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Haywood St. Visioning Project presentation


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The powerpoint delivered by Andrew Fletcher to the Asheville City Council on March 28. It outlines the process and outcomes of the Haywood Street Task Force.

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Haywood St. Visioning Project presentation

  1. 1. INTRO
  2. 2. ADVISORY TEAM ROSTER Andrew Fletcher, Chair Susan Andrew, Vice Chair Michael McDonough, Vice Chair Julie Nelson, Friends of St. Lawrence Green Ruth Summers, Grove Arcade Brendan Ross, Historic Resources Commission Jay Fields, Public Art and Cultural Commission Jeremy Goldstein, AVL Area Chamber of Commerce Meghan Rogers, Asheville Downtown Association Sue Robbins, Downtown AVL Residential Neighbors Bud Hansbury, Basilica of St. Lawrence Michael Donohue, Battery Park Apartments Dean Pistor, Recreation Board Geronimo Owen, At-Large Joel Storrow, US Cellular Center Rachael Bliss, Vanderbilt Apartments David Nutter, At-Large
  3. 3. DESCRIPTION OF THE SOLUTION What’s the difference between a VISION… ...and a DESIGN? A community can create a vision... ...which will show a designer what “success” looks like. Included in our report: Vision statement Site analysis Full exploration of uses and amenities Appendix of collected community input
  4. 4. March 8 2016: Asheville City Council Creates Haywood Advisory Team May 19: Project for Public Spaces presentation and placemaking training for Advisory Team June 14: First meeting of Advisory Team June 23-28: Open house for public input at One West Pack Square July 30-31: LEAF Downtown Festival October 2-31: Activity Preference Survey February 18 2017: Visioning Workshop March 28: Presentation to City Council TIMELINE
  5. 5. INTRO