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Rsrc2 advice service v.3


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C@C Advice Service - RSRC2 : Presentation

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Rsrc2 advice service v.3

  1. 1. Advice Service @ Rough SleepersResidential Centre 2 – [Morning | Afternoon | Night Shifts] Gordon Owen Advice Service Manager hristma s 2012 C risis at C
  2. 2. •  For those of us who have done this before, where has the year gone - little scary!!! As I always say, the adrenalin kicks in and we will be off for another year at Crisis at Christmas 2012! It may sound repetitious but none the less sincere, your forthcoming contribution will be extremely valued by Crisis and especially by the guests, so whether this is your ?? or first time on their behalf, a BIG THANK YOU!Thank You………..…….
  3. 3. ROSTASYou have kindly offered to be with the Advice Service team at theRough Sleepers Residential Centre 2 and whilst you will have liaisedwith the Advice Service Co-Ordinator it would be appreciated if youwould please e-mail me to confirm the days and times you expectto be there with contact details. This is important so that I can startto plan a rosta. Equally, if you have to change or circumstances do notallow you to be at the Centre for any given day or time, please do letme know at the earliest opportunity so that I can again make provisionfor this. My mobile number is: 07971 705 856.This number should be used between ourselves, (and as also with yourown mobile numbers), should not be disclosed to Guests.
  4. 4. C@C VOLUNTEERING REGISTRATION.Hopefully you will have by now have your Usernameand Password for the Crisis Community website soplease do try and login as much as you can betweennow and the 23rd December (& beyond) to beupdated with any information that has already begunto be posted on the website generally and speciallyfor C@C 12 - Login at:
  5. 5. Just a general guide for everyone to know, Advice Service will beopen at RSRC2 daily, on the 23rd., 24th., 27th., 28th., &29th. There will be a provision for Advice Service for Xmas Day(25th) & Boxing Day (26th) per say when guests are focusing onenjoying the festivities. However, I will be on call as usual via theCentre Shift Office should any emergency arise – sadly that hasoccurred for the past two years! For a second year Xmas falls at anawkward time with agencies and services closed which will makedealing with certain issues challenging. If, from your ownexperience, you have contact details, especially e-mail addresses forpotential sources please make a note and bring this with you so thatwe can at least send communications, e.g. help for a guest orreferral by e-mail. We will again have a useful Handbook as a pointof reference with a host of information and contacts – the rest wecan post.C@C Date s Open…….
  6. 6. On your day(s) of arrival at the Centre you will be directed to thevolunteers entrance area who will ask your name and check you in so thatthe Shift knows who is in the building and what services are available. Youwill be issued with an Orange Circle badge. - Please bring along a copy of theoriginal e-mail you received from Crisis confirming your volunteering although wenow have an electronic system so by given your personal details they will typeinto a tablet and your name should appear and then ticked off daily. Pleasewrite your name on this and wear it at all time you are in the Centre. If youput this badge on outer garments and then remove when you are in theCentre, (which is quite warm), please ensure that you put take the badge offand pin onto your inner clothing so that you can be clearly identified at alltimes. It also will allow you access to the central overall volunteers area onthe first floor, (where we are again locate as well). Please then makecontact with the Services Co-Ordinator who is a senior volunteer and co-ordinate all the services provided so that they know who and what is availableand can then liaise between all the different services and the Shift Office toenable the Shift Leaders to mange the overall Centre effectively. ntre… …Check-in on A rrival Daily at the Ce
  7. 7. Wearing a nd retaining your badge is Christmas closesim portant as after Crisis @as we have an annual volunteers party inLondon Bridge in Ja nuary for all volunteers nd wearing this badge will get you entry – a r forget your badge and regrettably you will lose o not be able to get in and this would be unfortunate – so p lease look after this and ember to bring it with yo u each and ever shift rem at the Centre as well. morning/afternoon you are . Badge Wearing (Orange Circle)…
  8. 8. •  We will strive to break for lunch at about 1 pm, (and if possible we will rotate people so as to try have at least a presence around the Advice Room(s) throughout the day). The Advice Service will close daily at 6 pm so as to allow for a 20/30 minutes debrief. Depending on when people want, or need to leave we will decide amongst ourselves each day whether we actual close at 5.50 or pm 6/6.30 pm to guests so as to allow for this. This way we can be consistent and be able to let guests know when they arrive at the last minute and ask them to return the next day. I will trying to attend SL’s/GB’s & Centres debriefings daily and possibly afternoon briefings provided not caught up with assisting a guest or short of Advice Workers for a given shift. Breaks……..
