Bravado nursing bras for nursing moms


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Bravado nursing bras for nursing moms

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Bravado nursing bras for nursing moms

  1. 1. Bravado Nursing Bras Are a Nursing MomsBest FriendBy J ThomasonBeing a mother who breastfeeds shouldnt mean that you cant have style as well as functionalitywhen it comes to wearing a nursing bra. Bravado nursing bras provide exactly this and theirBody Silk Seamless nursing bra is a perfect example of where style and function match eachother perfectly. This bra doesnt ignore either aspect and is designed specifically for the nursingmom to look and feel good in.What makes the Bravado body silk bra so special amongst all the other nursing bras on themarket? Firstly it was obviously designed with comfort in mind and made from a very soft andstretchy fabric which moulds to your increasing and decreasing bust size during the later stagesof your pregnancy and obviously during the time youre breastfeeding. This is a great featurebecause you wont know how big your breasts will be until your milk comes in. This stops youhaving to buy several nursing bras in different sizes to keep up with your changing body shape.So why is the Bravado Body Silk bra called seamless? This is simply because there are no seamson the front or side of the bra that can pinch you or cause you any discomfort - especially whenyour baby bump is growing as the months tick away. Theres also a nice wide clipband at theback with 5 rows of clips so it can expand and contract with you as your nursing continues.This Bravado nursing bra also features removable soft foam cups which help to hide both yournipples and breast pads which is something that the vast majority of nursing mothers worryabout. Even though everyone knows that youre breast feeding you dont necessarily want this tobecome very public knowledge with any leaks. This bra is also almost invisible under normalclothing due to its low profile design so youre not going to feel out of place wearing it duringnormal day-to-day events.You wont have to struggle when breast feeding with this bra as it incorporates a one handed clipdesign that allows you to cradle your baby while swapping breasts during nursing sessions.Theres also a support band built-in so that the bra structure remains intact while youre nursingfrom either breast and combined with the adjustable shoulder straps you should find wearing thisbra a very comfortable experience.The Bravado Body Silk bra is available in the basic colors ivory, black, and butterscotch, andalso features limited edition fashion colors, currently pink ice, blue ice, and berry burst. This is togive you have a wide range of colors to choose from and keeping you from having any problemfinding a color that doesnt clash with any of your favorite tops. The bra only comes in 4 sizes -small, medium, large and extra large - but these fit a bust size from 32b to 46F so finding a sizethat fits you wont be a problem for most women. This Bravado nursing bra was designed fromthe ground up to be most comfortable and versatile nursing bra youve ever worn. You wont everwant to try another bra once youve worn Bravado.