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Steljes Business Productivity Suite Brochure


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Working with some of the world’s leading
technology innovators, Steljes has developed
the Business Productivity Suite to help
you change the way you work for real
and lasting benefit.
The Business Productivity Suite comprises of
the cream of today’s productivity technology,
under one roof, designed to address five
focus areas that businesses tell us they need
to make more efficient: meetings, video and
data conferencing, workspaces and flexible
working, training and marketing and

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Steljes Business Productivity Suite Brochure

  1. 1. It’s notwhatyou do...It’sthetIMewayPLaCethatyoudo It.This is Business ProducTiviTy
  2. 2. £88bn Non-productive time costs the UK £88 billion a year. Source: Proudfoot Productivity ReportthIs Is busInessProduCtIvIty.Running a business is challenging. And when We invest a lot in training (never enough And my marketing department drives me up We’ve probably all felt similarit’s got 500 people in four offices across three I know), but running courses across the UK the wall because new products seem to takecountries – and an entire sales force working and Ireland is challenging and our remote forever to get to our retail network – product frustrations from time to time. butremotely – then it’s not for the faint hearted. workers never engage with it. We live in a development certainly needs to be faster, but digital age, but in meetings we still scribble why should distribution take so long? steljes believes that there is a WayCompetition is fierce, so we need to fight for notes on pads and use flipcharts like they’reeverything. Money’s tight, so we need to be going out of fashion. It means progress Above all, I just feel like we’re wasting forWard. What We do may neverlean, fast and smart. can be slow, actions can be missed and resources, and I’m not just talking money. everything feels very archaic. What concerns me above all is people’s time. change, but the time, the Way andIt can be frustrating at times. We’ve got a We waste that too often, and we need to stop.good business here, but I know we could Our off-site staff feel disconnected from the the place that We do it can. today.have a great one if we made more of what business, and they’re often the people we It’s not what we’re doing that’s the problem,we’ve got. Our people are talented, but we need to stay closest to because they’re on the it’s the time, the way, the place that we’redon’t seem to communicate and collaborate ground with customers. We had to put travel doing it. We need to change the way we well as we should. Our products are restrictions in place to reduce costs, but it’s read on, and Take The firsT sTePoutstanding, but they take too long to get ended up just being an excuse not to getto market. And we’ve embraced new teams together. The offices themselves are a Towards a very differenT scenario.cost-cutting technologies, but we haven’t big part of our ongoing costs – every time I’mreally seen the returns. there I just feel we’re not really maximising what we’re getting from this investment: it feels like an unproductive place to be. 1 this is business productivity
  3. 3. it Was a no-brainer, really. not only can When you ignore Where, When and hoW We noW process our Work quicker, We Work is done you empoWer people to need less people and roughly 25 per cent be more productive, more creative, and feWer meetings to do so. more successful. Victoria Slight Telework Research Network Cable & Wirelessthe futurestarts todayWe’re all under pressure to do more with less The world of work is in the midst of significant The Time ThaT we do iT – The way ThaT we do iT – The Place ThaT we do iT –these days. Maintaining a competitive edge cultural change, and businesses need to Working faster Working smarter Working anyWheremeans getting every drop of value from your change too – with creative and flexible work Your staff can be free just to make things Your people can eliminate unproductive The employer that supports truly flexiblefacilities, your real estate and your people. spaces, effective training and responsive happen, with smooth and interactive meetings, dramatically cut their travelling working is rewarded with a more committedWork patterns are changing too, with smaller, marketing tools that make the most of every technology that feels natural, that dispenses time, improve communication and save and more effective work force – not tomore focused teams coming together to bring resource. With the right technology in place, with flipcharts and typed-up actions – and money. They can collaborate more effectively, mention lower travel costs and less desknew ideas to life and launch them to market you can embrace this new way of working. that energises teams and enriches their across any distance, sharing documents with space. Your people can work from home,fast. And employers are working harder to You can make your workforce more engaged working day. They can be 100% involved ease and working intuitively together to solve from another city, from another continent –attract the best staff – improving their and fulfilled, make your operations more and focused, launching products or services problems and generate ideas. And your so your carbon footprint shrinks as their jobwork-life balance and keeping them fulfilled efficient, improve communication and faster than ever. And when they’re ready to training can be richer and more effective, satisfaction grows.and skilled with career-building training. collaboration and help your business to leap go, your marketing team can react instantly, with technologies that increase engagement into a more productive future. with digital, cloud-based displays that get and retention and allow your staff to access your messages out there with a few clicks training sessions from anywhere. of a mouse. The fuTure holds a Brand new way To work. leT’s sTarT Today.2 this is business productivity 3 this is business productivity
