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Steljes Productive Workspaces Brochure


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Working with some of the world’s leading technology innovators, Steljes has developed the Business Productivity Suite to help you change the way you work for real and lasting benefit. The Business Productivity Suite comprises of the cream of today’s productivity technology, under one roof, designed to address five focus areas that businesses tell us they need to make more efficient: meetings, video and data conferencing, workspaces and flexible working, training and marketing and communications.

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Steljes Productive Workspaces Brochure

  1. 1. ProductiveWorksPacesCreate an effiCient and effeCtive work environment,both in the offiCe and remotelyThis is Business ProducTiviTy
  2. 2. this isProductWorksPaProductivity in the workspace is an elusive Then there are the meeting rooms – we And at the same time, we’ve got to keep abeast. Our office space comes at a premium just don’t seem to have enough of them. lid on our facilities costs – I’m being told weand is a significant cost to the business. Sometimes I find myself holding meetings in need more space, but I see empty desks andYet I walk around the office and see that over a corridor with no facilities to support me rooms all the time. I know it’s a big ask, but Ihalf of the desks are empty most of the time. simply because we can’t seem to change the want to stay with what we’ve got, but justI don’t necessarily work with the people I sit layout of our meetings spaces. When people make more of to anymore. We introduced hot desking cancel meetings but not the booking, roomsa while ago as more people were working are often left unused and unavailable. But not I know the workspace can seem quite set infrom home or spent the majority of their time everyone needs a meeting room every time. stone, but I know that it’s the time, the way,out of the office. But it’s still the same. What we really need is a mix of formal the place that’s all wrong. We need to change meeting rooms, break out areas and informal the way we work.The office space itself really lets us down. coffee areas – along with a culture change!Take a walk around and you often see peoplelooking lost and stranded – trying to find free Our people now work in project teams,meeting rooms, or huddled uncomfortably sometimes ad hoc, sometimes with peoplearound a desk trying to share ideas and across Europe, always on fairly intensive highthoughts. It’s just not working. value issues though. We need the workspace to support this – for it to be a productive hub where our people come together and collaborate effectively.
  3. 3. £88bn Non-productive time costs the UK £88 billion a year. Source: Proudfoot Productivity Reporttiveaces.We’ve probably all faced similarissues on a regular basis. butsteljes believes there is a WayforWard. Workspaces Will alWaysbe needed in everyday business, butthe time, the Way and the place thatWe use them can change. on, and Take The firsT sTePTowards a very differenT scenario.1 this is business productivity Productive WorKSPAceS
  4. 4. 55% 63% Over 55% of desks in an average office 63% of employers stated they offer are empty, yet it’s still increasingly hard some type of flexible working option. to find a meeting room. Source: Proudfoot Productivity Report Source: Unwired it stillfit forPurPose?2 this is business productivity Productive WorKSPAceS
  5. 5. activity based Working has as its core premise the basic assumption that a Work setting should not be a reflection of the corporate hierarchy or status of the individual, but should reflect the task at hand. Source: Collabor8 White Paper, SteljesThe workspace is too often quite literally sTaff reTenTion: Making The MosT of yourpart of the furniture. But with cost pressures sTaff ProducTiviTy office environMenTintensifying and working practices changing The Western world is increasingly a Over 55% of desks in an average office are– the workspace is now something that knowledge economy – so for most empty, so why is it increasingly hard to findis receiving fresh scrutiny. Creating an organisations, people are the most valuable a meeting room? Property costs are underenvironment that supports your business of assets. It is critical to hang on to good staff scrutiny, and there is a new focus on theis increasingly important, but still hard – the cost of replacement and retraining office environment and how to make moreto achieve. mounts up, so organisations are looking to of this expensive asset. Typically a large stay attractive to their existing employees. organisation’s office real estate is one ofStyleS of work have the biggest non-staff costs – so the drivechanged, but haS Making flexiBle is on to cut office footprint – and makeyour workSpace? working, work the most of what remains.The competitive landscape and technology Around 1 in 8 people in the UK work fromdemand that we work in an ever more home, but it would be more if it were moredynamic and flexible fashion. We no longersit next to the people we need to interact effective. 