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One of the most difficult choresfor writers is sifting through thecountless writing-related web-sites available in search ...
keting resources, genres/niches andjust for fun. New this year, in eachsection we’ve called out one site asthe “Best of th...
Run by Bradford Literary Agency’sNatalie Lakosil (née Fischer), thisnewer blog takes an energeticapproach to fielding prac...
23. National Novel WritingMonthnanowrimo.orgJoin more than 250,000 writers in tak-ing on the challenge of writing 50,000wo...
IGO	  EBOOKS	  –	  INFORMATION	  &	  DESCRIPTION	  :	  AUDIO	  /	  VISUAL	  Introducing	  
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iGO	  eBooks	  View	  @	  hJp://	  E-­‐Mail:	  	  	  
this extensive list of more than 1,000domestic and international writing con-ferences and retreats.31. United States Copyr...
47. The Writer Undergroundwriterunderground.comOnce known as The CopywriterUnderground, this site has morphedinto a resour...
63. The Book Designerthebookdesigner.comThis site offers plenty of self-publish-ing resources, including articles onmarket...
sfwa.orgStay up to date on the latest genrenews, including book releases, awardsand more from this serious organi-zation d...
this website includes a poetry map,resources for educators and, of course,poetry. Sign up for free email updates,and recei...
101 Best Websites for Writers
101 Best Websites for Writers
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101 Best Websites for Writers


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101 Best Websites for Writers via iGO eBooks

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101 Best Websites for Writers

  1. 1. One of the most difficult choresfor writers is sifting through thecountless writing-related web-sites available in search of thegems that prove to be a valuableuse of your time. That’s why, formore than a decade, we’ve been busy scour-ing the Web for you, rummaging throughevery online resource imaginable to simplifyyour search and bring you the best of the best.One hundred and one of the best,to be exact.Introducing our 14th annual101 Best Websites for Writers, care-fully culled by members of WD’seditorial team from this year’srecord-setting 4,350 nominationsfrom WD readers and the broaderwriting community.You’ll find the list divided intonine sections: creativity, everythingagents, online writing communities,general resources, writing advice,jobs and markets, publishing/mar-BY BRIAN A. KLEMS & KRISTEN GRACE101 BESTWEBSITESFOR WRITERSTHE 14THANNUAL36 I WRITER’S DIGEST I May/June 201236-44 JUN12WD 101BestWebsites.in36 3636-44 JUN12WD 101BestWebsites.in36 36 3/6/12 3:06:37 PM3/6/12 3:06:37 PM
  2. 2. keting resources, genres/niches andjust for fun. New this year, in eachsection we’ve called out one site asthe “Best of the Best”—truly wor-thy of a visit from virtually everywriter. We’ve also included symbolswith each listing so you can quicklylocate sites that have exactly whatyou need: advice for writers, classes/workshops/conferences, contests,critique sections, e-newsletters/RSSfeeds, forums, content for youngwriters, job listings, markets for yourwork and a Twitter feed.Use this indispensable roundupto customize and update your Webbrowser, data streams and desktopson all your networked devices—and the world’s best support, infor-mation and community availablewill never be more than just a fewclicks away.1-6CREATIVITY1. Bulwer-Lytton FictionContestbulwer-lytton.comHow often can you win an award forwriting something terrible? That’sexactly the challenge offered up by theBulwer-Lytton Fiction Contest. It’s timeyou write something so bad, it’s good.2. Easy Street Promptseasystreetprompts.blogspot.comGive your muse a visual boost by perus-ing these photo- and video-based writingprompts until inspiration strikes.3. First 50 Wordsfirst50.wordpress.comLooking for a quick morning cup of writ-ing? Stop by Virginia DeBolt’s website,where she delivers new prompts regularlyand asks you to write 50 words on each,following only one rule: “Don’t judge,don’t edit, just write.”Key to Site FeaturesAdvice for WritersClasses/Workshops/ConferencesContestsCritiquesE-Newsletters/RSSForumsFor Young WritersJobsMarketsOn TwitterLOOKING AHEAD TO THE NEXT 101: Don’t see a favorite site here? Wish we’d add a new category? Send your comments andnominations for next year’s list to with “101 Websites” in the subject line between now and Dec. 1, I 37
