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EDU Plan Bricksandmortar 2

  1. 1. copyright gkraft July 2010 the problem with Incubators is SALES.Entrepreneur Incubator Plan The ability to “learn atthe speed of sight” is forthcoming, the point of view and the associateddatum (including eLearning HD Videos) are connected to the sidedisplays, the possibility to click on a word and go to that place on GoogleEarth with XML connections to your AiLibrary of Digital Stuff...autosearch and retrieval as you progress, with the pathway logged forbacktrack.The Internet is the bookshelf...There will be many implementation of view.Providing the “collaboration of stuff” logic using your Google profile ofinternet usage for now called the DNAid.Your tactile feel touch tablet on your lap, with tilt and swivel, ie. controlthe 3D Google Earth interface to the planet.Internet speed will kill or make this concept. Broadband is dialup.Wideband Gigabyte fiber to the home like FIOS from Verizon in Tampa.More speed Scotty! because you will lose the attention of the student ifyou are slow and boring, and if you can’t “motivate, you can’t graduate.”The product names and concepts will change in this Plan, due to copyright ortrademarks contention if necessary, this typically happens from time to time becauseeveryone is a Entrepreneur, the question is what kind of talent does the Entrepreneur have?
  2. 2. copyright gkraft July 2010 the problem with Incubators is SALES.more than one person can think of the same idea. Even though we often think we havethe greatest idea in the world, sometimes a simple Google search will tell us differently.The intention of this Plan is to establish a rapid implementation of EntrepreneurIncubator connections, and begin the marketing hype to promote the idea. Thetiming is always critical, if it can’t be done almost immediately, the results will be too faroff for the investor ROI curve. First it is important to agree on format and function, thenmeet and greet the Entrepreneur Incubators management teams at a conference inDisney World, or Dallas, or SF, etc. Use the Entrepreneur Incubator Association toassist in the conference.Purpose of this Plan.With the large number of unemployed, the positive impact of a emerging new companyis paramount. There are many older Sales and Marketing professionals that need aproduct to sell, a vehicle to get to the customer, and the training and product supportfrom a Internet based service. Significant products and companies are near break evenor running at a loss. Sales is needed to sell not only the product but the reason toinvest. People are tired of the slow progress and are willing to do what it takes to seechange. Investment TAX Credits are required.To train and employ. To increase probability of success by Entrepreneur ProjectAcceptance Management. ie. know how to pick the winners, and reduce the falsestarts by using experienced Sales and Marketing, Legal and Accounting.Angel investors need a guarantee of return of investment, certainly this is a betterinvestment than the current Student Loans program for the nation. It is a potentialreplacement for the failure of the Student Loans at the lower education levels to achievesuccess. Private Business Colleges abound, but the ratio of Student Loan to Graduatesis poor, they need to be involved with this effort if it is National in scope. Work togetherto motivate and therefore graduate. These loans are breaking the hearts and wallets ofthe students, their failure to graduate is the problem. If they graduate they have achance of loan repayment, so the Banks need to work this.Sense of Urgency is needed in the Entrepreneurial environment, if no urgency, there isno hurry to success, and the ROI will be unacceptable to investors.Entrepreneurs will learn that the market is global, and the vehicle is the Net.A Global network of sales reps to introduce and demo.Sales will provide customer input and product improvements, the “Product” will evolveand some will become Global.Global product sales balances the Balance of Trade, and establishes “Good Will”.Current Incubator Projects need immediate review, some will get funded, some willreturn home. Such is the purpose of a czar.Current Incubator Management will evolve, they are there to make it work but lackof realistic solutions to the lack of capital, and sales and marketing resources, hold backthe potential and increase the number of SBA failures.everyone is a Entrepreneur, the question is what kind of talent does the Entrepreneur have?
