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Hiring an IRS Lawyer From a Law Firm


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Gordon Law Group completed all tax returns necessary. Our Firm acted as the clients Power of Attorney and represented him before the IRS. We assisted the client by drafting and negotiating an Installment Agreement with the IRS for $150 per month and stopped any and all collection activity to ensure the client can return to his day-to-day lifestyle.

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Hiring an IRS Lawyer From a Law Firm

  1. 1. Hiring an IRS Lawyer from a Law Firm Law Firm IRS Lawyer
  2. 2. If you are thinking of hiring an IRS lawyer because you got a penalty or for any other cause, it is the time you start looking for one. The first step is to decide a budget because they tend to be a bit costly than other tax pros. That does mean that you should go to an account or other tax pros. An accountant cannot help you in court, nor will they talk to an agency of the IRS. We know legal issues come with certain complications. Interestingly, the hiring of the correct IRS lawyer is something quite complicated within itself. Here, you cannot trust anyone randomly. You have to be damn sure about their capabilities, their integrity, and their trustworthiness. Factors to Consider Budget is not the only thing that should be confusing you. You have to pick out whether you need someone from a big law firm or a small one. Since your money is at stake and your property is at risk, there are other factors to look at. In the following passages, you can learn more.
  3. 3. The Nature of Your Issue Are you great trouble? Is the auditor knocking at your door even after you have explained to them why you do not need an audit? It is too late if the police are standing on the doorstep and the IRS is suing you. You should look at the gravity of your issue and pick out the IRS lawyer. Well, in case if you are going to deal with something every day like the preparation and filing of returns then there is no need to spend too much by hiring a renowned lawyer. Even a junior lawyer can handle this kind of tasks in a sound manner Type of Taxes There a lot of taxes you are paying. If you have a house, you are paying property taxes for that, for business, you are paying business taxes. Tax is not a funny thing, and everybody hates it. Since, you cannot ignore it, figure out where you need help. Well, an IRS Lawyer usually comes with various tendencies. Means, they can assist you with either the federal or state level tax issues. However, as a taxpayer you should consider what kind of issues you are facing. An IRS lawyer cannot work well for too specific matters related to a certain locality. So, keep this point in mind.
  4. 4. Medium to Small Firms, Their Pros & Cons A small company will ask for lesser prices, but they are suitable for you if you do not have a big issue. In that way, you can save your time and money hiring them. You will be able to rest while they file your taxes. In most cases, you will find junior and less experienced lawyers associated with them. So, this situation gives birth to some pros and some cons as well. Let us remind you a few: Pros  They are inexpensive  They do everything from filing taxes to accompanying you to the court  They will help lower the taxes Cons  An IRS lawyer from a small firm may not assist you in other ways such as introducing you to an income source.  You will not be able to enjoy the top rated services available in the industry  Lawyers from a small firm come with less experience, and thus they cannot handle a variety of complicated issues
  5. 5. If you’re looking for a qualified Chicago IRS lawyer, get in touch with us today! Contact Now for Online IRS Lawyer 180 N LaSalle Suite 3700B Mon-Fri: 8:00 am - 5:30 pm 847-580-1279 847-305-1202 Visit & Follow Us On Our Social Media Sites Copyright © 2017 GORDON LAW GROUP. All Rights Reserved.