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Kraft and DiagSoft


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Kraft Family Ancestry and work experience.

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Kraft and DiagSoft

  1. 1. Kraft’s
  2. 2. Kraft Brothers
  3. 3. Bloodline
  4. 4. `• Adam Kraft• Master Builder
  5. 5. • Adams Tabernacle• Psalm 27...
  6. 6. Kraft Family Tree• Nobility and Grace• Needed Links were on Mom’s Scots Ancestry Research Society from 1952... see the selected words... think redacted...
  7. 7. Ambassador Bryce• Trustee of Carnegie Scottish Universities - Scottish Libraries• Found Noahs Ark...• Heidelberg University Germany? Samuel Hugh Kraft Heidelberg German Language University in Ohio. Emma Stauffer wife of Hugh.• John Henry Kraft lived in England during Bryce’s time, after Civil War... His wife Eliza Mechlin...burg. Germany...
  8. 8. Bryce Researcher• Genius of his time...• Niall of Hostages? Icelandic Sagas...• Found Plank claimed from Noahs Ark at 13,000 ft. Mr. Arafat...• Pacifist, wrote against Armenian holocaust...• First Ambassador to America from England.• Buddy of Andrew Carnegie... AiLibraries? why did Eric react to his photo?
  9. 9. Aunt Susie Stouffer-GordonHenry Kraft-Henry Owen Kraft
  10. 10. Adam Kraft
  11. 11. Henry Owen Kraft• Matilda Flanders grandson?
  12. 12. Mildred Joss Kraft• granddaughter William I Conqueror England
  13. 13. Grandkids get married continue bloodline• William I (Joss) Conqueror - mother• Matilda (Kraft) Flanders - father
  14. 14. NWONew World Order
  15. 15. iMac24 and 21 hacked Mirrored Hard Drive... RAID... Remote Control... I shipped PC Anywhere, Carbon Copy, ReachOut with QAPlus millions of remote control “clients...” sold Host side...QAPlus/Win had Microsoft Telephony API built-in... John Crim - Maui Intel required Copyright’s - Work for Hire or no Investment. IBM required Copyright’s proof - Work for Hire or no Investment. IBM Attorney told me everything in life is a derivative work... (Sykes due diligence after Intel’s)
  16. 16. Their using our Signal against us...• Independence Day movie Sequel - Fourth of July...• Using Satellite TV Signal a stream in the signal...• or our Instant Msg... ICQ, AIM, Facetime
  17. 17. one stop banking...
  18. 18. text msgs / instant msgs...
  19. 19. Social Medicine?
  20. 20. data choke point?
  21. 21. FaceTime Comm.
  22. 22. Skype• means: Social Disease in Scandinavia...
  23. 23. how would one communicate Globally• Internet• Cell Phone Networks• Common Thread - for IM...• or give them the Skype...
  24. 24. text to speech - ETRE Lernout & Hauspie - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia 5/3/12 12:09 PM Coordinates: 50.86918°N 2.89281°E Lernout & Hauspie From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Lernout & Hauspie Speech Products, or L&H, was a leading Belgium-based speech recognition technology company, founded by Jo Lernout and Pol Hauspie, that went bankrupt in 2001. The company was based in Ypres, Flanders, in what was then called the Flanders Language Valley (mimicking the Silicon Valley). Contents 1 History 2 References 3 See also 4 External links History Lernout & Hauspie was founded in 1987 by Jo Lernout and Pol Hauspie. After a difficult start, it quickly grew, and, in 1995, it went public on the NASDAQ (LHSP), and was also quoted on the now-defunct Brussels-based EASDAQ exchange. Its headquarters were in Ieper, Belgium, and in Burlington, Massachusetts. At its peak, Lernout & Hauspie had a market capitalization of almost US$10 billion. Flanders played an important role in investing in the company and the surrounding Flanders Language Valley. Lernout & Hauspie quickly became Flanders pride. It acquired a number of its smaller competitors, including text-to-speech developer Berkeley Speech Technologies, in 1996. During March-April 2000 Lernout & Hauspie acquired Dictaphone for nearly US$1 billion, then acquired Dragon Systems shortly thereafter. Lernout & Hauspie provided the voice recognition technology needed to propel Dictaphones voice recognition enhanced transcription system (started by a company called Articulate Systems and sold and supported by a company called The MRC Group - later Fonix before becoming part of L&H).