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Cropcircles and i_ching_engl

  1. 1. The Best Selling Ufology Books Collection
  2. 2. The I Ching Teacher (Mirjam Masen)Essay: Yi King and Crop CirclesBy Marc Du Pré, I Ching counselor and teacher
  3. 3. Haiku: Buddha without throne Emptiness attracts nothing So, no words at all …! (Joshu Genku - Joshu Georg) Calligraphy (Joshu-Georg)
  4. 4. Thanks I would like to thank all my fathers and mothers, but most of all, thanks to the Father of myfathers and mothers. The Return of Quetzalcoatl (Mirjam Masen)
  5. 5. Introduction: ‘To Be or Not To Be’ Ashu, a zenroshi, leaves his monastery and goes on his way to a new mission. Several hundreds of kilometers further, he knocks at the door of a zen community. Theporter welcomes him, crying, because the abbot just died. Ashu proposes his services and becomes the monastery’s new abbot. During his inaugural speech, he declares: “While arriving here, I saw a big carp in the pondnear the monastery! I suggest you meditate close to the pond during one year, and afterwards, we’llassess your thoughts.” On Buddha’s day, after a year of intense training, the young and old monks are all together inthe reunion room. The abbot asks: “So, what about the great carp?” The reactions are various from “I saw something moving, I think I saw it, I’m not sure, but Ithink I did. Finally, several monks nod their agreement” On the abbot’s lips, a glimpse of humor is visible. He says: “There’s no carp in your pond!” The oldest monks laugh nervously and a little bit angry: “Why didn’t you say it to us?” “Because I do not want to participate with your hallucinations!” answers the abbot. In Zen,there is no place for visions.” And, as a conclusion, he declares: “My work is over here, I leave yourmonastery.” Saying this, Ashu takes his staff and his coat again and goes his way to a new destination. Away from there, he arrives in front of another monastery’s door. The porter opens to him.As a coincidence, he’s got tears in his eyes because his abbot just died. Once again, Ashu proposes hisservices. During his inaugural speech, he proposes to all monks an intensive meditation session aiminga flash of inspiration, close to the pond, surrounded by lotus flowers, in the Zen garden. On Buddha’s day, after an intensive training year, he gathers all monks. He asks the audience: “What about the pond?” Between themselves, monks murmur “whydoesn’t he talk about the carp which is there?” The oldest one courageously asks: “Abbot, didn’t’ you notice the carp there?” The abbot asks “Did one of you remark it?”
  6. 6. All fingers go up and Ashu asks: “Are you sure? Did you really see this carp?” “Of course we did, say the monks”. The abbot, so happy, declares: “In this case, I leavetomorrow. If I talked about this when I first arrived, someone would probably have sowed doubts ineveryone’s mind”. I came full circle and leave you forever because my mission is done.” Ashu takes his staff and his coat again and goes to the far west … Close to Stonehenge, he finds a small pond and plunges his fishing rod into it. After the Trustobservings during two weeks, a farmer from the neighbourhood addresses to him: “Hey man, no onehas seen the slightest fish for years in this pond!” Ashu, full of self-confidence, continues fishing during a complete month in the empty pond. The farmer becomes nervous and declares “You must be insane, fishing in an empty space!” Ashu exclaims: “I don’t care! Hey! Hey! It bites!!” “That’s impossible, says the farmer. “ The last carp died 2000 years ago in Stonehenge” Ashu jumps, dances and shouts “It bites, I’ve got a catch!” Astonished, the farmer asks “What does bite?” Ashu is jubilant: “I’ve got God on the line”
  7. 7. In other terms : Concerning the Crop Circles, in England or anywhere else in the world, therewill always be two kinds of monks and a lot of farmers.I hope you understand what I mean!In I Ching language, we can translate it like this:‘One believes what he sees.The other one sees what he believes.Another one doesn’t believe in anything and doesn’t see anything, lured by his own ego filters.’