  9. 9. •  We will also again have an Advice Service Poster which will be on display showing the services provided, (and not), so that this expectations are clear to both guess a vols generally. The times are not an exact science and every effort will be made to see any guest who wishes to discuss issues. This will be complimented by the Befrienders Service Team, which exists to be a sympathetic listener to those guests who just want to talk about issues, rather than need specific advice help. We will continue to be pro-active in engaging with guests and provide as a higher level of service as practically possible. We have again the valued support service of the Samaritans should this be needed. Briefings/1…….
  10. 10. vice for Gue sts…………..Get Ad
  11. 11. It will start with the Advice Workers Briefing at 10 am butactually open to guests from about 10.30/11 am. It is thereforeimportant that we arrive in good time in readiness for the briefingat 10 am so that we allow sufficient time to get through this andbe able to make ourselves available for guests at soon aspossible. Late arrival will mean that we may miss somethingraised and not be up to speed with developments as they occuron a day-to-day basis. Your input will be important and valued aspart of delivering an effective service, whether it be aboutsomeone you have seen or you own personal involvementexperiences – things that worked and things that you feel weshould look at to help us all work together as a team. This has inthe past gone adrift with Advice staff arriving late at differenttimes, which did not help continuity so please ensure that youarrive on time. Briefings/2…….
  12. 12. Owing to down times of IT systems in the past we havereintroduced the pro-form forms used to obtaininformation from guests and then transferring this ontoa the C@C database, C-Log (Christmas Log) by ourAdministrator. It has been created so that rather thanhaving to repeat asking for information from guestsalready obtained when they arrive and startinterview with such a formal process we can takesnotes and then afterwards enter this into thedatabase. I will give a run down on the use but do notfeel perturbed by this it is not complicated and is easyto use – it will just be about familierisation and routinepractice. tmas Log): …….C-Log (Chris
  13. 13. og…………..Entry Screen of C-L
  14. 14. Advice Appointment Case status
  15. 15. Open needsreport.Note: Casedetails arefictional
  16. 16. Each day we will also have an Outreach Team workerwho work for agencies and who all-year-round engagewith homeless/rough sleepers. They will base decisionson information they have on CHAIN, ("CentralHomeless Access Information Network"), and in liaisonwith the Green Badge Shift Leaders & Advice ServiceManager who collectively will be making decisions interms guests needs or other action needed after Crisis@ Christmas closes. Leaving something out of thedatabase can make the difference between theOutreach Team being able to positively help and notbeing able to help as much because certain relevantinformation was not recorded. eferrals……Support Workers/R
  17. 17. • CHAIN – “Central Homeless Access Information Network” is adatabase containing details of individuals, assessments of their needs,contacts and interventions. It is compiled by agencies in London thatwork with those rough sleeping or engaging in other street activitiesthat cause concern in communities and need a welfare responseThe information is gathered to enable agencies to liaise effectively todeliver services to individuals whose lifestyles make it complex toorganise effective and sustainable interventions in multi-agencysettings. Those with access to CHAIN data are voluntary organisationsthat provide services to the street population, local authorities withresponsibility for delivering the homelessness strategy for theirborough, plus regional & central government, which has overallresponsibility for homelessness policy.CH AIN/1…… ………..
  18. 18. Having a CHAIN record does not give any individual automatic rights to accessaccommodation or services. However the record of someones support needs andtheir history of contact with services may contribute to a successful referral to re-engage or at least access other limited resources. For example, a record onCHAIN that someone is a verified rough sleeper is usually required before anindividual can access accommodation via the Clearing House.In general, for members of the street population having a CHAIN record will aidworkers to effectively link them into available services. Information about anindividual on CHAIN can help a worker to make the case that the person is inneed of a given service, and so aid their access to it.CHAIN is a piece of language that is meaningless to guests at C@C so not worthtalking to them about as they are unlikely to understand, perhaps get confused,and therefore best not mentioned unless asked.CH AIN/2…… ………..