  4. 4. 55% 40% Over 55% of desks in an average office Companies surveyed believed they all i need is a room, electricity and the smart podium are empty at any given time, so why is would save up to 40% of their travel it still so hard to find a meeting room? costs and associated expenses – by interactive pen display and i can coach my team anyWhere. Source: Unwired Research removing one in three traditional i noW have a solution that is totally mobile and fits any meetings. environment We find ourselves in. i often take it With me to Source: Steljes aWay matches and use it in my half time talks to highlight Where they need to improve or shoW a particular Weakness of the opposition that they can exploit. Brett Taylor, Head Coach London Scottish Rugby Clubnew ways They’re discussed in every boardroom. ImprovIng sales and They’re showcased at every conference. marketIng effectIveness And they’re the subject of many a Request Marketing and sales are central to growth. for Information (RFI). They are the hot topics But too often, their time is consumed by that businesses are under pressure to unproductive tasks. And they know they’re investigate and address. But the question under pressure: 81% of marketers sayto aChIeve remains, how do you turn these issues into operational efficiency is their top priority.1 tangible outcomes? By talking to Steljes, Freeing these teams to focus on what’s most you just might find the answer. valuable for the organisation is no easy task, but it’s a crucial one. Ensuring rEal collaboration happEns makIng the workIng Businesses continually talk about fostering envIronment work better collaborative working – moving away The places where we work come at anot-so-new from the analogue world of flip charts and premium. Yet with only 44% of time now typed-up actions and into the digital age. being spent at the desk and over 55% of And 46% of C-level executives say they plan desks in an average office are empty at any to increase budget for technologies to given time, it is clear we no longer work in support this. But really effective collaboration one place, so why is it still so hard to find a still seems frustratingly elusive. Technology meeting room? Work has changed, but our alone will not make it happen, but a new working environments haven’t. Employing way of working will transform everyday productive workspace technologies and toolsobjeCtIves interactions between staff, suppliers, will make the office environment work for partners and customers. your people, not against them. harnEssing unifiEd empowerIng productIve communications flexIble workIng With workers wasting over two and a 88% of businesses say they now offer the half hours each week because of poor option to work away from the traditional communication, many organisations are office set-up. This can make it harder to bring starting to invest in unified communications. staff together and to keep them in tune with The challenge is to make this investment the rest of the organisation. To get a return pay, and genuinely change working practices on flexible working, staff need engaging and by having the right technologies in place. intuitive ways to communicate and connect. Yet only 32% of employees believe they currently have the tools to do so.24 this is business productivity 5 this is business productivity Source: 1 Accenture, 2 YouGov
  5. 5. the busInessProduCtIvIty suIte:InnovatIve teChnoLogysoLutIons that Changethe way we work forthe better.6 this is business productivity 7 this is business productivity
  6. 6. how does the busIness ProduCtIvIty suIte heLP you Change the way you work?smart’s interactive technology is Working with some of the world’s leading efficienT: a naTural way of working technology innovators, Steljes has developed Optimise the efficiency of your people, Business Productivity Suite technology workshelping to facilitate cultural change the Business Productivity Suite to help helping make the best use of their time. the way you work already – it feels natural you change the way you work for real and the only dramatic changes are simplyWithin our organisation. it is alloWing and lasting benefit. effecTive: the efficiency it gives you and the Enable people to collaborate and work new opportunities you get for betterour Workforce to collaborate quickly The Business Productivity Suite comprises of effectively, wherever they are, to speed collaboration. the cream of today’s productivity technology, up decision-making.and easily on projects, alleviating the under one roof, designed to address five simPle, easy To use, engaging focus areas that businesses tell us they need enriching: Technology that’s hard to use or requiressilo mentality that We knoW Will act as to make more efficient: meetings, video and Enrich the way people work and technical expertise will never really change data conferencing, workspaces and flexible communicate to enhance results – the way we work – what’s required are toolsa barrier to future security. a great working, training and marketing and and boost staff satisfaction. that we can all use, with minimal training communications. or technical assistance.spin-off benefit