  3. 3. Run by Bradford Literary Agency’sNatalie Lakosil (née Fischer), thisnewer blog takes an energeticapproach to fielding practical ques-tions about queries and submissions.8. Agent Queryagentquery.comThis site is a comprehensive databaseof reps and what they seek.9. Association of Authors’Representativesaaronline.orgThe AAR is the closest thing there isto an accredited membership organi-zation for literary agents, and its siteallows you to search for reputable rep-resentatives, read the canon of ethicsAAR members have pledged to follow,and more.10. Chip’s Blogchipmacgregor.comMacGregor Literary founder ChipMacGregor’s deep knowledge of thebusiness end of publishing, as well asthe Christian books marketplace, addvigor to this informative site.11. Janet Reidjetreidliterary.blogspot.comThe epicenter of straight-dope, no-nonsense agent advice from Janet Reidof FinePrint Literary Management.12. Kidlitkidlit.comThis blog for writers of kids’ books—from Andrea Brown Literary Agency’sMary Kole—just keeps getting biggerand better. It’s a must-read for writersof juvenile fiction.13. Literary Ramblescaseylmccormick.blogspot.comWhile not an agent-run site, thisblog is a gold mine for children’sand young adult writers seekingreps because of its long list of “agentspotlights”—comprehensive looks atindividual agents seeking new clientsin the genre.14. Pub Rantspubrants.blogspot.comKristin Nelson, founder of NelsonLiterary Agency, is the brain behindthis amazing blog, which hasaddressed just about every facet ofpublishing and submissions. Havingagented 13 New York Times bestsellers,Nelson is refreshingly willing to sharespecific advice—including real queryletters from her own clients.15. QueryTrackerquerytracker.netThis resource is designed to help youseek agents and track your progress onsubmissions. Be sure to check out theaccompanying blog, too.17. Red Sofa Literaryredsofaliterary.comDawn Frederick’s blog earns its realestate on the home page of Red SofaLiterary by offering up lots of good sub-mission tips alongside general advicefor writers and “Red Sofa Chat” inter-views with publishing pros and authors.4. Six Sentencessixsentences.blogspot.comWrite an entire story in just six sen-tences (that’s right, just six sentences)and submit it to this site. The best getpublished for all to see.5. Six-Word you thought writing a story in six sen-tences was a tall task, try doing a mem-oir in six words! You might be surprisedto find how such a confining limit canset your creativity free.7-17EVERYTHINGAGENTS7. Adventures in Agentlandadventuresinagentland.blogspot.com16. Rachelle Gardnerrachellegardner.comThough she recently switchedfrom WordServe LiteraryGroup to Books and SuchLiterary Agency, RachelleGardner’s popular blog contin-ues. Among the highlights: Sheregularly poses open-endedquestions about writing andpublishing, allowing for healthydiscussions in the commentsfollowing each post.BESTOF THEBEST6. The Story Starterthestorystarter.comWith more than 1.6 billionopening lines loaded into itsdatabase, this site offers upenough ideas to last a life-time—or at least get youthrough your toughest writingdroughts. And if you have kidswho like to write, point themto the sister site, Story Starter,Jr.: BEST WEBSITES FOR WRITERSBESTOF THEBEST38 I WRITER’S DIGEST I May/June 2012
  4. 4. 23. National Novel WritingMonthnanowrimo.orgJoin more than 250,000 writers in tak-ing on the challenge of writing 50,000words in 30 days during the month ofNovember. Part of the fun is interactingwith other participants on the forumsand tracking your novel’s progress withthe online word counter.25. Writers Cafewriterscafe.orgJoin this free writing community togarner reviews from other writersand participate in discussions aboutthe craft.26. The Writer’s Chatroomwriterschatroom.comTune in to this site for real-time moder-ated chats that draw dedicated crowds;weekly staples include CelebritySundays and Open Chat Wednesdays.Check the schedule for upcomingspeakers and events.27. Writing.comwriting.comIt’s no surprise so many writers havemade themselves at home on, where you’ll be amazed at howmuch you can do for free: Share yourwork, enter contests, join writing circlesand participate in a number of otherwriting-related activities. You even getyour own email address!28. Young Writers Onlineyoungwritersonline.netWriters in their teens and early 20s areinvited to post, discuss and critiquework on this active online forum.29-31GENERALRESOURCES30. ShawGuideswriting.shawguides.comTraveling toward your writing goals?Choose your destination wisely using18-28ONLINEWRITINGCOMMUNITIES18. Absolute Writeabsolutewrite.comNearly every writer can benefit fromstopping by the Absolute Write WaterCooler, a forum where advice and dis-cussion flow freely among the site’s30,000+ members, many of whom haveexperience in fiction, freelancing, edit-ing or related fields.19. Backspacebksp.orgWith a brag-worthy