[1] For some time Lernout & Hauspie was dogged by rumours of financial impropriety, and in early 1999 the Wall Street Journal, ran allegations in its Heard on the Street column, by Goldman Sachs analyst Robert Smithson, that earnings had been overstated. Further investigation by Wall Street Journal staffer Jesse Eisinger led to the revelation on 8 August 2000 of a major financial scandal involving fictitious transactions in Korea and improper accounting methodologies elsewhere. In April 2001 founders Jo Lernout and Pol Hauspie, as well as former CEO Gaston Bastiaens, were arrested in what is considered one Page 1 of 3
  25. 25. Morgenthaler Ventures Former Siri board member: Shes not a data hog by Josh Lowensohn January 30, 2012 2:28 PM PST Summary: Someone from Siris past has come out in defense of the software voice assistants alleged data hogging ways, saying each query is about 63 kilobytes of data. Reports of Siris bandwidth hogging ways have been greatly exaggerated, according to a former board member of the namesake company Apple bought in 2010. In a guest post on Forbes this morning, former Siri and Nuance Communications board member Gary Morgenthaler suggests that the research report put out earlier this month by mobile network management company Arieso--the one that claimed the voice assistant feature led to about twice the amount of data use--is untrue. "Siris average data consumed per query is less than 63 kilobytes, according to Ars Technica; and its a number I can confirm, having Siri: Not such a data hog after all? served as a Siri board member for years," Morgenthaler wrote. "63 (Credit: Apple) kilobytes by the way, relative to iCloud, YouTube, Pandora and others, is de minimus," he added. That Ars Technica mention is the investigation the outlet did shortly after theiPhone 4S was released, testing a bevy of queries on Siri to see how much data the feature used. The conclusion was that the average query slurped up 63 kilobytes of data, with some actions like visiting a Web page, or pulling up a map then adding data on top of that, since those are separate applications and have data needs of their own. Ariesos study made waves this month when it suggested thatiPhone 4S users were bigger data users than those on the iPhone 4 due to Siri, an iPhone 4S-specific feature that runs through Apples servers and sends snippets of voice data for processing. Ariesos study took data from more than 1 million subscribers on a European cellular network shortly after the feature made its debut. The study surfaced once again last week in a story in The Washington Post titled "How Siri is ruining your cellphone service." The report suggested that the influx of data hogs on each carriers cellular network would eventually congest and deteriorate service, leading to dropped calls and slower data speeds. Morgenthaler added some additional anecdotal evidence of his own to malign the Arieso report, saying the feature itself was not creating a noticeable influx of new traffic. "I spoke with the CTO of a major European mobile telecommunications carrier who confirmed to me that, based on detailed analysis of mobile data traffic on their network, Siris contribution to the increase was negligible," Morgenthaler said. Apple, for its part, has kept its mouth shut on the claims by either party. The company did not respond to a request for comment on Morgenthalers defense of the feature.
  26. 26. ETRE• I wanted to goto ETRE/RedHerring• to introduce investment• opportunity the APBA Offshore...
  27. 27. thought about taking APBA Offshore to ETRE...• 2002...
  28. 28. Jon Gordon DiagSoft, Inc. President Gordon Kraft Founder, Chairman, CEO
  29. 29. knew Jon since GSS Portlandtold me about Tim Patterson owning ability to sell OEM MSDOS license(s), he sold Patterson Labs to Phoenix Technology (BIOS) his old company, and/or future one? Patterson had a nonexclusive license for MSDOS since they wrote it... Bill Gates did a quick license with Patterson for DOS to bid to IBM for the new PC... Jon needed bigger player to deal with Microsoft. (Jon at Phoenix he becomes VP Sales Phoenix, assists in IPO) SEC Writedown hit Phoenix Stock just like Sykes, Inc.