87% of people would work flexibly if they could, but only 32% think they have how do youwith. We work on projects, where teamsare brought together for short, intensive the right tools to make it work. This gap is clear, it is frequently hard for organisations Make This alltime-periods. We bring specialists in tosolve specific problems – at short notice, to create a natural team working culture and to collaborate effectively with their remote work BeTTer?from anywhere in the world. More and workers. The challenge is to make remotemore people work remotely, from home, workers less remote.on the road, anywhere. We ask people tocollaborate, but does today’s typical officeenvironment really support these styles ofwork, or workers?Space: an ever ShrinkingreSource, an everincreaSing coSt?Office space is increasingly at a premium –from both a cost and availability perspective.The challenge organisations have is to makemore with less – and make their existingoffice workspaces deliver more value to thebusiness. This means re-thinking the businessspace and what you need to support yourstaff when they meet. If they are not at thedesk where would they need to be to meetand collaborate? Breakout areas, informalcoffee areas, ad-hoc meeting spaces, socialareas with comfy seating, meeting rooms,project rooms and what technology wouldthey need to support them?3 this is business productivity Productive WorKSPAceS
  6. 6. 44% 30% A typical worker spends only Fully integrated meeting room 44% of their time at their desk. and desk booking systems could Source: Unwired Research reduce the premises space requirement by up to 30%. Source: FM Worlda ProductiveWorksPace:in and out ofthe office4 this is business productivity Productive WorKSPAceS
  7. 7. ultimately We’re using this technology to help us transform the Way our company Works. everyone just uses the smart board interactive technology as their day to day tool. they naturally have them near their desks, in open areas and in meeting rooms. Alan Bateman, Director for Next Generation Engineering BTIt’s time to make the workspace productive A work environment thAt’s Getting a better return on your facilitiesagain. Help project teams collaborate quickly efficient AnD effective – increase office utilisationand effectively. Help impromptu meetings Productive Workspace technology from Steljes Dead spaces become productive spacestake place in a flexible workspace that is transforms traditional office environments – with Steljes. Touch-enabled interactive videodesigned around the way your employees making them both more efficient (do more walls and LCD displays allow people to walkwant to work. And help remote and home with what you’ve got and cut the need for up and work – no planning needed. Roomworkers be as much a part of the business more space) and effective (a workspace that management solutions mean utilisationas those based in your HQ. supports the natural way of working that rates improve – so you’re getting more employees need to stay productive). from your existing premises.A range of solutions exist for differentscenarios in both open plan flexible meeting A simply better plAce Cut wasted timespaces and home working environments. to work Think about all those snippets of time thatOur proposition is to bring this technology Not every collaboration needs a formal are wasted during any normal workingtogether to transform office workspaces, meeting room, and in fact, many situations week – waiting for meeting rooms, tryingin and out of the office. This could be using require a more comfortable, relaxed and to schedule or rebook rooms, finding a spareinteractive video walls for large informal interactive environment. With Productive space in the office to think and work, tryingpresentations to staff or customers or mobile Workspace technology, communal areas to work out what hot desks are available.touch-screen LCD displays, interactive become stimulating environments where Productive Workspace technology fromwhiteboards and multi-touch tables to create people can informally work together – Steljes helps you slash this unproductivegenuinely collaborative working areas in without booking rooms, or scheduling. time – helping your employees make theopen spaces, for the whole organisation The office itself starts to be noticed by most of their time in, and out, of the benefit from. From meeting rooms to your employees – for all the right reasons.communal spaces, employees can simplywalk up, access files – then start work, as if roi – the benefits ofthey were at their desk – but able to annotate improving your workspAcesand share work with employees next to them Cut office space and costor employees connected in remotely. Productive Workspace technology solutions provide opportunities to reduce your propertyRoom management systems can manage portfolio – in a number of ways; from betteryour meeting spaces and increase utilisation use of hot-desking and better use of theof existing rooms. Unique power distribution available space through to empoweredsystems mean you can change the shape and and effective remote and home working.layout of your space depending on yourspecific needs. Travel reduction Whilst travel bans may have cut some travelRemote workers can become a lot less cost in the short term, productivity also tendsremote. Use interactive desktop displays, to take a hit. Interactive desktop displays andwireless slates or tablets and conferencing conferencing software enables home andsoftware to connect them to office-based remote workers to have the same collaborativecolleagues. They can annotate and amend experience as if they were in the office.shared documents with those in the office You get the cost savings, but not themeeting room enriching their experience and productivity drop.contribution – no longer are they the silentparticipants on a conference phone.5 this is business productivity Productive WorKSPAceS