  8. 8. Chapter 1: Foxy Foxtrot My first pilgrimage started by the study of Mayas, Blavatsky, Bailey and Helena Roerich butalso Jung and all the bibles, mystics, spirituality, and mystery schools. On this way, I was alternativelygoing closer and farer from the truth.All true seekers are going through this kind of reflections, which could be compared to a flippergame. Until the moment when one discovers oneself becoming one of Pavlov’s dogs: naivelyresponding to philosophies, religions, esotericism, spirituality, gnosis, science or semi science,candies. Once sweets have been enjoyed, you greedily seek the marrow bone, the solid food.Thus, after my foot had been broken while budo training, I Ching came into my life by accident, (Ithought so) without me looking for this.I had lent an important amount of money to a friend, because he had difficult years with his family.As he couldn’t pay me back, he offered two presents to me : the first one were those simple words“believe me, you’re a Chinese, lost in the West” and, much more than that, he offered me one ofWilhelm’s I Ching book (which I have never regretted !)I can compare my first I Ching years to a laboratory of existing books and techniques (classicalOracles book).But rapidly, I felt inspired and created new technics (software) with my own material (hardware).
  9. 9. It gave me a larger vision of I Ching application possibilities. As I was studying as a psychologist andan educator, I rapidly met archetypes. Jung, who wrote Wilhelm’s introduction launchedarchetypology, cosmology, cosmogony, and genetic embryology of our galaxy and far away galaxies.Now I’d like to use a metaphor in order to explain the two ways from which you can solve an enigma: Let’s imagine we’re in Portugal, without knowing Portuguese, we would use our hands andfeet to express ourselves (ex: If we’re hungry, we’d show a piece of cheese and bread). Or, we havea small touristic words list. Or we have a Portuguese friend. Or, in the best case, we’re fluent inPortuguese.With Crop Circles language it goes the same way and, for 30 years now, it has been making us payattention to cereals (cheese and bread) or it tries to make us understand that, in a near future, therewill be a lack of cereals. We’ll come back to this, later.
  10. 10. Chapter 2: The First Approach I had the chance to have, among my friends, an interesting man, who was fond ofparapsychology, just as I am. All his life long, he experimented synchronicities, ‘chances’, resonances,TAO revelations, striking meetings, unexplainable experiences, etc. .Thanks to that, I could better understand “The First Approach” of another intelligence and/orextraterrestrial beings (ex: teleportation).One day, 3 books appeared an odd way. The departments of Prof. Van Praag and Prof. Ten Haefffrom Utrecht University were, at that time, working with Gerard Croiset, a famous clairvoyantperson, and they confirmed this experience was valid.The I Ching book was opened at hexagram 48, close to a book dedicated to UFOs : “UFOs are part ofDivine’s energy” (clearly written on this page) and Marks Billet’s book, “Ommekaar : Sharing isSurviving”. That Saturday afternoon, those 3 books deeply overwhelmed my old psychologicalconcepts. Suddenly, another world appeared to me, behind classical reality, it was a beyond.Witnesses can confirm this supernatural event, they are all over the world; they moved, emigrated orchanged relationships, and can attest this.At the same day, those 3 books met a perfect resonance with a Tsji-Tjing text which said: “Why doyou still have doubts after the 3 miraculous signs I gave you?” This sentence took my breath away.I became convinced of the exclusive signification of I Ching in my life, thanks to a large package oftelepathic signs, positive and more detailed interventions.At the same time, I was facing lots of phenomenon, normally considered as parapsychology orsupernatural: telekinesis for example.