  30. 30. Jonathan Gordon | CrunchBase Profile 4/19/12 11:43 AM CrunchBase is hiring! Check out our open positions → Home > People > Jonathan Gordon Jonathan Gordon Jonathan Gordon has been a successful executive, entrepreneur and investor for over 30 years. He has been at the forefront of many historic market and technology changes in the high tech global economy. Mr. Gordon is the founder of Ametron Technologies, Inc., a consulting and licensing firm that helps entrepreneurs and technologists with business development and monetizing their Intellectual Property and inventions. Recent clients have included Picassa/Lifescape (sold to Google), a photo management tool; Corestreet, a provider of security software; Liquid Machines,a provider of enterprise rights management technology and solutions and Bitzmart/ Stealth Media Labs, a technology used to embed information into digital audio and video streams with playback through Windows Media Player 9 Series. Degrees Before Ametron, Mr. Gordon was CEO of mGen, Inc., an e-learning enterprise software company, which was focused on 1st Responder market opportunities within DOD and other government agencies, such as the Navy/Marine Intranet, US Dept. of Agriculture Financial Organizations and the US Army. Stage 1 Ventures Prior to that, he was CEO and founder of EndPoints, Inc.(sold to Flextronics and Archi- Partner tech, Taiwan) , a fabless semiconductor company, whose imaging chips powered high volume, low cost consumer digital cameras. Preceding EndPoints, Mr. Gordon was Web Presences President of DiagSoft (sold to Sykes Enterprises), a PC hardware diagnostic and manufacturing test company. Tags Subsequent to EndPoints, Mr. Gordon was the founder of Phoenix Publishing (sold to Softbank). Mr. Gordon was also President of Paterson Labs, which he sold to Phoenix Technologies Inc. for Paterson’ s founder, Tim Paterson (the author of the MS-DOS operating system). Mr. Gordon has built international sales and marketing organizations for several notable companies like Phoenix Technologies, who he assisted in their IPO as their first VP of Sales. Additionally, he was VP of Sales of Graphic Software Systems, an early PC software pioneer who had graphic software on the original IBM XT and AT. Jonathan’s early sales and marketing career included Physical Data Inc. (sold to Honeywell), a start up instrumentation company, who made digital waveform recorders for use in fusion reactor and munitions testing. He also was a sales engineer with Tektronix and helped introduce the first low cost graphic terminals for mini and mainframe computing. Mr. Gordon attended the University of Wisconsin and Penn Morton College. Milestones Jonathan Gordon added a position as Partner. Posted 6/22/09 at 4:50pm Videos Sources Page 1 of 2
  31. 31. Jon was with SystemSoft...• Sykes came to Maui, took him to Island of Lanai for afternoon, evening luau at my pool catered by Jeanne King extraordinary.... live guitar, etc.• I hired Jon as DiagSoft President so that I could get ETSC up and running in Maui at DiagSoft R&D... I knew Jon since (Rene) Award Software where I was VP Sales Award (I sold 5M stickers), and Jon was VP Sales Phoenix BIOS wars... I brought Frank Berko in as US Sales... I used to work for Frank at Microform Data Systems. Commission Only Reps for Award.• I had met with Rich Levandov at Phoenix early on to sell DiagSoft to Phoenix and Neil Colvin, no deal... Talked to Rich about selling AOL OEM version...
  32. 32. Sykes Pooling of interest deal 1996. (IRS changed 1999 Yahoo)• looking for $400K investment from Sykes to finish ETSC, seamless version, Help Desk connected to any Windows software title via their individual F1 Help button standard... (We connected ETSC into the Help file of any software title), bringing OEMable QAPlus/Win with ETSC to every desktop... ETSC for the Software Industry! Wouldva (impacted) Sykes Call Centers...• ETSC could dial Microsoft/Broderbund/HP ... any Windows Software title directly transmit Sysinfo, Diags Report, Setup info from F1 Button...
