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Come together Time for Peace


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Time for Peace

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Come together Time for Peace

  1. 1. The End of War...I often think about the world and its confused, delusional expectations and commentsabout the Conflict of War. The Middle East is continuing to react to the conflict ofReligions, and the Far East has a history of Warrior Nations that today show NorthKorea, China, and Japan in some form of conflict. What could possibly reduce tensionsand stop the conflict? No one man could possibly say or do anything that would changethis situation. Nothing could be said that would cause all peoples of the earth to payattention to the need for Peace...I decided maybe we need to invent Martians. A off world threat that would bring thenations of the earth together as ONE.Yet the concern that I have about my family and our involvement in the History of theWorld is yet another issue to worry about...America and other countries have a Economic problem that War would in a way reduceunemployment at the cost of lives that we seem to take for granted, with our arroganceand naiveness of our power in the world theater. Pearl Harbor, the Alamo, and severalother real experiences seem to have us asleep at the helm with our let’s kick butt andchew bubble gum attitude clearly shown on the BLOGS and Social Media sites of theInternet. We don’t seem to remember the horror and cost of War...The talk of a Civil War is common place, yet no one seems to realize the downside,once again arrogance is prevalent and the outcome would be terrible for our nation.The Climate Change is obvious, the weather impact on our country is overwhelming yetwe still have some people saying that there is no climate change... Dumb and Dumberare apparently in charge in Congress, with Republicans on Strike using CollectiveBargaining to get rid of Unions, and Entitlement of the needs of a nation suffering fromexpectations of the nation to provide food and shelter, those with these things think andspeak of “those people” as if they were not important to the nation, just overhead in adown economy. The Democrats have failed to perform when they had the opportunityand control, the timing of Health Care that is needed badly has been used to cast ashadow on the need of Health Care. We have allowed too many people to cross ourborders, yet those people are doing much of the construction in Florida and the Farm’sof America? Our children are killing each other with no apparent concern of thedownside of the threat of death to those that kill others... Our Video Games are violent,our Movies are Violent, and we seem to have a country that is only graduating about50% of our students. Certainly we need to resolve and correct the negative situation ofour children carrying guns and shooting each other, stealing is rampant with the downeconomy...I say these things because I believe that we can solve these problems, IF we chose todo so. The talk of a New World Order directing this situation from behind the scenes isof concern. The Tea Party in Boston that started our change from English rule to whatgkraft copyright Sept. 19, 2012
  2. 2. we call America were apparently FreeMasons? Who are today’s behind the scenes TeaParty members, and what Hidden Agenda do they have?The so called conservative movement is reacting to the economy, the need to supportothers, and the waste of money and debt we all share. If History is a teacher, thishappened before, and the Kings ruled the land, and the conservative movement endedup needing a Magna Charta to balance the so called Top Down Economy result.History is the Teacher. Period.Peace is the only solution, we have been fighting for thousands of years, yet have notlearned that Peace is the only solution... We have failed to find an alternative to Peace.I hope Martians don’t show up and kick our asses...God is hear, he is aware and will bring the solution, even if it is the result of theconvergence or alignment of the planets on my birthday...Peace is now. The alternative is too frightening to consider.America can not grow with a spilt population, people cannot find work in such asituation.America divided cannot stand.Come together over the lord.gkraft copyright Sept. 19, 2012