  11. 11. Chapter 3: The Awakening And The Change On July 19th 1979, at 3 o’clock in the morning, I was officially asked for a ‘turning point’, ageneral change anyway in my life.In addition to an untranslatable experience, coming from a higher dimension and information,several persons, arrived in my “French story”. They predicted to me precise things concerning my life,my job and my future. Those predictions appeared to be right and have been checked. (I regularly goto France for 31 years).This awakening and radical change offered poor social warranties to me. I came from a middle-classfamily, thanks to them, I lived in a kind of luxury; but from this moment, I had to manage with reallyless.At the same time “They” (I’ll tell you who “They” are later on) declared to me that I was about tobegin a tough learning period which was about to last for 30 years: It was, most of the time, aboutprofound I Ching study. I had to eradicate well established visions such as: I Ching was coming fromthe far East, this book was about superstitions, its predictions were uncertain etc… From thismoment, I was about to live much more like a researcher, scientist, philosopher and artist, musician,consultant and teacher, which was a complete change in my life. The I Ching, the book of changes,was ruling my live, and was changing me, I did it with free will, until I became the one I am today. Iremember how anguished I was facing to a so high spiritual level. I remember a constant fear offalling down but I also remember the pleasure I had while discovering the lonely edelweiss in thehighlands.I discovered the richness of the Japanese Haïku, calligraphy, and all martial arts. Then, I lived blissmoments during which I touched emptiness, Zen, and it gave birth to a lot literature, pictured withabout 4000 drawings and paintings. Everything that my DNA contained was suddenly activated. Imust say that, for years, surrounded by million casualties of society, I felt alone.Suddenly, the big change came: I Ching was about to conquer the world, on tiptoe, but it woulddefinitively progress at all culture and spiritual stages. When I realized that Stephen Wolfram, NoahJacobson, Gregg Braden and José Arguelles were immersing themselves into the 64 hexagrams’mysteries, it was one of my life’s greatest days. It was necessary to do a synthesis. I Ching is a bookfor life, ready to become an exact science.
  12. 12. Chapter 4: The New Science After years of IT experiences and the ‘Rules’, I rapidly discovered the exactness of I Chingscience. A single basic Rule Ancient oracle study technic, on the way to holography
  13. 13. Among hundreds of exercises (experiences), one can certainly be published: “The JoshuaApple”. In 2006 I was inspired by I Ching for really interesting and precise methods concerning psychological and psychoanalytical and neo Jungian analyses.A psychological hologram: a pakuantafieldholography
  14. 14. On the other hand, old technics could give a really concrete probability. After studyingLorenz, I knew classical science truth could be disintegrated because of certain variables’ flirt orbecause of unpredicted chaos: “A Boeing’s crash caused by a simple fly”.Controlled by an experimented team and a representative sample of I Ching enthusiast people, Iexperimented as follows. I knew I was dancing, like a tightrope walker would, on the dignity as muchas on the validity of hexagram 4 (the Source origin shall not be treated lightly).But, this warning concerning idiots and quacks because they do not care about the real truth, I’mconvinced, not to have flouted TAO rules. Much more than that, I wanted to prove its credibility andto publish it of which I’ve got the confirmation that it was the right thing to do.In May 2006, without anybody knowing about my plan, I chose an apple, in the days when appletrees hardly began to come into bud. The apple I studied was still not in the process of formation.Thanks to the I Ching I dared doing calculations in order to know exactly when (month, week, day,hour, minute and second) the apple was going to fall. I also calculated variables which could interferein the experience : location on the tree, weather conditions, rain and wind, astrological forces, birdsinterested into the apple, crows in the tree and even, the potential hits of people coming into thegarden (a sculpture workshop would occur in this garden at the estimate date of this apple’s fallingdown).