  33. 33. 6 months after sale of DiagSoft 6/24/12 4:54 AM• sold DiagSoft to Sykes, Back Previous Document Next Document DIAGSOFT PRESS RELEASE• Sykes Enterprises, Incorporated Announces Major Technology Exchange and Sept. 1996, Investment in SystemSoft Corp. and Bundling of ETSC Diagnostic Tools with a U.S. Hardware Manufacturer See Also:• TAMPA , Florida, May 7, 1997 Jon Gordon: 6 mos later has Sykes Enterprises, Incorporated (SEi) (Nasdaq:SYKE), a leading provider of diverse information technology services, announced today that it has entered into a technology exchange with SystemSoft Corp. (Nasdaq:SYSF), the Natick, MA-based pioneer of system-level software, connectivity and problem-resolution technologies. Under the terms of the agreement, SEi will integrate communication and remote control technology from SystemSoft into its ETSC product set, bringing remote access to the marketplace much sooner than originally anticipated. In turn, SystemSoft will integrate SEis ETSC diagnostic tools, acquired in 1996, with its own software to create a new "SystemWizard Premier"• support-call management software product. SystemSoft May 1997 deal In order to maximize anticipated benefits resulting from the alliance, Sykes Enterprises also announced it would purchase approximately 1,066,000 shares of SystemSofts common stock for the sum of $8 million in cash. SEi has been granted observer rights which allows John Sykes to serve in the capacity of Advisor to the Board of Directors of SystemSoft. "Our investment in SystemSoft is strategically significant because it allows us to address an estimated $40 billion home• marketplace," states John H. Sykes, President of and Chief Executive Officer of Sykes Enterprises. "In addition, SystemSofts technology in his pocket... how long does allows us to comprehensively address and expedite to the marketplace the remote support of both hardware and software diagnostic issues, supporting that via our 3,200 technical support professionals worldwide. In essence, we become a one-stop-shopping solution for all computer support needs. In turn, this enhances the value of our company to both customers and shareholders alike." Sykes Enterprises and SystemSoft will market SystemWizard Premier to its OEM, ISV and IHV customers. In addition, SystemSoft will promote SEis third-party support services as an integrated component of SystemWizard.• a deal like this take? "This agreement creates a win-win solution for our customers and for millions of households that currently have computers," states Robert F. Angelo, Chairman, CEO and President of SystemSoft. "It represents an unprecedented milestone in support-call management solutions, and it enables us to provide fully outsourced and tightly integrated telephone support services as an extension of the SystemWizard product line, something that no other competing company has been able to provide to date." Immediately, the agreement gives SEi access to millions of units of personal computers, software and peripherals that will ship with SystemWizard for out-of-warranty service contracts. SEi has agreed to use SystemWizards problem resolution products, including SystemWizard Server, SystemWizard Technician and SystemWizard Builder, to streamline the thousands of calls it handles on behalf of hardware and software manufacturers every day. "The combination of the SystemWizard technology and SEis call center capabilities create a platform for building comprehensive service offerings from automated diagnosis and resolution of support problems on the desktop to expert advise for complex multivendor issues by SEi support experts," stated Tom Sweeny, Director/Principal Analyst for Dataquest Software Services. SystemSoft SystemSoft is also the maker of CardWizard PC Card troubleshooting and configuration software. Other products include a family of Universal Serial Bus firmware and software, Plug-and-Play software, power-management software and BIOS.…5852563e00018d9b1/b9f0cca062c051d18525649d004ae8ad?OpenDocument Page 1 of 2
  34. 34. Sykes gets 1,066,666 shares in SystemSoft Stock or vice versa?• Sykes 3 for 2 stock split before offering...• secondary offering happens• then later SystemSoft deal SEC write down?• did they get to flip 1,066,666 X 3/2 split of shares with Sykes Secondary?
  35. 35. Sykes slides Oct. 2000 Business: The slide of Sykes 5/3/12 9:15 PM Weather | Sports | Forums | Comics | Classifieds | Calendar | Movies The slide of Sykes The Tampa company whose mainstay is building and staffing call centers appears adrift. Earnings and efforts to diversify have been a disappointment to Wall Street and shareholders. And some investors question founder John Sykes attention to the• companys recovery. served for divorce Oct. 2000. By SCOTT BARANCIK © St. Petersburg Times, published October 15, 2000• whys everything happening to me? TAMPA -- After negotiating sweet deals with dozens of job-hungry towns around the world, Sykes Enterprises Inc.s plan to build a call center in rural Lake City may have seemed like a sure thing. Lake City officials scraped and borrowed to come up with the $5.6-million package Sykes demanded.• Incentives included free land, new access roads, a five-year break on property taxes and millions in cash. crosses my mind... seems almost... But when Tampa-based Sykes later asked for another quarter-million dollars in improvements, exasperated local officials balked. Enter Service Zone Inc., a company founded last year by ex-Sykes executive Timothy Hayes. The Homosassa Springs company offered to build Lake City a call center in exchange for a relatively slim $4.1- million. Unlike Sykes, the company also pledged to fill a certain minimum number of jobs, or else repay up to $1.8-million of the towns cash. Lake City leapt at the chance. The call centers foundation was poured last week. "Service Zone and (Columbia) county officials may owe Sykes a hearty "thank you, " the LAKE CITY REPORTER wrote in a June editorial. "Service Zone because Sykes makes them look good, and the county because Sykes got them ready to make a deal." Sykes moved on, eventually striking a multimillion dollar deal with Palatka instead. But the Lake City episode suggests the 23-year-old companys problems run deep. Over the past two years, Sykes Enterprises repeatedly has promised strong earnings, only to fall short. Clients have been stolen. Efforts to move into higher-profit areas such as software sales or e-commerce consulting have met with skepticism. Critics say founder John Sykes has been too busy trying to bring the 2012 Olympics to Tampa and cutting ribbons at local charities to pay close attention to the companys recovery. And Sykes board of directors, the shareholders last line of defense, is rife with conflicts of Page 1 of 7
  36. 36. • Jon Gordon
  37. 37. Sykes, Inc.• SystemSoft Jon’s old company swapped invoices... $8M. (Ed M.)• Sykes had to do a SEC Write Down of $8M... Oct. 2000.• Kraft stock in escrow lost (we lost) $5M at this time of release (held late in escrow past auto release date). SYKES dropped from $52 to $2...• Krystle filed for Divorce Oct. 2000.• Jon Gordon told IBM to go away... Carl Sneadker went from DiagSoft to AMI Diags Jon’s VP Eng.