  8. 8. We can set up a conference in less than three minutes and smart’s collaboration technology fits perfectly With our mantras of ‘Walk up and use’ and ‘three touches and go’. it really is that simple. the reduction in travel, time and associated costs is quite staggering. the senior team has gained a day a month in time and, as no one has to travel, the overall productivity of the team is greatly enhanced. it’s a Win-Win situation for everyone. Alan Parkin, Programme Manager, Infrastructure Design and Delivery O2Where Will yousee the Potential?The truth is less time is going to be spent at creaTing agile flexiBle work sPaces ThaTthe desk. Office space needs to change to ProjecT TeaMs rePay your invesTMenTsreflect flexible working patterns as more staff Project team productivity gets frustrated Meeting rooms are surprisingly unproductivework from home or out in the field or even when they can’t collaborate effectively. and even archaic places. Add interactivewithin dedicated spaces for professionals Unfortunately due to the nature of the task whiteboards, with whiteboarding softwareworking in the same disciplines. Our – there’s often very short notice of when and data conferencing software and yourCollabor8 white paper talks much more people meet, so a productive workspace employees will use the meeting rooms withabout the changing needs of employees needs to be flexible enough to support them. new vigour and effectiveness – decisionsand workspace. Touch-enabled interactive displays are the take place, actions happen and tasks get perfect tool to help people come together, completed faster. Bring in room managementWhether it’s transforming unused communal and communal spaces can house these along solutions and employees can book meetingsspaces, or getting more value from home with multi-touch tables for quick in a second and quickly see what’s availableworkers, Steljes’ Productive Workspaces collaborations in shared spaces. Teams and when. Room utilisation goes up, andsolutions can help. can arrive, set up and interact on the fly – sights of teams of staff waiting outside accessing files, making changes and meeting rooms or searching for a place decisions, then saving and distributing to work disappear. their work to the team in an instant. MoBiliTy wiThin Making reMoTe working The worksPace feel a loT less reMoTe Interactive desktop displays are easily It’s now widely believed that home workers portable – so staff can create a workspace who are only connected by email and phone wherever they want. Mobile stands for fail to contribute what they could to a interactive whiteboards and LCD displays give business. Add interactive desktop displays, workspace flexibility and reduce fixed space wireless slates or tablets and conferencing requirements. Innovative power distribution software and they can be part of meetings systems allow you to change the layout and and interact like never before. use of your workspaces without being tied to the nearest power socket. Meetings can happen without meeting rooms and where your employees need them, and without complex and time-consuming scheduling.6 this is business productivity Productive WorKSPAceS
  9. 9. 20% 12.2% Office buildings typically account for 20% of most Almost 3.5 million people work from home in the UK – 12.2% countries’ carbon emissions. of the working population. Source: FM World Source: Trade Union Congress the office is no longer homogenised so that a ‘one-size-fits-all’ takes Workspace to the loWest common denominator. instead, it is recognised that during any individual’s typical Working day a number of tasks are performed or undertaken and these are varied and require different tools, approaches and facilities. Source: Collabor8 White Paper, Steljes7 this is business productivity Productive WorKSPAceS
  10. 10. a neW paradigm Will emerge – When people come into a space or building they Will do so because they need or Want to be there. Source: Collabor8 White Paper, Steljes8 this is business productivity Productive WorKSPAceS
  11. 11. 65% 31% 65% of respondents consider collaboration technology that reduces 31% of respondents believe that flexible workspaces and home travel to be a key requirement of working is driving business flexible working. productivity. Source: Steljes Productivity report Source: Steljes Productivity reportProductive WorksPacestechnologySteljes continually researches the market and hoMe working inTeracTive deskToPassesses which products and manufacturers As the need and desire to work from disPlaysoffer the most innovative solutions, to suit home continues to grow, the right type SMART Podium interactive pen displays,a range of client budgets. Our Productive of technology needs to be in place to support ideally situated on a desktop, allow usersWorkspaces portfolio, part of the Business this. SMART Podium™ interactive pen displays to control applications and annotate overProductivity Suite of solutions, comprises of that sit on the desktop, SMART Slate™ presentations, Microsoft® and othera range of complementary technologies that wireless slates, headsets, web cams and applications, with the same functionalitywork together or in isolation to solve the conferencing software connects your as an interactive whiteboard. Bringing theworkspace productivity challenges we see employees to HQ, giving them real meeting room experience to the remoteorganisations face. interactivity with their colleagues. worker and allowing two-way collaboration – where ever they are located.inTeracTive lcd disPlays video wallsWhen located in corridors, shared areas such Large format display walls allow open flexiBle Power disTriBuTionas relaxation areas and general office spaces, spaces or specialised room environments to Power distribution