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  1. 1. The Best Selling Ufology Books Collection www.UfologyBooks.com
  2. 2. Connection between UFOs, Aliens and Shadow PeopleFrom aliens to Shadow People, Heidi Hollis covers it all from a uniqueperspective; as a researcher, advice columnist and an experiencer of theunknown! She keeps her talks lively and interactive as she presents photosof UFO sightings and shares actual cases of alien abduction and contact,including her own.Unlike any other UFO researchers, Hollis talks about the conflict in aliencontact where cases of good vs. bad alien contact collide; true “War of theWorlds” scenarios where humans are put in the middle of it! As the authorof the bestselling book “The Secret War,” Hollis shares of her encountersand the countless letters she receives worldwide for her column AlienAdvice where aliens are confronted and often defeated.She is also the foremost expert on a newer worldwide phenomenon shetermed as Shadow People, being that her book remains as the first and onlyaccount of these beings. In her presentation, she shares how these ShadowPeople are directly connected to alien encounters, how matters of the soulare involved and how these and any other intruding beings can be dealt with.Referred to as the “Dr. Phil of the Paranormal,” Hollis is known for coveringan array of mysterious topics where she is sought out worldwide for herthoughts on everything from holy encounters, ghosts, lucid dreams, aliens,Shadow People, angels, Bigfoot, lake monsters and more! So audiences canfeel welcome to ask or share their personal stories on most anything out-of-the-ordinary and get an honest response from someone who’s been there,experienced that and helped many! The list of points: 1. UFO photos and video-background on sightings of today and yesterday. 2. UFO & alien drawings-seen on cave walls and in religious paintings from long ago. What their background is, and what years they were created.
  3. 3. 3. Alien drawings-typical alien abduction stories, what are the aliens doing to people and why (what they are telling abductees)4. Unusual alien drawings and video of personal stories-non-abducting beings not reported in the media due to their lack of being horrific enough. It’s shared what these beings have to say about the aliens who do abductions, how people can stop these abductions from happening, and how these positive aliens are literally at war with them and why they say we soon will be, too.5. Shadow People drawings-background is given on how Heidi first encountered these beings and what their purpose is, how they are connected to the alien phenomenon, and how they are known to approach people in the middle of the night with terror in mind.6. Personal stories and cases (videos)-stories are shared how aliens and Shadow People harass and terrorize unsuspecting individuals.Not just a personal issue anymore:7. The proof: photos of cattle mutilated by having parts removed from them surgically with laser technology non-existent to this world.8. Crop Circles (photos)-found around the world are massive drawings in crops where evidence of radiation are left behind and communication of a higher intelligence is apparent.9. Chupacabra (drawings and photos)- a creature seen around the globe attacking animals and people, where it drains them of all body fluids leaving only puncture wounds behind as evidence.10. Conclusion: Why is this info not in the media, would there be worldwide panic, or has a deal been made with otherworldly beings by our governments? Some discussion on these conspiracy theories.
  4. 4. Holy Encounters vs. Unholy Encounters Heidi Hollis shares on her findings on a newer phenomenon shetermed to be called the “Hat Man”. It is now a term used worldwide todescribe a phenomena she accidentally came across while investigatingdemonic apparitions she also termed to be called Shadow People. Hollis finds through various reports that she shares in herpresentation, that the Hat Man is essentially the devil. Hollis shares gutwrenching stories of the Hat Man and what he has been doing to his victimsall across the globe. On the flip side, with Hollis’ new book, Jesus Is No Joke, she has alsobecome an expert of sorts on holy encounters with Jesus when she findsherself faced with the mystery on a personal level. A one time skeptic ofsuch occurrences, Hollis discusses what her encounters involved and howshe has found exponential increases of reports of holy encounters of thiskind around the globe. With the topic of both the devil and Jesus showing up reportedly topeople of all ages and even religions, Hollis brings forth information thatreveals a possible coming of age scenario of the end times! List of Points: 1. Background is discussed on a mysterious man dressed in black showing up at pivotal moments throughout American history. 2. Ancient stories are shared about a man in black riding a black horse when summoned by witches and Satan worshippers. 3. The comparison of the true stories about the MIB’s or Men In Black, UFO connected reports and the difference with the Hat Man.
  5. 5. 4. Engrossing stories of the Hat Man showing up just prior to accidents or death and the meaning behind these appearances.5. How the Hat Man is generally seen, and what he is seen doing.6. Drawings from witnesses of their encounters with the Hat Man.7. Discussion about the increase in Jesus apparitions around the globe.8. It’s discussed how common Hollis has found people who claim to have had direct encounters or dreams of Jesus during their lifetime.9. Hollis discusses her own personal skepticism about Jesus encounters, but ultimately reveals how she came to terms that something was happening when she experienced the object of her skepticism personally—as it’s shared in her book Jesus Is No Joke.10. Reports of people worldwide having dreams of cataclysmic events are discussed and shared in detail.11. Some quotes from the Bible are brought into perspective as possible indications on what people are reporting in their cataclysmic dreams.12. Conclusion of the light vs. the dark scenario, if this is indeed the times of Revelations or the Apocalypse.Note: None of the discussion is done as “preachy” or religion pushing,only a sharing of what is occurring, what people are seeing, and what thismay all mean. Hollis does not represent any single church.