aforementioned web-site. Indeed, the reader should only read this back-upcopy if it cannot be found at the original authors site. 1986 Dec 29 - Dalnegorsk. Hill 611, Siberia Object approached f/SW and fell onto hill. Tried to lift off 6 times - finally exploded and burnt. Featured on the TV shows "Sightings", "Discovery Channel." and by TV newsman George KnappFrom: (Titanium Knight)Newsgroups: alt.alien.visitorsSubject: * Soviet UFO flap of 89Message-ID: Date: 3 Jun 93 11:05:34 GMTOrganization: System 6626 BBS, Winnipeg Manitoba Canada Lines: 175File: ufoncs23.txtFOREIGN NEWS Tribune, New York, NY-June 14,1990CR: A. Huneeus [Reprinted with permission] 5
  7. 7. J. ANTONIO HUNEEUS/ SCIENCE FRONTIERS GREAT SOVIET UFO FLAP OF 1989 CENTERS ON DALNEGORSK CRASH First in a two-part series Several months ago we reported in this column about the well-publicized series of bizarre reports ofUFO landings and close encounters with giant aliens in the Russian city of Voronezh, as well as othercases obtained from interviews with Soviet researchers during last falls International UFO Congress inFrankfurt, Germany. I have obtained a large amount of Soviet UFO data since then from a variety of sources both in theSoviet Union and the United States. I recently completed a lengthy and detailed paper entitled "Red Skies: The Great 1989 UFO Wave Inthe USSR", to be included in the 1989 Symposium Proceedings of the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON)-- the Worlds largest research organization in this field -- which will take place next month inPensacola, Florida. We will publish in this series selected excerpts which contain interesting physical and militaryevidence. The first one deals with the enigmatic report of the crash of an unknown object in the city ofDalnegorsk on the Pacific coast of the Soviet Union. The following week, well report on a recent radar-visual UFO incident which resulted in a military scramble alert by Soviet Air Defense forces. A detailedaccount of the series of complex UFO events registered in the city of Dalnegorsk during the past 4 yearsgoes beyond the scope of this article. 6
  8. 8. Nevertheless, the Dalnegorsk flap should be discussed because it contains some of the mostextraordinary physical evidence collected so far anywhere in the World. And also because UFOsightings continue to be reported in this area to this day. Thanks to the assistance of Major (Ret.) Colman won Deviczky, director of the Queens-basedICUFON research group who has extensive contacts in the Soviet Union, this writer has obtained severalreports of the Dalnegorsk incidents prepared by one of its principal investigators -- Valeri Dvuzhilny,head of the Far Eastern Commission on Anomalous Phenomena. Even though the Commission has recorded numerous cases going back to the 1970, it seems themost important incident so far was the crash of an unknown object on Dalnegorsk Hill 611 on January29, 1986 at 7:55 pm. On that date, according to one of the reports by Dvuzhilny: "residents of the settlements observed a reddish-orange sphere the size of a half-Moon, which flew from the Southwest at 260 degrees. Its altitude was 700-800 meters. The flight was parallel to the surface of the Earth without the angles which are characteristic for meteorites. The witnesses heard absolutely no noises. The calculated speed by chronometer was 15 meters per second. There was no change of direction or of altitude." The object then approached the Izvesrkovaya mountain (or Hill 611), which has an elevation of 600meters and is located at the center of the town. "The object made a dive and went at an angle of 60-70 degrees on the cliff ledge, where it fell andburned for one hour," continues the report. "Some of the witnesses affirm that it rose and lowered itself6 times. And that its light was intensified during its rise and weakened during its lowering." Dvuzhilny and his team arrived on the scene February 3, finding a number of physical traces whichincluded Lead and Iron balls, bits of glass, a fine mesh or netting, traces of high-temperature activity,magnetic anomalies, and damage to nearby trees and stumps. The materials have been analyzed by several laboratories from 3 Soviet academic centers and 11research institutes. The results, however, have proven to be highly enigmatic, leading Dvuzhilny andother scientists to conclude that the Dalnegorsk object was probably an artificial space probe of non-terrestrial origin. According to one report published in the newspaper Socialist Industry, "In the scales [or mesh],almost all the elements of the entire periodic table were found." Spectral analysis of the Lead balls, for instance, showed that besides Lead, these contained Silicon(20%), Aluminum(10%), Iron(15%), Zinc(1.5%), Titanium(2%), Magnesium(1 %), and Silver(2%), aswell as minute portions of Copper, Lantanium, Praseodymium, Calcium, Sodium, Vanadium, Cerium,Chrome, Cobalt, Nickel, and Molybdenum. The scales or "mesh" reacted in a very strange mannerduring the laboratory analysis. The Socialist Industry report said one of the scientists (A. Makeev) "presented the roentgenologicalstructural analysis and showed that from one scale -- after melting it in a vacuum -- all of a sudden Gold,Silver, and Nickel disappeared. But there appeared alpha-Titanium and Molybdenum. In another scale, 7
