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Gordon Kraft - Application to for Artificial, Inc. - for secondary rounds of funding 1998...

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AiLibrary company overview by Gordon Kraft

  1. 1. Search | Site MapGarage : Company Overview Gordon, you have until September 30th to complete this application. Save Often: To avoid accidental loss of data, we recommend you push the Save Work In Progress button at the bottom of this page every 5 or 10 minutes. After clicking the button, you can return to this page and continue working on the application. Note that all buttons on this page save your work. If you return to this page and the data on the page is not updated, try using the Reload or Refresh feature of your browser. Application Instructions The red asterisk denotes a required field. * You must submit an answer for every required field. The question mark located in the top right corner of each section gives you context-specific help and instructions for that section. This section is the single most important part of the application. and potential investors will read the text in this area before any other part of the company overview. * Very Short Description. Using 2 to 8 words, describe your company. For example, would be "Web-based seed- level capital broker". Artificial, Inc. is Gordon Krafts version of * Elevator Pitch. Please consult the help section (indicated by the question mark in the blue box above) before attacking this question. Mastering the Elevator Pitch is critical to your companys success. (Limit is 1,000 characters or about 100 words.)
  2. 2. Artificial, Inc. (Ai) is a Internet Research and Developmentcompany funded by its founder, to focus on the application ofArtificial Intelligence (AI) to a users internet experience.AiDigital Library Project:The internet is dynamically evolving in terms of the users abilityto access a sea of incredibily vast infomation. The result of anyresearch effort by a internet user, ultimately results in some ofthese questions:Additional keywords. Enter up to 20 search keywords related toyour company, name of that site?" 1. "what was the product, or service that are not part of the above100 worddidthat file name?" 2. "what was 3. "where description. (Limit is 300 characters or about 30 words.) I put that stuff?"4. "where is that video?" Intelligence, .PDF, QTVR, Sony VAIO, HomeDigital Library, Artificial5. "Im a frequent business traveler, how do HobbiesTheater, HDTV, DVD, MPEG2, .DOC, .HTML, I find thatdocument?"In order to understand the integration of the rapidly evolvinginternet, one needs to understand the past, present and future ofthe computer industry.AiTechnology Center:Contact NameGordon Kraft Center provides us with the necessaryOur AiTechnology environment for our AiDigital Library Project. One of many Ai Projects currently underway. Ai is comprised of a staff ofContact Email have worked with our founder for over 20 "visionaries" that years.gkraft@usa.netWe build "Artificial Worlds on the Internet".Application ID37574 have a AiTechnology Center in StarPowers Dallas Home We willEntertainment retail stores in Nov. 1999.* Contacts Title or Relationship with the applying company CEO* Contact Business Phone # (with area code) 941-642-7015Contact Business Fax # (with area code) 941-642-7809* Company Name Artificial, Inc.* Company Street Address (no P.O. Boxes) 889 S. Heathwood Dr,* Company City Marco Island* Company State (must be in U.S.) FL (2 letter abbreviation)
  3. 3. * Company Zip 34145 (5 digits)Company Web Site* Company Type C Corporation S Corporation Limited Liability Company (LLC) Partnership Sole ProprietorshipIf incorporated, date of incorporation 8/1/96 (mm/dd/yy)If incorporated, state of incorporation Fl (2 letter abbreviation)* What stage of development is your company in? Startup Product Development Beta Test / Clinical Trials Shipping Product Profitable* Enter the Industry Classification that best fits your company: Set Primary Classification Software: Other Set Secondary Classification Consultants (Information Technology)* What is your companys mission statement? (Limit is 2,000characters or about 200 words.)* What are your companys key goals and objectives? (Limit is
  4. 4. 2,000 characters or about 200 words.)* What problem are you trying to solve or fix with your product orservice? (Limit is 4,000 characters or about 400 words.)* Describe your underlying technology, including the developmentstage of the product or service. (Limit is 4,000 characters or about400 words.)* Does your success depend on any external intellectual properties?Do you have in place licenses or agreements to include thistechnology in your product or service? (Limit is 4,000 characters orabout 400 words.)Discuss your companys manufacturing and/or developmentprocess, if applicable. (Limit is 3,000 characters or about 300words.)* How many full-time employees does your company have?* List the 8 most important people affiliated with your company
  5. 5. (including company founders, Board members, advisors and keyemployees). Click the button for each person to fill in additionalinformation about that person. People Completed 1) Edit Gordon Kraft 50% 2) Add New Person 0% 3) Add New Person 0% 4) Add New Person 0% 5) Add New Person 0% 6) Add New Person 0% 7) Add New Person 0% 8) Add New Person 0%* How much capital has been invested in your company to date? (in US$)* How much capital is your company now seeking to raise? (in US$)* If you are successful in raising this amount, how long will thatlast you? (in months)After this time period, how much additional financing would yoube looking for, if any, in your follow-on round? (in US$)How much capital (including what you are now seeking to raise)will it take for your company to reach break even (cash flowpositive)? (in US$)* What is your company offering? (check all that apply) Equity Convertible Debt Debt I dont know / Im not sure
  6. 6. * What is the business exit strategy? How and when will investorsget a return on their investments? (Limit is 1,000 characters orabout 100 words.)* What drives you and your company? (Limit is 1,000 characters orabout 100 words.)Anything else we should know about your company? (Limit is2,000 characters or about 200 words.)If a person referred you to, who was that person?What firm do they work for?What city/state are they in?If you were not referred by a person or firm,how did you hear about us?* Free Listing. Your company is automatically entitled to be a partof our free listing service for startups. If you wish, we will make alimited profile of your company available to our qualified MemberInvestors in the private, password protected area of our site reserves the right to not list a company.
  7. 7. List my company will make available only my company name, location, very short description, money sought, and the 100 word summary (Elevator Pitch). Investors may contact me if they are interested. will not release any additional information to investors. Do not list my company If an investor is interested in my product, market, or technology sector, please forward that information to me without revealing any information to the investor.Save Work In Progress To save your work and come back to finish it later, click the Save Work In Progress button (remember, you must complete it by September 30th) Preview Free Listing To see a preview of your free listing, click the Preview Free Listing button. Preview Application To see a preview of your application, click the Preview Application button. Submit Application If you are completely finished with your application, click the Submit Application button. Contact us | Privacy PolicyCopyright © 1998-1999 All rights reserved. Legal Notices. Site maintained by