  19. 19. Latterly because of increasing transient movement, and more significant theinflux of A8 and then A10 Ascension people, there can be, (and there are many)people that do not engage with services because of the circumstances or been outof the loop for a long period, or just arrived from another country and thesepeople with likely not been on CHAIN.For those who have, on arrival the first day of C@C we can, and do identify sothat we can make objective assessments to help them from there, but for those noton the system then they have to be separately assessed as to what, if any we cando to help. This is done based on as much information that can be gathered fromindividual guests, knowledge and experience of Outreach Workers, and decisions/referrals are made (between Shift Leaders/Advice Service Managers/Outreachworkers), who again will collectively with their known and experience makeoften on the spot judgement calls to help a guests as best we can to make theirexperience of C@C a even more longer term valuable one and not just for Xmas.CH AIN/3…… ………..
  20. 20. We have our own dedicated e-mailaddress for communications including toexternal agencies on behalf of guests. Thee-mail addressis: CCAdvice.RoughSleepers2@gmail.comand the password will be given at briefings.This also includes an online GoogleOutlook diary so we can keep track ofevents and activities we need toremember. ss… ervice s e-Mail addreC@ C RS RC2 Advice S
  21. 21. Advice Service @ Crisis at Christmas - RoughSleepers Residential Centre 2 are on Twittersolely to input on any matters relating tohelping understand the role and work of AdviceService and its service delivery to guests. Noindividuals or guests will be discussed on thisplatform.AS @ RSRC2 – Twitter & follow us on:@asrsrc2. ess… ervice s Twitter addrC@ C RS RC2 Advice S
  22. 22. C@C Advice Service @ RoughSleepers Residential Centre 2 alsohas a Podcast downloadable fromthe Apple iTunes website page #iTunes ……. ervice s Podcast……C@ C RS RC2 Advice S
  23. 23. You are reminded to try and make space to look at the Crisisat Christmas Volunteers Handbook which link will have beenrecently e-mailed to you all but is downloadable at a pdfdocument once longed into the Crisis at Christmas VolunteerCommunity website at Forthose who maybe on Facebook please also see the linksattached to the events’ webpage for Advice Service - Crisis@ Xmas which provides such things as the, photos,map, and directions to the Centre and more! I is a ‘closedgroup’ for obvious reasons so please let me have your namesand I can add you to the group. …………….. + Face book websiteC@ C Community
  24. 24. •  If you have any queries about your role or how this works in Advice do not feel it may be a silly question – simply e-mail me and ask and I will be happy to help in anyway I can - if I cannot, as the old advert on the TV for the AA used to say, I know someone else who can help!! Queries/1………...
  25. 25. I will keep you up to date with anything that may be usefulbefore we start on the 23rd but otherwise look forward toseeing and working with you all on the days that you arearound.I will not be available for between 30 minutes/1hour dallyfrom 7 pm whilst on a daily teleconference with Central Opp’sand others Centres for briefings/debriefings. As in the past, Imay well be required to attend different situations and not bein the office but in this event I will still be in contact with aradio on my person and a radio for all to use to contact me inthe office.Warm wishes and a Merry Xmas!!! Queries/2………...
  26. 26. GET ADVICEAt Crisis at Christmas we offer information and assistance in the following areas:1. Your housing • Discuss housing options with our housing team • Meet with the rough sleeping outreach team • Get help to prepare for housing applications2. Legal Advice • Have you been evicted or having problems with your landlord or neighbours? • Are you being harassed or harmed by another person? • Do you need advice on asylum or immigration problems?3. Financial • Are you getting the right benefits? • Do you have difficulty managing your money? • Are you worried about keeping up your rent or mortgage payments?Ge t Advice/1 ………...
  27. 27. 4. Employment and training • Discuss options with our employment team on (29th December? TBC) • Find out what Crisis Skylight can do to help you • Get help with your CV and preparing for an interview5. Ex-Forces? • Specialist help is available – please come and askWe aim to provide a professional Advice Services from 24th to 29th December. Ourspecialist volunteers are not here every day so we might need to make you anappointment to come back and see us on another day.Please note: We are not able to provide permanent housing or guarantee a bed in anight shelter or any other temporary accommodation.Ge t Advice/2 ………...