  9. 9. the metals did not appear at all. And for some reason after the heating, there appeared BerylliumSulphide." There were still further surprises such as "6 areas of magnetized silica rock" (silica is a nonmagneticmaterial) found on the site. This and other results were published by A. Petukhov and T. Faminskaya, members of the Councilof Scientific and Engineering Societies Commission on Paranormal Events. "Vivid interest was also evoked by the mesh, a carbon-based composite of unknown origin," wrote Petukhov and Faminskaya. "The specimen was found to include quartz filaments 17 microns thick, and golden wires inside each filament." Other anomalous effects included the blackened photos of Hill 611 taken by the researchers andthe biological effects on the researchers themselves. According to Petukhov and Faminskaya, "The researchers working at the site showed changes intheir blood (a reduced count of leucocytes and platelets, changes in the structure of erythrocytes) andsensory disturbances." Dvuzhilny described in more detail the medical investigation involving 5 researchers who spentconsiderable time at Hill 611 and a control group. All of this led some investigators to conclude thatsomething alien had indeed crashed at Hill 611. V. Vysotsky, Doctor of Chemistry from Vlakivostok, stated: "Undoubtedly, this is a high-technology product and not a thing of natural or terrestrial origin." Dvuzhilny proposed that it was "an automatic scout probe" of alien origin, and rejected thealtermative hypothesis that it could have been a natural plasmoid. This hypothesis was proposed by acandidate of geological-mineralogical science, V.N. Salnikov. It was summarized by Yuri Rylkin -- aphysiscist with the Tomsk Poltechnical Institure -- in a paper presented at the International UFOCongress in Frankfut in October of 1989. "The Dalnegorsk object," wrote Rylkin, "represents a plasma formation on the base of electromagnetical structure -- called plasmoid -- whose trajectory passed over geological breaking and parallel to high-voltage electrotransmission line. It is supposed that this plasmoid absorbed selectively some chemical elements -- for example, the noble and rare metals. As Salnikov considers, such formations may be formed by litospherical waveguides or may appearin anomalous stressed geophysical fields near geological breakings." Well have more to say about these so-called plasmoids in this series second part. Still another hypothesis was offered by Yuri Platov, a senior researcher with the Institute of EarthMagnetism, Ionesphere, and Radiowave Propagation of the USSR Academy of Sciences and a notedUFO skeptic. Platov maintains that the Dalnegorsk phenomenon "in reality was connected with theconduct of a technical experiment." 8
  10. 10. I have seen no supportive evidence to back that assertion, however. Dvuzhilny responds that therewere no rocket launches and no civilian or military traffic over Dalnegorsk on that night. SIGHTINGS CONTINUE Regardless of its ultimate origin, the crash on Hill 611 was only the beginning of an intense UFOflap in Dalnegorsk that continues to this day. For instance, another report by Dvuzhilny indicates "on February 6, 1986 -- 8 days after the UFOcrash -- there appeared from the North two yellow globes at 8:30 pm. They approached the crash spot,made 4 circles over it, and disappeared with a flash." By and large, however, the largest display of UFOs in the Dalnegorsk and Primorye areas occurredon the night of Nov. 28, 1987. Again according to one of Dvulzhinys reports, "On Saturday November 28, 1987, 33 UFOs wereflying at a low height over the Eastern coast of Primorye. Their flights took place between 9:10 pm andmidnight. They were of different shape: cylinders, cigars, globes. They were flying over 5 regions and12 settlements. None of the witnesses claimed they had seen UFOs. They thought they saw aircraftcrashing. All were surprised to hear no noise." Inquiries made by Dvuzhilny showed there had been no flights of civil or military aircraft at thattime, and that no carrier-rockets had been launched from Soviet cosmodromes. Moreover continuedDvuzhilny, "The objects observed had nothing in common with the effects of rocket launching that arequite different. They were not like fireballs, ball lightning, or plasmoids." Further on, Dvuzhilny added that "out of the 33 UFOs, 13 flew over Dalnegorsk." There were over 100 witnesses including military personnel, militia (police), border guards andsailors -- as well as all kinds of civilian workers -- who were questioned by the Far Eastern Commission. Finally, reports Dvuzhilny, "Those objects caused a 2-minute cutting-off of HF [high frequency]circuits of TV, telegraph, and other appliances. Computers were cut off, their programs spoiled. Allthat was due to powerful electromagnetic fields of UFOs (cover, engines) reaching hundreds andthousands of KWs." Many other sightings have occurred in Dalnegorsk. According to the Far Eastern Commission, 45UFOs were registered in 1987; 15 in 1988; and 32 in 1989 (up to the month of July). Nor have the sightings been restricted to Dalnegorsk alone. Other cases have been reported near the larger city of Vladivostok. These include a close encounterinvolving 2 separate cars on September 17, 1988 where one of the drivers seemed to lose control of hiscar. And a second undate, event reported by the Krasnoye Znamia (Red Banner) newspaper about awhole section of Vladivostok being illuminated between 2:00 and 4:00 am by a light beam from anunseen source. Because of the late hour, only a few people who were not asleep observed thephenomenon. Interestingly, similar occurrences of an unknown light beam illuminating a city have beenreported a few times in the city of Arica in the northern tip of Chile. Titanium Knight Mail: Amiga 1200 - AGA chipset 9
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