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Link Up, Link In


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I am happy to email this to attendees of the MCDA presentation, as well as those who could not attend.

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Link Up, Link In

  1. 1. How Social Networking and New Media are Impacting the Job Search Process Presented by Sue Gordon, MS, NCC Director of Career Development American University
  2. 2.  New Media ◦ New media is a term meant to encompass the emergence of digital, computerized, or networked information and communication technologies in the later part of the 20th century.  Social Network ◦ A social network is a social structure made of nodes (which are generally individuals or organizations) that are tied by one or more specific types of interdependency, such as values, visions, ideas, financial exchange, friendship, kinship, dislike, conflict or trade.
  3. 3.  Online social networking is the confluence of “new media” and traditional networking  Examples ◦ Facebook ◦ LinkedIn ◦ Twitter ◦ Plaxo  Who knows what’s next?
  4. 4.  rosenberg/recareered/duel-%E2%80%93- facebook-vs-linkedin  A key LinkedIn edge in job search: ◦ “FaceBook really only gives you 1 level of separation, you can get to a second level with heavy lifting through a FaceBook app”
  5. 5.  Organize their own network connections  Reach out to existing connections  Find new contacts  Effectively target organizations  Connect to fellow alumni, professional groups  Update connections quickly and easily
  6. 6.  Facebook : Social, less professional focus  Twitter: fast growing, mini-blog  LinkedIn: professional networking  Alumni sites– use in conjunction with above tools! ◦ Example: inCircle, which hosts many college sites and has added an app to work with facebook
  7. 7.  Develop and expand a personal network  Stay in touch with former colleagues  Actively search for candidates  Ask employees to activate their networks to reach out to potential candidates  View candidates through connections  Reach out to candidates  Research candidate backgrounds– for good OR bad
  8. 8.  Your profile is your virtual business card  Represent yourself appropriately  Incomplete profiles don’t help and can hurt  Take a few moments to fill in the gaps  Share what you have to offer others  Highlight accomplishments  Use your status
  9. 9.
  10. 10.  What is a network?  A network is defined as a group of LinkedIn users that can contact you through connections up to three degrees away. You are at the center of your network with the following degrees of connections: ◦ Direct connections make up the 1st degree of your network. ◦ Connections to each of your direct connections make up your 2nd degree. ◦ Connections to those in your 2nd degree make up your 3rd degree. This chain of trusted connections gives inside access to a network of professionals, companies and industries across the world.
  11. 11. Join Groups And contribute to discussions
  12. 12.  A demo!  Scenario: Sue is seeking to move to North Carolina and wants to stay in career services. 
  13. 13. &category=CAR
  14. 14.  Recruiters use LinkedIn to: ◦ Find potential employees in their existing network ◦ Verify applicant’ background  Public profile  Through their existing connections ◦ Announce opportunities ◦ Post opportnities
  15. 15.  “I have used LinkedIn on several job searches and have been pleased with the quality of the candidates. We have a search firm on retainer and we are pleased with the results. I view LinkedIn as part of the toolkit.” CEO/Hiring Manager
  16. 16. Yes twice! The first [contact] was an email through LinkedIn by a UK recruiter, followed by a conference call with him. Thereafter I met with the hiring company in South Africa and had the interview. I did not get the job though. The second one was an email through Linked from a local South African company, followed by an interview with recruiter, then the hiring company and got then got contract. In both cases I used LinkedIn to indicate that I am available to the market.  Technical Consultant
  17. 17. We have found that this is a great way to network new clients and have students learn about our workshops. I have not done a search yet for an employee using LinkedIn but we plan to in the future. I really enjoy the professionalism of this site and the creative things others are doing in the field. Director of Workshops
  18. 18. “I have been actively using LinkedIn for about 15 months and like most people, it took me a while to get my momentum. Within the last 12 months, I have earned three lucrative consulting engagements. Two of those clients have since put me in touch with others which has results in two confirmed and two tentative engagements. I think some of the important items on the checklist for people just getting started would include: 1. make sure your profile is complete and up-to-date 2. make sure you have at least one recommendation for each job you feature 3. join groups that expose you to the industries, interests, and associations whose members you want to connect with. Then participate in the discussion forums by posting question and adding comments. 4. do NOT sell directly on LinkedIn. It's a big turn-off.” Senior Executive, Life & Business Coach
  19. 19. And a Gentle Reminder…. Keep your online image professional!
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