third of its mem-bers being published or agented writ-ers, this writing organization (hometo several New York Times bestsellingauthors) is worth a close look. Whilethe thriving forum requires a subscrip-tion fee ($40 annually), nonmemberscan access its advice-filled articles, vid-eos and more.20. Critique Circlecritiquecircle.comWriters of all ages and genres are wel-come in this active online writing work-shop, where you’ll also find resourcesfor tracking submissions, generatingcharacters and measuring progresson manuscripts.21. Critters Workshopcritters.orgThis site hosts a serious critique groupfor writers of science fiction, fantasyand horror.22. My Writers Circlemywriterscircle.comHere you’ll find excellent advice andvaluable resources for improving yourwriting skills. Submit your material tothe workshop section to receive honestand helpful feedback.24. Review Fusereviewfuse.comAs long as you’re willing towrite reviews of others’ work,you can get impartial evalua-tions of your own through thissite. For every four reviewsyou complete, you get threeback—and all behind the pri-vacy of a wall that only thosewith a (free!) membershipcan access.BESTOF THEBEST29. The Review Reviewthereviewreview.comLooking for literary venues foryour work, but overwhelmedby all the journals available?Get to know them by readingreviews of the latest issues of awide selection of mags here.BESTOF I 39
  5. 5. IGO  EBOOKS  –  INFORMATION  &  DESCRIPTION  :  AUDIO  /  VISUAL  Introducing  
  6. 6.  Audio  /  Visual  
  7. 7. iGO  eBooks  View  @  hJp://  E-­‐Mail:      
  8. 8. this extensive list of more than 1,000domestic and international writing con-ferences and retreats.31. United States CopyrightOfficecopyright.govWhen it comes to protecting your work(and yourself), go straight to the sourceto learn everything there is to knowabout copyright.32-48WRITINGADVICE32. Donald Millerdonmilleris.comBestselling inspirational author DonaldMiller reaches out to his fellow “creators”by offering poignant advice on writing,inspiration and creativity.33. Editorial Anonymouseditorialanonymous.blogspot.comThis children’s book editor has chosen toremain nameless in order to offer honestadvice on real submissions and answerreaders’ questions with insider knowl-edge from the industry.34. Grammar Girlgrammar.quickanddirtytips.comBestselling authority Mignon Fogartytackles grammatical quandaries thateven seasoned writers struggle with,answering difficult questions aboutpunctuation, word choice, style andmuch more.35. InkyGirl.cominkygirl.comWriter Debbi Ridpath Ohi providesgreat tips, inspiration and a varietyof tools for fellow scribes. She alsomaintains a strong social media pres-ence, including a highly active andpopular Twitter feed.36. Long Story Short: An E-Zinefor Writersalongstoryshort.netEditors of this e-zine just for writersgenerously offer sound writing andpublishing advice to anyone who asks.38. A Newbie’s Guide toPublishingjakonrath.blogspot.comWondering how to make a living asa genre writer? Thriller writer J.A.Konrath offers strong opinions on howto do just that as he blogs about hisongoing experiments with both tradi-tional and self-publishing.39. Novel Rocketnovelrocket.comTake your writing to new places withthis fantastic collection of interviewsand advice from published authors aswell as literary agents.40. Plot Whisperer for Writers& Readersplotwhisperer.blogspot.comStruggling with plot? Award-winningwriter and writing instructor MarthaAlderson knows just how to help.41. Preditors & Editorspred-ed.comDon’t be fooled by fraudulent publish-ing ploys. Preditors & Editors offersa great service to all writers as it aimsto educate you on what to look out forwhen seeking publication.42. StoryFixstoryfix.comAuthor and writing instructor LarryBrooks provides a no-nonsense guideto publication-worthy writing. This siteoffers expert advice on story structure,character development and otherrelated topics.43. you’re easily offended, this probablyisn’t the site for you. But if you’re look-ing for practical and no-holds-barredadvice from someone who’s been there,check out writer Chuck Wendig’s out-spoken blog.44. WOW! Women on Writingwow-womenonwriting.comThis e-zine supports women through-out every step of the writing processand takes a well-rounded approachto the writing life, covering topicsranging from finding your niche togetting published—and presentingit all with a healthy boost of energyand creativity.45. Writer Beware Blogaccrispin.blogspot.comThis industry watchdog group keepswriters and publishing professionalsalike up to date on the latest scams,hoaxes and schemes circulating aroundthe industry.46. Writer Unboxedwriterunboxed.comWith a slew of top-notch contributors—ranging from leading literary agents tobestselling authors—this website offersvaluable business and craft advice forall writers.37. Nathan Bransfordblog.nathanbransford.comAs both a published writerand former literary agent,Nathan Bransford brings auniquely balanced perspec-tive in sharing his upbeat andsensible knowledge aboutpublishing, along with greatadvice for fellow writers.BESTOF THEBEST101 BEST WEBSITES FOR WRITERS40 I WRITER’S DIGEST I May/June 2012