  28. 28. Advice Services Workers @ C@C Rough Sleepers Residential Centre 2, E15Check List Briefing of Shift Advice Service Workers at 10.00 am Thank you! Liaison on arrival with Services Co-Ordinator; Avoid being alone with guest, particularly if they seem agitated; Siting with back to the door if case of guest becoming violent so can easily leave; In the event of engaging with a guest who is violent, or who you have grave concerns about conduct, behaviour, or antecedents – please inform the Advice Service Manager immediately. In an emergency and cannot locate inform any Green Badge. Such matters are not with the remit of Advice Service (except where assistance might be asked by the Shift Leader) and a decision as to what action to take will be taken by the Shift Leader/GB’s as appropriate to deal with the guest. There is a box to tick in C-Log to identify any such guests’, which is confidential and forewarns relevant people as well as other centres in the event that the guest attempts to move around to escape action and try and get onto other C@C Centres. Maintaining contact/liaison with Advice Service Manager when not in the Advice Service Offices – Use of Radios; In the event of using the radio, be conscious of the fact that the frequency generally used can be heard by other people, (and possibly at times overheard by guests), so please be careful as to what you say or disclose over the radio and how you may say things. There may be times where the Shift Leader/GB’s may ask for radio silence for a while, for good reason and when this is heard, please respect as it is for good reason. Arrange with Advice Service Manager/GBs for volunteers to be in attendance where with women; At times there will be guest(s) who blatantly will make unreasonable demands and refuse advice or assistance – at all times Advice Service must avoid making pre-judgements or engaging in a heated debate with guests. Crisis At Christmas is about providing a warm, welcoming & non-judgemental environment to help guest as best we can. Please speak with the Advice Service Manager if you have any difficulties;. It is understood that we will at all times act in the usual professional manner and afford every courtesy to guests and only decline where a guest responds abusively or in a threatening manner. AS Ws Chec k List/1.
  29. 29. What to do in case of any emergencies; reminder of fire escapes exists from upstairs;Reiterate Volunteers areas and wearing of badge at all times for access;Protection of personal property and possessions;Use of Volunteers designated area;Reminder of hygiene, where first aid is;If unwell notify Advice Service Manager and go homeIf unable to attend a shift arranged – please notify the Advice Service Manager immediately;Where someone just wants to talk, rather than need advice, refer to Befrienders so as to not block time for other needy guest who doneed advice; Similarly, where considered very venerable, refer to Samaritans;CHAIN - (Central Homeless Access Information Network) : Centralised nationwide Databases of known homeless/rough sleepers;C-Log – (Christmas Log) : Confidential Database held by Crisis UK;Referrals – (Only made jointly between Advice Service Manager/Outreach Worker/GB-Shift Leader);Contact and liaison with outside bodies, e.g. statutory Authorities;Advice Service Workers at C@C RSRC2 – e-mail address & password;Use of computers & printer(s), fax machine, Photostat machine, etc by Advice Service Workers – discretion and restrictions for guests;Familiarisation of both Database & Forms and ensuring that ALL basic information including guest’s wrist band number is recorded;[This is crucial not only to help the guest, bust also for stats after C@C to quantify to donors & stakeholders; plus for Crisis and OutreachWorkers to follow up and support some of the guests needs once C@C as close on the 3th December].Ensure guest signs consent form before acting on anything on their behalf;Reassuring guest and maintaining strict confidentiality of anything discussed with guest and securing filing of any hardcopy material; Maintaining discretionary confidentiality of screen data so that other people can no see and logging out when not in use or out of the room;AS Ws Chec k List/2.
  30. 30. Under no circumstances give out personal details, including home address or mobile/land number, or offer to do things and make contact after C@C – if anything needs to be done after Xmas, please inform the Advice Service Manager who will make the necessary arrangements; Consider use of associated support services, e.g. Designated Shift Green Badge/Key Vol liaison, Outreach Workers, Befrienders, Samaritans, Crisis Ambassadors; Where arrival at the Centre for start of Shift in good time, encouraged to attend Centres Briefing by Shift leader/Green Badges & Key Vols – Morning Shift about 9.30 am and Afternoon Shift about 3.30 pm. Similarly, daily morning and afternoon debriefings are held for everyone at about 2/230 pm and 7.30/8/00 pm – (please check with the Advice Service Manager or Shift Office for each day/shift times). Strongly recommended where not engaged with a guest as this provides overall helpful information beneficial to you and what is happening in the Centre overall plus experienced helpful guidance on issues; plus opportunity to as an questions or queries you have about the Centre + C@C as a whole. Please ensure that you have read through the Crisis at Christmas Volunteers Handbook and familarised yourself with its contents – use for reference. Hopefully you will have attended one of the C@C Volunteers Training Day’s as well. It is helpful to understand that C@C is just for one week out of the 365 - (A time of Xmas Holidays when most services and agencies are closed) – please see the Crisis at Christmas presentation produced by the Advice Service Manager entitled “Great Expectations” for reference – it is amazing what we still achieve and continue to strive to accomplish year-on-year! Debriefing of Advice Services at about 6.00 pm! AS Ws Chec k List/3.