has been the facility economical: Reduce operating costs and create more a measuraBle reTurnto alloW experienced staff to mentor opportunities for revenue growth through on invesTmenT smarter working. All of the technology we provide as part ofothers around the World aiding rapid the Business Productivity Suite is selected environmenT: because it can demonstrate a clear return onskills spread. Reduce business travel and deliver energy investment. savings through more sustainable workingDavid Dryden, Managing Partner practices. Whether it’s digital displays cutting the costCundall of producing tens of thousands of printed in store promotions; or interactive whiteboards that cut the cost and time of holding meetings – Steljes’ Business Productivity Suite will be an economically sound investment. Where Will your biggest productivity gain come from? productivity can be improved in most areas of most businesses, so you may choose to focus on them one by one. the business productivity suite has been developed to help you do exactly that, read on to explore the five focused areas that We call ‘pillars of productivity’.8 this is business productivity 9 this is business productivity
  7. 7. pillars of productivity 40% 12% 40% of organisations stated that Meeting minutes are captured reducing travel and hotel costs are in only a third of business meetings. their biggest drivers for implementing Only 12% of meetings result in clear collaborative technology. next steps. Source: Steljes Source: Proudfoot Productivity ReportProduCtIve MeetIngsMake every Meeting count – enable richer collaboration increasing sales drive and accounTaBiliTy From limiting all meetings to 20 minutes toand knowledge sharing to get to the answer faster You have your monthly sales meeting but with a dispersed workforce these conducting them standing up, businesses aren’t easy to make the most of. But imagine if the way you did these was have tried almost everything to make them very different indeed... more efficient. Now there is a better way to make every meeting count, enabling Imagine if you could see which rooms are available instantly, or book empty richer collaboration and knowledge sharing rooms on the fly with a room management system. You could improve room and getting to the answer faster. With utilisation and get the space you need when you need it. Productive Meeting solutions technology, You arrive at the room and with just one touch you turn on the interactive all this is possible: whiteboard and you can begin your meeting, everyone connected, in less Efficient meetings, every time. than a minute. Use whiteboarding software and You have people connecting from different offices and a number of the conferencing software to make field sales team connecting from their home offices: through voice and it easy to share voice and data data conferencing you can share the sales numbers and targets on a 100% engagement with touch-enabled spreadsheet and everyone can annotate, write over and contribute to the interactive whiteboards, interactive numbers and plans in real-time. You skip to the next quarter’s strategy LCD displays and interactive desktop presentation and the team can again contribute and write over the display screens presentation. You take a look at recent competitor activity on the internet and capture this into the whiteboard notes you have been keeping as the Seamless collaboration regardless meeting progresses. of location Your new product is discussed next and you are able to show the physical product through a visualiser so everyone can see a demo from the head The results for your business: office development team. Dramatic time savings The meeting ends and within seconds the whiteboard notes and screen Cut unnecessary travel and cost captures, actions and notes are all sent electronically instantly. The business has seen faster management reporting and better sales focus, and numbers! Get to market faster You have just had your first Productive Meeting. Enrich interactions to get better decisions, faster Less admin – capture notes and ideas digitally, in real-time business productivity in action for real-life demonstrations of business productivity suite technologies, visit our youtube channel at this is business productivity 11 this is business productivity
  8. 8. pillars of productivity 2.5 Workers waste over 2.5 hours per 60% 60% of organisations plan to expand week due to poor communication. usage of video conferencing. Source: Proudfoot Productivity Report Source: Frost & SullivanProduCtIve vIdeo anddata ConferenCInga real Meeting experience – without requiring virTual Teamwork, real resulTs Do your people spend a lot of time travellingface-to-face presence You’re a global manufacturer and one of the biggest challenges you face is to meetings? Imagine if the meetings came the time involved in the new product development process: specifically design. to them instead and you could cost effectively Your experts are based around the world and previously they would arrange deploy video and data conferencing. quarterly face-to-face meetings to discuss and agree design spec and changes. Productive Video and Data Conferencing Imagine if you could change the way this process works… makes this a reality, with technology that Using a standard meeting room, you enable your design teams to collaborate makes remote, multi-site meetings feel like never before. Touch-enabled Interactive whiteboards use conferencing natural and seamless – so you get a real software to allow product schematics and diagrams to be shared and worked meeting experience without needing to be on. LCD displays connect