Alien abduction or sleep paralysis


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Alien abduction or sleep paralysis

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Alien abduction or sleep paralysis

  1. 1. Alien Abduction or Sleep Paralysis?By Barry BurdetteSince the first reported alien abduction in 1957 by Antonio Villas Boas there have been anumber of others that have also claimed to have been abducted. Their stories are remarkablysimilar. They wake up and find themselves paralyzed, unable to move or cry out for help. Theysee flashing lights and hear buzzing sounds. They feel an electric sensation which levitates theirbodies. The approaching aliens with wrap-around eyes, gray or green skin, lacking hair or nosescauses the abductees heart to pound violently. They are transported to the aliens ship wherethey are probed. Instruments are inserted in their noses, navels, or other orifices. Its painful.Sometimes sexual intercourse occurs.After a few seconds or minutes it is over. The aliens have vanished and the abductees are backin their own beds and can move again.This experience sounds strangely like that of someone experiencing sleepparalysis. You wake up and find yourself paralyzed, unable to move or cryout for help. You are transcending from a sleep to a waking state causinghallucinations, where you may see and hear strange forms and sounds.Where you are fully awake you are not sure what just happened.Ok so how do I come to remember all the details of my experience? Wellmost people that have claimed to have been abducted only rememberthe experience after being hypnotized to help them recover their lostmemories.Some leading Psychologist believe that hypnosis is a misleading way to help recover memories.Not only that, it renders the subject susceptible to creating memories of things that neverhappened, things that were suggested to you or that you just imagined.This means that during hypnosis the hypnotist may actually create false memories by askingyou questions like is there anyone in the room with you.A study conducted by Psychologist at Harvard University also found that while the abducteesshow little evidence to support psychopathology in abductees. The research did indicated thatthese individuals usually do not meet the criteria for serious psychiatric impairment, but theyscored high on measures of schizotypy. Such individuals can be described as eccentric, prone tomagical and imaginary thinking, and loners. The study concluded that abductees were prone tocreating false memories in the lab and were confused about the source of their memories.This study also made some other tantalizing discoveries. Measurements of sweating, heart rate,and brain waves reviled that those claiming to be abductees show similar symptoms of post-
  2. 2. traumatic stress syndrome as combat veterans. The researchers did not, however, concludethat the abductees had experienced combat-type trauma. Rather, they believe, it is theemotional significance of a memory, whether it is true or not, that causes sweaty hands andrapid heartbeats. You may also find it interesting that stories of alien abduction did not exist prior to 1962, and they seem to have gained popularity after they were publicized on TV and in the movies. The first movie involving an alien abduction was the 1953 movie Invaders from Mars, and the Outer Limits television series presented numerous episodes involving alien abduction from 1961-1964. With the above information you may believe that those reporting to have been abducted by aliens are highly imaginative people that have experienced sleep paralysis and later through hypnotism have been couched into recovering false memories of the experience.The possibility always exists that some sleep paralysis experiences might have beenmisinterpreted by the individuals and reported them as alien abductions, particularly bysusceptible people who have been reading books about aliens and UFOs. But what about thosewho have claimed to have been abducted during a waking state?While there is no proof to support or dismiss the reports of alien abduction we would be prettyvain to believe that we are the only intelligent beings in the universe or for that matter themost evolved. This being said I still find some of the reported abductions a little hard to acceptof a more evolved being. If I am studying a monkey I am pretty sure that I am not going to wantto have sex with it.