  9. 9. 47. The Writer Undergroundwriterunderground.comOnce known as The CopywriterUnderground, this site has morphedinto a resource about all types of writ-ing. Writer and online marketingconsultant Tom Chandler discusseshis secrets for success and provides aweekly “Tweetfest” of the best newsspotted on Twitter.48. Writing Forwardwritingforward.comThe mission of Writing Forward is to“share helpful and inspiring creativewriting tips and ideas to benefit thegreater writing community.” Stop by tosee how it’s doing just that.49-61JOBS &MARKETSFOR WRITERS49. All Freelance Writingallfreelancewriting.comThis site’s job board is handily brows-able by category, or you can search forspecific paying freelance markets.50. Berkeley Graduate Schoolof a student of opportunity! Dozens ofpages dedicated to writing gigs from allover the country are listed here.51. Duotrope’s Digestduotrope.comUse this site’s detailed descriptions andgrowing market database to search forthe perfect places to submit your work—and the submission tracker to monitoryour results.52. Ed 2010ed2010.comAimed at helping aspiring magazineeditors learn the secrets of the trade,this website offers writing and industryadvice, as well as opportunities to meetup with magazine pros near you. You canalso use the WhisperJobs section to findfreelance and full-time magazine work.53. Editor & Publishereditorandpublisher.comTake a look at this site’s classifieds sec-tion for the latest in writing, editing andpublishing job openings.54. Freelance Writing Jobsfreelancewritinggigs.comNew freelance opportunities are posteddaily under the “Job leads” heading onthis invaluable site.55. Freelance WritingOrganization-Int’lfwointl.comDownload this site’s free writingresources toolbar for one-click access tothousands of job listings and resources,and information on writing grants.56. FundsforWritersfundsforwriters.comIf you’re looking for information aboutgrants, fellowships, contests and otherways to get paid to write, this site isfor you.57. JournalismJobs.comjournalismjobs.comRegardless of your experience level,you’re sure to find opportunities tailoredto you among this site’s hundreds of joblistings from around the world. Searchby industry, position and/or location.58. The Market Listmarketlist.comLooking to publish genre fiction? Thissite specializes in market listings andresources for writers of children’s books,science fiction, mysteries and more.59. Mediabistro.commediabistro.comIf you’re seeking industry news,freelance work or informationabout the field, then this shouldbe one of your first stops.Check out the job listings, newsbriefs, blogs and more.BESTOF THEBEST60. Online Writing Jobsonline-writing-jobs.comAlthough this site’s layout can be a littlehard to navigate, the great search functionmakes up for it—as do the listings for hun-dreds of freelance opportunities that pay.61. Writer Gazettewritergazette.comThis site offers easy access to contests,markets, advice and job postings. And itlives up to its name with extensive offer-ings of free articles on virtually every-thing writing-related.62-74PUBLISHING/MARKETINGRESOURCES62. The Book up to date with the latest industrynews through the keenly trained eye ofpublishing veteran Alan I 41
  10. 10. 63. The Book Designerthebookdesigner.comThis site offers plenty of self-publish-ing resources, including articles onmarketing, e-publishing and planningyour book, in addition to its offeringsdesigned to help independently pub-lishing authors understand the impor-tance of great book design from coverto cover.64. A Book Inside — How toWrite & Publish a Bookabookinside.blogspot.comWhen you’re in need of a dose of excel-lent marketing and publishing advice,check in with author Carol Denbow.Her site features great tips and interest-ing author interviews.66. Coalition of IndependentAuthorscoalition-independent-authors.comHave you self-published, or are youthinking about doing so? Then considerjoining this group of self-publishedwriters who created the Coalition ofIndependent Authors to gain exposurefor their work.67. How Publishing ReallyWorkshowpublishingreallyworks.comAfter three decades of navigating thepublishing industry, this writer shareslessons learned about