the teams via video conferencing so they can see face-to-face. You can: ideas in action, and help them build face-to-face relationships and increase Leverage expertise across the business the impact and effectiveness of the sessions they collaborate on – plus the conferencing means meetings are recorded for future use and analysis. Enable collaboration regardless of location, even allowing sharing of You use a 3D visualiser to share real objects – almost as if the prototypes real-world objects through visualisers were actually in the room. You have created a virtual collaboration space which means your experts in different locations can interact with and annotate Create a richer experience that on proposed designs in real-time. strengthens relationships and boosts productivity What this means is that the design process reduces dramatically, your teams truly operate as one global force, and the ideas flow and the innovation Offer remote working that feels like happens in the meeting, ahead of your competitors. it’s face-to-face with HD video conferencing technology Share complex ideas and enable real-time interaction on shared documents through data conferencing and whiteboarding software The results for your business: Reduce travel without compromising the value of human interaction Improve communication and collaboration through data conferencing Have all the key people at every meeting, business productivity in action making your business more agile for real-life demonstrations of business productivity Cut wasted travel time suite technologies, visit our youtube channel at this is business productivity 13 this is business productivity
  9. 9. pillars of productivity 65% 65% say flexible working practices had a positive effect on recruitment and retention. Source: DWPProduCtIve worksPaCescreate an efficient and effective work environMent, a fleXiBle worksPace for fleXiBle working Office costs form a significant partboth in the office and reMotely Imagine a truly flexible working environment with formal meeting spaces, of an organisation’s cost-base. And with the project rooms, brainstorming rooms, plus flexible spaces across your entire rise of flexible working – the growing office estate – designed to help your teams collaborate and share ideas imperative is to get the most from flexible and information like never before. workers and ensure they contribute maximum value to the organisation. Touch-enabled video walls make the most of internal wall spaces – and are Productive Workspaces can help you to: great for both internal communication and collaboration for larger groups. Touch-enabled tables mean ad hoc meetings or conversations in coffee areas Support flexible working with interactive can be more productive – instantly accessing and sharing files and information, desktop display screens that provide a allowing people to capture a moment’s inspiration at a moment’s notice. naturally collaborative environment for home and remote workers Mobile interactive whiteboards and interactive LCD displays move to where your people want them – suddenly fully booked meeting rooms don’t get in Create smarter meeting spaces with the way of urgent meeting requirements: collaboration can happen where touch-enabled interactive whiteboards, and when it’s needed to. video walls and LCD displays and room management solutions Flexible power distribution means that you can change the nature of meeting rooms to different styles based on your needs without being hindered Make better use of communal spaces – by the location of power sockets. use interactive touch-enabled table displays for ad hoc meetings Out of the office, home workers can have the same experience with touch-enabled desktop display screens and conferencing software helping Greater facilities flexibility through them interact with colleagues as richly as if they were in the office. Your flexible power supplies and mobile workspace has just become productive. interactive displays The results for your business: Successful flexible working arrangements Simpler planning, reduced administration Maximise meeting room utilisation, maximise return on your office space business productivity in action for real-life demonstrations of business productivity suite technologies, visit our youtube channel at this is business productivity 15 this is business productivity
  10. 10. pillars of productivity 58% 58% of businesses say that skills gaps are holding back their growth. Source: IoDProduCtIve traInIngbring a richer learning experience to your eMployees, wherever insTrucTor-led Training for all, wiThouT With highly skilled employees, your businessthey are – and get a better return on your people The cosTs or resTricTions can fly. But how do you make sure that your Your training budget may be under pressure, but the need to upskill your staff training is truly engaging, effective, and is still critical. The challenge is that real high quality instructor-led training is worth the investment? How do you give expensive and restrictive: instructors are scarce, and employees are time-poor your employees a richer learning experience, and geographically dispersed. so you’ll both reap the rewards? And how do you give them easy access to training, Imagine expert, instructor-led training being delivered both live and wherever they are? With Productive Training on-demand across any geography you need. The instructor uses interactive solutions you can: whiteboards and visualisers with whiteboarding and conferencing software to deliver high impact product training – to office and home-based workers. Enrich learning with technology that brings concepts