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Working with some of the world’s leading technology innovators, Steljes has developed the Business Productivity Suite to help you change the way you work for real and lasting benefit. The Business Productivity Suite comprises of the cream of today’s productivity technology, under one roof, designed to address five focus areas that businesses tell us they need to make more efficient: meetings, video and data conferencing, workspaces and flexible working, training and marketing and communications.

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Steljes Productive Training Brochure

  1. 1. ProductivetrAiNiNGBring a richer learning experience to your employees,wherever they are – and get a Better return on your peopleThis is Business ProducTiviTy
  2. 2. this isProducttrAiNiNGEveryone knows that training is critical for the We’ve tried virtual self service learning, But with budgets squeezed it’s really hardfuture success of the business, but it’s always but ultimately people need help to discuss to make this the norm. Our staff are basedthe first thing to be cut. One thing’s for sure, ideas and issues around course content. across Europe, and guess what, we’ve gotour training budget is not going up anytime It is also all too easy to speed read and skip a travel ban. Added to that, there’s a realsoon. I need to get much more out of our through and a day later you have forgotten shortage of high quality trainers – especiallytraining budget. the content already. We also have to deliver in some of our more specialist areas (which training around our own products, services also tend to be the high value ones).The problem is that our training isn’t really and initiatives.working. Staff leave training sessions and If only I could make training more engagingcomplain that it was poorly delivered and I know that instructor-led training is and memorable, interactive and easier to fittoo ‘one way’. I need our training to connect absolutely the best approach – it should into employees’ schedules so it could makewith them – to get content across in a more be the mainstay of our drive to improve the difference it should – to staff and theengaging way, and get them truly involved our employees’ skill base for the business. business. But I know that it’s the time, thewith the experience. They can ask questions and solve problems way, the place that’s all wrong. We need interactively. And I want to go beyond this – to change the way we work. I want to use rich, interactive media – bring in relevant experts to share their knowledge, not just presentations and spreadsheets.
  3. 3. £88bn 93% Non-productive time costs the UK 93% of organisations say £88 billion a year. improving business productivity Source: Proudfoot Productivity Report is a key business objective. Source: Steljes Productivity ReporttiveG. WE’VE PROBABLY ALL FACED SIMILAR ISSUES ON A REGULAR BASIS. BUT STELJES BELIEVES THERE IS A WAY FORWARD. TRAINING WILL BE CRITICAL FOR BUSINESSES TO SUCCEED, AND THE TIME, THE WAY AND THE PLACE THAT WE MAKE TRAINING HAPPEN CAN CHANGE. TODAY. read on, and Take The firsT sTeP Towards a very differenT scenario. 1 THIS IS BUSINESS PRODUCTIVITY Productive trAiNiNG
  4. 4. 46% C-level executives are conscious about the benefits that communications and collaboration tools can bring and 46% plan to increase budget for these tools in the next 12 months. Source: Frost & SullivanhArNessthe Powerof yourPeoPle.2 THIS IS BUSINESS PRODUCTIVITY Productive trAiNiNG
  5. 5. I BELIEVE THAT MY TRAINEES ARE MORE LIKELY TO REMEMBER THE CONTENT FROM THE LESSON IF THEY HAVE WRITTEN IT THEMSELVES RATHER THAN JUST BEEN TOLD IT. SINCE I STARTED USING THE INTERACTIVE WHITEBOARD, I HAVE DEVELOPED MORE INTERACTIVE TRAINING TECHNIqUES AND THE DIFFERENCE IN ATMOSPHERE IS DRAMATIC. Corporal Thorpe, Trainer RAF HaltonPeople are the most valuable asset in any Budgets are tighter Time and disTancebusiness, and good quality training is than ever geT in The wayessential if you want to harness their full There is an increasing need for legislative and Schedules for staff are very busy. Takingpotential. You need to up-skill existing staff risk-management training and the challenge people out of the business to do training,and attract new talent. You need to build the is to prevent this requirement from devouring often at different locations, means that manyright skills for the future, and make your best your entire budget. You want better pass feel they can’t spare the time for training.people feel they’re learning and developing rates and reduced skill fade. But, training It is often easier to decline the training ratherso they’ll want to stay right where they are. budgets typically get hit hard and early in than change your schedule. If you could the round of corporate austerity measures. join training remotely and still get a greatThe challenge for Training The solution is not to reduce training, but to experience you are more likely to be ableSo training is a priority. But it’s a challenge think differently about how it is delivered. to build it into your day-to-day deliver it efficiently with limited resources– particularly if your budgets seem to shrink identify and target the The Training opporTuniTyas your need for training grows. It’s not Business need quickly What if