the biz.68. Joe Wikert’s Publishing2020 Blogjwikert.typepad.comO’Reilly Media Publisher Joe Wikertdiscusses the future of print, publishingand online media.69. Mashablemashable.comRead Mashable every day (and followalong on Twitter) to keep up with theconstant changes in social media, tech-nology and the Web.70. OnceWritten.comoncewritten.comNovice writers can find support forgetting started at Once Written, whichoffers a variety of writing prompts, cri-tique opportunities and other helpfulresources tailored to beginners.71. Publetariatpubletariat.comThis online news hub caters to small,independent presses and self-publishedauthors. Be sure to check out the “Write”section for tips on improving your craft.72. Seth Godin’s everything there is to knowabout self-marketing and platform-building from Seth Godin, an experi-enced and successful writer who is wellrecognized in the industry as an experton the subjects.73. We Grow Mediawegrowmedia.comA practiced authority on social mediaand audience building, Dan Blankoffers helpful tips for writers hopingto use social media to build a strongplatform and increase readership.74. Winning Writerswinningwriters.comIs your poetry or prose ready to com-pete? Sign up for this free e-newsletterto get info on about 150 different writ-ing contests. Consider a paid member-ship ($9.95 quarterly) to get access tomore than 1,250 other opportunities.75-95GENRES/NICHESCHILDREN’S/YOUNG ADULT75. Resources for Children’sWritersresourcesforchildrenswriters.comCheck out this site for hundreds oflinks to helpful resources offeringadvice on crafting, publishing andmarketing books for young readers.76. Society of Children’s BookWriters & Illustratorsscbwi.orgThis is the place to be for all writersof books for kids and young adults.Nonmembers can access all featuresexcept the forum (though membership,at $60–100, is worth considering if you’reserious about publishing in the genre).FANTASY/SCIENCE FICTION77. Quantum Musequantummuse.comFull of user-created content, this siteplays host to science-fiction and fan-tasy stories and artwork for others toread and rate. Featured writers caneven receive monetary “tips” from gen-erous visitors who enjoyed their work.78. Science Fiction & FantasyWriters of America65. BoSacks—PrecisionMedia Groupbosacks.comA staple to this list (and manyother “Best Of” compilations),media veteran Bob Sacksdelivers some of the most poi-gnant industry news around,alongside well-reasoned com-mentary. Don’t miss his freedaily e-newsletters, which arethought-provoking, enjoyableand educational.101 BEST WEBSITES FOR WRITERSBESTOF THEBEST42 I WRITER’S DIGEST I May/June 2012
  11. 11. sfwa.orgStay up to date on the latest genrenews, including book releases, awardsand more from this serious organi-zation dedicated to supporting thecommunity of science fiction andfantasy writers. Only paid members,however, can access the site’s forums.Membership ranges from $60–100.FREELANCE79. The Renegade Writertherenegadewriter.comThis site’s take on a successful freelanc-ing career is to throw out the rulebookand do what works for you. Stop by ifyou’re up to the challenge.HORROR80. Horror Writers the spooky side of your craftwith help from the Horror WritersAssociation’s numerous books, links andarticles on successful horror writing.Consider HWA membership ($45–110)to gain special access to the forum.MYSTERY81. Mystery Writers of Americamysterywriters.orgJoin this community of mysteryauthors to network and get the latestclues on what’s going on in the genre.Even nonmembers can access info onclasses and contests for free.82. Mystery Writing Is Murdermysterywritingismurder.blogspot.comWriter Elizabeth Spann Craig sticksto a strict blogging schedule to bringreaders insightful posts on whatmakes a successful mystery novel.Stop by on Sundays to catch herweekly “Twitterific” roundup.ONLINE WRITING83. Wealthy Web Writerwealthywebwriter.comExpand your platform by learning tipsand tricks for bringing traffic to yourwebsite and improving your blog’s over-all visibility.POETRY84. Poetry Dailypoems.comStay current on your craft with PoetryDaily, an anthology that shares greatcontemporary poems by a wide vari-ety of poets. Each day, it features a newpoem from recent books and literaryjournals; a year’s worth of previous con-tent is archived, as well.85. Poetry Foundationpoetryfoundation.orgThe Poetry Foundation, the organizationbehind Poetry magazine, offers onlineresources that include podcasts, poemsfor children and the popular Harrietpoetry blog.86. Poetry Society of AmericaPoetrySociety.orgThe official website of the Poetry Societyof America offers annual awards andcontests. This organization is behindthe popular poetic initiatives Poetry inMotion and Poem in Your Pocket Day.87. Poets.orgpoets.orgFrom the Academy of American Poets,BEYOND 101:WD’s Family of For everything writing-related, check out WD’sfreshly redesigned online hub of free articles and downloads. Make ityour virtual writing home for useful craft tips, practical career advice,creativity-sparking prompts and Along with 9,000+ market listings updateddaily, subscribers receive submission trackers, articles, industryupdates and more. Annual, six-month and monthly paid subscrip-tions are Get one-on-one instruction fromexperienced authors and editors in the comfort of your own home.WDU classes start year-round and cover everything from grammarto novel writing to Join more than 10,000 members(and counting) on WD’s social network, where you can connect withlike-minded writers any hour of the Put a friendly face and voicebehind the writing advice you need with our family of WD bloggers.They have you covered, with staff-led discussions of writing and pub-lishing, agent news and Focusing on e-publishing, DBW offersyear-round education, networking and resources (online and off) forpublishing professionals and their Although it’s new to the WD family, online resourceScript Magazine is anything but a newbie in the scriptwriting world. Foryears it’s been delivering essential advice and must-read news on craft,spec scripts, film festivals, how to make it in Hollywood, and I 43
  12. 12. this website includes a poetry map,resources for educators and, of course,poetry. Sign up for free email updates,and receive a new poem each day.88. Silliman’s Blogronsilliman.blogspot.comThere are quite a few great poetry blogsavailable for those interested in poetry,but this one stands out, featuring exten-sive advice to both novice and experi-enced poets.ROMANCE89. Romance Junkiesromancejunkies.comStay current on the genre with this site’sspotlights of up-and-coming romancewriters, book reviews, interviews andmore. Then, visit the Writer’s Corner,where you can find a critique partner,info on the Romance Junkies WritingContest and links to articles on writing.90. Romance Writers ofAmericarwa.orgFind a community of more than 10,000romance writers and stay up to dateon everything romance-related in thepublishing world. All features but theforums are open to the public (RWAmembership ranges from $120–165).SCRIPTWRITING91. MovieBytesmoviebytes.comThis is your one-stop spot for screen-writing contests and markets online.Subscribe to the e-newsletter to havethe latest delivered to your inbox.SPIRITUAL92. Christian Storytellerchristianstoryteller.comThis not-for-profit support networkpromotes, educates and encouragesChristian writers to embrace their spiri-tuality through writing.93. Resources for MuslimWritersmuslimwriters.blogspot.comWith resources ranging from faith-based organizations to scholarships tojob opportunities, this site aims to helpMuslim Writers take their writing to ahigher level.95. Murder By 4murderby4.blogspot.comWhat happens when four suspenseauthors join forces and open up theirwriting lives on a blog? You get MurderBy 4. And it’s a must-follow for all aspir-ing thriller writers.96-101JUST FOR FUN96. BookMoochbookmooch.comRefresh your bookshelf with BookMoochby swapping your old books for new ones.THRILLER94. International ThrillerWritersthrillerwriters.orgMore than 1,300 members(including David Baldacci, TessGerritsen, Brad Thor and manyother bestselling authors) rep-resent 22 countries in this first-class organization dedicatedto writers of thrilling suspense.Among its best offerings isthe annual ThrillerFest event,boasting a star-studded lineupof speakers and instructors.BESTOF THEBESTConnecting with other avid readers alongthe way is half the fun!97. through hundreds of quotesfrom famous sources speaking to therisk, struggle and reward of writing.99. Merriam-Webster Wordof the your vocabulary one day at atime with this handy feature from theMerriam-Webster online dictionary.100. Shakespeare’s Denshakespearesden.comEver wanted a Charles Dickens actionfigure? Peruse this site and you’ll walkaway with a long wish list. (True, thereare technically no freebies on this site,but even the window shopping is wortha visit.)101. Squidoosquidoo.comBecome a “lensmaster” and share informa-tion about your nonfiction topic, or justscour this site for valuable informationon all sorts of miscellanea. It’s almost asaddictive as reading Wikipedia. WD98. Daily Writing Tipsdailywritingtips.comVisit every day for helpful hintson grammar, word choice,punctuation, style and more.The advice will come in handywhen you least expect it.101 BEST WEBSITES FOR WRITERSBESTOF THEBEST44 I WRITER’S DIGEST I May/June 2012