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AiLibrary Aliss by Gordon Kraft 2009


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AiLibrary design by Gordon Kraft for Attorneys, I emailed this the Don Harris Law Firm in Sandusky, and to (Alan Piner, Joe Dvorak)

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AiLibrary Aliss by Gordon Kraft 2009

  1. 1. AiLibrary ALiSS AiLibrary Legal info Support System "AiLiSS(tm) - Secure Cloud Computing" AiLibrary
  2. 2. BrochureTitle ALiSS has your files, you can go to Court with access to everything available to Mobile Computers.A Lawyer with everything... LISA the ALiSS Avatar keeps yous the one with All of theiri updated with where are supposed toDigital Stuff(tm), availableanyplace they are. be, and when you are scheduled.
  3. 3. ALiSSLegal Info Support SystemIThe AiLibrary Legal Infor Support System (ALiSS) is aimed atLaw Office Automation to insure you have what you need. Your Client info Your Client info is paramount to successful Legal practice management. A AiLibrary ALiSS installation is auto indexed document storage and retrieval of Digital Information. copyright gkraft 2009
  4. 4. AiLibrary, Inc. 4255 Hmphrey St. unit 324 Tampa Fl 33614AiLibrary ALiSS t. 000 000 000 000