to life, encourages The training courses are enriched through far more interaction and visual participation and aids understanding engagement. Feedback response systems mean the instructor can make training far more of a two-way experience – getting feedback, questions and input Train anyone, anywhere. Employees can from all trainees, wherever they are, instantly. attend instructor-led training remotely, cutting travel time and increasing Training room management software helps the instructor see trainees’ screens attendance to view progress, and concept mapping software is used to share complex ideas visually and with real impact – even when your employees aren’t physically Tailor your content, encouraging present at the training. re-use and sharing Most importantly, the training budget you’ve hung on to yields better results, Gain real-time feedback and improve better knowledge retention and a better employee outcome. content immediately with interactive response systems The results for your business: Better training impact and knowledge retention, better performing people Reduced travel time and cost Better attendance at training Improved staff retention and lower recruitment costs Reduced training costs business productivity in action for real-life demonstrations of business productivity suite technologies, visit our youtube channel at this is business productivity 17 this is business productivity
  11. 11. pillars of productivity 81% 81% of marketers cite operational efficiency as their top strategic priority. Source: AccentureProduCtIve MarketIngand CoMMunICatIonsget your Message to Market faster with less cost – Transforming in-sTore markeTing in a Marketing needs to be more accountablethrough a high iMpact MediuM reTail Bank Branch neTwork than ever, delivering tangible profitable In the retail banking market, you’re under pressure to get to market faster growth, getting to market faster – and than the competition. Rate rises, legislation changes, shifts in charging structures responding to cost pressure at the same time. and new product offers – all need to be acted on, and quickly. Your retail branch Productive Marketing and Communications network is an ideal medium – as customer footfall is high and you have trained makes it possible to: staff on hand to close deals and help customers. But, how can you get to market Publish messages instantly to your in days, not months? customers with outdoor displays and Imagine if you could replace your in-store printed posters and stands with indoor cloud-based digital signage digital signage that can be managed, by your team, centrally and instantly – Encourage interaction with your all from the cloud. Rather than communicating a single message you could messages using touch-enabled surfaces change your messages to customers across your entire network, or specific and video walls local locations – whenever you want, and within minutes. The latest mortgage and interest rate offers get in front of customers faster than ever before, new Use response devices and real-time business banking promotions can be communicated and you can support local analytics to measure effectiveness initiatives in a high impact way. It’s no longer ‘this month’s campaign’ as you Use communal office space and campuses can alter messages throughout the day – promoting the full range of products for high impact internal communications that your staff can then cross-sell with customers. Outdoor digital displays generate higher footfall and touch-enabled interactive The results for your business: surfaces inside create greater engagement for both staff and customers. Marketing has just become highly, and visibly, productive. Improve speed to market Cut distribution and production costs Drastically reduce product management time Improve brand perception Use real-time feedback to refine your messages Get your employees on message business productivity in action for real-life demonstrations of business productivity suite technologies, visit our youtube channel at this is business productivity 19 this is business productivity
  12. 12. doIng the nuMbers:a great returnon InvestMentsee whaT your scenario 1 scenario 2 scenario 3 helping cut the cost cutting desks, cutting in-store marketingreTurn will Be: and time involved in the space, groWing goes digital monthly uk sales meeting productivityspeak to our business solutionsgroup – for the business case and How can lost productivity really cost UK The monthly sales meeting. Critical for We all know that offices cost money, but with The mobile phone retailer has a branchtechnology solutions. businesses £88bn a year? The truth is that keeping a watchful eye on the pipeline, and an average of 55% of desks being unused – network of 120 high street stores – but the businesses lose productivity through a for driving the right salesforce behaviour. the importance and urgency of reducing cost of production and delivery of regularlyOur Business Solutions Group can help you: bewildering number of ways – and the However, with sales people dispersed across office space costs is growing. It is also about changing in-store promotional campaigns is shocking fact is that these add up to far more the UK and Ireland, the cost and time re-purposing that space with more meeting critical. And with the brutally fast-pacedIdentify key productivity gains and build a business case based than business leaders appreciate. involved in bringing people together can rooms and spaces for people who no longer nature of the industry – production andon real-world metrics and financials really add up. work at a desk and using hot desking