“They” taught me how to calculate with complicated parameters (but complexity is simplicity’srichness and multitude is simplicity’s multiplication). As the Tao Te Tsjing says: ‘The one was bornfrom vacuum and then, thousands of phenomenons.’A fundamental cosmic law says: If you know all assumptions, you can calculate the result of theircooperation, their interference, … or their intercorrelative vibes and their mass-action, to the end ofthe phenomenon.My own thesis, called “The Joshu Apple Axiom” can be defined as: “as we’re convinced that noconstant can exist, except constant truth, then there should be an ultimate truth concerning theconcerned apple and the date when it will fall of the tree’.In August, and not before, I asked Mrs. M., a member of the team, to choose objectively andneutrally, one apple in the tree, without indicating me the chosen one.My studies’ results were noted down and were put in a closed envelope. (The apple I’m talking abouthas been dated and conserved in some glue).So I had in my office the precise date at which the apple would fall down (see drawing andcalculations). As often, concerning previous probability or improbability calculations, which resultshave been checked, I Ching noticed with precision that the apple would fall down on September 9that 7:10 AM.Knowing this, I waited for months. Mrs. M. was looking after the apple, but never transmitted to meany information concerning the apple tree, the branch, the apple’s place on the tree, etc…
  15. 15. Nevertheless, during that month, she told that she thought the fall was approaching, because a birdpicked the apple’s stalk and it began to dry. This could influence the date of fall (But September 9thwas still far away).During the sculpture workshop, 31 persons crossed this garden, without taking care of ‘the’ appleand ignoring it was an experimentation subject.Last but not the least, when the time was there, the apple effectively fell down –not on Newton’shead (Joke!) – but on my garden’s grass, … it was September, 9th at 7:10 AM.This exercise was the most impressive one to me, the one which convinced me of the OmniscientSource, of Its coherence, of Its “mathematicity”, which overcomes relativity. It is really possible totalk about “the Laws of predictability”. Everything is matter and energy. So, we are able to calculateenergetically also who will win the Tour de France (for the last ten years, we archived the concreteresults).
  16. 16. Chapter 5: The Contact – Contract I could feel more and more ‘Their” management influences through more complexparameters they inspired to me, the wide of knowing, the so complicated Rules that it was difficult totransmit them to any audience. I Ching’s application territory is so wide that it brought me back toone of my youth’s love: archeology. Through Maya’s, Chinese jade cats or Tutankhamen’s gravestudy (he died in a chariot accident), my I Ching knowledge allowed me the true history approach,the regularity and reality of facts, far from assumptions and commonly admitted scientific models. (Ifthe last letter, Z, is no longer valid, neither is the first one).To illustrate this, please find hereafter a holographic picture of a geological and archeologicalresearch profile of Concarneau’s region (France), its harbor and this region’s sea bed.
  17. 17. At least, it was possible - thanks to coloured pictures- to see prehistoric buildings, temple’sruins, etc. … The only thing we could say was ‘WOW! ’
  18. 18. Later on, information technology allowed us to code our own solar system in a Cosmomatrix. Cosmomatrix
  19. 19. The “Maitri-field” is a variation (no need to develop it into this article) in which we can locateinfluences, positive or negative vibrations. In the meantime, “they” introduced themselves throughalfachecks, which can be put on a chart, so they could be decoded by advanced I Ching users. Maitri-field
  20. 20. In the actual contract, preserving my total cooperation freedom, there were some conditionsto be respected: a harmonious biotope, cooperators who should always preserve their Schumann’sresonance and their TAO level, a hardware and software purification etc. … The last condition wasdiscretion (because the walls have ears)Of course, a condition was also the working team selection and their cosmic conscience dimension(cosmic IQ) thanks to which, collaboration with superior intelligences was possible. Those superiorintelligences are the crop circles authors or other mysterious signs authors like, for example, thefamous star, of which Share International talks about, the miracles you can see everywhere in theworld, or extraterrestrial interventions or appearances.Having a working contract with superior intelligences is a complete commitment, 24 hours a day,with orders to serve into a limited time, a totally free commitment, with no compensation, whateverthe circumstances could be, including death threats or surrounding aggressions. No holiday nor bankholiday, weekend or day off. Space and time doesn’t exist for E.T. intelligences and, consequently,the better is to adapt yourself and integrate their speed. This makes the difference between masterand medium levels.Because we do not want to forget anything, we’ll mention also Benjamin Creme’s pilgrimage, whichis also related to the things happening in England at the moment. His master knows better, he knowsthe masters and the Master of the masters, and UFO’s fraternity who are most engaged into peaceand joyful interventions.