  31. 31. To provide hot meals, entertainment, and a place to go at Christmas forsome people who are alone and in need. As part of this, to providecompanionship and a social event.To provide a range of services such as dentists, doctors, hairdressers,free clothes, befrienders, and advice.Note: It is not the purpose of Crisis At Christmas to undermine orsupersede the normal range of services which operate all year round. Itdoes however aim to identify those people who are not receiving theservices they need, and link them in to those services.In particular the advice service is not there to find housing forguests. We link them into existing services, and do not provide afast track queue jumping service into scarce housing and hostelplacesOverview of the Service…….
  32. 32. There are two types of shelter at Crisis.Day Centres - These are open during the day and provide a full range of CrisisChristmas services. They shut each evening, and guests sleep elsewhereResidential (Sleeping) Centres. These provide overnight accommodation, for themore vulnerable guests. The Advice Service with the Outreach Workers at the DayCentre involved in deciding who goes to which Residential Centre. Each has aspecial character: The Women’s Centre is for women who would benefit most from an all women environment The Gate Centre is for guests with dependency issues and is the only “wet” centre where guests are permitted to drink on the premises The Bridge is for “205” clients – who are guests who have been rough sleeping for some years and are well known to the Outreach and other homelessness teams (and there were originally 205 people on a list of entrenched rough sleepers) There are two Rough Sleeping Residential Centres this year, which is the main sleeping Centre for other guests who need to be housed for the weekDay & Night Se rvice………….
  33. 33. There is a range of ways in which guests arrive at, or are brought to, the different Centres. Throughoutreach (street rescue) teams bringing them in. Outreach teams work throughout the year with rough sleepers and former rough sleepers. They know which rough sleepers would benefit from the Crisis at Christmas event, and are invited to take these people to the appropriate Residential Centres on the evening before the formal opening – (that is on 22nd December). Through night shelter referral. Some rough sleepers regularly sleep in a variety of winter night shelters. Many of those shut over Christmas and we have arrangements to allow night shelter personnel to bring people into the Residential Centres, by arrangement, in advance of formal opening. Through referral from Day Centres. Many guests arrive at the Day Centres seeking to be admitted to a Residential Centre. Each Request is reviewed by Outreach Workers who form part of the Day Centre Advice Teams. This is a “triage” process where the known status of the person asking to be referred is checked on the central database of rough sleepers (called CHAIN) to see if they have been “verified” (which means have been found rough sleeping by an Outreach Team, or has had other recorded contacts). Using this and other information the Outreach Teams, often with the advice of other advice and crisis staff, will decide whether to offer them a place at a Residential Centre. The more detailed process, and criteria for decision making here, is in the “Referrals Process” guidance below.Guest Entry C riteria………….
  34. 34. First, it is a focal point for referral to, or support for, housing and housing related serviceswho work with homeless people all year round. The main ones – explained in more detailbelow - are: Outreach (Street Rescue) teams.. Outreach team members are integral parts of the advice team, and many guests will have details of their rough sleeping locations referred to outreach teams at the end of the Christmas event Housing Options teams – Local Authority housing department services ( what used to be Homeless Persons Units or HPU’s). An important aspect of the advice service is to identify guests who have a statutory entitlement to housing due to their vulnerability in terms of the housing legislation, and in most of these cases to advocate immediately on their behalf No Second Night Out. (NSNO) This is a new initiative which has the aim of stopping rough sleeping as soon as it starts by helping newly arrived rough sleepers to go back to where they came from (with clear attention paid to vulnerability, safety, and other options where simple return is not possible) apart from rough sleeping). In fact we will not refer guests to this service direct from Crisis, but will be using guidance from NSNO to deliver the same message that moving to a life of rough sleeping is dangerous, unhealthy, and almost any other alternative is preferable. …. S ervice do? 1………What does Advice
  35. 35. Second, it provides advice on a range of other general issues,including but not exclusively: Other housing issues such as harassment, disrepair, and other tenancy matters Welfare benefits issues – we normally raise these with DWP on the final days when the DWP system is up (again, more below on this) Other legal issues such as immigration or domestic violence Any other matter which arises …. S ervice do? 2………What does Advice