policies delivery timelags are something theRefine your requirements – so that you can prioritise The Steljes Business Productivity Suite is and home working to shift the basis of the organisation can well do against key productivity gains designed to free up the lost time, the wasted Key time and cost saving (productivity) areas: space in the office environment. space, the inefficient ways that we find Key time and cost saving (productivity) areas:Scope a tailored solution – with the right products and services Travel time of workers required at the ourselves working. Key time and cost saving (productivity) areas:for the business requirement meeting (a huge cost and one that’s well Marketing staff time spent on managing understood – as many companies already Time saved finding meeting rooms, the logistics of printed in-store comms Most importantly, the Business Productivity have travel bans in place) booking meeting rooms, cancelling Suite typically provides a return on Time to market saving: in-store comms meeting rooms, meeting roomgo to our roi calculator to investment within the first year and savings Administration time – getting actions production and delivery adds weeks re-allocation and postponement – adiscover your business case for over 3 years can be very significant. Here are and minutes typed up and circulated: to promotional launches huge hidden cost in large organisationsmeeting room solutions three scenarios representative of the type often weeks after the meeting Production of in-store comms of benefits our customers gain. Time gained by the ability to have ‘ad Time to market – getting new hoc’ meetings whenever and wherever Delivery of in-store comms and incentives into the market can staff require happen quicker if sales meetings can Agency amendment time and be independent of location issues Office desks can cost £6,000 (in terms logistics cost of physical cost, support costs, IT etc) Travel costs (car: fuel, fleet maintenance – each desk saved yield significant capital and depreciation; train fares, flight costs) and operating expense reductions Hotel and sustenance costs Meeting room utilisation increases – (for longer-distance travellers) which reduces unused office space, Staff salary costs (wasted time involved in with less dead space occupied with the travel, and in unproductive meetings) desks and more flexible space for informal and formal meetings freeing up valuable space within an organisation’s office estate20 this is business productivity 21 this is business productivity
  13. 13. ultimately We’re using this technology ConsultanCy Rental Training to change and transform the culture Our consultancy service starts with Whether you want to stage an unforgettable When you invest in a suite of technology of the company. us getting to know how your organisation workshop, to use digital signage for a to help make your people more productive, and your people work today, so we can help product launch, or to support a proof-of- it’s essential that they are confident and Alan Bateman, Director of Next Generation Engineering BT you change the way you work tomorrow. concept, we offer a range of exciting engaged with it. That’s why Steljes sees This approach means we can help you choose Business Productivity Suite technology for training as a crucial part of changing the the right technology and get the maximum short-term rental. way you work. We can also offer training return by focusing on the areas of as part of a proof-of-concept so you’ll get productivity that are most important to you. Here’s how organisations take advantage: a clear picture of the impact your chosen technologies could have on your business.a 360 High impact AGMs: an interactive voting 0 Key consultancy services include: All training is completely tailored to your system (and digital signage to publish business and your priorities. Audit – looking at how you work the results) today, and then developing the business Critical workshops – get important Training services include: case to change decisions, fast – using an interactive End-user training – Steljes is the only Proof of concept – to help assess whiteboard to get your key people SMART accredited training centre in the new ways of working and trial the to collaborate, interact and ultimately UK, so using our experts to get your technology reach decisions that typically takeservICe people up-to-speed pays dividends weeks or months to finalise Technology familiarisation – our Technical – We’ll ensure the technology accredited experts will install the Flexible working – a great way of is integrated seamlessly into your technology and help business users trialling flexible working, renting existing estate, and we’ll work closely become confident in its usage conferencing equipment such as mobile with your IT team to help them become interactive displays on stands or familiar with the systems interactive pen display podiums for steljes ChoiCes remote workers, means you can conduct Train the trainer – We can train your own Paying for new equipment up-front may a cost-effective pilot staff to deliver top-quality, customised not be the best option for every business. training to their colleagues internally Through Steljes Choices, we offer a range of Ongoing support – We’ll help you tax-efficient leasing options, hire purchase technical suppoRt manage change and ensure your peopleyou need more Than jusT and 0% finance (subject to product and underwriting acceptance). and waRRanties Our own enhanced warranties as well continue to improve their productivity. We’ll run refresher courses and conductTechnology To change The Working with