you could invest every pennyalways easy to deliver training that works Aligning your learning with the business is of your training budget more wiselyfor your staff either. an often used phrase and with good reason than ever before? If you could deliver – learning exists to support the organisation convenient, cost-effective trainingThey may find it next to impossible to attend and yet it’s often unclear precisely how to that’s still instructor-led? If you couldtraining sessions away from their desks, yet do this. The challenge is to proceed towards improve your training environment andfind self-service online training inflexible at a culture of performance, productivity and resources to dramatically improvebest – and forgettable at worst. profit. To do this, training needs to adopt a engagement and retention? more socially networked and collaborativeIncreasingly, people work in collaborative working culture. You can do all this, and you can eventeams and project groups across reduce costs in the process. It’s not whatorganisational, geographical and business under-skilled staff, you do, it’s the time, the way, the placeunit boundaries. Success hinges on your under-performing Business that you do it – with Productive Trainingability to create flexible environments – both Most employers believe skills gaps within technology solutions from Steljes.actual and virtual – for people to work and to their businesses are holding them back.learn. You need practical solutions to adapt Training heralds the solution, but still itthe workplace to produce more exciting, so often fails to deliver. The challengeengaging learning. requires a fundamental rethink of how how do you training is delivered. make This all work beTTer?3 THIS IS BUSINESS PRODUCTIVITY Productive trAiNiNG
  6. 6. BriNG A richerleArNiNGexPerieNceto youremPloyees,whereverthey Areand get a Better return on your people.4 THIS IS BUSINESS PRODUCTIVITY Productive trAiNiNG
  7. 7. 76% 88% 76% of learning managers predict 88% of businesses say they now have a shift to using technologies, such the option to work away from the as e-learning or virtual delivery. traditional office set-up. It’s making it Source: Good Practice Report more difficult to bring together staff in one location for traditional office-based training sessions. Source: OrangeLearning must be engaging to be effective. ROI – PROductIveKeeping abreast of the technology is one tRaInIng technOlOgychallenge. Making training fun, appealing that Pays dIvIdendsand interactive is quite another. Even thougheveryone now knows that people learn by Cut costs: deliver more withdoing, many trainer-led courses still rely too constrained resourcesheavily on learning by telling. A far richer Investing in Productive Training technologyexperience is enabled by training that uses cuts cost by allowing you to capture trainingteam building and collaboration to maximise sessions and turn them into re-usable assetsuptake and retention of knowledge. across your organisation – distributed anywhere, in real-time or on demand.With Productive Training technology from Cut travel timeSteljes, you can deliver more instructor-led Nothing blunts productivity more thancourses and reduce your reliance on self- excessive travel time. With Productiveservice online training. Instructors can train Training technology from Steljes geographicaldelegates in person – but without needing to distance ceases to be a barrier: employeesbe in the same room, or even on the same can join training sessions and have ascontinent. And they can deliver learning that enriching and memorable an experienceis engaging and interactive, so your trainees as if they were physically there.retain far more, working collaboratively andsharing ideas and questions as they go. Improve knowledge retention Richer, more interactive learning vastlyWe can help you create richer in-room improves knowledge retention – so youtraining environments too, where trainers can could transform the skill base within yourshare source materials with ease, make notes business – increasing revenues and makingin electronic ink using a touch-enabled you more competitive.interactive whiteboard and then distribute Improve staff retention –the materials in real-time. Delegates can reduce recruitment feescollaborate, interact, and give instant It is well known that staff leave whenelectronic feedback. And sessions can be they feel their progress is stifled. Highlyrecorded automatically so they can be shared effective training makes their personaland re-used over and over again. and career development objectives come to fruition – keeping their valuable input within the business, rather than in the hands of competitors.5 THIS IS BUSINESS PRODUCTIVITY Productive trAiNiNG