  38. 38. Kraft Group Trustee?• have to go to family trust mtg. in Boston, back in two weeks...• have some buildings for you to look at in Tampa.
  39. 39. it’s all relative(s)...
  40. 40. CP/M - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia 7/2/12 5:50 PMCP/MFrom Wikipedia, the free encyclopediaCP/M (Control CP/MProgram/Monitor) was amass-market operating systemcreated for Intel 8080/85based microcomputers byGary Kildall of DigitalResearch, Inc. Initiallyconfined to single-tasking on8-bit processors and no morethan 64 kilobytes of memory,later versions of CP/M addedmulti-user variations, and A screenshot of CP/M-86.were migrated to 16-bit Company / Digital Research, Inc. / Gary Kildallprocessors. developerThe combination of CP/M Programmed PL/Mand S-100 bus computers inloosely patterned on theMITS Altair was an early Working Historic"industry standard" for statemicrocomputers, and this Source model Originally closed source, now opencomputer platform was source[1]widely used in businessthrough the late 1970s and Latest stable 3.1 / 1983[2]into the mid-1980s, releaseexpanding to include 16-bit Available Assembly language, BASIC, Modula-2,CPUs and multiuser programming Pascal etc.capability.[3] By greatly languages(s)reducing the amount ofprogramming required to Supported Intel 8080, Intel 8085, Zilog Z80, Intelinstall an application on a new platforms 8086, Motorola 68000manufacturers computer, Page 1 of 17
  41. 41. 86-DOS - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia 7/2/12 5:48 PM86-DOSFrom Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia86-DOS was an operating system 86-DOSdeveloped and marketed by SeattleComputer Products for its Intel 8086-based computer kit. Initially known asQDOS (Quick and Dirty OperatingSystem) the name was changed to 86-DOS once SCP started licensing theoperating system.86-DOS had a command structure andapplication programming interface thatimitated that of Digital Researchs(abbreviated DR or DRI) CP/Moperating system, which made it easyto port programs from the latter. Thesystem was purchased by Microsoft A sample 86-DOS session (simulated).and developed further as PC-DOS andMS-DOS. Company / developer Seattle Computer Products / Tim Paterson Programmed in 8086-Assembly language Contents OS family DOS Working state Historic 1 Origins 2 IBM interest Source model Closed source 3 Creation of PC-DOS Initial release 1980 4 Intellectual property dispute Latest stable release 86-DOS v1.14 / July 4.1 EDLIN 1981 5 Versions Marketing target ? 6 Quotes 7 References Available language(s) English Page 1 of 7
  42. 42. Phoenix Technologies - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia 7/2/12 5:46 PMPhoenix TechnologiesFrom Wikipedia, the free encyclopediaPhoenix Technologies Ltd designs, Phoenix Technologies Ltd.develops and supports core systemsoftware for personal computers andother computing devices. Phoenixsproducts — commonly referred to asBIOS (Basic Input/Output System) orfirmware — support and enable thecompatibility, connectivity, security Type Subsidiaryand management of the variouscomponents and technologies used in Industry Softwaresuch devices. Phoenix Technologies Founded 1979and IBM developed the El Toritostandard. Headquarters Milpitas, California, United States Products BIOS: SecureCore, SecureCorePhoenix sells its products primarily to Tiano, TrustedCore, AwardCore,computer and component devicemanufacturers. The company also AwardCore Tiano, MicroCore.provides training, consulting, Consumer products: FailSafe,maintenance and engineering services HyperSpace, DriverAgent,to its customers. BIOSAgentPlus, RegistryWizard, Undelete-PlusPhoenix also designs, develops and Revenue $67.7 Million USD (2009)[1]supports software products andservices that provide PC users, Employees <500especially mobile devices, with Parent Marlin Equity Partnersenhanced device utility, reliability andsecurity. Phoenixs portfolio of Website www.phoenix.comproducts and services includes ( that helps users to locate andmanage portable devices that have been lost or stolen as well as software that allowcertain applications to operate on the computing device independently of the device’sprimary operating system. Page 1 of 11