  21. 21. Chapter 6: Them Of course, we knew already before today, that there was a “guidance” surrounding my workand all I Ching seminars and workshops were only a preparation to a unique path God wanted. Whyshouldn’t we may to know, who was contacting us?With joy, we’ve got informed that we could announce this good news to the world.With a colleague, we produced the Source “Holyfield”, which also can be known as the I Chinginformation source. This field has been made on October 14th 2009. After something like 25operations, we saw a clear image appearing on our screen.We let you judge by yourself, without adding any comment.Before the operations After the 25 computer-operations
  22. 22. Maybe this long introduction will appear boring for some readers. On our side, we’re also bored byridiculous Intellectual Quotients, who are inferior, but think they can compare themselves with thissuperior dimension. In France we say : ‘Il est fou de discuter avec une intelligence supérieure. Eh biennous, nous ne discutons pas avec les imbéciles.’ (It’s crazy to discuss with a superior intelligence.Well, we do not discuss with stupid people!)Basic knowing is absolutely necessary in order to communicate with superior intelligences. It is a sinequa non for anyone who wants to understand the Crop Circles analyses, their plan and theiroperators.For example, the Arcturius System creates holes in space, in order to permit our evolution towards asuperior conscience, to feel the 6th dimension and to be ready for ascension. This makes thedifference with fallen angels, inferior vibrations (anunaki & co). Shadow is always attracted by light;Truth appears more clearly on the screen of lies, distortion, wrong assumptions and superstition. Thebiggest evil on the market is multiplication of “spiritual products”, guru’s books, DVD, and whatshould we think about seminaries with a strange smell? Thanks to their intelligent and sophisticatedtranslations of Crop Circles, several doubtful teams try to impress people, but we think they’resometimes far away from the truth. But what do you think, the packet is well done. Crop Circlesgenerate ‘money’.Profitable trade around Crop Circles can remind you of the moneychangers in The Temple and theMan who drove them away, flogging them. Elevated souls do wear for example, ‘Jacques AnquetilTee Shirts’ while declaring he never cycled! Even Crop Circles activists now become doubt sowers,evil money makers and doubtful people, divinely speaking.Well known shops are laughing about visitors, asking for some information concerning the CropCircle of July 30th 2010, which represents Torino’s shroud. Even so, while the Shroud Man was evencloser to the Source. Some services, whose name we won’t mention, are playing a “big brother”game and are bothering people. They tickle farmers in order to secretly generate their negativereaction. They try to throw back into question Crop Circles and consider them as an internationaljoke. It is a real problem. Some computer freaks are playing with Bethlehem’s Holy Man’s face(Hungerford crop) and make it a “Frankie goes to Hollywood”. According our humble opinion, it is notspiritually right.All those scheming operations are hitting good people in the heart, because they think hope is stillpermitted and that this hope is coming from heaven. We are incapable to clean our own bullshit.There are enough weapons on the planet to destroy it completely. Our space brothers already keptus from this fatal issue for several times. This is how we can understand the Creator’s glory. He doesnot gamble with His creation. And the following crops (2010/07/30 and 2010/08/13 - menorah)reveal that He does not gamble with His son either. You haven’t seen anything yet! Let’s wait until2011!
  23. 23. Chapter 7: The Letters After the parameters and patterns technologies, the “letters” came. This jump into the future certainly has nothing to do with Blavatsky’s Mahatma letters, or …let’s consider it does. They do not fall down from ceiling’s holes, but through software sophisticatedtechnology. Some examples of ‘Letters’
  24. 24. I Ching offers us sightseeing upon the future real situation. ‘The Real 2012 Scene’‘The Laws of ultimo predictability’
  25. 25. ‘Ueler equation cc windmill crop’ ….. man-made?? Letters became more readable and clearer for people who are working with me.