  8. 8. where will yousee the PoteNtiAl?Whether it’s an HR Director looking to remoTe learning ThaT Bringsbetter upskill employees, or a Head of everyone TogeTherTraining looking to transform the way Training remote workers can feel liketraining is delivered, Steljes’ Productive hard work. When the trainer can’t see theTraining solutions, part of the Business delegates, it’s hard to judge how much they’reProductivity Suite can help. taking in or whether they understand what’s being said. Interactive whiteboards, voice andHigh-impact training is engaging, interactive data conferencing software and interactiveand instructor-led. Productive Training desktop displays can bring people into thesolutions can help you deliver this every room, no matter where they’re located.time, no matter where your delegates The trainer can interact with them naturally,or your trainers are located. making the session more effective. And because the technology makes the experiencericher Training ThaT more involving and engaging, delegates retainengages minds far more of what they’ve learned.With Productivie Training technology you canuse interactive whiteboards with visualisers call on exPerTiseand interactive desktop displays to deliver from anywhereengaging, interactive, instructor-led courses Subject matter experts can be difficult to pinin a standard training room environment. down when everyone wants a piece of their time. With Productive Training solutions youcollaBoraTe across oTher can call in a specialist remotely from anyoffices and conTinenTs location, cutting travel costs, increasing theTraining needs to be able to happen anywhere. number of delegates who can attend andYou can bring together cross-functional teams making it far easier to schedule your session.from different floors, different buildings oreven different countries. Use conferencing see Trainee Progresstechnology to connect your training rooms Use training room management softwareacross your enterprise – allowing employees to allow trainers and instructors to viewto feedback from interactive pen displays employees’ screens to monitor how they arepositioned on the desktop or using interactive progressing during the training sessions.whiteboards within each training room.6 THIS IS BUSINESS PRODUCTIVITY Productive trAiNiNG
  9. 9. 65% 50% 65% of executives see ‘a natural 50% of learning managers way of working’ as the key feature are set to increase their use of any collaborative technology. of web 2.0 technologies such Source: Steljes Productivity Report as social networking tools. Source: Good Practice Reportscenario The results Bola comments, “The successful delivery ofBT Innovate and Design (BTID) has embarked a customer solution relies upon the effectiveon a Global Development Centre Programme collaboration between people across BT. Ourthat embeds collaborative solutions from new SMART business solution enables peopleSMART Technologies. to meet, irrespective of where they are in“Our developers tend to work in groups the world and interact as if they were in thearound a whiteboard and research revealed same room. This has had a massive impact onthat they want to interact with and see what travel costs and reduced our carbon footprinttheir colleagues are writing on the boards, significantly. Last week I trained 34 peopleand see their faces. At that point we knew in India from Adastral Park and yesterdayour solution must support this way of I trained a further eight – that’s a savingworking whilst connecting teams that of a flight to India, plus my time, in justare spread across multiple locations,” two weeks.”explained Bola Oshisanwo, Director, Alan Bateman, Director for Next GenerationAgile Development Centre. Engineering adds, “Ultimately we’re usingBT’s research culminated in the complete this technology to change and transform theredesign of the agile development teams’ culture of the company. What started as aworking environment and included the project at Adastral Park has led to plans for aadoption of a SMART business solution. It network of five global development centres.”started with a proof of concept at AdastralPark, BT’s centre for development in Ipswich.“People were wowed by the SMART BoardTMinteractive whiteboards initially but quicklysnapped back into old habits,” says Bola. “Itbecame clear that this was because theydidn’t understand the capability of thetechnology, so we designed a trainingpackage which was delivered to a criticalmass of people over a short period of time.The training was based on observing whatpeople did day-to-day. The training focusedon helping them to incorporate theSMART Board interactive whiteboardsand collaborative working into their day-to-day work.”7 THIS IS BUSINESS PRODUCTIVITY Productive trAiNiNG
  10. 10. 55% 46% 55% of executives fear their firm 46% of executives doubt their is failing to deliver the necessary L&D departments ability to training for recovery. deliver training for recovery. Source: Coleman Parkes Source: Coleman Parkes8 THIS IS BUSINESS PRODUCTIVITY Productive trAiNiNG
  11. 11. ALL I NEED IS A ROOM, ELECTRICITY AND THE SMART PODIUM AND I CAN COACH MY TEAM ANYWHERE. I NOW HAVE A SOLUTION THAT IS TOTALLY MOBILE AND FITS ANY ENVIRONMENT WE FIND OURSELVES IN. I OFTEN TAKE IT WITH ME TO AWAY MATCHES AND USE IT IN MY HALF TIME TALKS TO HIGHLIGHT WHERE THEY NEED TO IMPROVE OR SHOW A PARTICULAR WEAKNESS OF THE OPPOSITION THAT THEY CAN ExPLOIT. Brett Taylor, Head Coach London Scottish Rugby ClubProductive trAiNiNGtechNoloGyAt Steljes we create technology-supported inTeracTive deskToP The ulTimaTe Trainingtraining solutions, as part of our Business disPlays environmenTProductivity Suite of solutions, tailored to SMART Podium™ interactive pen displays, You can gain real-time feedback andyour business needs that will deliver an ideally positioned on the desktop, are perfect improve content immediately with animmediate productivity and time saving remote learning