  36. 36. Third, the issue of Eastern European) guestsshould be flagged.There are special events for these guests, and arange of translators and information.They have different rights and issues, andspecific guidance and information will beprovided about this. …. S ervice do? 3………What does Advice
  37. 37. Yes! The first two days in the Day Centres tend to be dominated by the triage process asguests are referred to the Residential Centres. As a Residential centre our focus will beon the Outreach Teams seeing each one and assessing needs and where ‘advice; isalso needed then Advice at Day Centre will provide that support also to guests. Xmas day tends to be quiet from an advice perspective, and some Centres do not provide an Advice Service After Xmas guests begin to visit Advice to raise a range of issues. Often these can only be fully progressed when regular services are open on 28th and 29th December – so guests may have to return on these days On 28th - 29th December there is also a push to ensure that guest information is recorded and passed on to the regular services. This may, for example, be preparing the outreach referral sheets which tell street outreach teams where guests are regularly sleeping rough so they can be found on the streets; taking guests to Housing Options offices to present as Statutorily Homeless; or preparing information to refer the guest to a CAB or other service for follow up assistance At the end there is some activity to ensure that the most needs of the most vulnerable guests are addressed in the short term – but there is no follow on shelter - (unless there is a cold weather emergency). outine….……….Advice Service R
  38. 38. Guests will arrive at the Advice Service and someone will check with them that they want advice on some specific matter (and are not just looking for the cinema or new shoes….) Information will be available in different languages for guests who may not be English speakers, and there are also translators to assist (in the centres generally) Each guest’s basic details will be already recorded on the Crisis at Christmas C-Log database (using details taken at the door) and so the first thing to do is check C-Log to see what we know already about the guest. Look out for the red flag which may show on the front C-Log page at the middle on the right, round a box marked “SA”. If this is lit up, review the issue (which may be a history of violence, for example). As the week progresses this may well include details about a previous visit to the advice service. The C-Log system is set up so that you can easily print off the record of previous contact with the guest to use when they are next seen. Further details on using C-Log are below. Assuming it is a new case, gather some details about the guest and the issues, and record them on the interview sheet. There are blank sheets, or you can print one off from C-Log with the guest details. At the end if the interview, and if appropriate, do not forget to ask the guest to sign the data protection consent part of the form. vice Service 1.What we do in Ad
  39. 39. If a follow up is required, make an appointment - (for example if we need to ring DWP on the Wednesday or Thursday). Various resources are available to assist including the CPAG handbooks, and the Citizens Advice guide called “Advisernet”. You will also have access to the internet in the office to consult any sites you might normally use. This includes the various sites run by Homeless Link which includes details of hostels, outreach teams, winter shelters, dealing with people who have no recourse to public funds, and a range of other invaluable information. The main site is at and you may wish to look at this portal for further briefing on a range of topics. For any specific advice or guidance ask the Advice Services Manager who is there to provide support on any and all issues. Sometimes it will be more appropriate for the guest to see the Outreach worker – in which case see if they are available. Alternatively it may be that another team member has more relevant expertise, or that there is another adviser in an advice team in another centre. Where you don’t have the immediate knowledge or expertise, do not hesitate to check who else may be available to help, either immediately or by arrangement. There is an Advice Manual which gives details of the other services and events at Crisis, including those specifically for A10 guests. It also lists the skills of other advisers in the other centres, as well as having details of the opening times and out of hours numbers for local authority housing and social services departments in the London Boroughs. Sometimes guests just want to talk. If you are happy to do this, and there are no other guests waiting, feel free to do this. If not, there are many other volunteers in the centre who are willing and able to sit and talk to guests without necessarily seeking to deliver any specific service or attain any outcome other than companionship. Equally if the guest seems to need some more specific and intensive attention, there are specialist befrienders available to assist. Do not hesitate to gently guide guests towards there other volunteers if this is more appropriate. v ice Service 2..What we do in Ad