  43. 43. 7/2/12 6:02 PM QAPlus/WIN-WIN Providing support for both Microsoft Windows 95 and Windows 3.1 systems, QAPlus/WIN-WIN brings a very simple graphical interface to DiagSofts full suite of system diagnostics routines. Ideal for Novice users to Power users. Corporate Help Desk Centers and Providers are supported via a Modem, LAN, or Internet connection to our Help Desk System for Windows/NT and QAPlus/WIN-WIN, which contains the hardware test routines to provide true and accurate results through the Windows API, including a full set of Multi-Media tests, the true 32 bit under Windows RAM test, a Graphical Chip Locator, and System Benchmarking. Professional/QAPlus Professional QAPlus sets the standard for user-friendly diagnostic testing. This comprehensive diagnostic contains the same intensive, accurate tests as QAPlus/FE, but does not include Field Engineer specific features such as destructive tests. Professional/QAPlus contains additional features tailored for corporate use, such as logging test results to a LAN database.…852563ec00725b71/e9178f380738a173852563ec00727739?OpenDocument Page 1 of 3
  44. 44. 7/2/12 5:56 PM Menu PRESS RELEASE Sykes Enterprises and DiagSoft Announce Support through the internet Electronic Technical Support Center Connects PCs to Sykes Technician TAMPA, FL - November 15, 1996 (NASDAQ: SYKE) - Sykes Enterprises, Incorporated (SEi), a diverse information technology outsourcing company, announced today a new service, Electronic Technical Support Center (ETSC), which offers computer users a simple and easy solution to hardware and software problems. Using ETSC combined with QAPlus diagnostic products developed by its wholly- owned subsidiary, DiagSoft, Inc., SEi provides computer users on-line access to support through the Internet. Users with a computer can receive troubleshooting support with a simple click of a button, transmitting critical system information to a support professional in one of SEi?s seven custom-built state-of-the-art U.S. customer support centers. Information can be received via the Internet, Intranet, direct modem-to-modem, printer or fax. Once in depth hardware and software configuration information is downloaded, SEi?s technician can quickly diagnose and either fix the problem or recommend solutions. The diagnostic tools are available for systems running various operating systems, including DOS, Windows 3.1, Windows95, and OS/2. DiagSoft, Inc., the leading manufacturer of diagnostic, quality assurance and performance bench-marking software for computer systems will showcase this technology and ETSC at Comdex in the Las Vegas Hilton (Booth H405), November 18-22.…5852563e00018d9b1/31e86faa6cdfd9ab852563e3008099b1?OpenDocument Page 1 of 2
  45. 45. 7/2/12 6:08 PM Executive Summary DiagSoft, Inc. is the leading developer of quality assurance and diagnostic software for computer manufacturers, service providers and PC users with over 20 million users worldwide. Today, the DiagSoft QAPlus line of products address the needs of users in every major operating system, including PC-DOS, MS-DOS, Windows 3.1, Windows 95, IBM OS/2 Warp, and Apple Macintosh MAC/OS. Based upon the most thorough and complete hardware diagnostic routines, QAPlus is a comprehensive line of products that meet the diverse needs of end-users, service and support providers, system integrators, VARs, and manufacturers. DiagSofts customers include leading computer manufacturers such as, IBM Corporation Digital Equipment Corporation Gateway 2000 Hewlett-Packard AT&T GIS Micron Computer Data General…852563d3000a1ab5/24cb339633be7309852563ee00185ec8?OpenDocument Page 1 of 3
  46. 46. I licensed Touchstone QAPlus which was called CheckIT V1.0+ (DiagSoft Copyright)for Retail Channel (Larry Dingus and Shammi Jenkins Seal beach)
