EDU Plan B - how to bring Angel Investors by Gordon Kraft


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my EDU Plan provides the Tools for People to help themselves. The Internet is the Bookshelf...

AiLibrary by gkraft

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EDU Plan B - how to bring Angel Investors by Gordon Kraft

  1. 1. EDU Plan by gkraft• Entrepreneur Development University - EDU• a idea of mutual benefit...
  2. 2. Entrepreneur Incubators• Business Incubators need sales, and entrepreneur experience to increase success levels...
  3. 3. EDU - Fiber to the home...• Wideband Internet is needed to change the paradigm of individual output capability.• Wideband changes the Software industry design limitations...• but first education is required.• and a step by step advancement using captivating courseware such as a Playstation or XBOX video game architecture across the net...
  4. 4. EDU?• dot edu is the Internet extension for Education• so why not use it as a concept of Education?
  5. 5. Why EDU?• Education of un employed to help! get to work• Courseware from K12 simple and available• Experimental Lab online for creative people to collaborate• Groups of Like Minds... Facebook with tux...• Help People Help Themselves... purpose of EDU Plan.
  6. 6. EDU will succeed• because it only has to make available the tools for a person to help themselves.
  7. 7. EDU cost?• from FREE• to $300K for a six week course
  8. 8. Right Time Right Place• Funding possibilities...• Family Tree (China, Saudi Arabia... Germany, Scotland, England)• Lotto best odds...• JV
  9. 9. Saudi Soft loans?
  10. 10. American Quality• made in the USA, you betcha...• don’t confuse booking with shipping... Sell our way out ...• “buy American” will wip-lash consumer spending due to hard times of our economy.• only together can America rebound...• a Nation Divided cannot stand.
  11. 11. LeapFrog• Sell our way out.
  12. 12. EDU• EDU - Entrepreneur Development University is the collaboration of Incubators, Business Colleges, Colleges,Venture Capital, Industry...• Accreditation is by the individual education partner.
  13. 13. EDU• Education needs a face lift.• Our children learn at the speed of sight using Video Games• The Internet running WOT, Wide Open Throttle, will permit this...• 4K HDTV is here, bandwidth?
  14. 14. EDU• Education has had many facelifts, using Facebook would permit daily touchups...
  15. 15. EDU• $300K ! well you need to get peoples attention...• and to save a company costs exactly how much?• EDU is post sale acceleration partner... it is not a class room.• WE will help SELL YOUR WAY OUT! we have some old• Semi Retired Sr. Sales Execs... for hire. OR&B...
  16. 16. Raging Granny’s• no, Grandpa’s with time, motivation and skillsets and track records and time to rebuild the retirement funds the old fashion way...• they need airplane seats and hotel rooms and breakfast included...• we had to help our kids in this economy.
  17. 17. EDU AARP OnLine...• Old Retired and Broke (OR&B) Online...• the sales connections are all around us...• we used to call them our Elders...• AARP became an insurance company... but it started as a group of retired folks...• I started Old Retired and Broke using Facebook. OR&B
  18. 18. EDU• Motivate to stimulate each other would be the goal of a turnaround Plan, one that accelerates, not stops and try’s to restart momentum...• Accounting in this plan is Sales Prevention...• but required.
  19. 19. EDU• the bigger the pipe the fastest stuff flows• just like the folks drilling for oil know...• Global in scope, America First, is first...• Heal the center of Econ 101A.• Heal the American Economy.
  20. 20. Econ101A• America sets the examples...• we improve, everybody improves...• we fail, ...
  21. 21. Will Rogers logic...• seems to me... all I know is what I read in the papers... or NET.• common sense...• empower the people(s)...• Internet is the logic fault blocker... truth stops earthquakes between us...• people know, given honest truth, and instant communication.
  22. 22. Hope• Perception of Hope is hope...• Field of Dreams...• EDU• Build it they will come...
  23. 23. Social Medicine• Facebook, Twitter, email, IM, etc. Groups of like minds...• Communication is Social Medicine• thats why we had Newpapers... Guttenburg Press...
  24. 24. the TECH is ready• the proto works...• are we ready...• how to control...• open net...• create, sell, construct, ship, collect or BSC Book Ship Collect.
  25. 25. American Reality• is our people...• I fear all we have done is wake the tiger... Tora Tora Tora• aloha aloha aloha