  26. 26. Here is the example of a letter, concerning space ships arrival, brothers and sisters from outof space, from Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Sirius B, Pleiades and (why not) Abell, in the future.
  27. 27. Mystery of the Universe (painting by Mirjam Masen)
  28. 28. Chapter 8: The Universe For the time we still have, in order to decode God’s wide universe, we venture beyond the 47million light-year diameter. An I Ching speleologist’s team is working on a long lasting holyfieldproject: “The one universe”. You’ll find hereafter a short introduction.Holyfield: ‘The Universe A’
  29. 29. Chapter 9: The Crop Circles I learnt that all Crop Circles can be classified in clear categories: 1) Hexagram 9/ 1° and 6 ° line We can translate it through those simple words: ‘Hello, we are here’, ‘don’t be afraid’, ‘we love you’, ‘we are coming from a higher intelligence’, ‘we respect your free will, we do not like violence’, ‘we are nice people’ 2) Hexagram 39/ 5° line ‘you’re in big trouble’, ‘everywhere there is pollution, manipulation, inhibition of energy, crashes, fall-outs and blow-ups, but we are coming as friends, just to give a helping hand’, ‘we do not come to take over government , just to assist, as counselors, instructors and educators of the new golden age’, ‘Among you there is a very special man, under several names he is expected by all religions and groups in the world, he will teach you what we try to illustrate in our crop circles; but remember there is still many evil, destruction, negative vibes and nature’s destruction. You can’t solve your problems by yourself anymore. You need advice from higher intelligence, of which we are part of.’ ‘Let us help you!’ 3) Hexagram 58/4°, 5° and 6° line ‘The most urgent problem is the pollution (hex. 58/ 6° line) of mother Earth, the air, the oceans, fields and the energy shields. We are coming over to prepare a reconstruction period, but before we can start, we need to able to communicate with you. 1/3 of our crop circles are challenges to try to make contact with you. So many languages, translated by so many crop circles, indicate the necessity of a fulltime communication and a relation of brotherhood. You’re living in a Babylonia tower, blasphemy.
  30. 30. The oldest spoken language can’t serve you anymore now, so we propose the ancient language of yin/yang, pakuas and 8 x 8 strings (64 hexagrams). By the way, this language will be used by the world teacher, who you will see very soon. In so many crop circles you can see very clear the scientific DNA code language, Ida-Pingala, Isis- Osiris, Anji-Papa (for the Mayan people yang-yin). If you want to take part of this communication, we can create a new kind of society. We are just waiting for your invitation.’ Hexagram 58 is the one indicating ‘sharing’. It does correspond to the Gebo rune. In order to understand it well, just think about the following image: an opening flower, completely offering oneself. In the “Wiltshire” we can read: ‘he will that we share’.4) Hexagram 6/ 4° and 6° line ‘Crop Circles mandalas propose a harmonious society image. They try to motivate you for adaptation at any level, should it be with stones, minerals, plants, animals, human races, galaxies or God.’ Hexagram 6 means ‘together’, ‘be cooperative’. Maybe more than a hundred of mandalas appeared during the last years explain the real issue of ‘Aikido. It only aims avoiding fights or wars. No more victims, no more blood. This hexagram highest line is the ‘Sattva’ line, the superior level of Mastership. This line also points out ‘powerful positions’ and ‘governments’ who do not restrict freedom and respect free will. Through Creativity, Light, Love Strength and self- achievement as a God achievement into oneself, to the ultimate aim: Unity and eternity: God Himself (in the Kabala, it is called