  47. 47. SystemSoft and Sykes Enterprises (SEI) complete technology e... Member login TE XT Periodicals Literature Search User name Password Keyword Title Author Topic Like 3.9k 173 19,763,454 articles and books Login Remember me Join us Forgot password? The Free Library > Business and Industry > Business > Business Wire > May 7, 1997 The Free Library > Business and Industry > Business, international > Business Wire > May 7, 1997 The Free Library > Date > 1997 > May > 7 > Business Wire Article Details SystemSoft and Sykes Enterprises (SEI) complete Printer friendly Cite/link Email Feedback technology exchange, marketing and licensing Publication: Business Wire agreement. Date: May 7, 1997 How To Patent Your Idea Ads by Google Words: 1208 3 Easy Steps To Patent & Make Money Get A Free Patent & Invention Kit Previous Article: Scios and Lilly enter agreement for Alzheimers disease research. K12 - Learn Online Next Article: Electropharmacology Inc. announces multi- Your Child Deserves an Outstanding Education, Discover K12 Today. million dollar purchase and distribution agreement for SofPulse. Ideas To Reality Topics: Computer software industry Inventor Assistance for Patents, Prototypes, marketing & licensing Licensing agreements Computer systems Database industry Licensing agreements Like 0 0 Information technology services Software industry Link to this page Licensing agreements NATICK, Mass.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--May 7, 1997-- To provide unprecedented support services and tools to PC industry SystemSoft(tm) and SEi Provide the Industrys Only Turnkey, Single-Source, Technical Support Management Solution from Problem Resolution Software to Internet-Accessible Solutions to Complete Phone-Support Assistance EDITORIAL HIGHLIGHTS: -- SystemSoft will integrate the Sykes Enterprises, Incorporated (SEi) ETSC diagnostic capabilities with its problem resolution software to create "SystemWizard Premier." Do You Have an Idea? Ads by Google Related Articles Find Companies that Can Turn Your Idea Into A Real Product. Start Now AST SIGNS LICENSING AGREEMENT TO SHIP Adobe University Software SYSTEMWIZARD ON ALL PCS; PC OEM to License Attend an eSeminar to learn more about tools for Higher Education SystemSofts Breakthrough Problem Resolution Software. SystemWizard to Include "Support on Site" Multivendor Support Data From Ziff-Davis Division; SystemSofts New -- SEi will integrate the communication and remote PC control software of SystemWizards call SystemWizard Will Include Vast Set of... efficiency products into SEis ETSC offering. Digital Equipment Corp. Intends To Ship SystemSofts SystemWizard On Its PCs; Collaborative Development of -- Both SystemSoft and SEi will promote and license SystemWizard Premier in their respective OEM, SystemWizard for Windows NT Expected. ISV, and IHV channels. Unisys launches new service, unveils Sykes alliance in major expansion of distributed computing support services -- SystemSoft will promote SEis acclaimed third-party telephone support services as a tightly program. integrated extension to the SystemWizard end-to-end solution. PC industry leaders join Systemsofts SystemWizard knowledge partnership program. SystemSoft Corp. (NASDAQ:SYSF) and Sykes Enterprises, Incorporated (NASDAQ: SYKE) today SystemSoft announces record revenues and profits for first announced a broad technology exchange, marketing, and licensing agreement that will deliver to PC quarter of fiscal 1998. manufacturers and software developers one of the industrys most comprehensive technical support management solutions. As a result of the agreement, each company will offer significantly enhanced NEC OFfers Systemsoft PC Card and Power Management technical support services and products. Software On New Line of NEC Versa Notebook Pcs. SystemSoft Licensing Agreement for SystemWizard Under the agreement, SystemSoft, maker of the SystemWizard family of automated problem- Self-Help Software Renewed With HP. resolution technologies will embed and integrate SEis QA Plus-branded diagnostics and prevention Systemsoft Chairman Angelo Resigns. tools within its support-call management software to create SystemWizard Premier. With the SystemSoft Signs Definitive Agreement for the Sale and integration of the diagnostics to the SystemWizard Client, OEMs can take advantage of the same Licensing of BIOS Products. diagnostic tools used on their factory floor to solve problems after the PC has shipped to the end user. SystemSoft and SEi will promote and license SystemWizard Premier in their respective OEM,1 of 4 7/7/12 11:56 AM
