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War In Iraq


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My first powerpoint presentation that has been put on slideshare... it looks better on my computer with effects and transitions... but i guess this is about the best it will look... please give me some feedback to let me know how to make my future powerpoints possibly better..

thank you very much.

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War In Iraq

  1. 1. • Fallujah is a city located in Iraq about 50 km from Baghdad. The United States tried to Occupy Fallujah during the Iraq War.
  2. 2. • Before the Iraq War, Fallujah was a part of the Gulf War in 1991. Around 200 civilians died by four bombs dropped by a British jet. • Before the occupation, Fallujah was one of the most peaceful areas of the country since the fall of Saddam Hussein.
  3. 3.  The main reasons for the war in Iraq are quite uncertain, ranging from the “Weapons of Mass Destruction” (WMD) to Oil. • Two of the suspected reasons for the occupation of Fallujah is for the search of the WMDs, or to find terrorists.
  4. 4. • The United States entered Fallujah early in the war. The occupation started on April 23, 2003.
  5. 5. • The arrival of the United States soldiers was originally received by the Iraqi people peacefully. • However, both sides contributed to a battle, starting with the killing of 17 Iraqi civilians by the US forces.
  6. 6. • In response to the killing of 17 Iraqi citizens, Iraqi insurgents ambushed a convoy that had four American military contractors inside. The four contractors, were beaten to death.
  7. 7.  In response to the killing of the four contractors, the US Marines surrounded the city to attempt to capture the individuals responsible. • The Marines suffered 40 deaths in the siege, while the Iraqi civilian and soldier deaths ranged from 271-731.
  8. 8. • There were many reports of US snipers firing upon and killing unarmed citizens, includin g children, and also firing upon marked ambulances.
  9. 9. • Although there were reports of cluster bombs being dropped by the US forces, the US state department declared that statement “totally false.”
  10. 10.  The use of white phosphorus by US forces is controversial and has reportedly resulted in an increase in birth deformities in the city.
  11. 11. • The ceasefire followed a wave of insurgency activity across southern Iraq, which also included the capture of two US soldiers, seven employees of the US military, and more than 50 workers in Iraq • The US forces wanted to negotiate a settlement but promised to restart its offensive to conquer the city if one was not reached.
  12. 12.  Although the Iraqi people did not take it seriously, they did hit-and-run attacks on US Marine positions  By that point, Marines had announced a unilateral ceasefire.
  13. 13. • At the beginning of May 2004, the US Marine Corps announced a ceasefire due to the intense political pressure. • Most of the fighting was reduced to the southern industrial district, which has the lowest population in the city. • As negotiations and situations were settled and agreed upon, the US forces and the Iraqi people got what they wanted
  14. 14.  After the negotiations were made and both sides were satisfied, inside the city, mosques proclaimed the victory of the insurgents over the United States.  Celebratory banners appeared around the city, and the fighters paraded through the town on trucks.
  15. 15.  Up to 6000 Iraqi civilians were killed throughout the operation.  More than half of Fallujah’s 39,000 homes were damaged. With around 10,000 of those destroyed.  Around 60 schools and 65 mosques were destroyed.  Reconstruction after the occupation was slow and was mainly clearing rubble.
  16. 16.  The War in Iraq is continuing to this day with numerous deaths from both sides.  The documented Iraqi civilian death toll is between 91,924- 100,348.  The American Military Casualties in Iraq is around 4,294, with only 3,442 in combat.