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About A Girl Shot Analysis


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Published in: Technology, Sports
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About A Girl Shot Analysis

  1. 1. ABOUT A GIRL SHOT ANALYSISLack of makeup can be a sign to show Graffiti covered bridge and tall street Dead trees and grey sky show howhow she is still a child, although a lamps signify how she is in a rundown the weather is dull, which can alsocontrast is created by her large hoop urban area, and how she wants to signify that the girl has a dull life,earrings, which can be seen to be make something of her life but the which appears to be going nowhere.worn by adults, which suggest she people and places around her are The dead trees can show her lack ofwants to be older than she actually is. bringing her down. ambition and hope in life.The white coat that she is seen Her facial expressions can signify how The way she is talking to the camerawearing can signify how she is very she is unhappy with life, which we signifies how she is talking to thesecretive, as she has ‘covered up’ her learn throughout the film, as she has audience, similar to a diary as she ispregnancy from her mother. The big dreams but no one is allowing her letting us in on her life, and informingbaggy coat can show how she has to fulfil them and make something of us all about her family and thephysically covered up the pregnancy. her life. situation she has found herself in. George Piggott