Syscap, the UK’s leading as standard manufacturer warranties give you the support and confidence once the a staff survey to assess the impact the independent business IT finance technology is really makingway you work. sTeljes offers provider, Steljes Choices can give you technology is in place. Steljes provides on-site support, which can avoid the need to send cash flow flexibility and keep youra range of services To suPPorT capital free for reinvestment items away for repair. And with a next day response time you can be assured there isyou Through The whole Process – Finance options are tax-efficient and could even save you money in very little downtime for your organisation.from advice and guidance, real terms Added to this, it includes: Your agreement will be individually Supporting proof of concepts: technicalThrough To educaTion, Training, tailored to you with easily managed support is vital at the ‘proof of concept’ monthly payments that suit your budget stage for any project and havingongoing suPPorT and even At the end of your agreement you could technical support ensures that the technology works in your environmentfinancing oPTions. choose to own the equipment or refresh the technology and lease more Enhanced Warranties: for a one off fee equipment without increasing your you cover the cost of all labour and parts, monthly outlay or the cost of a full replacement if repair is not possible Steljes is the only SMART Authorised Service Organisation in the UK and Ireland, so you will be supported by a trained and highly skilled team of technicians.22 this is business productivity 23 this is business productivity
  14. 14. why the smart board interactive White- board in our major incident room Was central to strategic and localsteLjes planning, and key to the deployment of our rescue staff. using applications such as google earth and os mapping in conjunction With notebook softWare, the interactive boards proved invaluable to the goldsTeljes – a hisTory of innovaTion command team, Which used the boards to keep track of staff and equipment. the ability to electronically recordSteljes started in 1987 and since then, has suPPorTing Technology sense checking The righT the strategy and mapping, and thendemonstrated a passion for identifying the service Providers aPProach – soluTionslatest in technology to change our way of By matching the best technology and evaluaTion pass this, instantaneously, to ourliving, learning and working. Steljes has customer challenges together, Steljes helps We take on a lot of the risk and upfrontconstantly looked at the technology manufacturers, resellers and customers investments that our clients and partners silver and bronze commanders alsomarketplace for innovation that could be successfully address real life situations faced would otherwise have to bear. A big partsuccessfully harnessed for tangible and by businesses in every industry sector. of this is ensuring we’ve vetted the right proved to be of enormous benefit.lasting productivity gains. solutions and know with certainty they will We support the industry through education deliver the benefits that our clients expect. Tony Woodley, Communication and Liaison Officer RSPCAFrom launching the first LCD projector into the and training, insights and research and ofmarket back in 1993, through to being the course helping companies take these new Steljes’s Labs, our own R&D, focuses on thisfirst exclusive distributor of SMART innovative technologies to market with the area – understanding from manufacturersTechnologies, Turning Point and AVerMedia. surety of being backed by real expertise across the world, what’s coming down theSteljes continues to promote and distribute and experience. pipeline and how it compares to what’ssolutions and technology with purpose. available now. a ParTnershiP aPProachSteljes entered the Sunday Times Fast Track Steljes delivers its solutions through ain 1997 and has continued to grow since – network of partners across the UK. Steljesselling over 300,000 SMART Board™ and its partners work with customers to helpinteractive whiteboards by 2009 and devise and provide the right technologyachieving recognition by winning the solutions to meet the highest priorityBest ICT Innovation Award in that year. productivity challenges. We work closely with our partners, giving them and their customers advice and guidance to help them deliver maximum benefits.24 this is business productivity
  15. 15. where will your BiggesT ProducTiviTygain come from? ProduCtIve ProduCtIve vIdeo and data ProduCtIve MeetIngs it’s not what you do, it’s the tiMe, the way, ConferenCIng it’s not what you do, it’s the tiMe, the way, worksPaCes it’s not what you do, it’s the tiMe, the way, the place that you do it. the place that you do it. the place that you do it. This is Business ProducTiviTy This is Business ProducTiviTy This is Business ProducTiviTy ProduCtIve ProduCtIve MarketIng and traInIng it’s not what you do, it’s the tiMe, the way, CoMMunICatIons it’s not what you do, it’s the tiMe, the way, the place that you do it. the place that you do it. This is Business ProducTiviTy This is Business ProducTiviTyfind ouT moreWe offer an initial assessment and consultancy service withone of our Business Solutions Group to help you identify thebest opportunities and partner for your 758 758sTeljesheadquarters leeds edinburgh steljes ireland ltdBagshot Manor Forsyth Business Centre Lochside House Unit L2Green Lane Gelderd Road 3 Lochside Way Baldonnell Business ParkBagshot Gildersome Edinburgh Park BaldonnellSurrey Leeds Edinburgh Dublin 22GU19 5NL LS27 7JP EH12 9DT IrelandThis is Business ProducTiviTy