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Guru manzi power_point_presentation_show

  1. 1. Aqua Salveo GuruManziWater Disinfectant and Storage solutions “Addressing Global Water Quality Problems”
  2. 2. Contents• Introduction• Problem Statement• Population at risk• Why Aqua Salveo?• The National Water Quality• Product Definition• Product Efficiency• Method of Application and Tests• Product Ingredients and Benefits• Target Market
  3. 3. Introduction• South African based team discovered Aqua Salveo Water Disinfectant (Annalise Grobbler - Founder).• Team consisting of Technical and Facilitation members: Biological (Hendrik Petrick); Chemical and Manufacturing (Dennis Gregory); CEO (Annalise Grobler); Marketing Manager (Elzette van Niekerk), Engineered Solutions Agent (Gurumanzi)• Today water treated with Aqua Salveo complies with virtually all Worldwide standards.• Currently used in Ghana, DRC, Sudan, , Defence Forces Internationally, SAPS, DIMSA, Swaziland, Namibia, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Liberia, Tanzania, United Kingdom, Columbia, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Spain, Chile, Argentina, Italy and Brazil.• Recognised by the 6th World Water forum as an important solution.• Accredited by SABS, which is also accredited by SANAS – in association with ILAC• Accredited by SABS certified mark 1827 (Food Industry)• Registered with the Italian Ministry of Health protocol number: 198961 and we now have EEU numbers.
  4. 4. Problem Statement• Every year there are about 1.6 million global deaths related to diarrhea and waterborne diseases as a result of unsafe water, sanitation and hygiene (WHO, 2006).• Can be solved through Household Water Treatment and Safe Storage Interventions (HWTS). Aqua Salveo treated water remains safe for in excess of 24 months with one single application.• South Africa is one of the developing countries with a vast majority of people without adequate water and sanitation facilities.• Country suffers from constant attacks from waterborne diseases.• Proactive approaches and billions of rands have been invested on initiatives and programmes to address these challenges, however the problem goes beyond what is envisaged.• SA enriched with various water resources in surface water (i.e. rivers, dams, springs, lakes, etc.), groundwater, water in impoundments and precipitation largely used for daily water needs.• Large populations are at risk using untreated water due to lack of water and sanitation facilities, and lack of funds to buy bleach, soap, boil water, etc.
  5. 5. Population at RiskThis population at risk is characterised with: – lack of health and hygiene awareness; – lack of sanitation facilities – inadequate water supplies; – waste; and – poor facilities for the safe disposal of waste water and other domestic, and – inadequate toilet and hand washing facilities (White Paper on Household Sanitation,2001).• At the beginning of this period (2001) the national backlog of persons without access to adequate sanitation facilities was estimated to be 18 million or 3 million households. The majority of persons falling in this category live in rural areas, peri-urban areas and informal settlement areas.• In the National total population of ±46 million, 3,7 million still have no access to basic water supply and 5,4 million have water supply beyond RDP service levels. 16 million people in the country are without basic sanitation. (DWAF 2004/05 report).
  6. 6. Why Aqua Salveo?• The target was to ensure that by March 2010 all South Africans must have access to a basic minimum level of sanitation. Not achieved!• The large water and sanitation backlogs cannot be covered in time and not everyone can be reached in time, too much pressure on service delivery• Diseases cannot be prevented by mere provision of water and sanitation facilities, but by improvement of people’s health and sanitisation practices. - Hence Health and Hygiene Education, WASH Campaign• Communities and their leaders have a role to play, it is that role that ensures disease prevention with or without facilities, especially women at core of household health and safety• Main challenge is behavioural change and taking responsibility at community and household levels• Water treatment in rural settings can be a daily practise even for remote and poor families• Limpopo and Bloemfontein was in the news because they ran out of water.• Latest high profile issue was Diepsloot.