Ainsoph; evolution’s crown and ultimate goal). In other terms, the superior sense of life: God in His hierarchy of Love, Understanding and Forgiveness. I Ching’s hexagram 6 shows all concepts concerning the golden age, the age when the individual melts into community, the age when duality becomes unity. We noticed a great number of Crop Circles showing communicating circles. It shows us, on one hand that we suffer because of separation and division of the complete universe and, on the other hand, their wish to give us a friendly hand in order to merge towards a holy cosmic conscience and God’s achievement. ‘We have been created to His own image and look-a- like Him. And most of all, we achieved it with Him’. The rare people who still believe in world peace (cf. Baha’i) are encouraged by the fact that Buddhist ideas, Buddha himself and the 5th awaited Buddha, Miroku Bosatsu are among this symbolism. Pope’s time will soon be over; the last Dalaï Lama is the 14th … This is not the end but the beginning of something new enthusiastically announced for years in the Crop Circles. We sometimes regret the general apathy concerning the
  31. 31. way Crops Circles’ welcome, politicians’ opinion which is often cold and neutral and the cheap irony of the people of the street. 2012 (2 x 6: refers to the 2 hexagram’ synapses) is really close. Crop Circles and Crop Circles drawers biggest mission is to make us understand that a conscience leap has to be made, it also refers to the end of the 26.000 years cycle indicated by the Mayan calendar (see September 26th Crop Circle in Hill Barn). We dare to conclude: Choice is belonging to us but it is exclusive. One part will disappear and shall come back to learn; another part is ready for ascension. 144: The mysterious figure suggested into Crop Circles refers to the 144.000 elected people, as booklovers know. If the numerical value of the name Yahweh is 26, it is not by chance.5) Hexagram 10 This hexagram indicates the “Engine” Crop Circles, the ones which are energy makers, which work hardly upon our symbiosis and repair our Tao system. This year in Torino (Italy), but also in Grey Wethers (England), on July 14th (French National Holiday, that insist upon the three moral values, which are also our space brother and sister ones: Liberty, Equality, Fraternity), and in England again, this year with the Yin/Yang mandalas, we faced what Taoist, Wang Pi, Lao Tsé, Confucius and many other great masters, recognized as the truth. We live in a Tao world projected by God. In this world, everyone has one’s place, must look for one’s balance and can find it, if following ‘the way, the truth and the life’. (cf. crop circle of 2010/07/30 Hungerford) Tao related mandalas give us a warranty concerning a cosmic Tai Chi and a planetary Chi-Quong. We prefer to call it E.T. Nei-Ching or space acupuncture. Alignments, as you see in Stonehenge, Carnac, and the pyramids of Egypt or Peru were and remain to be nervous system intervention operations. Everything indicated to healing, reinforcement, world purification and interplanetary management. Old energies will be replaced by new and more powerful waves. People who are sensible to them can feel Pisces era is achieving whereas Aquarius era is coming. Old civilization will never come back again. The world teacher will teach the two initiations of the TAO symbol. 1) The way to world peace and non-violence, 2) the way to cosmic vision and a much higher conscience level. In France, Guy Tarade is waiting for “The great Monarch” for years. This man’s identification should be achieved around 2010 or 2011. (2009/07/14 Crop Circle, Grey-Weathers certainly gave an undeniable clue). It will be revealed at the same time as Moses 10 commandments which are, on initiated people’s opinion, somewhere around Comps- sur- Artubi, south of France. We will see.
