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Working with some of the world’s leading technology innovators, Steljes has developed the Business Productivity Suite to help you change the way you work for real and lasting benefit. The Business Productivity Suite comprises of the cream of today’s productivity technology, under one roof, designed to address five focus areas that businesses tell us they need to make more efficient: meetings, video and data conferencing, workspaces and flexible working, training and marketing and communications.

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Steljes Productive Video & Data Conferencing

  1. 1. productivevideo and dataconferencingA reAl meeting experience – without requiringfAce-to-fAce presenceThis is Business ProducTiviTy
  2. 2. this isproductvideo anconfereThe reason we want to meet face-to-face We thought we’d see a bit of a dent to team business now, but we’re not harnessing itshouldn’t be a surprise. Research has shown working and ultimately productivity, but effectively and people only think and interacttime and again that 80% of communication we were surprised by how much it’s affecting within their own region, or even done visually and this is why people still us. Our home workers find our currentwant to default to face-to-face meetings, but collaboration technologies too complex and So, for many, communication now consistsoften have to make do with email and phone. hard to use – most are only good for passive of email and phone, but to be honest it’sIt is always a balancing act between the costs and broadcast forms of communication rather mostly email – that most unengaging andassociated with this and the desire to meet than supporting interactive and collaborative blunt form of dialogue. We need to be ablein person. working on shared media. They also say that to communicate visually and see our people the technology doesn’t fit with a natural way and their body language.We’ve been under some cost pressure recently, of working and this has simply meant theyand with some basic analysis we were shocked don’t use the tools we’ve given them. They Visual communication and collaborationby the sheer scale of our company’s travel may not even be the right tools for some of technology will be key to this, but currentcosts. We had expanded globally, so the flight the ways they want to work. approaches haven’t worked – the time, thecosts and associated expenses really added up. way, the place we do things needs to change.Between travel bans to put a cap on this and We need to find a way to really engage with We need to change the way we work.natural elements from ash clouds to deep our home workers – flexible working’s sosnow sometimes travelling to meet simply important to this business, and we just needisn’t an option, but the business impact to make it work. For our colleagues across thecan be serious. world, we must be better connected. There’s a vast pool of expertise and ideas within this
  3. 3. 80% £88bn People remember 80% of what they Non-productive time costs the UK see AND hear, compared to just 10% £88 billion a year. of what they hear and 20% of what Source: Proudfoot Productivity Report they read. Source: Jerome Bruner, New York Universitytivend dataencing. WE’VE PROBABLY ALL FACED SIMILAR ISSUES ON A REGULAR BASIS. BUT STELJES BELIEVES THERE IS A WAY FORWARD. MEETING FACE-TO-FACE IS ALWAYS GOING TO BE REqUIRED, BUT THE TIME, THE WAY AND THE PLACE THAT WE INTERACT CAN CHANGE. TODAY. read on, and Take The firsT sTeP Towards a very differenT scenario. 1 THIS IS BUSINESS PRODUCTIVITY Productive video ANd dAtA coNFereNciNG
  4. 4. 73% 73% of respondents said that communication and collaboration was the top issue and priority for driving business productivity. Source: Steljes Productivity ReportYou justhave to beface-to-face,is there noother waY?2 THIS IS BUSINESS PRODUCTIVITY Productive video ANd dAtA coNFereNciNG
  5. 5. 40%40% of respondents said that video AMONG THE MAIN REASONS TO ExTEND THE COMMUNICATIONand data conferencing was a keytechnology for productive meetings. AND COLLABORATION BUDGET IN FUTURE ARE: PRODUCTIVITYSource: Steljes Productivity Report INCREASES (46%), LESS TRAVEL (43%), COST REDUCTION (35%) AND TECHNOLOGY ADVANCES (35%). Source: Frost & SullivanCan you really have an interactive, Making reMote workers Technically advancedcollaborative meeting without being less reMote conferencing ThaTface- to-face? The fact is that pressures on Staff who work from home or remotely doesn’T requiretime and productivity are forcing us all to often feel ‘out of sight, out of mind’ – Technical knowledgeconsider new ways of working. Whilst most or at least that’s the way the business can The challenge found by many organisations isof us hate being on camera the reality is that feel. Connecting them to their HQ colleagues that conferencing technology can be complexvideo conferencing is now an integral part of is critical – to create a ‘one company’ culture, for the non-technically gifted. This has hadthe way we run our lives. For the new digital to foster better teamwork and to ensure their the effect of many systems lying unutilisednatives, they have grown up with the full expertise is brought to bear. – the investment never delivering a return. Ittechnology revolution and news ways of is key to find highly intuitive and user-friendlybuilding and maintaining relationships achieving effective approaches that mirror a natural way ofthrough digital media, It is not as complex conferencing and working – with minimal training and ITand difficult as it used to be and if they collaboration without knowledge required.can do it we should too. breaking the bank Video and data conferencing solutions haveFlexible working – been around for some time. The challenge how do youor are you? organisations have found is in the cost andFlexible working has often been problematic complexity of these systems. How can you make This allfor organisations. Typically, you tend to achieve the communication effectivenessget quick wins from freed up office desk your business needs – without it being work beTTer?space and some travel cost reduction – cost prohibitive? Equally how can youbut something more important gets lost change the experience from a passive andalong the way. Building solid relationships, broadcast communication to one that iscollaboration and team working suffers – interactive and collaborative?and ultimately so too does productivity. iMprove collaboration –Cutting the travel Costs, even when geographywithout Cutting the gets in the wayConneCtion to staFF With more and more work being done as taskStaff travelling to meetings is an or project-based activity – bringing dispersedever-present part of business, but staff together has never been moreincreasingly, organisations are putting in important. They need to feel part of the teamplace travel bans to try to control the time and build relationships with colleagues thatand cost spent in transit. However, people they may see infrequently at work in person.still need to collaborate and interact – thechallenge is making this happen effectively.Being able to see people in an ever moredigital world has to go beyond an icon or apicture of a person. We communicate visuallyand we need to visually explain data andcomplex ideas at the same time.3 THIS IS BUSINESS PRODUCTIVITY Productive video ANd dAtA coNFereNciNG
  7. 7. 65%65% of employers said flexible WHEN ASkED WHAT THEY CONSIDERED TO BE THE BIGGESTworking practices had a positiveeffect on recruitment and BENEFITS OF VIDEO CONFERENCING RESPONDENTS RATEDretention saving costs. REDUCING TRAVEL TOP, CLOSELY FOLLOWED BY SAVINGSource: DWP TIME AND REDUCING COSTS. Source: Steljes Video and Data Conferencing ReportVideo and data conferencing has become RicheR engagement, RicheR ROIaffordable, effective, easy to use and inteRaction, betteR Resultsreliable. Connect workers like never Productive Video and Data Conferencing Cutting wasted timebefore, across any distance, with ease. technology from Steljes gives you real-time Think about the hours your staff spendHelp virtual teams work together and content collaboration and a natural dialogue travelling to and from meetings. Across thebuild better working relationships from a between your staff, customers and partners course of even a month this adds up‘face-to-face’ experience. – whoever you want to connect with. significantly. Video and data conferencing This enriches communications and builds doesn’t replace every meeting, but it canUse video and data conferencing that is easy relationships – especially when geography drastically reduce them – and with that staffto set up and even easier to use – within would normally be a barrier. time is better spent.minutes you are up and running with a new Agility – get to market fasterway of working that still feels natural and making flexible woRking How many times are meetings delayed due tointuitive. The technology is compatible with Really pay dividends geographic constraints? Freeing up a wholeall industry standard formats and runs across Video and data conferencing can fall down day for a meeting is challenging, but withIP networks so it will integrate easily into your when it’s used by those outside of the high Video and Data Conferencing, an hour’sexisting communications infrastructure. You speed connectivity world of the head office. meeting is just that – an hour. This meanscan now record meetings, simply by plugging With solutions from Steljes, technical meetings happen when they need to,in a USB device – press one button and you limitations won’t hold you back – and remote projects stay on track and the businesscan save, share and archive meetings as a and home workers can easily connect and becomes more agile.permanent record. have high quality video conferences without requiring ‘business grade’ technical Building better relationships connectivity: home broadband is easily Great working relationships improve the way sufficient. people interact with each other, improve team work and morale and ultimately lead to more suppoRt new ways productive, highly motivated teams. The cost of woRking of delays from fragmented teams cannot be Increasingly, we work together across underestimated. distances, in short-lived project teams and Reduce your carbon footprint often with suppliers and partners outside of Companies are under pressure to our company. This requires a new way of demonstrate greater sustainability. Productive working – an ability to be fleet of foot and Video and Data Conferencing does mean communicate quickly, easily and above all, travel requirements drop, and with that the effectively. Video and Data Conferencing carbon footprint reduces – especially for from Steljes supports this by emulating the international organisations who can avoid most natural working method – visual excessive flying. collaboration and face-to-face interaction.5 THIS IS BUSINESS PRODUCTIVITY Productive video ANd dAtA coNFereNciNG
  8. 8. where will Yousee the potential?Whether it’s a sales function wanting to make comPlex informaTionregional sales meetings more efficient and sharingeffective, or global teams needing to connect 3D objects, design schematics, the latestand build relationships, Steljes’ Productive technical architectures. The more complexVideo and Data Conferencing technology the information, the more important it is tocan help. From simple video conferencing represent it and discuss it visually. Video andsolutions to integrated solutions with Data Conferencing technology makes thisinteractive whiteboards and collaboration possible – allowing dispersed teams to sharesoftware that take you to a new level with a objects, annotate and make commentary –natural interactive and collaborative data all of which can be captured and recordedconferencing solution. digitally. Use visualisers to instantly bring objects into conversations; use touch-effecTive remoTe working enabled interactive whiteboards or displaysBring remote workers into the meeting or to add commentary and ideas.into the conversation with Productive Videoand Data Conferencing technology. From TaPPing inTo sPecialisTconferencing software that can connect them exPerTise – whereverfrom anywhere, or touch-enabled desktop iT’s locaTeddisplays which provide a portable way to So called subject matter experts are valuablevisually interact with office-bound colleagues individuals. What makes them so valuable isthrough to video conferencing that enables their scarcity – which causes organisationsthem to see their colleagues, their body problems, bottlenecks and constraintslanguage and reactions – as if they were there when it comes to tapping into theirin person. unique expertise. What if you could simply conference them in when you needed themcollaBoraTion: Bringing and give them back their valuable time bycusTomers, ParTners taking out the travel?and suPPliers TogeTherMore brains working on a problem, the morechance you have of solving it. Increasingly,it’s not just people within the organisationwho work together to solve problems andcreate opportunities. Suppliers, partners,even customers all can become part of theequation. And having Productive Videoand Data Conferencing technology to bringthem together, instantly, makes this anaffordable reality.6 THIS IS BUSINESS PRODUCTIVITY Productive video ANd dAtA coNFereNciNG
  9. 9. ALL BUSINESS STAkEHOLDERS HAVE HAD TO FOCUS MORE 88% 88% of respondents would use video conferencing as a way toON REDUCING TRAVEL AND MEETING COSTS, FROM BOARD meet face-to-face without theLEVEL TO TRAVELLERS THEMSELVES. need to travel. Source: Steljes Video and DataSource: Institute of Travel and Meetings Conferencing Reportscenario Excellent build quality The system has improved the firm’s efficiency, reducing travel to internalTake a firm of solicitors with 40 partners High quality video images and meetings – enabling more time to be spentacross three locations in the UK. Regular audio sound on billable work. The system paid for itselfmeetings between the partners resulted in after just two of the larger internal meetings Simplicity – no one in the company needsextensive amounts of travel. For expensive, were conducted using the video to be an IT expert, for the users it is justfee-earning staff this was a situation that had conferencing solution! like using a telephone. Once set-up theto be remedied. The firm wanted a system firm didn’t require IT expertise for usingthat they could use internally to reduce the system at each of their three sites, asmeeting-related travel time and free up more non-IT staff could easily use and managetime for billable work. The system also the system themselves.needed to include a recording functionalityfor archiving purposes. Low bandwidth requirements – the system is compatible with typical officeThe firm knew what was on the market in or even household bandwidth,terms of video conferencing systems and as integrating easily into the firm’s existingbrand new users of video conferencing knew communications environmentthat they wanted a ‘no strings attached’ Low cost of ownershipsystem: no hidden extras, no managementfee, no additional warranties to pay for. Therequirement was for a simple, easy to usesystem that they could manage themselvesand only pay for the physical hardwarethey purchased.The firm chose the AVerComm H300 videoconferencing system for all three of itslocations for the following reasons:-7 THIS IS BUSINESS PRODUCTIVITY Productive video ANd dAtA coNFereNciNG
  10. 10. 8 THIS IS BUSINESS PRODUCTIVITY Productive video ANd dAtA coNFereNciNG
  11. 11. 84%84 of the ‘100 Best Companies ULTIMATELY WE’RE USING THIS TECHNOLOGY TO CHANGEto Work For’ allow employeesto telecommute or work from AND TRANSFORM THE CULTURE OF THE COMPANY.home at least 20% of the time. Alan Bateman, Director for Next Generation EngineeringSource: Workplace of the Future BTproductive videoand data conferencingtechnologYSteljes continually researches the market and Multi-point – AVerComm H300 collaBoraTion sofTwareassesses which products and manufacturers Communicate with up to four locations Collaboration software, such as SMARToffer the most innovative solutions, to suit a simultaneously – the ultimate in Bridgit™ data conferencing software andrange of client budgets. Our Productive Video conferencing experiences. Collaborate SMART Meeting Pro Premium softwareand Data Conferencing portfolio comprises with teams spread across the office, integrate all the multimedia capabilities ofof a range of complementary technologies the country or even the world. meeting resources. This allows you to sharethat work together or in isolation to solve voice and data over your network or thethe business productivity challenges we see internet – quickly and make online or virtualorganisations face. inTeracTive whiTeBoards meetings really count. With a SMART Board interactive whiteboard,video conferencing sysTems your people can share material, analyse data, inTeracTiveThe AVerComm H series HD video conference brainstorm, solve problems, record ideas and deskToP disPlayssystem provides a low cost, high quality video decisions, save notes and distribute meeting Remote workers can feel a lot less remoteconferencing experience. The H100 and H300 results more efficiently than ever before. with a SMART Podium™ interactive pensystems make use of a high quality camera Dual touch functionality also means more display, ideally situated on the desktop.with zoom linked to a presentation hub with than one person can work at the board at It allows them to be directly connectedthree metre boundary microphone and codec. the same time. to meetings and contribute as if theySimple, portable and easy to use these devices were there in person. Also used in boardare ideal for everyday meeting rooms and inTeracTive disPlays rooms for more formal presentations andremote workers. Perfect for board rooms and key meeting training rooms. spaces – SMART Board™ interactive displaysYou are able to record sessions to a USB provide the functionality of an interactive visualisersmemory stick, take pictures and share these whiteboard; finger and pen navigation, If you’re often using complex paper-basedwith session members and also integrate digital ink and the ability to save work – all documents, a visualiser is a must. A visualiserthe technology with visualisers, laptops and combined with the brilliant visuals of HD enables the digitised sharing and saving ofSMART Board™ interactive whiteboards flat panel displays that can be used for documents and real-world objects. Use withand LCD displays for data conferencing. video conferencing. an interactive whiteboard and the materialMeeting industry standards for video and can be annotated and comments marked invoice, the AVerComm video conferencing whiTeBoarding sofTware digital ink for future reference.system is interoperable with all leading video SMART Meeting Pro™ Premium softwareconferencing brands. makes collaboration easy when you’re using PeriPherals interactive whiteboards and interactive LCD Add the final extra touches to ProductivePoint-to-point – AVerComm H100 displays. Open applications, browse, write in Video and Data Conferencing technologyPerfect for connecting one location to digital ink and save everything from notes with the right camera mounts, clamps,another – whether it’s two regional to screen captures into the digital format of cables and spare headquarters or simply two your choice.project teams. Collaboration bringsthe two teams together.9 THIS IS BUSINESS PRODUCTIVITY Productive video ANd dAtA coNFereNciNG
  12. 12. 81% 81% of respondents not currently using a video conferencing system would consider installing video conferencing in their organisation. Source: Steljes Video and Data Conferencing Reporta 360 0serviceyou need more Than jusTTechnology To change Theway you work. sTeljes offersa range of services To suPPorTyou Through The whole Process –from advice and guidance,Through To educaTion, Training,ongoing suPPorT and evenfinancing oPTions.10 THIS IS BUSINESS PRODUCTIVITY Productive video ANd dAtA coNFereNciNG
  13. 13. ConsultanCy Rental TrainingOur consultancy service starts with Whether you want to stage an unforgettable When you invest in a suite of technologyus getting to know how your organisation workshop, to use digital signage for a to help make your people more productive,and your people work today, so we can help product launch, or to support a proof-of- it’s essential that they are confident andyou change the way you work tomorrow. concept, we offer a range of exciting engaged with it. That’s why Steljes seesThis approach means we can help you choose Business Productivity Suite technology for training as a crucial part of changing thethe right technology and get the maximum short-term rental. way you work. We can also offer trainingreturn by focusing on the areas of productivity as part of a proof of concept so you’ll getthat are most important to you. Here’s how organisations take advantage: a clear picture of the impact your chosen technologies could have on your business. High impact AGMs: an interactive votingKey consultancy services include: All training is completely tailored to your system (and digital signage to publish business and your priorities.Audit – looking at how you work the results)today, and then developing the business Critical workshops – get important Training services include:case to change decisions, fast – using an interactive End-user training – Steljes is the onlyProof of concept – to help assess whiteboard to get your key people SMART accredited training centre in thenew ways of working and trial to collaborate, interact and ultimately UK, so using our experts to get yourthe technology reach decisions that typically take people up-to-speed pays dividends weeks or months to finaliseTechnology familiarisation – our Technical – we’ll ensure the technologyaccredited experts will install the Flexible working – a great way of is integrated seamlessly into yourtechnology and help business users trialling flexible working, renting existing estate, and we’ll work closelybecome confident in its usage conferencing equipment such as with your IT team to help them become mobile interactive displays on stands familiar with the systems or interactive pen display podiums forsteljes ChoiCes remote workers, means you can conduct Train the trainer – we can train your ownPaying for new equipment up-front may a cost-effective pilot staff to deliver top-quality, customisednot be the best option for every business. training to their colleagues internallyThrough Steljes Choices, we offer a range of Ongoing support – we’ll help youtax-efficient leasing options, hire purchase technical suppoRt manage change and ensure your peopleand 0% finance (subject to product and and waRRanties continue to improve their productivity.underwriting acceptance). Our own enhanced warranties as well We’ll run refresher courses and conduct as standard manufacturer warranties giveWorking with Syscap, the UK’s leading a staff survey to assess the impact the you the support and confidence once theindependent business IT finance technology is really making technology is in place. Steljes provides on-siteprovider, Steljes Choices can give you support, which can avoid the need to sendcash flow flexibility and keep your items away for repair. And with a next daycapital free for reinvestment response time you can be assured there isFinance options are tax-efficient very little downtime for your organisation.and could even save you moneyin real terms Added to this, it includes:Your agreement will be individually Supporting proof of concepts: technicaltailored to you with easily managed support is vital at the ‘proof of concept’monthly payments that suit your budget stage for any project and having technical support ensures that theAt the end of your agreement you technology works in your environmentcould choose to own the equipment orrefresh the technology and lease more Enhanced warranties: for a one off feeequipment without increasing your you cover the cost of all labour and parts,monthly outlay or the cost of a full replacement if repair is not possible Steljes is the SMART Authorised Service Organisation in the UK and Ireland, so you will be supported by a trained and highly skilled team of technicians.11 THIS IS BUSINESS PRODUCTIVITY Productive video ANd dAtA coNFereNciNG
  14. 14. whYsteljessTeljes – a hisTory of innovaTionSteljes started in 1987 and since then, suPPorTing Technology sense checking The righThas demonstrated a passion for identifying service Providers aPProach – soluTionsthe latest in technology to change our way By matching the best technology and evaluaTionof living, learning and working. Steljes has customer challenges together, Steljes helps We take on a lot of the risk and upfrontconstantly looked at the technology manufacturers, resellers and customers investments that our clients and partnersmarketplace for innovation that could be successfully address real life situations faced would otherwise have to bear. A big partsuccessfully harnessed for tangible and by businesses in every industry sector. of this is ensuring we’ve vetted the rightlasting productivity gains. solutions and know with certainty they will We support the industry through education deliver the benefits that our clients expect.From launching the first LCD projector into and training, insights and research and ofthe market back in 1993, through to being course helping companies take these new Steljes Labs, our own R&D, focuses on thisthe first distributor of SMART Technologies, innovative technologies to market with the area – understanding from manufacturersTurning Point and AVerMedia. Steljes surety of being backed by real expertise across the world, what’s coming down thecontinues to promote and distribute and experience. pipeline and how it compares to what’ssolutions and technology with purpose. available now. a ParTnershiP aPProachSteljes entered the Sunday Times Fast Steljes delivers its solutions throughTrack in 1997 and has continued to grow a network of partners across the UK.since – selling over 300,000 SMART Board™ Steljes and its partner resellers work withinteractive whiteboards in 2009 and customers to help devise and provide theachieving recognition by winning the Best right technology solutions to meet theICT Innovation Award in that year. highest priority productivity challenges. We work closely with our partners, giving them and their customers advice and guidance to help them deliver maximum benefits.12 THIS IS BUSINESS PRODUCTIVITY Productive video ANd dAtA coNFereNciNG
  16. 16. where will your BiggesT ProducTiviTygain come from? productive productive video and data productive meetings it’s not whAt you do, it’s the time, the wAy, conferencing it’s not whAt you do, it’s the time, the wAy, workspaces it’s not whAt you do, it’s the time, the wAy, the plAce thAt you do it. the plAce thAt you do it. the plAce thAt you do it. This is Business ProducTiviTy This is Business ProducTiviTy This is Business ProducTiviTy productive productive marketing and find ouT more training it’s not whAt you do, it’s the time, the wAy, communications it’s not whAt you do, it’s the time, the wAy, We offer an initial assessment and consultancy service with one of our the plAce thAt you do it. the plAce thAt you do it. Business Solutions Group to help you identify the best opportunities and partner for your business. 08450 758 758 This is Business ProducTiviTy This is Business ProducTiviTysTeljesHEADqUARTERS LEEDS EDINBURGH STELJES IRELAND LTDBagshot Manor The Old Brewery Lochside House Unit L2Green Lane High Court 3 Lochside Way Baldonnell Business ParkBagshot Leeds Edinburgh Park BaldonnellSurrey LS2 7ES Edinburgh Dublin 22GU19 5NL EH12 9DT IrelandThis is Business ProducTiviTySJ/37988