tools, offering the features interactive audience response system, andreturn. Whether in-room, room-to-room or of an interactive whiteboard to delegates in with a Mainline flexible power distributionroom-to-desktop collaboration solutions, multiple locations. system trainers and delegates can plugthey can help organisational learning be in equipment anywhere in the room.more effective and cost efficient across visualisersmeasures including knowledge retention, Visualisers can be an invaluable training aid, accessoriesteam building, time, travel and hotel costs. enriching learning and aiding understanding. From remote mice to state-of-the-art sound They allow trainers to show real-world systems, Steljes offers a full range of toolsWe select the cream of Productive Training objects to delegates in remote locations, to make your training environment moretechnology from best-of-breed manufacturers, or display images or documents through a productive and engaging than ever you can be sure you’re investing in the very monitor or projector and transmitted throughbest equipment available. the collaboration software to all participants.inTeracTive whiTeBoards sofTwareSMART Board™ interactive whiteboards offer With SMART Meeting Pro™ software anddelegates a hands-on learning experience SMART Bridgit™ conferencing software,that dramatically improves knowledge delegates can collaborate intuitively whetherretention. Interactive whiteboards allow they’re in the same room or thousands of milesmultiple users to interact naturally with away. They can work with your own sourcedocuments, applications and the internet. material in programmes including Microsoft®Trainers and delegates can Word, Excel or PowerPoint, Adobe® Acrobat®write in digital ink and incorporate their and AutoCAD®.work into source documents with a fewclicks, and content can be saved easily in SMART Sync™ training room managementdigital format for your delegates’ reference software allows trainers to view all theand for trainers to re-use. delegates’ screens as they work, and lets delegates collaborate on the same document. Add SMART Ideas™ concept mapping software and SMART Notebook™ collaborative learning software, to make complex ideas easier for delegates to understand and it’s easy to deliver a high-impact, interactive training experience.9 THIS IS BUSINESS PRODUCTIVITY Productive trAiNiNG
  12. 12. OUR NEW SMART COLLABORATION CAPABILITY ENABLES PEOPLE TO MEET, IRRESPECTIVE OF WHERE THEY ARE IN THE WORLD AND INTERACT AS IF THEY WERE IN THE SAME ROOM. THIS HAS HAD A MASSIVE IMPACT ON TRAVEL COSTS AND REDUCED OUR CARBON FOOTPRINT SIGNIFICANTLY. Bola Oshisanwo, Director, Agile Development Centre BTA 360 0serviceyou need more Than jusTTechnology To change Theway you work. sTeljes offersa range of services To suPPorTyou Through The whole Process –from advice and guidance,Through To educaTion, Training,ongoing suPPorT and evenfinancing oPTions.10 THIS IS BUSINESS PRODUCTIVITY Productive trAiNiNG
  13. 13. ConsultanCy Rental TrainingOur consultancy service starts with Whether you want to stage an unforgettable When you invest in a suite of technologyus getting to know how your organisation workshop, to use digital signage for a to help make your people more productive,and your people work today, so we can help product launch, or to support a proof-of- it’s essential that they are confident andyou change the way you work tomorrow. concept, we offer a range of exciting engaged with it. That’s why Steljes seesThis approach means we can help you choose Business Productivity Suite technology for training as a crucial part of changing thethe right technology and get the maximum short-term rental. way you work. We can also offer trainingreturn by focusing on the areas of productivity as part of a proof-of-concept so you’ll getthat are most important to you. Here’s how organisations take advantage: a clear picture of the impact your chosen technologies could have on your business. High impact AGMs: an interactive votingKey consultancy services include: All training is completely tailored to your system (and digital signage to publish business and your priorities.Audit – looking at how you work the results)today, and then developing the business Critical workshops – get important Training services include:case to change decisions, fast – using an interactive End-user training – Steljes is the onlyProof of concept – to help assess whiteboard to get your key people SMART accredited training centre in thenew ways of working and trial to collaborate, interact and ultimately UK, so using our experts to get yourthe technology reach decisions that typically take people up-to-speed pays dividends weeks or months to finaliseTechnology familiarisation – our Technical – we’ll ensure the technologyaccredited experts will install the Flexible working – a great way of is integrated seamlessly into yourtechnology and help business users trialling flexible working, renting existing estate, and we’ll work closelybecome confident in its usage conferencing equipment such as with your IT team to help them become mobile interactive displays on stands familiar with the systems or interactive pen display podiums forsteljes ChoiCes remote workers, means you can conduct Train the trainer – we can train your ownPaying for new equipment up-front may a cost-effective pilot