  3. 3. copyright gkraft July 2010 the problem with Incubators is SALES.Angel Investment Fund is part of the core of the Entrepreneur Incubator, theyare participants, not only investors, ie. active investors at the Board of Directorslevel, interruption by investors will not be allowed.The Legal Structure and Work for Hire Intellectual Property Management willestablish tight Process Controls on the use of funds. ie. Progress payments, draws, etc.Any draw will be recouped on a 50% per period basis and will be difficult to obtain.Entrepreneurs need failure to learn to succeed, the investors do not. A Bag of Groceryitems will be available to the needy, silently. Entrepreneurs need to feed their family,they are the knights of their family. Otherwise, Entrepreneurs would be taking a safepath of employment.The Entrepreneurs are Creative Talent, the Incubator is the Corporation andmanages the “Product”.Entrepreneur Incubator Board of Directors.The issue of Board manipulation of a startups growth and opportunities is real. Tocontrol in a meaningful way, the Bylaws will establish a Board Level Balance Control tomanage the proper merger activity. The problem with VC’s is MBA’s looking to bePartner’s. Para Professionals are like Sergeants for the VC’s and relate better to theEntrepreneur.A Angel Investment Fund must match its choice for name, in its actions within thecommunity to establish the pride of the community in the exciting things happening atthe Incubator, because they are active investors, and want to see some of what “theydid to help make this happen” down at the Business Development Center, they evenhave a facility for the “nerds in the neighborhood”... Opportunity abounds for thepromotion and growth of a successful Incubator. A DomusRoom will be inside, maybeseveral.Entrepreneur Facility.Entrepreneur Incubators are now located in many locations across the US. Thepossibilities are unlimited for these independent Incubators to connect across the net.Entrepreneur Standard Incubator format (layout).I recommend that we develop a standardized layout plan similar to a retail store “rollout”using a Apple Store clean look, but with closed WorkSpaces of all sizes based on theproject, the walls might be moveable within the Incubator.The Virtual Entrepreneur Incubators will use Videos to demo the concepts, andmake the audience believe that the Incubators are a connected family of incubatorsfrom a visual standpoint, there is no real need to spend any substantial funds on Capitalimprovements and equipment.Video conferencing is a awesome tool but lacks some close personal interaction as isenjoyed by Apple iChat users. The Entrepreneur Incubator needs to utilize Videoconferencing as much as possible in order to improve the purpose of Videoconferencing... The usage of Video Conferencing on a constant basis will connect theIncubators into natural groups of interest. This will create the family linkage that isnecessary for the connection of the Incubators to succeed, otherwise without Kreitsu, oreveryone is a Entrepreneur, the question is what kind of talent does the Entrepreneur have?
  4. 4. copyright gkraft July 2010 the problem with Incubators is SALES.a common sharing of interest it will be difficult to cause people to want to work together.Therefore it is important to bond initially the people who want to make the conceptwork. If they are currently not performing to the level desired, the people will bemotivated to make it so.everyone is a Entrepreneur, the question is what kind of talent does the Entrepreneur have?
  5. 5. copyright gkraft July 2010 the problem with Incubators is SALES.How to build the Entrepreneur Incubator:1. No money, just Entrepreneur others to believe in the concept:2. Utilize BLOGS to promote concepts:According to the highly successful iPhone APP “BUMP” (applications enjoying top 20out of 130K), the Apple APP store offers effective CMS ability from iTunes APP activity.Due to the confusion and conflict because of Software Patents, Bilski, et al.The probability of creating a unique non infringing APP is becoming moreand more difficult. The Apple iTunes APP store with its review andacceptance by Apple, will provide at least some confidence in yourintellectual property rights. Of course Apple will disclaimer the fact theyaccepted your product based on your representation, then your APPcontains other SDK’s Frameworks, etc. and your actual intellectual propertyis smaller than you may think.Everything exists today from the Technology standpoint, the effort will be to integrate asfast as possible using existing development teams from Google, Amazon, Ebay,Microsoft, Yahoo, etc.With these resources “committed” we can implement a working prototype in a month.There will be many prototypes and if possible we should do several in parallel. Wemight want to include the Incubators in a parallel effort to get some work for theirtenants. If this approach blossoms as fast as expected, the product will be usableacross the world, and allow Virtual Incubators. The entire point of this connection is tocreate and evolve solutions, and to make a few bucks in the process.$1M seed Fund: (no sense raising insufficient funding)With sufficient funds to hire a couple of developers and $10K mo. T&E, we can developa “proprietary” design including the “AiLibrary 101a” and release via Apple iTunes APPand Android APP stores. ($99yr. AiLibrary subscription)everyone is a Entrepreneur, the question is what kind of talent does the Entrepreneur have?
  6. 6. copyright gkraft July 2010 the problem with Incubators is SALES.$5-$25M Angel Fund:Real business development can be done with a Angel Investment Group, includingthe acquisition and merger of key technologies and the potential to Entrepreneurthe VC’s struggling artists. The economy and the cash flow difficulties of manycandidate companies and startups, will find substantial interest to survive, we mightwant to reach out to VC community, but no broker agents, just the decision makers.The VC community can make this a very positive spin... Looking for more investors foryour funds? Huge PR opportunities when you work to improve the lack of investments...Visibility to successes is mandatory. Nathan wanted me to meet with John Doerr,Kleiner Perkins, Nathan said he would understand my approach.everyone is a Entrepreneur, the question is what kind of talent does the Entrepreneur have?
  7. 7. copyright gkraft July 2010 the problem with Incubators is SALES.Entrepreneur Incubators need rotation of Technology.The Incubator should provide a continuous flow of new technologies, not purchase a PCand leave it there for several years. Tech development needs current state of the artDevelopment equipment. The major manufacturers will provide some of this equipmentif they can have a “Room” in the Incubator to use for demos on prearranged schedules.Promotion of a Entrepreneur Incubator:The way to bring private investors into the Angels Group is to have them visit theIncubators, they will need a reason to do so. Press releases are insufficient, but localTV needs some hip hip hooray news once in a while, and what better purpose for SocialMedia experts to work with. Everyone needs employment, if a Social Media Expertworks with a Incubator, they will find consulting opportunities from their interaction.The Entrepreneur Incubator has a HDTV Internet Broadcast Station for 1080p HDTVVideo Streaming from a multichannel head end. Including the DomusRoom in Rome.A Entrepreneur Incubator from Rome would provide the connective demonstration of theGlobal capability of the DomusRoom. And one of the world’s largest Digital Libraries isthere...DomusRoomThe elite classes of Roman society constructed their residences with elaborate marbledecorations, inlaid marble paneling, door jambs and columns as well as expensivepaintings and frescoes.[3] Many poor and lower middle class Romans lived in crowded,dirty and mostly rundown rental apartments, known as insulae. These multi-levelapartment blocks were built as high and tightly together as possible and held far lessstatus and convenience than the private homes of the prosperous. Entrepreneur Incubator Usage possibilities: 1. eLearning Courseware Development 2. Distance Learning SDKs 3. Collaboration Tools such as Skype, AVchat, etc. 4. Video Edit Suite for Marketing Presentations, Prototype Animation.everyone is a Entrepreneur, the question is what kind of talent does the Entrepreneur have?
  8. 8. copyright gkraft July 2010 the problem with Incubators is SALES.5. Product Concept and Development Training.6. Entrepreneur Training.7. Entrepreneur Incubator Facility Management Services.8. Fast to Market Prototyping.9. VC and Angel Group.10. iTunes University.11. Demo Rooms similar to Home Theater Demo rooms, using DomusRoom Interface, and room to room connectivity (possible market Magnolia).DomusRoom :The DomusRoom Human Interface will begin with the GoogleEarth 3D interface to the planet.How to do this in a month:Private Label OEMAcquire, change interface, and release.The hugh growth in Home Theaters over the past several years has created simple toelegant Home Entertainment installations. The original gkraft AiLibrary was a 820sqft.cherrywood Home Theater with a 10’ screen located in Marco Island in 1999-2003. TheHome Theater was installed by StarPower of Dallas. It included a T1 line into the homeand routed via a Cisco router. The room included a Mac OSX Server and a WindowsNT Server, three Mac’s and a PC, and the Ampro HDTV Projector included a VGA inputport used to connect the Mac’s for a 10’ display. The difference between a PC or Macwith a large screen was the combination of the THX Audio and the Large HDTV display.The AiLibrary used iView software for the Mac as the Document, Photo, and VideoDatabase. A QTVR 3D photorealistic browser interface and a PowerFile DVD changerwith 1TB of DVDs, it was 1999/2000 so the AiLibrary had a Terabyte (Mass StorageFacility) MSF.Today the Tech has evolved into a $99/1TB harddrive, so the storage facility capacity isample and expandable.The ability to add several displays to today’s Mac or PC allows a wrap around videoimmersion workstation design. Like a miniature iMax for your home or office.The planned software design will need to provide the planned Collaboration Stationcapability.The Collaboration Station CS is almost any Internet browser capable device. CS isdivided into three or more sections with left right scroll. The CS device needs to be ableto operate at a minimum of WiFi 802.11n speed with Wideband preferable.everyone is a Entrepreneur, the question is what kind of talent does the Entrepreneur have?
  9. 9. copyright gkraft July 2010 the problem with Incubators is SALES.everyone is a Entrepreneur, the question is what kind of talent does the Entrepreneur have?
  10. 10. copyright gkraft July 2010 the problem with Incubators is SALES.Entrepreneur Incubator Selection Group:1. Who will be accepted, why? Contests, Reality shows?2. Project Analysis by Entrepreneur Selection Group will include initial presentations to VC and Angel Group via DomusRoom.3. VC’s receive thousands of Business Plans a week, Entrepreneur Selection will reduce our submissions to feasible expectations.4. Financial Assistance based on ROI projections and time to market basis.5. MicroCap funding, etc.6. Possibility of merger of Entrepreneur Projects across State boundaries, is the reason for integrated and connected Entrepreneur Centers.7. Possibility of raising funding and sales of Entrepreneur Projects across State boundaries.8. Sales of Entrepreneur Incubator Products will be best served by independent sales reps groups across the US.9. A Entrepreneur Incubator Project may be a small as a Open Source module made available via the Google and Amazon, Azure, etc. platforms, and license fees paid by usage of the module similar to DoubleClick ad accounting.10. AiEngine or Digital Library can be used for intellectual property control.everyone is a Entrepreneur, the question is what kind of talent does the Entrepreneur have?
  11. 11. copyright gkraft July 2010 the problem with Incubators is SALES.Intellectual Property:Software Patents are failing to control, 3 years patent action, 700K in review or litigationqueue, because the Patent process cannot identify or quantify the code fast enough andthe process is unclear and needs research and the old match or “gumshoe” coderecognition type software that was used by the BIOS industry is not available. Manycountries have not implemented Software Patents and do not recognize them, a bettersolution is needed. And a Software Process Patent will identify the concept but notnecessarily the unique characteristics.The use of code names and project concepts having missing sections is necessary toprotect the intellectual property of the Entrepreneur Incubator Plan.The real value of this Plan is to establish in the mind of those that have control, thatsimple fast development of “back in the day” programming included 20 hr work days,now and then, but once people “get it”, the development time is fairly small, the eductionand coming up to speed may exceed the 30 day initial development increments. Thetrick is to know when and how to make release cuts, and not allow the programmer tokeep making it pretty, since programmers are like great artists, and never want torelease their art until just one more thing... And remember the Brodie Principle,“Software does not wear out”. Open Source and the newer programming techniquesare reducing the actual “Programmer Code” to a minimum, so the ownership becomescloudy without removing the SDK Frameworks, etc. to compare to the original work. BillGates made this prediction at the ETRE CEO Conference in Barcelona in the early-mid90’s. Bill said, “software of the future will be done in modules and incorporated into aexecutable program and billing will be based on the individual module usage.”Simple straight forward increments will make the concept happen. Avoid complexapproaches until the initial concept is operational, otherwise we will never launch thecompleted version in time to achieve the goal of education and growth of the Americancreativity process in the short term.everyone is a Entrepreneur, the question is what kind of talent does the Entrepreneur have?
  12. 12. copyright gkraft July 2010 the problem with Incubators is SALES.Entrepreneur Incubators Work PlanWhat does a idea need? Sales.How do you develop an idea? Entrepreneur Incubators.Bricks and Mortar? Yes.Internet Cloud? a person anywhere could gain access to the educational processnecessary to create an idea, and sell an idea? right.from anyplace? Yes.How do you sell? Don’t confuse booking from shipping.How do you protect the intellectual property rights of the idea? AiDigitalLibrary.How do individuals use the Incubator? over the internet using theirDomusRoom.What is most needed? free access to all internet content filtered by the individualsAiEngine INDEX DNAid.How many Incubators today?Emptyrentersstartupsfunding successsales successpromotion successmonth to monthA City or State Business Incubator has expended substantial money, effort, hopesand good intentions just to get to open the doors, funding has never been really part ofthe deal for startups, just hype and cocktails. Which should continue... + Local TV...and our own Angel Group with real VC’s behind it and in a management role.Proposition:Connect all possible Incubators, under a Facility Management arrangement like EDSback in the days with BlueCross and Les Abernathy, Ken Hill, and Ross Perot.Establish new Bylaws and M&A process. Then we can trade options, products, JV’s.Internet or Television Reality show of America’s top Entrepreneur’s live and throwingstuff... Pressure to construct or create the Product, Pressure to market the Product, etc.Now your town is in the Nationals, automatically.Possible players:everyone is a Entrepreneur, the question is what kind of talent does the Entrepreneur have?
  13. 13. copyright gkraft July 2010 the problem with Incubators is SALES.OracleMicrosoftGoogleAppleHPIntelDellSonyKoreaJapanChinaIndiaRussiacareful we could become friends doing this...and this is an example of real Bricks and Mortar, multi billion dollar entity.Government assistance is obvious.And the traditional Microsoft/PC industry needs a refresh to the next level. Applesproduct planning and integrated architecture has shown the way due to top qualityproducts, designs, etc.Microsoft and the PC industry needs to be more ONE in architecture and quality or it isa clock ticking.And now we have Oracles solution from 10 years ago called the Cloud. We have far togo, but Google is working hard from multiple directions. And Apple is your bestelectronic friend, you love your Apple...A Cloud Interface and browser compatibility will evolve rapidly. HTML5everyone is a Entrepreneur, the question is what kind of talent does the Entrepreneur have?
  14. 14. copyright gkraft July 2010 the problem with Incubators is SALES.HP 3D Printer allows prototyping in the EntrepreneurIncubator, real time service on site. $17,500 ea. Objet is of interest aspotential partner. Entrepreneur Talent Competition Show with 3D examples of productpainted and everything looking like it came off the normal production line, and in factcould for small volume runs.The Entrepreneur Incubator is now a Service Bureau and can generate revenuewith the ability to prototype “one off’s” when equipment not scheduled for walk-indesigns. Video Conference Rooms are DomusRooms are Home Theaters are demorooms with a virtual 3 set on a green screen overlay. One could make almost anyphysical product and or 3D Animation combination and display it on the internet in 3DHDTV on YouTube HD.Since the Entrepreneur Incubator has Video Editing and Post Production over theInternet for professional Business Plans, and the ability to 3D model almost any IDEA,the Angel Investors will understand the IDEA. You can’t hold software, or can you?Which makes the Incubator the Artificial Technology Center with Collaboration Stationsinside. $100M Angel Fund needed. With second stage VC’s helping grow theinvestment, so they can get in. The point is to put people to work on solutions by sellingthem...Think of the Entrepreneur Incubator as a multi floor building with the rent cheap at thebottom and the rent expensive at the top. Startups with onsite VC reps in the officedown the hall. The higher up you go the more you make.everyone is a Entrepreneur, the question is what kind of talent does the Entrepreneur have?
  15. 15. copyright gkraft July 2010 the problem with Incubators is SALES.everyone is a Entrepreneur, the question is what kind of talent does the Entrepreneur have?
  16. 16. copyright gkraft July 2010 the problem with Incubators is SALES.People are smart, they need doorways to opportunity, the short and longterm is already changing by the change in society (social media) caused bythe ability to interact. IF people can find the assistive path to education asthey need with very little cost involved, and they can find short coursetimeframes to learning how to create their next best mousetrap. Andaccess to Video On Demand from the HDTV Digital Libraries will be ofvalue, as well as the Apple iTunes University, which has the potential ofbecoming the simple cheap solution to eLearning.What do I want as part of this effort is to help others find the numerousways to be a Entrepreneur and add the missing elements from across theUS. I do not want to run it, just make it happen. The EntrepreneurIncubators are managed by people that want to succeed, often it is theaccess to working capital for the small things that makes the difference. Ofcourse significant funding would allow us to make this Plan grow and growat a faster rate.So this plan expects gkraft to get it online and operational, you can takecreative works, but implementation is a different thing entirely.alohaeveryone is a Entrepreneur, the question is what kind of talent does the Entrepreneur have?
  17. 17. copyright gkraft July 2010 the problem with Incubators is SALES.Recent progress:Apr. 2010Met with BerlinerCohen to discuss having their assistance in helping me with the VCcommunity, they were positive, Wubbles asked why not talk to Meg Whitman?I also met with several other possible developers at this time to discuss what we couldaccomplish with out any funding. Everyone needs a paycheck, so I have had to reducethe scale and scope of this Project and work towards a super low cost approach asshown above.I have also discussed potential hardware development to create a component for theDomusRoom that would give us greater intellectual property control, this area needsmore work.gkraftcopyright gkraft 2010everyone is a Entrepreneur, the question is what kind of talent does the Entrepreneur have?