  32. 32. Hexagram 10 has been strongly revealed around Torino, in the crop circle with a TAOsymbol, and is directly linked to the Holy Shroud. Its lines, The Way of The Cross andthe Cross symbol by itself are noticed into the hexagram 10: 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th and6th line. The Yin Yang King (Joshu-Georg, Benjamin Larue)
  33. 33. Chapter 10: Results This productive work with I Ching offered us a recognizable translation of almost all CropCircles. Believes who wants to.After 31 years lasting silence and discretion, we won’t try to convince you one more time tomorrow,nor the day after. Because ‘a truth you personally didn’t experience’ will most likely become anassumption, afterwards rejected as a lie, people make a mockery of it and inquisition calls itblaspheme. Galileo already reincarnated and actually hiding himself behind a sun umbrella withliterature, knows all about it… One word to the wise is enough.The difference between false Crop Circles (made by human hands) and the authentic ones (made bya superior dimension), is the intelligence they’ve been created with. Those Crop Circles aresupported by a divine work - reflection and feeling- model.The ones, who are coming from Venus, are really convivial. We know it! (Let’s think about GeorgeAdamsky’s testimony) The ones, who are coming from Mars, are steady, enterprising and indulgentin their strategy. The ones, who are coming from Jupiter, achieve difficult tasks; the ones from thePleiades did an innovative work with Billy Meier in order to be known. But they’re sometimes victimsof world forum irony, skepticism or criticism.Hexagram 10, 6th line represents the galactic Federation level. Hexagram 6, 6th line contains theircontrol and correction service offices in the whole universe.The one who has attentively read the I Ching finds the following names: Ashtar, Vesula-Zanusa andVrillon. They’re really here; they’re invisible but can be felt by any open mind cultured people. I’msure we’ll see them soon … in Milkhill (Wiltshire) near the white horse (and there are still 8 of them)which is an exponent of hexagram 22 / 4th line. Discover! It is the way, the Gate to the new era.If we want to summarize all Crop Circles explanations into a single sentence: We offer you our help,right now.‘Hello, we love you. You’re in great danger. You need to communicate with us, to understand howyou live in violence, destruction and in preparation to a WW III. It is a quarter of an hour before 2012,time to change your philosophy, religion and vision. You are not the only one in the universe, we arewith so many others, together, in the hand of God, but you are the only one who is so cosmicautistic, that you become very ill at last. The cancer is everywhere. It’s up to you. We love you.’
  34. 34. Chapter 11: Crop Circles & spirituality Without mentioning their names, we would like to thank everyone, who are dead or stillalive, and participated to reveal this elevated conscience as Crop Circle creators wanted. We thankthem for their intense scientific work on Crop Circles (calculations, geometry, mathematics,indicative resonances, study through ancient symbols: Churches, Chapels, chemical analysis andpublications).But, we are surprised that there doesn’t exist any more deepened studies concerning psychology,education, ortho-education, and world instructions. So many Crop Circles are linked to ‘martial artssacred language”, Tai Chi, Kung Fu, Bushido all round or Yoga for example. I also think about O SenseïUeshiba and the Eastern great masters, Tao Calligraphy, Eastern art, Maya mysticism, all astrologyversions (explained by several experts) …Nobody talks about the living masters in the world, nobody understands the return of Rembrandt,Beethoven or Michelangelo, neither their strong Phi influence (Hexagram 16). Lots of the Crop Circlesspecialists prefer only to talk about the numerology and never dare to refer to the Love indicated inthose mandalas.Little joke: ‘Give me 2 feet hope, 20 yards love, 30 inches revitalization, 2000 miles vibrations and enough Pi inmy believing, 6 pennies doubt? And one pound security…. I’m sure you understand!
  35. 35. Chapter 12: Conclusion Next year’s Crop Circles aim will be the World Instructor’s identification. Crop Circlesmandalas, space ships and other cosmic ships are preparing one single Master’s arrival. Heunderstands the real meaning of all cosmic ‘stuff’, better than anyone else.We, IWCC International, are trying a last introduction exercise: Some Crop Circles, even when they’reman-made, are influenced by space brothers.We receive enough information from them to indicate the true Crop Circle signification.‘A starter of the given information’
  36. 36. Most people do not even want to discover God’s communication. This is why opponents createhostility and put hostages in jail. But they don’t understand they are going to die in their own jail,after the year 2012 (because of the Karma law).
  37. 37. SayishallahumAuthor: Marc Du PréPhotography: Mirjam MasenCoordination: Sanne TroghInformation and Translation: Annick Carret / Amélie OswaldFor more information, do not hesitate to contact Annick Carret to the following number:00-33-(0) or by email: