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Mobile recruitment about jobs via mobile by lokloq


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Short overview on how mobile recruitment and jobs via mobile works.
Actually we should say Mobile Marketing.

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Mobile recruitment about jobs via mobile by lokloq

  1. 1. Mobile Recruitment Solutions Jobs via Mobile What are WE talking about?
  2. 2. Recruiter at Work CRM

 New JOB – candidates including xml technology Resume Server
 Candidates JOB – apply transport to mobile phone
  3. 3. About •  Lokloq bv, Netherlands •  Since 2009 •  For all mobile platforms: Iphone, Android, Blackberry, etc… •  First white label Recruitment Application Worldwide •  Connecting directly with your CRM •  Call,Text and Mail enabled •  Multilingual available
  4. 4. How to use Keep your candidates posted via MOBILE
  5. 5. Free USAGE Your Always Need to Will BRAND up to tell my apply in MY date friends now pocket
  6. 6. Time for your next call! •  Your Jobs via MOBILE? Ask for the price! •  Contact: Gordon Lokenberg • OR +31 6 4212 1451 •  Download Shake your job from the appstore Thank you!