  26. 26. Entrepreneurs• As the “increase” of available talent provides an increase in educated experienced white collar workers.• Entrepreneur Growth “will have no choice but to increase.”• ReTrain America. Titans of Industry, Business Knights, Global opportunity.• Survival education is required to reestablish these individuals before they accept a under employment downward spiral. Banks and economy lose if this happens.• Wall Street needed a bailout and the economic downturn has lost available capital, what happened to the capital? $5 is $5 it does not become something else. Safe Haven Investments... Internet SEC Funding...
  27. 27. EDU Funding• Chinese OEM... why did Intel invest in DiagSoft? to stabilize it... Fund America using our VC’s and Close Chinese VC friends that are already here in America, LC or No C... letter of credit to purchase from China?• What is in China’s best interest? (and the worlds) a healthy consumer. What did China do when the changeover occurred? close the HK banks? or grow them? Chinese friend told me no problem all uncles...• That is how a company would do it?• A Company that reduces or stops momentum goes where? ...• Who can build the High Speed Rail across the US the cheapest and fastest? Good Partners. Joss House awaits at Auburn completion point... give our partners a house...
  28. 28. EDU Negotiations Center• Television and the Internet are the vehicle of our goal to SELL America. Aloha on Tour, Tourism... ;)• Without Income there are no Consumers... Welcome to Great America!• America is the Center of Global Economic results... because of open borders...• Healthy Global Econ requires healthy center... people still want to come and live here...• Those with Funds will invest...• ROI required for Trickle Down Economy, or no Trickle...
  29. 29. EDU Angel Selection• EDU is a VC screening room, over the Internet...• 1,000 Business Plans a week to review? or more...
  30. 30. EDU• Selection of candidate Entrepreneurs based on Selection of Company Type• Funding for TV• $300K 6 week course, room and board, and Golf included. its about who you meet...• meet the winners, face to face with a cup of tea.• go back with your new connectivity and entrepreneurial Learn at the Speed of Sight.• Save your company, even if you are just a low level guy... like an MBA looking to be Partner....
  31. 31. EDU Plan• Evolve Education eLearning over the Internet• Empower people sitting at home with the tools to help themselves...• Peace results from trade...
  32. 32. EDU Excaliber best of best...• The Venture Community has played with microcap and small iFund’s but no successes echo.• The Indian Microcap funds ran out and they needed to add more.• A Marketing Plan includes the Launch of the new Product or Company.• Entrepreneur Development University will teach how to Launch.• A Cash Flow Loop is needed.
  33. 33. Fund Raising• Naples Gulf Coast Venture Group, initial member.• GC VG met at Naples Country Clubs.• Hong Kong Tailor will supply drinks. no problem we make you nice suit...
  34. 34. Entrepreneur Development University Enqubator Excaliber*• all men are equal. eLearning will adapt to the learner, not the other way around... TBD.• they can all be geniuses - Barry... No Child Left Behind is (Nationally) unbalanced...• Stanford, UC Berkeley neighbors• Universities have the resources, courseware, talent, grad students, but not the economics...• Super Computer University, interlinked intelligence looking for market outlets, Enqubator...• ISO Courseware standards that use Playstation and XBOX immersive graphics to (Keyword) Learn at the speed of sight... Seamless Architecture required... OSX Frameworks concept...
  35. 35. Entrepreneur projects• eLearning, courseware, ISO standards, Frameworks, SDK’s, Open Source• 3D Animation over the Internet in real time. Wireframe to 3D Printer...• Sustainability Energy Projects from University’s to commercialize and market.• Rapid Construction from upgraded quality.• Modular Energy Systems, Rapid Prototyping, see
  36. 36. LeapFrog• if behind, *leapfrog...• what?• 4G to 6G...
  37. 37. America’s simple solution its people...• Fiber to the house is the shortest path to achieve your DREAMS...• What other nation has as much diversity as America?• What other nation has as many nationalities as America?• What other nation has as much religious freedom?• What other nation has as much freedom?
  38. 38. EDU Fiber to the Home• up the economy by enabling the people.• that way you have all hands on deck...• remove the word Can’t.• a person online is a resource.• wideband changes the possibilities instantly!• the world wants to help because it is for all of us...• copyright gkraft @ July 2011
  39. 39. Global Cable? Fiber to China• Hawaiian from Hilo...• St. Pete 1999• hey Bra, can I join you?• brought a Luau...• and Aloha...
  40. 40. Global Cable? Fiber to China• aloha works, just paint• it on your race boat...
  41. 41. EDU Plan needs a Sales Organization...• OR&B can make a difference to Startups...• where do you think Entrepreneur’s came from? Cows?