  40. 40. When You Arrive:Present a copy of your shift confirmation e-mail at the entrance and you will bechecked in dally.Report to the Shift OfficeAsk for the Services Liaison Volunteer,they will be able to direct you to theAdvice Service areaGo to the Advice Service area for morningbriefing with the Advice Service ManagerPlease familiarise yourself with the Centre andwhat is going on throughout your CentreThere will be a de-brief at the end of each shift, to discuss any cases that may needmore attentionAbout Signing in…………
  41. 41. Most of you are familiar with interviewing and dealing with clients, but please doremember:Before seeing a guest, check that you have the details on C-Log,particularly any issues about language and safety;Be constantly alert to safety issues. Although most guests will come to seek advicefrom you, some of them may have any of a range of issues to deal with (includingmental health issues) and you should always interview in a safe environment, sitnearest the door and go with another volunteer if there is any suggestion of specificrisks. Consult the Advice Service Manager if you have any concerns;Pay attention to the normal issues of hygiene in the Centres, particularly before youeat;Do not leave your mobile phone/pda, handbags, case/bag etc anywhere it may getstolen – general philosophy – ‘out-of-sight-out-of temptation’.Important Reminder.……
  42. 42. Information on this programme can be found at: introductory section of this website sets out:No Second Night Out (NSNO) focuses on helping those who find themselves rough sleeping on the streets ofLondon for the first time. We will ensure there is a rapid response to new rough sleepers, and will provide anoffer that means they do not have to sleep out for a second night. The Mayor of London has committed to endrough sleeping in the capital and has set up the London Delivery Board (LDB).The LDB brings together partners in London who have a role in ending rough sleeping.Each week about 40 people are seen rough sleeping for the first time in London. Most of them are new to thecapital.Other projects exist to support those already rough sleeping. NSNO aims to prevent someone new to roughsleeping from spiraling downwards into a long term life on the streets where they are very vulnerable to crime,drugs and alcohol, and at high risk of serious illness, and potential early death.We go live on 1st April 2011 and will focus on Camden, City of London, Tower Hamlets, Westminster,Hammersmith & Fulham, Kensington & Chelsea, Lambeth, Brent and Southwark. The pilot will last 6 months.We have set up a new Assessment Hub open round the clock, seven days a week. To help us respond to newrough sleepers you can call the 24/7 helpline or contact us and make an online referral here.We will offer people help so that they do not need to return to the streets; for many this will be returning totheir home area, reconnecting with family and support networks.We are working with No Second Night Out and will be providing further briefing. In essence for new roughsleepers we will try to provide similar messages to those provided by NSNO – not to stay on thestreets.No Second Night Out.…
  43. 43. The exact location of the Rough Sleepers Second Centre is confidential and will only be sent out to those volunteering at this Centre. When notified parking facilities can be checked out at This year Crisis at Christmas has secured two locations for general needs Residential Centres. These Centres will provide support to rough sleepers with a variety of support needs including alcohol and drug dependency but do not allow drinking on site. In previous years a single Rough Sleeper Centre had been used by Crisis at Christmas with up to 400 beds. This year we will provide a more intimate and personal service by splitting this centre into two. Guests in Rough Sleeper Centres tend to be very diverse, last year 69 different nationalities stayed in this centre with around 37% of guests originating from Central and Eastern Europe. Services, Activities and Entertainments run through the evenings and volunteers are on call all night to provide a listening ear. SRC2……… ……………..About R
  44. 44. Homelessness
  45. 45. Homelessness in England44,160 Households registered themselves as Homeless in 2010/11Rough Sleeping- Street Count Figures The Autumn 2011 total of rough sleeping counts and estimates in England was 2,181 on any one night (An increase of 23% on 2010/11) 446 of these were in London (20% of UK total)CHAIN data 2011/125,678 people were seen rough sleeping in London by outreach workers 3,825 people slept rough for the first time in London 12% Female, 47% had a UK nationality, 28% were CEE, 58% 26-45 years oldSupport Need Background 47% Alcohol Issues, 29% Drug Issues, 43% Mental Health Support Need 34% been in Prison, 10% been in Armed Forces, 11% been in Care
  46. 46. The Changing LandscapeMajor Changes•  Welfare reforms coming into place now, and in April•  Squatting provisions in place•  Out of London Homelessness placements•  Over 50% rough sleepers are non UK nationalsNo Second Night Out•  63% of new rough sleepers attending the hub were assisted to find analternative to rough sleeping and had a positive departure•  70% of new rough sleepers linked to NSNO in the first six months of theproject did not spend a second night on the streets in London•  2,696 (70%) CHAIN (2011/12) first contacts spent only one night on street