  7. 7. The National Water Quality According to the South African Quality Guidelines (1996) water quality refers to: “...the physical, chemical, biological and aesthetic properties of water which determine its fitness for a variety of uses… Many of these properties are controlled or influenced by constituents which are either dissolved or suspended in water.”• The composition of surface water in SA predominantly has mineral salts caused by natural and human activities. Which led to the conclusion that “…all surface water has the potential for microbiological contamination, and needs to be treated before drinking” (NWQA, STATSSA, 2005).• The greatest water quality problem in South Africa is perceived to be faecal pollution.• Most harmful bacteria in water is not visible, hence a resistance to water treatment and a misunderstanding of the extent of risk“As a matter of policy, the Department of Water Affairs and Forestry (DWAF) strives to maintain the quality of South Africas water resources such that they remain within the No Effect Range. The DWAF encourages all stakeholders concerned with the quality of South Africas water resources to join forces and aim to maintain water quality within the No Effect Range where and whenever possible” (”(South African Water Quality Guidelines for Domestic Use, 2nd Edition, 1996).
  8. 8. Product Definition• A safe, cost-effective and user-friendly water disinfectant• The product is a concentrated liquid that is diluted by adding 3 drops (0.09ml) per litre of water, for drinking, bathing and household cleaning. The treatment ranges from a litre to millions of liters. 1 x 30ml bottle treats 300 litres of water and so on up.• It has been formulated using a combination of metal salts (Zinc, Silver and Copper) working in optimal synergy, to produce a disinfecting effect. It is made up of nutrients that have additional health benefits for the human body.• Kills bacteria, and other micro-organisms in water making it safe and suitable for human consumption. Stored water with a single treatment of Aqua Salveo water disinfectant will remain bacteria free for in excess of 24 months , after one single dosage of (0.09ml) per litre - applied and stored at Room Temperature.• It is a non-toxic solution, which does not smell, it allows for prolonged use, survives high storage temperatures,• Safe and non-toxic for human beings or animals when used according to the manufacturers instructions (does not harm the good bacteria in the stomach because of the miniscule amounts used to disinfect the water)• Effective in both hard and soft water,• ISO 9001 and SABS accredited laboratory used for mixing and manufacturing.
  9. 9. Product Efficiency Organisms tested to be effective against (killing all these bacteria up 99,9 percent from 30 to 60 minutes): – Somatic Coliphages – Virocideal tested on Bactereophages – Candida albicans – Enterobacteriacea group – Erchirichia coli – Salmonella typhimurium – Shigella dysenteria – Areomonas spp – Enterococcus feacalis – Pseudomonas aeruginosa – Staphylococcus aureus – Streptococcus pneumonia – Heamophilus influenza – Vibrio parahemoliticus – Vibrio cholerae 100,000/ml “Cholera is an acute intestinal infection caused by ingestion of food or water contaminated with the bacterium Vibrio cholerae” (WHO) Somatic coliphages Virocideal tested on Bactereophages See complete list in corporate Brochure Other benefits • The active ingredients in Aqua Salveo Water Disinfectant when used as a water Disinfectant can assist in alleviating symptoms of :Athlete’s foot; Eczema; Minor cuts and bruises; Skin infestations; Bedsores; Septic wounds; Symptoms of thrush; Sunburn and minor burns; Fever blisters; Acne; Mosquito bites, etc.
  10. 10. Product Efficiency (cont…)• The product is effective against bacteria generally found in water and the active ingredients improve the quality and taste of water.• Extended Shelf life of treated water longer than 24 months - even at 35 °C.• Dosage instructions are visual and straightforward.• Packaging is simple and specific use for the product is easily visually identifiable for the end user who might be illiterate or speak a foreign language.• Storage of product under all normal temperatures or conditions / does not need to be kept in refrigeration. Keep out of Direct Sunlight. The solution has an extended shelf life of 5 years.• Releasing Aqua Salveo treated water into the Wastewater system in its mentioned application is user friendly and will not be harmful as the active ingredients needed are miniscule. Refer to our Environmental Policy StatementMainly used:• Domestic Water Treatment (rural, peri-urban and informal settlements)• Industrial use (Emergency water, long term storage)• Waterborne disease outbreaks• Food industry, Shipping, Mining• Disaster Management and Recovery• Military operations• Travel/rural and remote areas• Animal drinking water• Agricultural and Horticultural industry• NEW BREAKTHROUGH: Effective against Guinea Worm!