is perhaps the last barriertouch-enabled SMART Board™ interactive become effective at communicating to staff to changing the way you use space. Wirelessdisplays instantly increase the amount of formally or informally. They can also be used technology has evolved and we are no longermeeting and collaboration space. Staff can collaboratively with larger groups and for bound by the nearest network cable. Buthold impromptu discussions and brainstorm delivering presentations with impact to power needs to do the same and innovativeideas, annotate over documents, make notes both staff and customers. power distribution systems now mean you candigitally and email them to their desk before change the layout and use of a room or spacethey get there themselves. MeeTing rooM ManageMenT without being tied to the nearest power A room booking system, like Evoko, displays socket. Installing a track-based MainlineMoBile sTands for the booking status clearly outside a meeting power system provides access to power frominTeracTive whiTeBoards room on touch-sensitive screens. Meetings any point around the room or space givingand disPlays can be booked through Microsoft® Outlook, total flexibility for the configuration, functionIn a world with ever changing needs and via the touch panel or remotely online. and layout.the desire to change layouts of working Rooms not utilised at the correct timesenvironments, SMART Board™ interactive can be cancelled and rebooked on the accessorieswhiteboards and SMART Board interactive fly to improve productivity and meeting Add the final extra touch to your Productivedisplays can be mounted on mobile stands as a room utilisation. Workspace technology with the right cables,complete solution that can be moved quickly sound systems, mountings, remote mice andto new locations or within existing spaces for inTeracTive Touch TaBles more – whatever you need to enhance thebreakout sessions and collaborative working. Interactive SMART touch tables can be used user experience.They can be used to provide high-end in open meeting areas to digitally displaytouch-enabled displays for multiple rooms products, services and messages. They alsoand spaces or where glass walls prevent the allow staff to collaborate around content anduse of fixed installations. projects interactively without the need to be in a formal meeting room.9 this is business productivity Productive WorKSPAceS
  12. 12. our neW smart collaboration capability enables people to meet, irrespective of Where they are in the World and interact as if they Were in the same room. this has had a massive impact on travel costs and reduced our carbon footprint significantly. Bola Oshisanwo, Director, Agile Development Centre BTa 360 0serviceyou need More Than jusTTechnology To change Theway you work. sTeljes offersa range of services To suPPorTyou Through The whole Process –froM advice and guidance,Through To educaTion, Training,ongoing suPPorT and evenfinancing oPTions.10 this is business productivity Productive WorKSPAceS
  13. 13. ConsultanCy Rental TrainingOur consultancy service starts with Whether you want to stage an unforgettable When you invest in a suite of technologyus getting to know how your organisation workshop, to use digital signage for a to help make your people more productive,and your people work today, so we can help product launch, or to support a proof-of- it’s essential that they are confident andyou change the way you work tomorrow. concept, we offer a range of exciting engaged with it. That’s why Steljes seesThis approach means we can help you choose Business Productivity Suite technology for training as a crucial part of changing thethe right technology and get the maximum short-term rental. way you work. We can also offer trainingreturn by focusing on the areas of productivity as part of a proof of concept so you’ll getthat are most important to you. Here’s how organisations take advantage: a clear picture of the impact your chosen technologies could have on your business. High impact AGMs: an interactive votingKey consultancy services include: All training is completely tailored to your system (and digital signage to publish business and your priorities.Audit – looking at how you work the results)today, and then developing the business Critical workshops – get important Training services include:case to change decisions, fast – using an interactive End-user training – Steljes is the onlyProof of concept – to help assess whiteboard to get your key people SMART accredited training centre in thenew ways of working and trial to collaborate, interact and ultimately UK, so using our experts to get yourthe technology reach decisions that typically take people up-to-speed pays dividends weeks or months to finaliseTechnology familiarisation – our Technical – we’ll ensure the technologyaccredited experts will install the Flexible working – a great way of is integrated seamlessly into yourtechnology and help business users trialling flexible working, renting existing estate, and we’ll work closelybecome confident in its usage conferencing equipment such as with your IT team to help them become mobile interactive displays on stands familiar with the systems or interactive pen display podiums forsteljes ChoiCes remote workers, means you can conduct Train the trainer – we can train your ownPaying for new equipment up-front may a cost-effective pilot staff to deliver top-quality, customisednot be the best option for every business. training to their colleagues internallyThrough Steljes Choices, we offer a range of Ongoing support – we’ll help youtax-efficient leasing options, hire purchase technical suppoRt manage change and ensure your peopleand 0% finance (subject to product and and waRRanties continue to improve their productivity.underwriting acceptance). Our own enhanced warranties as well We’ll run refresher courses and conduct as standard manufacturer warranties giveWorking with Syscap, the UK’s leading a staff survey to assess the impact the you the support and confidence once theindependent business IT finance technology is really making technology is in place. Steljes provides on-siteprovider, Steljes Choices can give you support, which can avoid the need to sendcash flow flexibility and keep your items away for repair. And with a next daycapital free for reinvestment response time you can be assured there isFinance options are tax-efficient very little downtime for your organisation.and could even save you moneyin real terms Added to this, it includes:Your agreement will be individually Supporting proof of concepts: technicaltailored to you with easily managed support is vital at the ‘proof of concept’monthly payments that suit your budget stage for any project and having technical support ensures that theAt the end of your agreement you technology works in your environmentcould choose to own the equipment orrefresh the technology and lease more Enhanced warranties: for a one off feeequipment without increasing your you cover the cost of all labour and parts,monthly outlay or the cost of a full replacement if repair is not possible Steljes is the SMART Authorised Service Organisation in the UK and Ireland, so you will be supported by a trained and highly skilled team of technicians.11 this is business productivity Productive WorKSPAceS
  14. 14. WhystelJessTeljes – a hisTory of innovaTionSteljes started in 1987 and since then, suPPorTing Technology sense checking The righThas demonstrated a passion for identifying service Providers aPProach – soluTionsthe latest in technology to change our way By matching the best technology and evaluaTionof living, learning and working. Steljes has customer challenges together, Steljes helps We take on a lot of the risk and upfrontconstantly looked at the technology manufacturers, resellers and customers investments that our clients and partnersmarketplace for innovation that could be successfully address real life situations faced would otherwise have to bear. A big partsuccessfully harnessed for tangible and by businesses in every industry sector. of this is ensuring we’ve vetted the rightlasting productivity gains. solutions and know with certainty they will We support the industry through education deliver the benefits that our clients expect.From launching the first LCD projector into and training, insights and research and ofthe market back in 1993, through to being course helping companies take these new Steljes Labs, our own R&D, focuses on thisthe first distributor of SMART Technologies, innovative technologies to market with the area – understanding from manufacturersTurning Point and AVerMedia. Steljes surety of being backed by real expertise across the world, what’s coming down thecontinues to promote and distribute solutions and experience. pipeline and how it compares to what’sand technology with purpose. available now. a ParTnershiP aPProachSteljes entered the Sunday Times Fast Steljes delivers its solutions throughTrack in 1997 and has continued to grow a network of partners across the UK.since – selling over 300,000 SMART Board™ Steljes and its partners work with customersinteractive whiteboards by 2009 and to help devise and provide the rightachieving recognition by winning the Best technology solutions to meet the highestICT Innovation Award in that year. priority productivity challenges. We work closely with our partners, giving them and their customer’s advice and guidance to help them deliver maximum benefits.12 this is business productivity Productive WorKSPAceS
  15. 15. We Want to build an engineeringconsultancy that is internationallyrecognised and respected for ourWork in improving the built environment– physically and socially. creatingsustainable solutions for clientsnecessitates keeping our oWn house inorder. by using smart’s corporatesolution We have been able to spreadour reach Whilst reducing companytravel and play a role in helping savethe environment by reducing ours andour clients’ carbon footprints.David Dryden, Managing PartnerCundall
  16. 16. where will your BiggesT ProducTiviTygain coMe froM? Productive Productive video and data Productive meetings it’s not what you do, it’s the time, the way, conferencing it’s not what you do, it’s the time, the way, WorksPaces it’s not what you do, it’s the time, the way, the PlaCe that you do it. the PlaCe that you do it. the PlaCe that you do it. This is Business ProducTiviTy This is Business ProducTiviTy This is Business ProducTiviTy Productive Productive marketing and find ouT More training it’s not what you do, it’s the time, the way, communications it’s not what you do, it’s the time, the way, We offer an initial assessment and consultancy service with one of our the PlaCe that you do it. the PlaCe that you do it. Business Solutions Group to help you identify the best opportunities and partner for your business. www.steljes.Com 08450 758 758 This is Business ProducTiviTy This is Business ProducTiviTysTeljesheadquarters leeds edinburgh steljes ireland ltdBagshot Manor The Old Brewery Lochside House Unit L2Green Lane High Court 3 Lochside Way Baldonnell Business ParkBagshot Leeds Edinburgh Park BaldonnellSurrey LS2 7ES Edinburgh Dublin 22GU19 5NL EH12 9DT IrelandThis is Business ProducTiviTySJ/37989