  47. 47. Guest allocation to Sleeping CentresPrincipal Criteria•  Any individual that can be evidenced as currently rough sleeping on the street.•  Any individual that is believed to be rough sleeping but there is a lack of evidence toconfirm this, but is clearly very vulnerable and at risk.•  Targeted by Outreach: The guest is someone who Outreach, or another similar team,wish to do some work with during the week•  Specific category The guest is assessed by Outreach, or another similar team, asparticularly suitable for support which is provided by one of the more specialist centres,particularly Women’s or the Gate.Criteria which incline towards Refusal•  Partners or carers•  New rough sleeper•  Past use of sleeping centre•  Being housed in temporary arrangement like sleeping with friends or in a squat•  Being housed in a hostel, supported housing or the Private Rental Sector Theseapplicants should always be refused
  48. 48. Process of Guest allocation (Day Centres) Guest has requested somewhere to sleep and has Referral Champion•  Outreach workers been directed to advice service for assessment. -------------------------------- Guest has been given ‘Referrals Explained’ Flyer Obtains ‘trigger point’ prior to Guest enters Triage Process centre opening from hub **Arranges transport for Guests** are gatekeepers **Makes a note when guests have Advice Administrator been dispatched on transport** ------------------------ Guest Registers: ·∙   Completes Part A of ‘Crisis Advice **Contacts Residential Centre to Service Case Record’ Form advise that transport is on way** ·∙   Checks CHAIN for guest ·∙   CHAIN number added to form if **Keeps check on Numbers referred•  Advice team and applicable. to Centres** **Contacts the Hub when agreed Outreach or Advice Worker ‘trigger point’ referrals number -------------------- Reached** Guest Assessed using Referrals admin are in Criteria Part B of ‘Crisis Advice Service Case **Relays number of Guests Record’ Form Completed expected to be referred that day to Hub** support Guest referred to residential centre? No Yes•  Issues: Outreach or Advisor -------------- Outreach or Advisor -------------------------- Guest informed : - Where referred to Advice Administrator ------------------- If Guest has been referred: Decision - Transport told time of bus (if Who? ·∙   Priority logging ‘Red’ Referral form Communicated to possible) entered on C-Log Guest Guest given White Wristband ·∙   Guest info, time of referral and Priority logging ‘Red’ Referral form referral number entered in Centre filled out specific transport record sheet Transport Whether Guest has been referred or not: Guest makes use of day centre until ·∙   ‘Crisis Advice Service: Case scheduled time of transport Record’ Form entered on C-Log Guest then collected and taken to applicable centre Enough places
  49. 49. Gr eat Expec tations…
  50. 50. Crisis At Christmas - Great Expectations!!! Gr eat Expec tations…
  51. 51. We are open from the 23rd to 30th (29th for Residential centres) December annually at numerous day venues around London with some residential night accommodation hen Open..…Great Ex pectations – W
  52. 52. Crisis At Christmas provides a warm clean, caring, non-judgemental environment for homeless & rough sleepers elcoming...…Great Ex pectations – W
  53. 53. A time of Xmas Holidays when most services and agencies are closed! imitations...…Great Ex pectations – L
  54. 54. Crisis At Christmas have limited spaces and therefore will only accept referrals from bonified referral agencies who have engaged and agreed prior arrangements with us to Crisis At Christmas .… – Referrals….Grea t Expectations
  55. 55. Crisis At Christmas facilities can cater for single home/ rough sleepers only – we are unable to admit under age people (below 18 years) or families! ..… – Criteria……Grea t Expectations
  56. 56. Some stats for C@C ’12 : 9 Centres; 3,400 guests; 581 guests referred to one of the Residential Centres; 23,400 meals served during C@C week (which alone by even hotelier standards is an enormous figure); 714 medical consultations; 379 guests had their feet treated and cared for; 16,184 volunteer Shifts; in addition to hundreds of people who will have been through the doors of the Advice Service at each Day & Residential Centre; plus a host of other invaluable Services that makes up Crisis at Christmas week! c hievements…Great Ex pectations – A
  57. 57. So please understand life’s limitation and do not simply refer or indiscriminately send guests during Crisis At Christmas or expect great expectations – even though we accomplish so, so much! Please contact us first! ut of Hours…Great Ex pectations – O
  58. 58. To all the Centres and venues who so invaluably help us with buildings – A Big Thank You! To the residents of places where we locate each year – A Big Thank You for understanding! To all the fabulous volunteers from 18 to 80 and specialists who provide so much each year – A Big Thank you! To our funders, donors, and stakeholders equally so valued – A Big Thank You! g Thank You.Gr eat Expectations – Bi
  59. 59. There are increasing demands and Great Expectations each successive year – but with all your help, support and co- operation we will strive to delivery services that will make a huge difference to so many lives year on year! e rvice DeliveryGreat Ex pectations – S
  60. 60. s... Sea sons GreetingGreat E xpectations –