  11. 11. Method of Application and TestsMost of the testing and relevant certification have been done by the SABS as thecertification and Quality Mark SANS 1827 has been awarded to our product.The active ingredients of the product comply with the WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATIONGUIDELINES and SABS Standard 241 Ed 5, and SANS 1827 (Water treatment chemicalsfor use in the food industry).ISO 9001 and an SABS accredited laboratory is used for the mixing and manufacturing. In order to make bactericidal claims, Aqua Salveo had been tested under various testconditions using various testing times (exposure times) and organisms.Aqua Salveo has been product certified (has the SABS mark) in accordance withinternational standards.
  12. 12. Product Ingredients and General known Benefits of the active ingredientsZinc• It drives everything from manufacturing DNA, wound healing, maintaining a strong immune system, to fighting colds, influenza, and other infections• The human body does not produce zinc on its own, so it must be obtained from outside sources• Zinc works as an immune booster, enhances fertility, digestion, etc.Silver• Is a broad-spectrum disinfecting antibiotic alternative that can significantly reduce the severity and length of almost any type of bacterial infection. Tests show that silver ions are toxic to all tested species of bacteria, fungi, protozoa, parasites and many viruses• Silver ions have proven useful against many different infectious conditions and are non-toxic in its micro- concentrationsCopper• Copper is involved in maintenance of immunity and fertility, formation of melanin, and the promotion of consistent pigmentation. It is believed to play a role in preventing high blood pressure, heart arrhythmia, oxidation of the cells and keeping cholesterol low. Copper is used by the body to manufacture numerous enzymes, many of which work as antioxidants
  13. 13. Product Competitiveness• Aqua Salveo is an Ionic mixture and acts only ionically on the positive and negative ions in the water and ignores the organic matter. With Dropper bottles from 10ml to 100ml it is able to treat household water from daily to monthly use very economically.• Most common water treatment products are Chlorine based which interacts with the organic material in the water that are some times carcinogenic and effects sensitive groups of users.• Water filters are expensive and for them to be effective the consumer has to be educated on how to use the system, needs access to an infrastructure that could supply the filters.• Chlorine tablets are expensive and the taste of the final product is not pleasant and is not odourless.• Jik or Javel are products that have not primarily been created for Human consumption – but for bleaching stains out of fabric – it is a more ‘affordable’ solution for a global problem but imparts a bad taste and also has a bad effect for the consumer over an extended period.• Boiling of water before use is practical for people with small households where use and demand of water is low. Yet it is not affordable for poor people who cannot afford fuel to boil water daily. Environment!!• Soap in hand washing basins does not guarantee that the next person using the same water will not extract diseases from the same water (i.e. funerals, etc).• Aqua Salveo Water Disinfectant was specifically created to address a need for Disinfecting water – where there is – no formal infrastructure for water treatment – where current structures are currently out dated and cannot cope with demand – as a result of lack of funds – Government and NGO intervention – disaster situations
  14. 14. International Product Recognition• Food and Drug Board Registration(Ghana): FDB/C.06-8021.• Listed with Oxfam International in UK & South Africa.• Aqua Salveo ™ is a patented product.• All tests were done at SANAS accredited laboratories. SANAS is recognized through IAF and ILAC.• Aqua Salveo products carry the SANS 1827 mark.• Registered with the Department of Health in Italy, Tanzania• EU accreditation.• NAFDAC Registration in Nigeria
  15. 15. SANS 1827 Mark
  16. 16. Community Project - Schematic Diagram _______________________________________________ Feed storage Pump tank (Power?) 10,000 litre 30,000 litre 90,000 litre Tap Simple filtration Per day systemRainwater In-line, self-poweredcollection 2m dosing mechanism Coarse MediumRivers and Fine 2mDamsSprings 4m Tank stand Storageand Feedline tank/saquifers ConsumersBoreholes containers AquaSalveo Tapand wells solutionWater ‘Infected Filtration Dosing Clean Water sourcesources water’ storage and storage
  17. 17. Other Products
  18. 18. Retail concept onlyMinimum order quantities apply
  19. 19. Contact detailsAddress: Contact details:207 Market Street Landline: +27 11 462 8356Johannesburg North Mobile: +27 82 659 3089Randburg 2188 Fax: +27 11 543 6055 Email:
  20. 20. Engineered Solutions• Community Solutions – Designed for situation/context – Storage situations – drought, winter etc – Borehole rehabilitation• Storage – static and dynamic – Hospitals, Ships, Mines, Construction• Emergencies – Many options: Condensation, distillation, mobile filtering etc