staff to deliver top-quality, customisednot be the best option for every business. training to their colleagues internallyThrough Steljes Choices, we offer a range of Ongoing support – we’ll help youtax-efficient leasing options, hire purchase technical suppoRt manage change and ensure your peopleand 0% finance (subject to product and and waRRanties continue to improve their productivity.underwriting acceptance). Our own enhanced warranties as well We’ll run refresher courses and conduct as standard manufacturer warranties giveWorking with Syscap, the UK’s leading a staff survey to assess the impact the you the support and confidence once theindependent business IT finance technology is really making technology is in place. Steljes provides on-siteprovider, Steljes Choices can give you support, which can avoid the need to sendcash flow flexibility and keep your items away for repair. And with a next daycapital free for reinvestment response time you can be assured there isFinance options are tax-efficient very little downtime for your organisation.and could even save you moneyin real terms Added to this, it includes:Your agreement will be individually Supporting proof of concepts: technicaltailored to you with easily managed support is vital at the ‘proof of concept’monthly payments that suit your budget stage for any project and having technical support ensures that theAt the end of your agreement you technology works in your environmentcould choose to own the equipment orrefresh the technology and lease more Enhanced warranties: for a one off feeequipment without increasing your you cover the cost of all labour and parts,monthly outlay or the cost of a full replacement if repair is not possible Steljes is the SMART Authorised Service Organisation in the UK and Ireland, so you will be supported by a trained and highly skilled team of technicians.11 THIS IS BUSINESS PRODUCTIVITY Productive trAiNiNG
  14. 14. whystelJessTeljes – a hisTory of innovaTionSteljes started in 1987 and since then, suPPorTing Technology sense checking The righThas demonstrated a passion for identifying service Providers aPProach – soluTionsthe latest in technology to change our way By matching the best technology and evaluaTionof living, learning and working. Steljes has customer challenges together, Steljes helps We take on a lot of the risk and upfrontconstantly looked at the technology manufacturers, resellers and customers investments that our clients and partnersmarketplace for innovation that could be successfully address real life situations faced would otherwise have to bear. A big partsuccessfully harnessed for tangible and by businesses in every industry sector. of this is ensuring we’ve vetted the rightlasting productivity gains. solutions and know with certainty they will We support the industry through education deliver the benefits that our clients expect.From launching the first LCD projector into and training, insights and research and ofthe market back in 1993, through to being course helping companies take these new Steljes Labs, our own R&D, focuses on thisthe first distributor of SMART Technologies, innovative technologies to market with the area – understanding from manufacturersTurning Point and AVerMedia. Steljes surety of being backed by real expertise across the world, what’s coming down thecontinues to promote and distribute and experience. pipeline and how it compares to what’ssolutions and technology with purpose. available now. a ParTnershiP aPProachSteljes entered the Sunday Times Fast Steljes delivers its solutions throughTrack in 1997 and has continued to grow a network of partners across the UK.since – selling over 300,000 SMART Board™ Steljes and its partner resellers work withinteractive whiteboards in 2009 and customers to help devise and provide theachieving recognition by winning the Best right technology solutions to meet theICT Innovation Award in that year. highest priority productivity challenges. We work closely with our partners, giving them and their customers advice and guidance to help them deliver maximum benefits.12 THIS IS BUSINESS PRODUCTIVITY Productive trAiNiNG
  16. 16. where will your BiggesT ProducTiviTygain come from? Productive Productive video ANd dAtA Productive meetiNGs it’s not what you do, it’s the time, the way, coNfereNciNG it’s not what you do, it’s the time, the way, worksPAces it’s not what you do, it’s the time, the way, the place that you do it. the place that you do it. the place that you do it. This is Business ProducTiviTy This is Business ProducTiviTy This is Business ProducTiviTy Productive Productive mArketiNG ANd find ouT more trAiNiNG it’s not what you do, it’s the time, the way, commuNicAtioNs it’s not what you do, it’s the time, the way, We offer an initial assessment and consultancy service with one of our the place that you do it. the place that you do it. Business Solutions Group to help you identify the best opportunities and partner for your business. 08450 758 758 This is Business ProducTiviTy This is Business ProducTiviTysTeljesHEADqUARTERS LEEDS EDINBURGH STELJES IRELAND LTDBagshot Manor The Old Brewery Lochside House Unit L2Green Lane High Court 3 Lochside Way Baldonnell Business ParkBagshot Leeds Edinburgh Park BaldonnellSurrey LS2 7ES Edinburgh Dublin 22GU19 5NL EH12 9DT IrelandThis is Business ProducTiviTySJ/41658