Borrell 2012 political advertising forecast


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2012 will be the most expensive year every for politics. An estimated $9.8 billion will be spent on presidential campaigns, by PACs, and across 13,000 state and local races. This slide deck previews some of the research, including detail on how much candidates and PACs will spend online.

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Borrell 2012 political advertising forecast

  1. 1. Bracing for the Big Flood Of 2012 Political AdvertisingMarch 8, 2012 Report Preview slides
  2. 2. Who’s Who in Local Media: See attendee list Check out the buzzon Twitter hashtag #loac2012
  3. 3. About this slide deckThe following is a preview of Borrell Associates’2012 Political Advertising Outlook. An executivesummary and full report can be downloaded © 2012 Borrell Associates Inc.
  4. 4. SummaryThis will be the most expensive year for politics ever. An estimated $9.8billion will be spent, 41% more than the last presidential election year.In addition to the presidential campaign and PAC spending, 13,000 stateand local contests will be decided. While all media will see increases inpolitical advertising, TV, newspapers and Direct Mail will actually loseshare. Online, while increasing eightfold since 2008, will still see just1.6 cents of every political advertising dollar spent. © 2012 Borrell Associates Inc.
  5. 5. All Media Gain $ But Not Share Big-Picture
  6. 6. Spending Variances by State Big-Picture
  7. 7. How Online Advertising Will Be Spent Big-Picture
  8. 8. Example from Report: State Spending Big-Picture
  9. 9. Example from Report: Local Spending Big-Picture
  10. 10. Want More? Download the full report or join the Webinar with the report’s author, Kip Cassino, at www.borrellassociates.comPhone: 1-757-221-6641 Email:
  11. 11. Additional ResourcesGroup to join: Local Advertising and Marketing Trends Follow us on Twitter: @goborrell