  48. 48. EndPoints, Inc. > Startup Company Information Company EndPoints, Inc. Name URL Category Telecommunications> Processors Phone # 781-276-3900 Location Bedford, Massachusetts Number of (NA) Employees Date Founded 01002000 Capital Raised $5 million ~ $10 million Funding 2nd VC Stage EndPoints, Inc. is a leading provider of controller chips used in consumer products that capture and display video and still Company digital images across the Internet.‚ These chips provide connection Overview to an expanding world-wide base of hundreds of millions of PCs, Cell Phones, PDAs and TVs. Mike Aronson, CEO and Chief Technology Officer was founder and CEO of Aox Incorporated, where he architected advanced co-processor technology for PCs, developed video conferencing chips and designed multimedia functionality into DSP chips. He has a summa cum laude undergraduate degree in Physics and a Ph.D. degree in Experimental Physics from Harvard. Founder & Jon Gordon, President Management Information has a 25-year record of building successful technology-based companies. Before co-founding EndPoints, Mr. Gordon was President of DiagSoft, Phoenix Publishing, and Paterson Labs. He also served as Vice President of Sales for Phoenix Technologies and Graphic Software Systems. Chris Adams, Vice President of Sales and Marketing was VP of Sales and Marketing for Aox Incorporated. Prior to1 of 2 6/28/12 4:15 PM
  49. 49. 7/2/12 5:56 PM Menu PRESS RELEASE Sykes Enterprises and DiagSoft Announce Support through the internet Electronic Technical Support Center Connects PCs to Sykes Technician TAMPA, FL - November 15, 1996 (NASDAQ: SYKE) - Sykes Enterprises, Incorporated (SEi), a diverse information technology outsourcing company, announced today a new service, Electronic Technical Support Center (ETSC), which offers computer users a simple and easy solution to hardware and software problems. Using ETSC combined with QAPlus diagnostic products developed by its wholly- owned subsidiary, DiagSoft, Inc., SEi provides computer users on-line access to support through the Internet. Users with a computer can receive troubleshooting support with a simple click of a button, transmitting critical system information to a support professional in one of SEi?s seven custom-built state-of-the-art U.S. customer support centers. Information can be received via the Internet, Intranet, direct modem-to-modem, printer or fax. Once in depth hardware and software configuration information is downloaded, SEi?s technician can quickly diagnose and either fix the problem or recommend solutions. The diagnostic tools are available for systems running various operating systems, including DOS, Windows 3.1, Windows95, and OS/2. DiagSoft, Inc., the leading manufacturer of diagnostic, quality assurance and performance bench-marking software for computer systems will showcase this technology and ETSC at Comdex in the Las Vegas Hilton (Booth H405), November 18-22.…5852563e00018d9b1/31e86faa6cdfd9ab852563e3008099b1?OpenDocument Page 1 of 2
  50. 50. Jon Gordon Tech Deals
  51. 51. Jon Gordon• Phoenix IPO and or SEC issues early on, Jon was on the roadtrips...• seems to be in System Software Deals, from:• GSS to BIOS to MSDOS to Funding deals.• Great guy. I like him.• Stage1 Ventures handled all his places of employment/company M&A’s.
  52. 52. Sykes G2 Jackson Hole• final negotiations.
  53. 53. Christening of DREAMS 1-17-1997 Vinoy Marina• Sykes meets me for coffee and danish day after...• Doesnt trust Ed...• Likes Jon.• I lived in Florida from end of 1995-2006• I closed IBM Boca Raton - took Alan Piner with me for close...
  54. 54. Divorce• Oct. 2000 served at AM, Had asked ALL Kraft investments to come to Marco Island need to discuss cashing out possibilities, all show up the very morning of out of the blue, get served for divorce?• Don Harris helped set it up.• Art Cassise BBNC Board advisor consultant and buddy of Ralph Manfredo with them. StarPower, ...
  55. 55. • Krystle has both Florida and California Attorneys.• I have Woodward, Lombardo, esq. Naples, my portion of divorce to them was over $22K. Krystle and I in agreement from the start. Divorce took several years...• Krystle responsible for hers, we split assets as per original agreement three years earlier? Long, esq. Naples and lady unknown from Santa Cruz, is she the one on our dock in Marco Island?
  56. 56. Marco Island Camelot
  57. 57. good to be the King...
  58. 58. Queen left Camelot failed...
  59. 59. regardless... what is, is.
  60. 60. for my fatherHenry Owen Kraft
  61. 61. Jan. 17 1997Christening of DREAMS